Monday September 16, 2019

A Little Late With Lilly Singh premieres tonight on NBC.

Netflix has canceled No Good Nick.

Game of Thrones won 10 Creative Arts Emmy Awards this past weekend.

Here's the complete list of winners.

I’m torn on what the right call was as between sending Tommy or Michie home after seeing what transpired last night. Michie is lying and manipulative so I would have liked to have seen Tommy stay. However, I think that the truth will come out very quickly via Tommy now that he’s in the jury house and that despite the strong “resume” that Michie can present on finale night (presuming he makes it there), he’ll have lost enough votes that he won’t stand a chance. Cliff and Nicole, IMHO, would be best served taking him for that reason. I think in terms of odds to win if before the jury, it would go Nicole, Cliff, Holly, Michie, in that order.

Can someone explain why ANYONE cares about or watches The Masked Singer?

Jenny Slate has a date with Netflix. The actress and comedian’s first original comedy special for the streamer, titled Jenny Slate: Stage Fright, is set to drop next month. The special will give viewers an inside look at the Saturday Night Live alum’s world, including clips of her childhood and interviews with her family, interspersed with her stand-up set. Slate will share will share details on her visit to a midnight Catholic Mass and the ghosts that haunted her childhood home. She also discuss overcoming stage fright. Fans may recall Slate served as a cast member on SNL for Season 35, from 2009 to 2010. After being let go from the NBC sketch comedy series, Slate she developed stage fright as she figured out what was next.”

“Minutes after winning guest actress in a comedy series at the Creative Arts Emmys on Sunday night, Jane Lynch revealed that she will soon be moving from Amazon to Netflix for a new project. The actress, who is currently featured on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, told the backstage press room that she had recently sold a show to Netflix with Cyndi Lauper but didn't know ‘if I can even talk about it.’” The suspense is just killing us Jane!

“Endeavor Group Holdings has priced its initial public offering at $30 to $32 per share, with 19,354,839 Class A shares hitting the market, a move that would raise up to $712 million. The offering values to company at about $8 billion. The details were disclosed in an amended S-1 filed Monday with the SEC. Endeavor intends to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘EDR.’”

Matthew Broderick goes from Hollywood’s favorite high school truant to a positive principal in Netflix’s upcoming dramedy Daybreak. And the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off references don’t end there, as the official trailer released Monday morning showed. Star Colin Ford, who plays 17-year-old hero, Josh Wheeler, closes out the action-filled teaser with this drop-the-mic line honoring the 1986 John Hughes classic: ‘And you thought we weren’t going to have any fun with the apocalypse, shame on you.’”

“Actress, singer and producer Hailee Steinfeld is set to release a new single entitled Afterlife on Sept. 19, a track she created for her upcoming Apple TV Plus series, Dickinson. ‘This is a song I’m incredibly proud of, and I feel like after embodying this character, I have a more fearless approach to my writing,’ Steinfeld shared at the Tribeca TV Festival in New York City on Saturday Night. Dickinson, a period piece about Emily Dickinson with a modern, comedic twist, is Steinfeld’s first-ever full time television series, and with it she experienced another big first by unveiling the show at the event: Dickinson is the first Apple TV Plus series to debut to the public, and it did so well-ahead of the Nov. 1 launch of the new streaming service. Series creator and showrunner Alena Smith described Dickinson as a ‘crazy psychedelic version of the 1850s.’”


From The Ringer: “With apologies to Tom Wambsgans, ever since the Waystar cruise line malpractice and subsequent cover-up was introduced early in Succession’s first season, the other shoe—i.e., some type of public reckoning—was always destined to drop. That the cruise line fiasco finally bubbled its way to the surface on Sunday night, just as Logan was trying to finalize a deal to acquire Pierce, is a quintessentially tragicomic Succession twist, one that now forces Waystar to find a new lifeline in the face of Sandy and Stewy’s attempted corporate takeover. But bringing up cruises at an inopportune time for the Roys isn’t an attempt to break new storytelling ground—it’s just a helpful reminder that every detail matters, and that every set-up has a payoff. For instance: We almost definitely haven’t heard the last of Kendall’s Chappaquiddick-like incident from last season’s finale, either.

