Friday June 28, 2019

Pop has picked up One Day At A Time.

Showtime premieres The Loudest Voice on Sunday. Here’s a review.

100% Julian Edelman airs tonight on Showtime. “Narrated by acclaimed actor Michael Rapaport and featuring original conversations with everyone from Mark Wahlberg to Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady, Michael Strahan and Deion Sanders, the film is an imaginative look inside Julian Edelman's underdog journey from major injury and NFL suspension to Super Bowl MVP in 2019.”

Here’s the trailer.

Family Business is now streaming on Netflix.

As is Instant Hotel. “Teams of Australian homeowners compete for the title of best Instant Hotel by staying overnight in each other's rentals and rating their experience.”

Ramy Youssef: Feelings premieres on HBO on Saturday.

The trailer.

Starz debuts The Rook on Sunday.

Fox premieres What Just Happened with Fred Savage on Sunday night.

I sound like a broken record (pun intended), but I continue to really enjoy NBC’s Songland.

“The second Democratic debate, headlined by former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Kamala Harris, outperformed the first in the preliminary ratings. Thursday night’s debate, which featured a fierce back-and-forth on the issue of healthcare, scored a 8.05 household rating in metered markets on NBC, up around 13% from the Wednesday night sparring session which scored a round 7.0 in the same metric. Those figures don’t include MSNBC and Telemundo, which both also broadcast the debate. The total viewership figure for the second debate across the three networks will be made available later in the day.”

El Rey Network has begun production on the unscripted travelogue series United Tacos of America, which sets out to locate the best tacos in America. Produced by Taco Journalism, United Tacos of America (8 x 30 minutes) will follow creators and hosts Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece as they embark on a journey across the country to discover new flavors, cultures and regional variations of the traditional Mexican dish. Taco Journalism’s Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece are the executive producers alongside series director Dennis Burnett.”

Thomas Ravenel is offloading his multimillion-dollar South Carolina estate in the wake of his legal battles. The former Southern Charm star, 56, listed the mansion known as Brookland Plantation at $3.95 million. According to real estate records, he purchased the property in 2006 for $2,586,667. It features four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms over approximately 60 acres.”

A double date with Michael Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo?


Per The Hollywood Reporter, “[w]hen Andy Cohen receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which Real Housewives stars will he invite to the ceremony? ‘That's a really good question!’ Cohen tells The Hollywood Reporter of the daunting task ahead of him in 2020.

“It's to little surprise that picking from the deep bench of Bravo's reality star lineup would be a challenge for the Real Housewives brand ambassador. Stars across all cities of the franchise came out in full force when the executive producer (who helped launch the franchise in the early 2000s) and longtime Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen host held a baby shower before the arrival of son Benjamin Allen, who was born via surrogate in February. Adding to the Bravo star power was the single father's pal John Mayer, who made a surprise appearance at the extravagant event.

“Now, Mayer is once again showing up for the late-night host by adding his name to the guest list for Cohen's 10th anniversary show of Watch What Happens Live. Joining Mayer is superfan Chrissy Teigen and Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps, the latter performing her new single to cap off a night that promises to be filled with Bravo fandom and nostalgia. ‘We have a lot to get through, but we jam a lot into a half hour every night. That’s one of the hallmarks of the show,’ says Cohen, who remains the only gay late night host on TV, of the pop-culture powerhouse he's created.

“Below, in a chat with THR, Cohen looks back on 10 years of clubhouse success, which he credits to a ‘home-made’ and ‘high-low’ vibe that it is ‘unlike all of the shiny floor late-night shows.’ WWHL, which he calls an extension of his living room, has become a must-visit for A-listers and even predicted the election of Donald Trump. He also shares his hopes for more diversity across the late-night dial (‘It’s time for a network to put a woman on five nights a week’) and teases a Bravo float that is ‘going to break gay Pride’ at this weekend's New York City WorldPride parade:

Chrissy Teigen and Luann de Lesseps (aka the Countess) are your Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen 10th anniversary guests. The show, airing Thursday, closes out two weeks of a 10 p.m. programming move to honor the 10-year milestone. Why these stars? 

