Wednesday August 21, 2019

Harvey tries to get Samantha’s job back, while Katrina faces off against an old friend. #SUITS

A&E premieres its revival of Ghosthunters tonight.

Hulu has released all 6 episodes of This Way Up.

Here is a review.

HBO has wisely ordered a 3rd season of Succession.

The Ranch returns to Netflix on September 13. “When we last left the Iron River Ranch, Abby was devastated that Colt lied to her about the sale of the Bennett Brothers’ herd. She decided that she’d had enough, and told Colt that she thought they should separate. Colt and Abby’s growing family (and possible separation) weren’t the only changes to come in Part 6. The series introduced new recurring cast member Dax Shepard, who came on board as Beau’s previously unknown nephew Luke Matthews, a former soldier who suffers from PTSD and addiction. He eventually got involved with Rooster’s ex-girlfriend Mary and asked her to accompany him to California. Meanwhile, Beau invited Joanne to move in with him after he agreed to make Iron River Ranch an official part of the Neumann’s Hill family. Back in June, Netflix announced that The Ranch would end after Part 8, to be released in 2020. At 80 episodes, it becomes the streamer’s longest-running multi-camera comedy to date, surpassing Fuller House (which will end its fifth and final season at 75 episodes).”

Season 1 of Hyperdrive is now streaming on Netflix. “Elite street racers from around the world test their limits in supercharged custom cars on the biggest, baddest automotive obstacle course ever built.”

Netflix has greenlighted The Upshaws, a multi-camera family comedy series starring and executive produced by actor-comedians Wanda Sykes (Wanda Sykes: Not Normal) and Mike Epps (Dolemite Is My Name, Only One Mike). Sykes also will co-showrun with Regina Hicks (The L Word, Generations Q, Central Park, Insecure). The Upshaws centers on a working-class African American family in Indiana struggling to make it work and make it right without any blueprints. Sykes, Epps and Hicks executive produce with Niles Kirchner, Dan Spilo (Sunnyside) and Page Hurwitz (Wanda Sykes: Not Normal). Veteran standup comedians Sykes and Epps, who have both done Netflix specials, teamed last year for The Upshaws, which has been in the works at the streamer since last fall.”

Why Bachelor in Paradise broke its tules for first same-sex romance.

Larry King has decided to end his marriage to his 7th wife and filed for divorce. According to court records obtained by The Blast, 85-year-old Larry King filed for divorce Tuesday in L.A. County court against Shawn King. The famed talk show host has been married 8 times to 7 different women. In 1997, he married his 7th wife, Shawn Southwick. The nuptials actually went down in King's hospital room as he was preparing to undergo surgery to clear a clogged blood vessel in his heart. On April 14, 2010, both Larry and Shawn filed for divorce, but later reconciled. According to documents, Larry claims he separated from Shawn on June 6, 2019 after 21 years and 9 months of marriage. He checked the box for "irreconcilable differences," but doesn't mention anything about a prenuptial agreement between the two, nor does he make any requests in the support department.”

Christie Brinkley is joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars, Page Six has exclusively learned. ‘They’ve been asking her for a long time – about 15 years and she finally agreed,’ a source told us. Brinkley recently returned to Broadway, starring as Roxie Hart in a successful run of Chicago. The supermodel was also spotted recently filming the season premiere of The Goldbergs in Hollywood. We’re told she’s prime for the spotlight.” Oh you poor thing you.

Here’s the full list of desperate pathetic participants:

Lauren Alaina – country music star
Christie Brinkley – supermodel
Ally Brooke – pop star
Hannah Brown – The Bachelorette
Karamo Brown – TV host
Kate Flannery – TV star
Ray Lewis – NFL Hall of Famer
Kel Mitchell – comedian/actor
Lamar Odom – two-time NBA champion
Sean Spicer – former White House press secretary
James Van Der Beek – TV icon
Mary Wilson – The Supremes


From Variety: “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is an irresistible mixture of philosophical discussions about art and life and pure zaniness. It’s a program from the late-night host turned podcasting ringmaster that defies easy characterization, and a show that manages to move seamlessly from moments of hilarity to unexpected instances of confession. In one episode, Jeff Goldblum makes purring noises and discusses pinkie rings. In another, Stephen Colbert movingly talks about the deaths of his father and brothers in a plane crash. O’Brien, the host of TBS’ Conan, spoke with Variety about why he enjoys exploring the world of audio after nearly a quarter century on television, and the big names he’d like to befriend in future seasons of the show:

Did you have trouble booking guests?
I was doing an event with Will Ferrell at the Greek Theatre, and I knew our booker had reached out to him about doing the podcast. I showed up, and he came out of his dressing room and grabbed me by both shoulders and said, ‘I’m not doing your f—ing podcast.’ I didn’t realize at that moment that he was kidding. He had intended all along to do the podcast — but there was a second there where I thought this is going to be everybody’s reaction.