“But from a narrative perspective, a more pressing matter has largely fallen out of focus this season: Logan Roy’s health. His brain hemorrhage was the inciting incident of the series—a moment that saw his children (sometimes literally) wrestle for power and Waystar go into full-blown panic mode. As Kendall laid out in the beautifully titled second episode, Shit Show at the Fuck Factory, once Logan is rushed to the hospital: ‘The socioeconomic health of multiple continents is dependent on his well-being.’ That’s overly dramatic, sure, but Disney would probably go into a similar tailspin if, heaven forbid, something serious happened to Bob Iger.

“The running joke of the hospitalization episode was that, despite the Roy kids’ repeated assurances that their father’s health was the foremost thing on their minds, the question of who would succeed Logan if he were to die was all anybody could talk about. (Tom also thought it’d be the perfect time to propose to Shiv, because he’s nothing if not completely daft and misguidedly romantic.) Though Kendall ultimately agreed to take over with Roman as his COO, the euphoria was immediately hamstrung by the reveal that the company was roughly $3 billion in debt—and, you know, their dad was still on the brink of death, not the best mood-setter. In any event, the actual succession scenario ended up being temporary. Logan came back—earlier than he probably should’ve, considering he urinated in Kendall’s office—and Waystar returned to its morally dubious status quo.

“As Logan has slowly but surely regained his strength, the specter of his physical and mental state has receded. Instead, he’s been operating closer to his peak awfulness, a state that’s provided us with one of this season’s biggest highlights—Boar on the Floor, a ludicrous display of Logan’s power and the ways he loves to humiliate people with it. Rewatch the scene and tell me he’s not absolutely Feeling Himself:

“But no matter what he believes, Logan is not an indestructible force—and the cracks have begun to show once again. Before forcing Tom, Cousin Greg, and Karl to grovel for sausages in Hungary, Logan’s doctor briefly expresses concern about his chest pain and his general overexertion. (Logan, staying on brand, tells the doctor to fuck off.) And in Argestes, Logan appears discombobulated before a meeting with Rhea Jarrell and Nan Pierce, and later, not long after the cruise line exposé drops, he vomits in a restaurant full of people.

“Now, people puke for non-life-threatening reasons all the time—and as Kendall and several others point out, Logan could have just been suffering from altitude sickness. Whether the incident was stress-induced, altitude-related, or something more indicative of Logan’s deteriorating condition is, at this point in the season, entirely speculative. But his health will be a recurring theme: This show is titled Succession for a reason. You have to figure that at some point in the show’s run, Logan will kick the bucket—and the ensuing fracas over who assumes control of the Waystar empire won’t be unlike last season, when his children and corporate underlings jockeyed for power in that hospital.

“If it were to happen in the show’s immediate future, who would stand the best chance of taking over? Technically, Gerri is in line to run the company via official paperwork, but Logan has repeatedly undermined that legitimacy by insisting she’s a stopgap until he chooses a real successor. But if Logan were to die before he felt comfortable formally picking one of his children—even though Shiv is obviously the only capable Roy!—Gerri would suddenly wield more power than anyone in the show. Roman floats the idea that he and Gerri form their own alliance with his father’s health in mind—he thinks they complement each other’s strengths; that is, [clears throat] when he’s not masturbating in her bathroom. Though Gerri and Roman seem to have one of the show’s only genuine bonds, Roman’s decision to ally with her is a strategic move as much as a sentimental one—if and when the day comes that everyone in Logan’s orbit is reduced to fighting for a chance to sit on the throne.

“Elsewhere, even if Logan were to die, that wouldn’t necessarily mean poor Kendall would be freed from his subservient hellscape. Sketchy security dudes aside, Logan isn’t the only key player who knows about his son’s indiscretion in the English countryside: Marcia is also in the loop, along with her little-seen son. Marcia’s true motives remain one of Succession’s biggest X factors—especially after she displayed some animosity toward her husband in Tern Haven. If she were as interested in Waystar and its riches as everyone else, she would have the ammo to ensure Kendall stays by her side, if only as a means of self-preservation.