Well, we added a third special guest: John Mayer. And if you look at those three people, they are so emblematic of the diversity of Watch What Happens Live. You have a Real Housewife, a Real Housewife superfan and then you have an absolute rockstar who has nothing to do with Real Housewives but who is part of the Watch What Happens Live culture. John hosted my 50th birthday show, so we obviously love him and I’m so excited that he’ll be on the 10th show as well. It’s going to be a lot of fun and a look back. John is going to help us play a game and the Countess is going to perform her new song. 

The WWHL clubhouse got a 2017 makeover, but the 30-seat downtown Manhattan set remains as intimate as when you launched in 2009. As you've grown over the years and expanded with large-scale L.A. shows, how tempted have you been to go bigger — and why haven’t you?

We always love the opportunity to bring the show to larger audiences. It’s exciting and it’s a jolt for us. But, I have to say, I think our real roots will always remain in the show being a combination of Wayne’s World and Playboy After Dark, and I think the small studio lends itself to that experience. Part of the longevity and appeal of the show is that it is unlike all of the shiny floor late-night shows. This feels more home-made. We’re the only live show in late night and anything can happen, and there’s an authenticity to the experience of being in this little 30-seat clubhouse that conveys onscreen and into peoples’ homes. There’s a connection that people have to that experience that is unlike the other shows.

In this 10th anniversary lead-up you’ve been looking back at iconic clubhouse moments. While memory lane is fresh, what are some of your personal favorites — and what are the most cringeworthy?

There have been so many peaks and so many valleys in 10 years; so many shows and so many guests. I guess the peaks are rather obvious, if you know me: Meryl Streep, Cher, Oprah. With all of the kind of divas we’ve had on the show — J. Lo, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga — I feel like we’ve gotten such a different interview out of them than any other show. I’m really proud that you could have seen someone on so many other shows, but when you see them on ours, it’s an entirely different experience. That’s another reason why those interviews stand out to me. And, of course, all the times Joan Rivers was on. That was really special to me. And in terms of the low points? Oh, man. I step my foot it in so many times. Sometimes I’ve gone one step too far in prying. We’ve had some technical difficulties; we’ve had a fire alarm go off and the lights go out. Hurricane Sandy sidelined us for a minute. And I made out with Cloris Leachman — I can’t tell if that's a highlight or not!

What is your favorite all-time "Plead the Fifth" game admission?

It’s every time we play the game. I have to say, there’s no one admission that sounds out. We’ve cut more highlight reels than you can believe. This show has generated so much clickbait, we’re like a clickbait machine.

At what point in these last 10 years did you feel a shift and that WWHL had cemented itself in pop culture?

Meryl Streep coming on [in 2012] was really a turning point for the show. She had a movie out and it was more female-centric and it was big for us. I had been leaning on the kindness of friends to do the show, like Sarah Jessica Parker and Liam Neeson and Jerry Seinfeld. And they were all very kind and did the show. And then when we started booking guests who came on just because they thought it would be good for one reason or another, that was big. She opened the door [on future asks] and Oprah [the following year] did, too.

Who is still on your dream guest wishlist?

So many. Madonna, Michelle Obama, to name a few.

A year ago, you said you would welcome President Trump on the show. Is he still on that list?

Sure. I think he would wind up storming off, but yeah, why not?

Would you pair him with a Real Housewife?

He is a Housewife. I would pair him with no one.

What about the 2020 candidates? You use moments on your show to address major political and social issues. Do you have plans to wade more into politics during election season? 

I’m the only gay late-night host and so I view it as a personal responsibility to speak up when our rights are being threatened, which has happened more, or when someone says something terrible or when there’s a teachable moment. Those are the opportunities that I really lean into, otherwise I feel like there’s enough politics everywhere else. And in terms of presidential candidates, for sure we’ll have some on. But I don’t like to go too deep. I really like to have fun. I will say that we predicted Trump winning. We had a poll on our show that asked: "Who would you vote for if the election was held today?" And Trump won. So, there you go.

