Monday August 26, 2019

Already fading on season 3 of 13 Reasons Why and I’m only 2 episodes in. I don’t see myself making it all the way through.

The Righteous Gemstones > On Becoming God In Central Florida. Both are odd, but I find the former to be more enjoyable. More on the former below.

Had HBO released this entire season of Succession at once, I’d be long since finished with it. It continues to rank at the very top of my list.

The MTV VMAs air tonight.

As does the series finale of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

Dave Chapelle’s latest Netflix special is now available to stream.

Why on earth does anyone care what Jeff Goldblum thinks?

NBC has given a script commitment to a series adaptation of Serendipity, TheWrap has learned. Inspired by the 2001 romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, the project centers on Harry and Claire, who ‘fall in love one fateful night, are separated by circumstance and then spend years trying to find one another again … with a little help from the universe,’ according to a release from the network.”

“A lot has changed since 1983, when the original Mr. Mom — which starred Michael Keaton as Jack, an unemployed dad who is forced to become ‘the lady of the house’ after his wife gets a new job — hit theaters. But as this first look at Vudu‘s upcoming Mr. Mom revival proves, some parenting struggles remain the same, even 36 years later. The streaming series stars Andrea Anders (Better off Ted, Young Sheldon) as Megan, a stay-at-home mom who unexpectedly lands her dream job, leaving her husband Greg (played by Angie Tribeca‘s Hayes MacArthur) to take over full-time daddy duty. (‘We can’t even afford the nannies who smoke!’ laments Megan.) The 11-episode comedy is free to stream, and will follow Megan as she tries to adjust at her new millennial-filled workplace, while Greg tries to launch a startup (an intriguing concept called Pizzamail) from home while taking care of the kids. And with each episode running just 12 to 15 minutes in length, viewers can screen it in between fighting with their kids about homework and putting them to bed for the night. Mr. Mom premieres Sept. 12 on Vudu.”

Bethenny Frankel quit The Real Housewives of New York City at head-spinning speed after a ‘contract dispute,’ we’re told. A source said Frankel already had ‘one foot out the door’ as negotiations for her ninth season kicked off with Bravo, and she ‘was confident there were options out there for her. She’s happy in her personal life with [real estate exec and film producer] Paul Bernon.’ So Frankel went into the room in an enviable position, and threw out a huge number to see if Bravo would agree. They didn’t. So she gave a statement about her departure to Variety so fast that even some of the show’s top producers heard it first on social media.”

“Netflix announced Sunday that they are partnering with Tony Ayres, Christian White and Harry Potter producer David Heyman to create Clickbait, a new thriller series which explores the ways in which our most dangerous and uncontrolled impulses are fueled in the age of social media, and reveals the ever widening fractures we find between our virtual and real life personas.”

Per Deadline, “Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad movie is finally getting out of the shadows. After keeping details under wraps for the past year, Netflix has unveiled the film’s title, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

“The thriller movie, starring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul who is reprising his Emmy-winning role as Jesse Pinkman, will debut on Netflix on Oct. 11.

“Written and directed by Breaking Bad creator Vice Gilligan, El Camino, a Breaking Bad sequel, is set In the wake of Jesse’s dramatic escape from captivity. He must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future.

“As Deadline first reported in February, the Breaking Bad movie will run on Netflix with a second window on AMC, the original network home of Gilligan’s Emmy-winning series, which will kick off months after the film’s debut on Netflix.

“This movie is produced by Mark Johnson, Melissa Bernstein, Charles Newirth, Diane Mercer and Aaron Paul, in association with Sony Pictures Television.”


Per The Ringer, “[i]n Episode 2 of HBO’s second season of Succession, Roman Roy and his girlfriend, Tabitha, host newlyweds Shiv Roy and Tom Wambsgans for dinner. In true Roy fashion, a family meal devolved into cruelty. Tom ate crow as Roman mocked his bland, boxy suits, while Shiv, turning dinner into a roast, ridiculed her husband’s “agricultural walk.” At the table, Tom wore a fussy, dark scarf—a pretentious accessory at such a dim gathering—which also seemed to be ridiculing him. He can take only so much reminding about how unnaturally he sits in the company of the Roy family before firing back: ‘Fuck off, Shiv,’ he pouts, with a smirk that holds him at the brink of tears.

“In Succession, Tom sits through so many of these family dinners without ever really having left the kids table. The four Roy siblings—Connor, Kendall, Roman, and Shiv—vie for their father Logan Roy’s assets and affection. Meanwhile, Tom, ambitious but insecure, humiliates himself with pathetic attempts to appease and, ideally, succeed Logan as chief executive of the family’s media and entertainment empire, Waystar Royco. While the batshit vulgarian Roman provides comic relief while exhibiting a ruthless competitive edge, Tom is a hopelessly tragic goof whose own wife responds to his ambition with condescension and laughter. Tom presents himself as a fully-fledged member of the family, but he’s hardly recognized as one. Self-consciously, he lacks the Roy surname—Wambsgans is a mouthful, which so many characters, including Shiv, pronounce in a mocking tone. He’s delusional enough to believe he might succeed Logan, even if the cold-blooded patriarch can barely seem to remember his name, much less his title. Granted, Logan’s hereditary heirs are all disastrous and delusional in the extreme.