Very quickly people started hearing the podcast, and we started having people book themselves. As a lifelong believer in achievement through pain and some amount of suffering — it all goes back to a Catholic childhood — this season has been infuriating because it has undone everything I’ve ever believed.

What do celebrities like about doing the show? 
It’s a chance for them to come in and have this intimate conversation. I remember Lisa Kudrow said to me, “Wait, no hair. No makeup. I’m there.” People can roll in on the way to pick up their kids or right after they’ve had a colonoscopy. That’s the secret: Interview them about two hours after their colonoscopy, when the twilight drugs are wearing off and they’ve been told they’re polyp-free.

You ask your guests a lot of questions about what drives them to achieve at a high level. Why does that interest you?
None of us really knows ourselves. Part of my obsession is I’ve always wanted to know what’s my deal? What’s my problem? If you could get in a time machine
and go back and look at me when I was 10 years old, you’d see a pretty intense kid. Why? Some of these people were really hard on themselves when they were kids, and they’re really hard on themselves now, except now they have Emmys and Oscars and Grammys. That’s remarkable, and maybe it will be helpful to people listening.

You interviewed two competitors, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. Late-night television used to be a battleground. Have things mellowed?
It’s totally different. When I came into it in 1993, it was like a national sport. Who’s up? Who’s down? Leno vs. Letterman: a clash of the titans.

It’s changed so much. There are so many more people doing it now. If we were still battling it out to the death, I don’t think I’d be doing a podcast. There’s more of an opportunity now to experiment, and there’s less distraction about the whole late-night madness. I have the advantage of being, improbably, the old hand now. I’m Robert Shaw in “Jaws.” I’m the crusty old sea salt who’s seen it all. I’m about to be bitten in half, but damn it, Quint has a podcast.

Do you have any dream interviews?
We haven’t scratched the surface. John Mulaney is someone that I really admire. Martin Scorsese would be someone I’m dying to talk to in this format. Jack White would be fascinating.

You’re podcasting. You’re doing a travel show. You recently did a comedy tour. Would you be content to just host a late-night show now?
I still enjoy it, but when you’ve been in this business a long time, you start to realize that familiarity breeds contempt, and you’ve got to keep challenging yourself. The podcast is a good example of that. It’s really fun — and that’s fresh blood for an old vampire.”


Per TheWrap, “[i]f you’ve ever wondered just how much control producers have over the results of THE Bachelor” you may want to sit down — because Season 23 star Colton Underwood is spilling the tea.

“In an interview with This American Life, Underwood revealed the real reason he jumped that famous fence, and how trying to outsmart the Bachelor producers nearly cost him the woman of his dreams.

“It all started at the beginning of his season, when producers asked him to rank the 20 contestants based on who he liked the most.

“‘They always asked to rank the girls,’ Underwood said. ‘And very early on, Hannah [Godwin] was up there. And she got left off of a date.’

“It’s important to note, as This American Life producer Emanuele Berry did, that Underwood is still friends with the producers.

“ABC and reps for The Bachelor”did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment Tuesday, but Underwood says that moment tipped him off to the idea that who he spent his time on the show with wasn’t entirely up to him.

“‘I sort of remember feeling a little burnt when they did that. I was like, so let me get this straight. Hannah’s number one on my list right now, and she’s not getting a date this week. So from there on out, I was like, all right, if you’re going to do that to my top girls, I’m not really going to tell you who my top girls are. Because I don’t want you messing with them. So in a weird way, I tried to defend myself and defend the girls by not being truthful to them who my top was,’ he said.

“And so, for the rest of the season, Underwood continued to rank Hannah Godwin as his favorite, despite having stronger feelings for Cassie Randolph.

“‘I just kept the top the same. So Hannah was always at the top of the list when I always made the list for them to see, and I never changed it.’

“What he didn’t consider, however, was that he was leading the producers to make decisions for him about who his end game was going to be. Underwood says the producers’ flew Cassie’s father to Portugal without telling him in order to facilitate her elimination.

“‘Her dad actually shows up, which nobody just accidentally shows up in Portugal,”' Underwood said. ‘So the producers paid a pretty hefty price to fly that man on out to Portugal to come visit and spend time with his daughter to give her clarity.’

“Next thing he knew, Cassie was breaking up with him over dinner.

“'Normally, during the dinners and during that, the producers are sort of hovering, or they’re around to help the conversation flow. Or they’re there just to, like, bounce ideas off of when you guys are talking. When we had that dinner, there wasn’t a producer in sight. There was just the cameras, and there was just the audios. Everybody else ran. And they didn’t want to be near it because I think they knew that I knew,” he said, referring to his knowledge that the producers were behind Cassie’s exit.