Your 10th anniversary show comes during Pride Month. Does the fact that you are still the only gay late-night host surprise you?

It doesn’t really surprise me. There is Samantha Bee, but it’s incredible to me that there are no five-night-a-week talk shows helmed by women. It makes no sense to me. So, no. The idea that I’d be the only gay guy and that it’s been 10 years, that doesn’t really surprise me.

What would you like to see in terms of more progress on late night — more streaming opportunities?

I don’t know the answer. I think it’s time for a network to put a woman on five nights a week. I’d love to see that. 

WWHL is unique in that you have big guests who come on to revisit the events of the latest Bravo episode. How do you warm them up?

I don’t have non-Bravo guests on to talk about Bravo shows unless they’re fans. This week, I [had] Chaka Khan and Adam Lambert on and we’re going to talk about Chaka Khan and Adam Lambert. So it just depends what night it is and what we’re going for that night. But one of the reasons that I love Watch What Happens Live is that I think it’s high-low. If you open up an Us Weekly magazine, you not only see Kerry Washington, you also see [Real Housewives of Atlanta star] NeNe Leakes. I feel like we’re a true representation of who America is viewing as stars these days. And I like that. I think it’s democratic.

How many hours of Bravo do you watch a week?

I really watch the shows that I’m responsible for, which is all the Real Housewives. When there are reunion shows that I’m doing, I usually binge those shows. I don't have time to watch a ton of other shows. I do watch a lot of documentaries.

How has being a dad impacted your longterm goals for WWHL?

The good news is that he goes to bed at 8:30 p.m. and I leave for my show between 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. And then he wakes up between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m., which is the time I was waking up anyway. So, the schedule actually works pretty well for me.

In addition to WWHL and your Bravo role, you also have a SiriusXM show, an imprint and a U.S. tour with Anderson Cooper. Will you also keep hosting CNN's New Year's Eve Live celebration?

I would love to do New Year’s Eve again. We’ve had two years of incredible ratings success for a franchise that existed on CNN for years and years before it, and I’m really proud of that. And I obviously love working with Anderson. We just had two very successful shows Friday and Saturday at the Beacon Theater. I have Radio Andy, all the Housewives, the reunion shows for all of those and the other Bravo shows, plus Watch What Happens Live. So I have to say, my dance card is pretty full. And I’m just focusing on all of that.

What has turning 10 made you reevaluate the most? Are there any regrets?

I have no professional regrets. There was a moment in my life where I had been offered the job of head of production at Bravo and Logo was starting, and I wanted to be head of Logo production, because I thought, “There’s no one gayer in programming.” I didn’t get that job. And I remember being depressed that I didn’t get the job, but thank God I didn’t because this whole thing wouldn’t have happened without Bravo. I’m so grateful to Bravo. Bravo is so a part of my life.

What about the next decade of WHHL: How many years do you envision doing the show?

I haven’t thought about that. For us, every new guest, every new big star that we get to come on the show who has never been on is why I keep doing it. And, beyond that, it's for people who love the show. One of the things that keeps me engaged is, “Oh, wow. We have Chaka Khan this week. She’s never been on. That’s really exciting. John [Mayer] agreed to come back — how awesome.” The Rock was on a few months ago and we had never had him on. That’s cool for me, because I had never met The Rock and him viewing this show as important enough to come on and do? That’s exciting.

Why do you think the Real Housewives franchise has stayed strong after all these years? And would you call it empowering?