“But the second season of Succession has gone especially hard on Tom, the corn-fed, new-money son-in-law who simply cannot fake the funk among old-school East Coast elites. His ambitions prove ludicrous and misplaced as Logan apparently now favors Shiv to succeed him as chief executive. He’s outgrowing his friendship with Greg Hirsch—sweet Cousin Greg—the hapless, innocent cousin whom Tom manipulates as his sidekick. Tom still mentors, bullies and, occasionally, confides in Greg, but their antics are far less boisterous than in the previous season. With a promotion from the parks division to the much more prestigious and profitable news unit, the right-wing ATN, Tom’s gotten somewhat more successful and significantly less fun. He languishes in Shiv’s shadow, struggling to accept this season’s new, unexpected possibility: Logan may well trust his bleeding-heart daughter to run the cut-throat family business.

“In the series premiere, Tom agonized about Logan’s taste in luxury wristwatches. His little insecurities about class and rank now amount to a personal crisis. In Episode 3 on Sunday, Shiv dispatches Tom to a company retreat in rural Hungary, where Tom, Kendall, Roman, Gerri, and Frank all struggle to dissuade Logan from pursuing a risky, expensive acquisition. Ultimately, Logan lashes out against Roman, Gerri, and Frank, but he barely seems to notice Tom or fully register what his son-in-law even means to tell him. Tom has grown no closer to Logan in Season 2; worse yet, he’s begun to alienate Shiv, who struggles to bolster Tom’s ego as Logan tempts her with promises of inheriting the family empire. The love between Shiv and Tom isn’t gone, but it’s fading only a week after their distant honeymoon at sea. Tom entered Shiv’s world as a social climber, and now he seems destined to exit as a starter husband.

“It’s easy to see the Roy siblings as trust fund caricatures. But what to make of Tom Wambsgans? In a show full of ugly tycoons, he theoretically sits closer to the average viewer’s perspective. He’s as insufferable as all of the other characters on the show, sure, but unlike the Roy siblings who strive within the 1 percent, Tom strives toward it. As Logan cultivates Kendall and Shiv as potential successors, Tom cultivates Greg as a fellow sellout. ‘You don’t go around talking about principles,’ Tom advises Greg in their first day together at ATN, a job Greg despises. ‘It’s Logan’s G-spot,’ Tom adds. ‘Man the fuck up!’ But Tom can’t bring that same bravado to his encounters with the Roys, or to his inelegant rise through the company ranks—in those instances, he mostly bluffs, grovels, and pouts. He means to leap from middle-class origins to obscene wealth in a single generational bound. His ambition gives him the in, but his suits give him away.”


From Decider: “We finally know who blackmailed Jesse Gemstone (Danny McBride). The Righteous Gemstones Season 1, Episode 2, Is This the Man Who Made the Earth Tremble? opens with a different POV on last week’s harrowing events. We meet a bumbling trio of blackmailers, and the big crazy twist isn’t that they all survived. It’s that the mastermind of the plan was the sweet prodigal son of Jesse. That’s right. At the end of the episode, it’s revealed that rising star Skyler Gisondo is playing Gideon on The Righteous Gemstones.

“Lucy (Virginia Gardner) and Scotty (Scott MacArthur) are a dysfunctional couple whom Gideon Gemstone has teamed up with. It was Scotty who was initially run over by Judy Gemstone (Edi Patterson) and Lucy was hurt by Jesse. Meanwhile, Gideon was hiding in the van the entire time. Everything quickly goes south for this team when Lucy destroys the backup of the video they have in order to exact revenge on Scotty for throwing her in a ditch. Lucy leaves them, and then Scotty fights Gideon because the younger man told Lucy the truth about how she wound up in a ditch. Left without leverage against his family, Gideon goes home.

“Gideon’s return home presents an obvious dramatic wrinkle. Obviously, Gideon is secretly plotting his family’s downfall, but there’s an extra emotional stake. We know that the one thing addling Jesse Gemstone is the fact that his oldest son left home. Now that the prodigal son has returned, it will be interesting to see how it emotionally affects Jesse.

“When Decider sat down The Righteous Gemstones‘ directors and executive producers Jody Hill and David Gordon Green at Summer TCA, they revealed that Gideon’s character was shaped by casting Skyler Gisondo.

“‘Initially, I think the thought process was more of a hardened type character, like a harder son who’s seen some shit,’ Hill said. ‘Something didn’t ring true when we saw other people [for the part]. And like Skyler really just brought this sensitivity to it, and what that did was it made their falling out seem…it put more of the emphasis and responsibility on Danny’s character. It really got to the heart of what his character’s struggling with.’

“Skyler Gisondo is something of a breakout comedy star. He dazzled audiences with a stand out performance in Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, and was one of the best parts in the critically acclaimed summer comedy Booksmart. 