“And that was when everything came to a screeching halt for Underwood.

“‘Oh, I was thinking I just got screwed. I was thinking that that wasn’t her doing,’ he says. ‘I was like, OK. So I don’t have the control I thought I had. If I feel like my relationship’s going to be messed with or toyed with at all, I’m going to be done. Especially at this point, I’ve completely fallen in love. I’ve completely, like, gave myself all to her. I mean, I had nothing to lose at that point besides the girl and the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.’

“And so, out of sheer frustration, he jumped the fence and ran off into the night.

“His trick had ‘backfired,’ he says, ‘because then they were like, whoa, we thought it was Hannah because you kept telling us even on your list, when you’d rank them, Hannah’s one.’

“After escaping the cameras for ‘a good two hours’ and contemplating paying his own way home to leave the show, he says, he turned himself in to the producers. To gather his thoughts in peace, he requested to speak with the show’s therapist — a move that ensures no cameras will be on him for a brief period — and that’s when he hatched his plan to get Cassie back.

“We know how it ends. He broke up with the other frontrunners, Hannah and Tayshia, convinced the producers to let him talk to Cassie, and he pulled the ultimate checkmate — breaking Bachelor format, forgoing the final rose ceremony and the engagement.

“As of now, the couple are still together. And despite a near catastrophe, Underwood came out the winner — just not the way anyone expected.”


From The Ringer: “The four Roy family siblings—Connor, Kendall, Roman, and Siobhan—all clamor for one-on-one attention from their father, Logan.

“These conversations with the Roy patriarch in HBO’s Succession are a pivotal ritual. Typically, Logan’s children meet with him to renegotiate their standing in the family hierarchy. In Season 1, Logan’s failing health brought him to death’s door, and so inheritance became an urgent concern among his children. For the Roy family, a brush with death is a time for negotiation. In Season 2, Logan is recovered, reinvigorated, and enthusiastically resuming his role as the CEO at Waystar Royco, the media and entertainment conglomerate he founded. So Logan’s children must step into his office, one by one, and kiss the ring. Kendall and Roman plead for power within the family business; Kendall as a worrisome apprentice, Roman as a heedless dipshit. Connor and Siobhan, known as Shiv, seek political credibility; Connor as a clueless Randian who plans to run for president, Shiv as a rich and half-assed leftist who manages the presidential campaign of the long-shot socialist candidate Gil Eavis. The four siblings struggle to overcome the old man’s worst impulses, but ultimately—tragically—they all take after their father.

“Shiv once pleaded for distance from the Roy family business to launch her own progressive political career. Logan’s media empire includes ATN, the dominant right-wing cable news network written to resemble Fox News. Shiv originally brought her left-wing politics to bear against her family’s right-wing assets. In Season 2, Logan makes Shiv a promise to be fulfilled in secret for now: Logan will groom Shiv to be his successor in three to four years. Shiv regards Logan’s promise with skepticism but also excitement. Suddenly, and effortlessly, Shiv has come much closer to gaining Logan’s favor than the desperate Kendall—once the natural heir to his father’s empire—ever did. In the meantime, Logan has reassigned Shiv’s husband, Tom, from the parks division to the right-wing ATN, thus rendering Shiv’s commitment to a left-wing political campaign unsustainable. So Shiv quits the Eavis campaign and begins her leap of faith into corporate leadership. Given how Logan manipulated Kendall throughout Season 1, however, Shiv’s covert promotion seems to be a trap—the same trap which ensnared Kendall only a season ago.

“In Season 1, Kendall schemed against his father, botched a coup, and reverted to hard drugs in his lowest moment. In Season 2, Kendall, humiliated by blackmail, has complied with Logan’s blurry, furious corporate vision.

“In Season 2, Shiv approaches Logan’s throne with far less hostility. Accordingly, Logan manipulates Shiv in much subtler ways. Logan has debased Eavis with campaign contributions, including a private jet, which makes Shiv doubt Eavis’s principles as well as his judgment. Shiv’s fellow campaign aide and former lover, Nate, clings to Eavis despite seeming even less principled than Shiv, who looks upon the campaign with terminal condescension. She’s demoted her husband, Tom, too: He’s a cuckold and, worse yet, a subordinate. Their wedding was, essentially, a merger. Tom married into the Roy family to promote himself, not his wife, and Shiv now struggles to preserve even the pretense of equality in their marriage. The Season 1 finale presented a new, unruly marriage that Tom comes to regret. By insisting on polyamorous terms only after the wedding reception, Shiv reasserts her superiority, by dint of the Roy family name, over Tom Wambsgans. In Season 2, Shiv may well overcome her brothers, too.