People think of the show and they sometimes think of a table flip or more conflict or drama, but if that was the only note of the show, it wouldn’t still be going as strong and it wouldn’t be the pop-culture powerhouse it still is today on every platform that is presented. It’s relatable, it’s funny, it is shocking. And people love to judge human behavior. Being able to look at these women — who you either love or love to hate, or root for or root against — and see how they’re living their lives as wives, mothers, sisters, friends; there is something that satisfies us about that. There are some endorphins that are released in us. I think it’s replaced the soap opera and it’s like guilt-free gossiping. You can watch it and not feel bad about it. It’s fun and it’s also something that bonds us together. I know more people who have said, “My mom and I get along about nothing, but we love talking about the Housewives. It’s our happy place.” And I think that’s a real thing.

You once said you would never scale back when it comes to hosting the Real Housewives reunion shows. Do you still stand by that?

I’ll host them for as long as Bravo wants me to host them. I love it. And also, it’s where I cut my teeth. I think one of the reasons people love Watch What Happens Live is that I go there and ask questions you aren’t going to see on other shows. But the way that I cut my teeth as a host is with the Housewives and asking them questions they couldn’t believe they were being asked in front of polite company. Now I can transfer those questions and ask them to big stars. I appreciate that.

How would you characterize the upcoming Beverly Hills and New York reunion shows?

They are excellent. They’re really good. New York is that perfect mix of intense drama with some hilarious moments and some fantastic resolution. And Beverly Hills is really good and really dramatic. [Co-star Lisa] Vanderpump wasn’t there. I wish she had been there and I think she would have come out of it with more resolution. I think she hopefully would have been able to resolve some stuff. I gather that she doesn’t want to so, there you go.

Lisa Vanderpump exited Beverly Hills after nine years and skipped the reunion taping. Have you spoken with her about returning?

No. I think she knows it’s an open door and, like all these shows, the show will go on. We will miss her. But there is a fantastic group of all-stars that remain on the show so I can’t wait to see what happens next.

How many Housewives do you have coming on the Bravo float for the NYC WorldPride parade? 

The float is going to break gay Pride. It really is. It’s basically my baby shower ,but on a float. It’s me and NeNe Leakes and Teresa [Giudice] and Dorinda [Medley] and Sonja [Morgan] and Melissa [Gorga] and Margaret Josephs and LeeAnne Locken and Gizelle Bryant and Cynthia Bailey. And we have a drag Lisa Vanderpump and a drag Lisa Rinna. Kelly Dodd from Orange County. Plus Captain Sandy from Below Deck and Pat Altschul from Southern Charm. People are truly going to lose their minds. It’s honestly going to be next-level.

Any last words to say about Luann de Lesseps' new single "Feeling Jovani" (which features Cohen)?

I think the song speaks for itself!”


From EW: “Demodogs, shadow monsters, and love triangles… oh my!

“When season 3 of Netflix’s hit show Stranger Things debuts July 4, we’ll return once again to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. This time, it’s 1985 and school is out for the summer. The kids are ready to hang out at the town’s new mall and put the past — and all of its monsters — behind them.

“The plot is, of course, being kept mostly under wraps, but the show’s creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, previously teased to EW that the new season would explore ‘a theme of change.’ Puberty, growing pains, and yes, more interdimensional terror, can all be expected.

“In preparation for the new season, EW made a handy guide to where all of your favorite characters left off at the end of season 2, which took place in 1984. Read on for the scoop:

Mind Flayer

The Demogorgon of season 1 looks mild compared to season 2’s big bad, the Mind Flayer (also referred to as the shadow monster). Named by Dustin after the Dungeons and Dragons character of the same name, the mysterious sentient creature who can seemingly control the “hive mind” of the beings from the Upside Down — Demogorgons and their four-legged variation, the demodogs — spends much of season 2 plaguing Will (Noah Schnapp), eventually taking over his body, and wreaking havoc on the town. In the show’s climax, Eleven uses her powers to seal the Mind Flayer behind the Gate of the Upside Down. However, in the season’s final moments, the creature’s massive, tendril-y silhouette can be seen looming over the Upside Down version of the kids’ school, where the Snow Ball is being held.