“As for Shiv? It’d make sense for her to ally with Tom—even though he’s a doof, he’s still a man on the inside running one of Waystar’s biggest divisions while she hangs around the fringes. The closer she’s able to get into Logan’s inner circle, the better it would be for her in the event of his sudden passing. No one else is worth considering as a legit contender. As I put down my glass of hyperdecanted wine, I also refuse to give serious thought to Connor (the White House awaits!), and the only future I want for dear Frank is as the host of an NPR show with listeners who will appreciate all of his Shakespeare references.

“The day that Waystar does fall into someone else’s hands—and it will happen, provided Succession doesn’t jump into some weird Peter Thiel wormhole in which Logan tries to cheat death with the blood of able-bodied youths—will be an inflection point for the company’s long-term future. The real-life precedent for businesses that lose their founders is pretty grim: At the very least, Waystar should expect a dip in sales and some layoffs. (And unsurprisingly, the Roys would not be the first billionaire siblings to turn against one another after their father’s death.) But it’s not like Logan has been a model of consistency since the start of the series: His biggest executive decisions have been to invest in local papers and attempt to acquire a rival media conglomerate for the delicate price of $25 billion. He also approved of gutting the digital media site Vaulter, which seemed predicated less on what they could provide and more about rubbing it in Kendall’s face as punishment for trying to betray him (again!).

“It might be a little macabre to consider all the possibilities around someone dying, but (a) Logan is a fictional character and (b) he’s so goddamn evil I may be rooting for it. His health is one of the biggest cards Succession still holds in its sleeve: a moment that could hang over the series for the next couple of episodes, or possibly seasons. When it does happen, though, Logan’s death will be a double-edged sword—not just for Waystar’s future, but his children and closest corporate confidants. Things will get messy, and trying to guess who’ll take the Waystar reins is about as useless as the time we all tried to predict who’d sit on the Iron Throne. (Wait, is Connor the show’s equivalent to Bran?!) That is, if there even is a company to take over when that day comes. Really, with so much uncertainty, there’s only one prediction I feel confident making: Logan Roy’s inevitable funeral episode will be an all-timer.”


Per The Hollywood Reporter, “Lupita Nyong'o has signed on to star in a limited series for HBO Max. Her Black Panther co-star, Danai Gurira, will serve as showrunner.

“The WarnerMedia streaming service has given a straight-to-series order to Americanah, based on the best-selling novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The 10-episode series tells the story of a woman (Nyong'o) born in Nigeria who leaves for America and her extraordinary experiences with love, heartache, adversity and self-discovery.

“The project will be the first role in an American TV series for Oscar-winner Nyong'o, who starred in Jordan Peele's Us earlier this year and reprises her role as Maz Kanata in Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, due in theaters in December.

“‘Americanah has sparked a cultural phenomenon and is revered by fans around the world. It has affected me deeply as one of the most moving, socially relevant and romantic stories of our time,’ said Sarah Aubrey, head of original content at HBO Max. ‘With exceptional talent like Lupita and Danai in front of and behind the camera, this series will give viewers a uniquely heartfelt and unforgettable experience.’

“Gurira, a Tony-nominated playwright (Eclipsed), will take on her first showrunning job with the series. The Walking Dead actress, who's set to leave the AMC hit after its upcoming 10th season, said she's "honored" to adapt the book.

"‘Through Americanah, Chimamanda brought the African female voice into mainstream consciousness in an unprecedented way,’ said Gurira. ‘It is intellectually incisive, indicting, yet full of humor, and riddled with humanity. She makes unheard voices familiar, universal and yet palpably specific. I am honored to bring her incredible novel to life on the screen. I’m thrilled to collaborate once again with Lupita, who brings her astounding ability as a performer and producer shepherding this project, along with HBO Max's unbridled enthusiasm to bring this groundbreaking narrative to the TV audience.’

“Added Nyong'o, ‘Americanah has been a passion project for me since I read Chimamanda’s beautiful novel in 2013. It's a tale that is simultaneously timely and timeless. HBO Max is the perfect partner to bring this profound and celebrated story to life, and I’m thrilled that Danai will bring to the project her intelligence, wit and understanding of the stories and the worlds of Americanah.’