“Shiv, more than any of the Roy children, once embodied the potential for rebellion against their father’s mind games. Even Roman, the meritless libertine, clamors for Logan’s validation. Shiv couldn’t have cared less about her place in Logan’s family rankings; his favor shifted, often strategically, sometimes capriciously, throughout the first season. But the lure of presidential politics proves too frivolous to sustain Shiv’s idealism about the Eavis campaign. Gil Eavis once resembled Bernie Sanders, but the most recent episodes relaunch his socialist campaign, backed Logan Roy’s money, as sparse comic relief. Having struck a deal with her father, Shiv abandons Eavis to affirm her succession pact with Logan, though the viewer can hardly fault Shiv given Eavis’s shameless capitulation to Logan (not to mention Nate’s petulance about his affair with Shiv). So Shiv hasn’t sold out so much as she’s decided to sell for a higher price. In turn, Logan cultivates an alternative heir as much as he’s cultivating an asset in his larger conflict with Kendall, who can sulk through only so many more episodes before reasserting himself against his dad.

“It’s a bleak and disastrous rebellion whenever these kids get going against Logan Roy. But collusion with Logan proves isolating, too. In Manhattan, Shiv and Tom share a new, wide-open apartment where Shiv struggles, again, to find privacy, peace, and intimacy with a husband who increasingly regards Shiv as his handler. While they’re together at home, they’re also at work. The apartment has quickly become a Waystar Royco satellite office where the newlyweds’ sex life has gone to die. Shiv waltzed into her father’s office with modest expectations and minimal resistance to her father’s promise to appoint Waystar Royco’s first female CEO. But Kendall and Shiv are bound to learn the same dark lesson about Logan Roy’s executive suite: There’s no graceful way out.”

From EW: “Netflix is inviting you to embark on an unexpected island adventureAnd to put you in the mood, the first trailer for The I-Land takes direct aim at Fyre Fest, complete with beautiful bikinis, swimming pigs, and promises of an immersive experience.

“In this show, however, you won’t lose your money — you’ll lose your life.

“Starring Kate Bosworth, Natalie Martinez, and Alex Pettyfer, the seven-episode limited series centers on ten people who try to claw their way back home after they regain consciousness on a remote island, completely devoid of memories or their identities or how the hell they got here. Do they soon discover that this world is exactly what it appears to be? Evil laughter here, it’s quite the opposite. Some will live, some will die, and all will be watched by creepy people monitoring them via a bank of computer screens. On a mysterious island (hmmm…), where they are being forced into a hunt (hmmmm…), tropical terror awaits.

“Check out the trailer above for The I-Land, which premieres Sept. 12.”

Looks horrible and awesome all at the same time.


Per Realscreen, “World Surf League Studios, the production arm of the World Surf League, the governing body for professional surfers, has unveiled its debut slate of non-fiction programming.

“The slate consists of a raft of documentaries, docuseries and daily short-form content designed for distribution across multiple platforms. Featured throughout the surf-focused library is content from established and award-winning prodcos, rising filmmakers and innovative producers.

“Box to Box Films (Netflix’s Formula 1: Drive to Survive) has inked a partnership with World Surf League Studios to develop a multi-part docuseries set to chronicle the 2020 WSL Championship Tour. The intimate series will document some of the world’s greatest surfers throughout the 2020 season as they navigate dark and choppy waters in an attempt to reach the podium. Production is scheduled to begin in March 2020.

Deep Blue: The Mark Visser Project, meanwhile, will serve as the first project to stem from the recently penned partnership between WSL Studios and Pilgrim Media Group. The feature-length documentary is to trace Ocean Warrior course founder and creator Visser – who famously surfed Pe’ahi at night – as he attempts to find and surf the largest unridden wave in the world. A director has yet to be attached to the film.

“Elsewhere, WSL Studios has commissioned The Kelly Slater Documentary. The film provides unprecedented access into the 2019 competitive campaign and personal life of Kelly Slater, 47. Following the 11-time WSL World Champion from Australia’s Gold Coast to Hawaii, the film will profile Slater as he reflects on a three-decade career, impending retirement, the Olympics, and the pressures of maintaining an elite level of performance.

“Rounding out the company’s debut slate are Sound Waves, a behind-the-scenes series following various surfers from the moment they arrive at the WSL Championship Tour; adventure series Brilliant Corners, which follows former European Longboard Champion Sam Bleakly as he traverses the globe with his longboard in tow; season two of All In: Life on the Championship Tour; and Transformed, which highlights one transformation story per episode and the impact of surfing. Season two of Transformed has been greenlit and production is underway with a launch in fall 2019.

“‘WSL Studios is anchored around storytelling that highlights the raw athleticism of the world’s best surfers, extending through everyday people, and the richness of emotions and narratives that surfing invokes,’ said WSL President of Content, Media and WSL Studios, Erik Logan. ‘With our initial slate, we have endeavored to demonstrate the range of stories that are possible through the Studio and the common passion for people, surfing and the ocean.’”