Stranger Things‘ sophomore season sees Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) go on a bit of a journey of self-discovery. She starts the season living in a cabin in the woods with Hopper (David Harbour), unhappily separated from the town and her friends for her protection. After an argument with Hopper, she finds his research into her biological mother, Terry, and Eleven, who also finds out her real name was Jane, attempts to use her powers to contact her missing mom. Eventually she finds her mother, and uses her powers to tap into her mother’s memories. It’s then that she learns there are others like her, and she seeks them out. The mysterious gang of powered individuals is busy finding and killing the scientists who conducted experiments on them. Eleven tags along, and learns from a scientist that season 1 villain Dr. Brenner (aka Papa) is actually alive, after it was presumed he was dead following a Demogorgon attack at the end of the first season. Just when it looks like Eleven might contemplate staying with her newfound friends, she has a vision that her pals back in Hawkins are in trouble, and she flees to fight with them. Ultimately, Eleven rejoins Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and the gang to help defeat the Mind Flayer by sealing it behind the Gate to the Upside Down. In the season’s final moments, Eleven attends the school dance (referred to as the Snow Ball) and it’s there that she and Mike answer one of the many will-they-or-won’t-they questions of the show, and kiss for the first time.

Dustin, Will, Lucas, and Mike

Creepy monsters and hormones alike plague the boys in season 2. Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) battle it out for the affections of new-girl-in-town Max (Sadie Sink), with Lucas ultimately winning out when he and Max kiss at the Snow Ball. Dustin finds a strange slug, which he decides to keep and name D’Artagnen, or Dart for short. Dart ends up being a young Demogorgon (RIP Dustin’s cat), and he later dies when Eleven closes the Gate to the Upside Down. Mike, bereft over Eleven’s absence, continues to try and communicate with her in the pillow fort. Eleven, using her powers, also tried communicating with Mike throughout the season. The two reunite towards the end of the season, and Mike finally gets to fulfill his promise that he would take her to the dance.

Will, meanwhile, can’t catch a break. As if disappearing in the Upside Down in season 1 wasn’t bad enough, in season 2 he is possessed by the Mind Flayer and used for its villainous deeds. However, the possession works both ways, with Will being able to understand what makes the Mind Flayer tick. It’s revealed that it doesn’t like the cold, so eventually, Will’s mom, brother, and Nancy are able to “burn” the creature out of Will.

And, true to the spirit of the show, eventually the kids all team up to defeat the monsters. The group, with the help of Steve, work together to burn out the sprawling underground tunnel system used by the Mind Flayer, distracting it so that Eleven is able to close the Gate.

Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve

Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) spend much of the season getting closer, and eventually romantically involved, on their quest to find out what’s really going on in Hawkins. Their journey takes them to the lab, where they find themselves locked in an interrogation room by the lab’s new Director of Operations, Dr. Owens. Nancy records Dr. Owens admitting the lab’s fault in Barb’s death and some of the weird phenomena happening in the town. The two then set off to find the investigator Barb’s parents hired to look into their daughter’s disappearance. When Jonathan and Nancy find him, he convinces them to water down their evidence in order to make it more believable to the public. The duo agrees, and send the watered down version of events to a newspaper. Later in the season, Jonathan, Nancy, and Joyce help exorcize the Mind Flayer from Will. At the school dance, Nancy encourages the lonely Dustin by dancing with him and giving him advice, while Jonathan helps nearby taking pictures.

With things not looking so hot with Nancy, Steve (Joe Keery) finds himself spending more and more time with the younger kids, frequently looking out for and protecting them, and even offering them advice at times. In particular, he forges a bond with Dustin, leading to arguably the show’s best bromance. The last time we see Steve in season 2, he’s driving Dustin to the Snow Ball. He watches Nancy inside and then drives away.

Chief Hopper, Joyce, and Bob

Things aren’t any easier for the adults of the show.