“The Gideon twist isn’t the last shocker that The Righteous Gemstones team have planned for audiences. David Gordon Green said, ‘I think by the time you get through the season, you’ll have a lot of surprises and things happen unexpectedly.’

“Next week on The Righteous Gemstones, viewers will finally meet one of the most hyped characters of the series: Walton Goggins’s deranged preacher Baby Billy.”


Per Variety, “The Simpsons has never shied away from lampooning Disney over the years, but maybe that’s no longer the case.

“Homer, Marge and co. are of course now part of the Disney family and made their first appearance at the Mouse House’s D23 Expo convention, where the show’s producers were asked plenty of questions about what the relocation as part of the Disney-Fox merger means for the series.

“The assembled Simpsons gang addressed the ever-present question of a second movie outing for the characters, with executive producer Al Jean teasing that they “have talked about it” with Disney, as well as ideas for potential spinoff series.

“‘I think Disney would be supportive of anything we wanted to do, maybe a crazy limited series with a side character or a movie that we surprised you with, they’ve been really creatively supportive and this is going to afford so many new ways to do the show than just the traditional format,’ added fellow EP Matt Selman.

“The panel kicked off with a montage of all the Disney-related jokes to appear on the show, including Homer eating one of the fish in an Under the Sea Little Mermaid sequence and a Snow White parody in which one of the seven dwarves says, ‘Well at least we don’t work for Disney!’

“It’s clear that the irony of the situation hasn’t been lost on any of the producers, who took wildly different approaches when addressing the Mouse in the room.

“‘Isn’t this the craziest thing you could imagine, that we would start out working for an evil corporation and then working for a nice one?’ said Selman, perhaps a little tongue in cheek.

“Later on, creator and executive producer Matt Groening effectively dodged the question with a crowd pleasing “we do it for the fans” response.

“‘This is rare opportunity to get feedback from people who like what we do, so thank you,’ said Groening.

“As previously announced, all episodes from the show’s 30 seasons will be available to stream on Disney Plus upon launch in November. It remains to be seen if forthcoming seasons of the series will change in tone or be lighter on Disney jabs given its new home.

“Meanwhile, the show also confirmed that the character of Apu is not leaving The Simpsons, despite earlier reports to the contrary. Following the controversy surrounding the long-running character, creator Matt Groening reaffirmed the show’s commitment to the Kwik-E Mart clerk on Saturday during the show’s D23 Expo session.

“When asked by a young fan whether Apu would remain on the show — following reports that the character had been written out of the show — Groening said, ‘Yes. We love Apu. We’re proud of Apu.’

“The issue of Apu was the centerpiece of the documentary The Problem with Apu, in which comedian Hari Kondabolu interviewed celebrities of South Asian descent about the negative impact that the character has had on them. Executive producer Al Jean previously said that he had watched the documentary and that it had been discussed in the writers’ room.

“‘Some people are offended by the character and I take that very seriously,’ he said last year. ‘Others really love the character. It’s a difficult choice. I don’t want to offend people but we also want to be funny. We don’t want to be totally politically correct. That has never been us. It’s given us a lot of thought.’

“Hank Azaria, the voice of Apu, also told reporters last year that The Simpsons was mulling how to address the future of Apu and what the show might do differently with the character.

“In an April 2018 episode, No Good Read Goes Unpunished,”Marge and Lisa Simpson alluded to the fact that The Simpsons has not quite figured out what to do with the character, or when to address it.

“Last fall, producer Adi Shankar said that he had heard from inside the show that Apu had been phased out of the show, but Jean later said those reports were inaccurate.”


From The Hollywood Reporter: “Netflix has greenlit a comedy about two brothers — made by two brothers.

“Greg Schaffer (That '70s Show, Lab Rats) and Jeff Schaffer (Curb Your Enthusiasm, The League) are behind Brews Brothers, which the streamer has picked up for eight episodes. The show will center on Wilhelm (Alan Aisenberg, Orange Is the New Black) and Adam Rodman (Mike Castle, Clipped), estranged siblings who find themselves running a brewery together.

“Each one is a beer genius, but they couldn't be less alike in terms of brewing technique or personality. As Netflix puts it, ‘A lot of times in a show you see two people who complete each other. These two don't even make a full person.’

“The cast also includes Carmen Flood and Marques Ray (The Conners, Dr. Ken).

“Greg Schaffer is writing and will be the showrunner on the series. He executive produces with Jeff Schaffer, Jonathan Stern (Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp) and Keith Quinn (Rob Riggle's Ski-Master Academy). 

“The Schaffer brothers both have sizable lists of TV credits, but Brews Brothers marks their first time working together on a series.

Brews Brothers will join a comedy slate on Netflix that includes GLOW, Dear White People, Grace and Frankie, The Ranch (which is entering its final season), Atypical, The Kominsky Method and sketch show I Think You Should Leave, among others. The streaming giant recently ordered multi-cam sitcom The Upshaws, starring Wanda Sykes and Mike Epps, to series and also has Paul Rudd's Living With Yourself due to premiere in October.”