“Gurira and Nyong'o (via her Eba Productions) executive produce the series along with Plan B Entertainment, Andrea Calderwood for Potboiler Television, Didi Rea and Danielle Del for D2 Productions and Nancy Won.

Americanah joins a list of scripted original series on HBO Max that includes a Gossip Girl reboot, drama The Flight Attendant, starring Kaley Cuoco, neo-noir drama Tokyo Vice and comedic anthology Love Life, starring Anna Kendrick. The streaming service is slated to launch in spring 2020 with library content including Friends, Game of Thrones and series and movies from all of WarnerMedia's properties.”


“On Friday, PEOPLE confirmed that Zooey Deschanel had moved on with HGTV star Jonathan Scott

“Zooey Deschanel stepped out solo on Saturday, just one day after news broke of her romance with Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott.

“Deschanel, who announced her split from husband Jacob Pechenik on Sept. 6, was seen picking up dinner in Manhattan Beach, California, on Saturday.

“The actress, 39, wore a wine-colored top and dark pants as she carried a pizza box and two bags in her arms.

“On Friday, PEOPLE confirmed Deschanel had moved on with the HGTV star, 41. ‘It’s new, but they are having a lot of fun together,’ a source said about the mother of two’s relationship with Scott.

“An insider close to Scott said he and Deschanel first when they filmed an episode of Carpool Karaoke.

“One day after the news of the actress’ new romance, Pechenik spoke out about the current state of his relationship with his ex.

“‘Everything is amicable and we have two beautiful children together,’ Pechenik told HollywoodLife. ‘We’ve been raising them and we’re going to continue to raise them, and take great care of get them… I’m happy.’

“Deschanel and Pechenik had been separated for months, according to a source, before announcing the news.

“‘After much discussion and a long period of contemplation we have decided we are better off as friends, business partners and co-parents rather than life partners,’ a rep for the couple told PEOPLE in a joint statement. ‘We remain committed to our business, our values and most of all our children. Thank you for respecting our privacy at this time.’”


Per Deadline, “NBC’s The Good Place is offering up its own version of the Bardo in advance of its final season: The Selection, a six-episode digital series that will serve as a storytelling bridge between the end of season 3 and its fourth and final season, which bows Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9 PM ET/PT.

“All six episodes of the digital series are available by downloading the NBC App.

“The series features demon Shawn (Marc Evan Jackson) and his cohorts as they decide which deceased humans to send to Michael’s (Ted Danson) newly formed afterlife neighborhood to thwart his benevolent plan. The series is written by the staff that creates The Good Place series.

“The critically hailed The Good Place premiered on September 19, 2016 on NBC, focused on Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) who wakes up in the afterlife and confronts her past through a gracious guide, Michael (played by Ted Danson). However, Eleanor did not live a righteous life, so if this is heaven, she realizes she was sent there by mistake. Dramaedy ensues, infused with questions of ethics, as Eleanor and her fellow afterlife residents need a plan, particularly as things take an unexpected twist.

“Here are the digital series titles and descriptions:

The Selection, Part 1: The Mission

Shawn and his demon cohorts plot to destroy Michael’s new neighborhood. Shawn gets the demons briefed on their mission.

‘The Selection, Part 2: The Candidates

Shawn’s demon ding-dongs pitch their human choices for Michael’s new neighborhood.

The Selection, Part 3: The Takeout Order

Shawn’s demon ash-holes try to decide what to eat. Maybe some sludge from the inside of shoes that you don’t wear socks with?

The Selection, Part 4: The Storm Out

Tensions rise as the demons try to select the right “human fart bombs” for Michael’s new neighborhood. Glenn feels Shawn is being too mean.

The Selection, Part 5: The Talk

In a demon-to-demon chat with Glenn, Shawn is inspired to rethink the way he forks with Michael’s new neighborhood.

The Selection, Part 6: The Solution

When Shawn takes aim on a more personal attack on the humans, Glenn has some reservations.”