Because the Upside Down just can’t leave her son, Will, alone, Joyce (Winona Ryder) spends a second season fighting for his safety and health (although, thankfully, this time around people don’t think she’s crazy). Season 2 also brings a new love interest for Joyce in the form of RadioShack manager Bob (Sean Astin). When the Mind Flayer takes over Will’s body, Joyce, Bob, and Hopper take him to the lab to be treated by Dr. Owens. Unfortunately, while there, the Mind Flayer (through Will) unleashes a pack of demodogs. In one of the show’s most heartbreaking moments, Bob offers to fix the power when it goes out at the lab, with demodogs looming nearby. Everyone else manages to escape, but unfortunately, poor Bob isn’t so lucky — he gets attacked and killed by the creatures. After successfully burning the shadow monster out of Will with the help of Jonathan and Nancy, a grieving Joyce is last seen outside the Snow Ball being comforted by Hopper.

Chief Hopper sees himself become a makeshift dad to Eleven when he takes her in and keeps her hidden to start the season. The two frequently butt heads, but it’s clear the two care for each other. When the pumpkin patches in town rot, he discovers the Mind Flayer’s maze of tunnels beneath Hawkins are responsible. He gets trapped down there but is eventually saved by Joyce and Bob. Following the deadly encounter at the labs, Hopper and Eleven team up to close the Upside Down’s gate together. Hopper, with the help of Dr. Owens, officially adopts Eleven, or ‘Jane Hopper’ as the certificate shows, as his daughter.

Billy and Max

Max and her stepbrother Billy (Dacre Montgomery) are the new kids in town in season 2 after their family moved from California to Hawkins. Spirited skateboarder Max spends much of the season trying to find her place among the group while simultaneously dealing with bullying from her abusive stepbrother and the competing affections of Lucas and Dustin. By the end of the season, Max has helped the gang fend of the demodogs and Demogorgons, she’s stood up to Billy by knocking him unconscious with a sedative after he attacks Steve, and she attends the school Snow Ball, where she and Lucas dance and have their first kiss.

Billy, meanwhile, spends much of the season brooding around town and antagonizing his younger stepsister and his rival, Steve. He is not a fan of Max’s budding relationship with Lucas. Things come to a head at the end of the season when his father and stepmom return home to find Max gone. After a violent confrontation with his father, Billy is sent to find Max. Billy gets violent himself when he finally finds Max, and an altercation between Billy and Steve ensues in which Max eventually uses a spare sedative from the lab to knock him out.”


Per TheWrap, “DJ Pauly D and Vinny’s Double Shot at Love is over — and they insist the romance was real.

“Now that the reality dating show’s season finale has aired, TheWrap caught up with Vinny Guadagnino on what went into his decision between his final two ladies — Elle and Alysse — and what he has to say about some of the show’s most-talked-about personalities, Nikki and Maria.

“‘I was pleasantly surprised that I did end up really clicking with a couple people in there that were really my type, and I did have a genuine connection with them,’ Vinny said. ‘I accomplished the best case that the show would bring me personally.’

“But before we get into the spoilery-details, let’s address the question on everyone’s mind from last week — how hard was it saying goodbye to Maria?

“‘With Maria, I’ll say there were a lot of things that weren’t really shown on the show. She was really scared of being hurt on national TV, because supposedly on her last show she was hurt,’ he said, referring to her previous appearance on Season 7 of MTV’s Are You The One.

“He added: ‘I didn’t wanna be that guy that hurt her again. … I didn’t want Maria to be standing up there on the last episode and then I pick Alysse, or pick Elle, and send her home, you know what I’m saying?  So I kind of just bit the bullet on that one. I didn’t wanna drag her along,’ he said.

“‘Maria was a fan favorite of the audience. Everyone loved Maria. And I tweeted this — just because she’s compatible with the audience doesn’t mean she’s necessarily compatible with me. We had a couple of great moments where we talked about funny things on a friendly basis, but that’s not all it is when it comes to having a relationship,’ he added.

“So alas, we must officially accept that Maria and Vinny shall never be.

“In the end, it all  came down to the final four. Elle and Alysse for Vinny; Nikki and Deryn for Pauly.

“So who did Vinny end up with in the end?

“‘You can’t not like Alysse — she’s a sweetheart,’ Vinny said of his chosen lady. ‘She’s quiet, she’s chill, she’s cool. She’s not extra, she’s not rude. So I could see why my mom liked her.’

“The two had a lot in common.

“‘She’s quiet and shy when the cameras were on. So you’re not gonna see that outspoken side of her. I can relate to that because I’m the same exact way on Jersey Shore,' he said. ‘Behind the scenes, she wasn’t like that. Whenever you’re in the club and music came on, she was awesome. She’s a professional dancer.’

“‘Seeing someone being able to dance or rap music when Biggie comes on — she had swag,’ he said. ‘Every time we hung out she would just jump in my lap. We’d just already be in that status where we’re comfortable in each other’s physical space. All of that combined together was why I chose her.’

“It was no shocker that Vinny picked Alysse — his mom was clearly impressed by her cooking skills, and we all know that Pauly and Vinny are mama’s boys.

“Vinny also had a thing or two to say about his best friend’s final decision.

“In the end, Pauly decided to continue “flying solo,” and in a shocking turn of events, he called cabs for both Deryn AND Nikki.

“Although Nikki was the show’s token villain, she did make it to the final cab ceremony, and Vinny said there’s something to be said for that.

“‘I think Pauly made the right choice,’ Vinny said. ‘But at the same time, I will defend her and say she was there for a competition. She wasn’t there to make friends with all the other girls. She made a choice — I’m either gonna be here for Pauly and completely Pauly and get the other girls mad at me, or I’m gonna make friends and be on a TV show.’

“‘I’m glad that Pauly could figure that out on his own, that she was too much for him. But at the same time, she wasn’t doing anything really wrong by being there all for Pauly,’ he said.

“No matter what, one thing is for sure — Pauly D and Vinny will always have each other.”

From EW: “Call them, beep them, if you wanna reach them (or cook with them).

Kim Possible stars Christy Carlson Romano and Will Friedle have reunited for the first episode of Romano’s new YouTube series, Christy’s Kitchen Throwback.

“In the episode, which debuted Thursday, Romano and Friedle, who voiced the characters of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable in the animated Disney Channel hit, make — what else? — a ‘naco.’

“Kim Possible fans will recognize the blend of a nacho and taco — or ‘happiness rolled up in more happiness,’ as Friedle calls it — which was created by Ron Stoppable and popped up frequently throughout the show.

“While cooking, Carlson and Friedle answer some of the questions they get asked most by fans, including whether or not they remember the lyrics to Say the Word or The Naked Mole Rap, who their favorite villain was, and what their favorite Kim Possible moment was.

“The duo also recreate one of their favorite scenes from the series, using Kim Possible action figures that Romano’s mom held on to. They also share some behind the scenes memories of their time on the show, which aired from 2002-07 and followed the titular crime-fighting teen, her sidekick Ron, and his naked mole rat Rufus, on their many adventures.

“True to its name, Christy’s Kitchen Throwback is set to feature Romano cooking with some of your favorite stars from the ’90s and early aughts, as well as today’s biggest YouTubers. Yummy food is not the only thing on the menu, however, as Romano has teased that viewers can expect dance numbers, singing, scene reenactments, challenges, and more.

“In addition to her new YouTube endeavors, Romano recently appeared in the live-action Disney Channel original Kim Possible movie, which aired on Feb. 15. Friedle, who is also known for his role as Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World, has done a lot of voice work of late, including voicing Star-Lord in the animated Guardians of the Galaxy series, as well as Lex Luthor on DC Super Hero Girls. The two will also be working together on the upcoming season of Disney Channel’s Big Hero 6 series.

Christy’s Kitchen Throwback will stream new episodes every Thursday over at Romano’s YouTube channel.

“Check out the first episode above.”