Friday October 11, 2019

El Camino is now available to stream on Netflix!! I very much look forward to watching it tonight.

Here’s a review, though I don’t know why you’d read this if you plan on watching.

Season finales of Succession and The Righteous Gemstones air on Sunday night. More on the former below.

HBO airs the series finale of Ballers on Sunday as well.

This NBA/China story continues to fascinate me.

ABC has renewed Steph Curry’s show Holey Moley for a 2nd season.

Bravo announced that its Blind Date”reboot will premiere on November 18. The new version of the show has been updated to reflect the dating world of the social media age and features comedian Nikki Glaser as the host.

Endeavor Content is making a move in the unscripted TV space with the acquisition of Andrew Glassman’s Los Angeles-based production company Glassman Media. The company behind such non-scripted series as The Wall and Spin the Wheel, will continue to operate independently.” I hear they (Endeavor Content) are very cash poor and are backing out of projects left and right.

MTV’s Floribama Shore is moving further down the Florida coast from its Panama City home to St. Petersburg for Season 3, adding a new cast member along the way. Party Down South star Mattie Lynn Breaux will join original castmates Jeremiah Buoni, Codi Butts, Kortni Gilson, Aimee Hall, Kirk Medas, Nilsa Prowant, Candace Rice and Gus Smyrnios to party even further down south on the “Jersey Shore” spinoff when the show returns on Thursday, Nov. 14. Here’s MTV’s full description for the new season: ‘As the roommates come together for their third summer, relationships come to a crossroads and even the most solid friendships are put to the test. Gus is off the market, but his past with Nilsa threatens his resolve to stay faithful to his new girlfriend. Candace faces her feelings about Codi, and Aimee and Kortni have to navigate long-distance relationships. But the rockiest relationship this season is a busted bromance and the repercussions shake the entire house.’” And here’s a look at the trailer.


From The Ringer: “Last week, the Roys fought their way out of the corner, with Kendall effectively rebutting Gil Eavis and Shiv convincing a victim not to testify. But at the end of the episode, Logan made it clear that his clan hadn’t quite won the fight yet, telling Shiv that they still needed to make a “blood sacrifice.” Our staffers make their best guesses at who that might be:


Miles Surrey: The only thing standing against Tom being Succession’s “blood sacrifice” is that it’s a little too obvious. All season—if not the entire series—Tom has been reduced to a Roy family punching bag, and try as he might to ingratiate himself into their inner circle, he’ll never be seen as their equal. That includes Shiv, whose support for her husband is as flimsy as a Jacob Wohl–led investigation. And if Season 1 was about Kendall trying so hard to usurp his father that he practically imploded, this season has shown the depressing depths Shiv will reach to appease her father—including convincing a victim not to testify against the Roy family.

Logan loves nothing more than to psychologically torment his children, and what better test of his daughter’s fealty than asking her to throw Tom to the wolves? Tom is, after all, actually responsible for covering up the cruise lines mess—and his own appearance in front of the Senate led a Waystar employee to describe him as a man with “two assholes.” And Cousin Greg stashed enough evidence to bury his twisted mentor, were he so willing. Tom is an indelible character—it helps that he looks like Peyton Manning having achieved his Final Business Form after franchising a few more Papa John’s—but his “sacrifice” would make for a compelling cautionary tale. Trying to become a Roy is an ill-fated pursuit that will only lead to self-destruction. This Fly Guy may learn it the hard way, by landing right in a prison cell.


Paolo Uggetti: Nothing would be crueler to us, the viewers, if it turns out that our beloved Greg “Gregory” “The Egg” Hirsch is the sacrificial lamb being led to the altar of his own making. In some ways, this has been set up all along. Greg came into the family as an outsider, and Tom used that leverage against him to make him a criminal caddy. But now that he’s part of the inner circle—goodbye to that $250 million from Ewan—his roots in the cabal are still not so deep. It makes him the perfect scapegoat, and unlike Tom, he’s literally a blood relative. Greg was the one who checked out the boxes with the disappearing files, and by keeping some of the files, he gave himself leverage but also left proof that he was the one closest to the destruction. I think Greg will get thrown under the bus, try to use his extra evidence to his benefit and then end up embroiling the rest of the Roys in the scandal anyway. No one will get out of this unscathed; Greg is just the first of the dominos that will fall.


Kate Knibbs: As the face of the legal team, Gerri is logically the right person to nuke in order to convey that the company is treating this seriously while keeping the actual family safe. From a storytelling point of view, with the first season focused on Kendall and the second season focused on Shiv, we’re gearing up for Roman SZN next year. Gerri is Roman’s biggest ally right now and someone he actually cares about. Putting her in jeopardy would raise the stakes for the drollest Roy.


Ben Lindbergh: Logan didn’t bail Kendall out of his manslaughter mess because of fatherly love. He covered up the crime for a few selfish reasons: to make Kendall drop out of the takeover bid, to avoid a family scandal, and—perhaps—to keep Kendall around as a potential patsy. Logan has delighted in torturing his son all season, first stranding him at the meeting with Stewy and Sandy, then ignoring his recommendation to preserve Vaulter, and later making him tag along to Andrew Dodds’s house just to see him squirm and remind him of the leverage he holds. Last week, when Gil asked Logan about the shadow logs, he immediately threw Kendall to the congressional wolves, just as Tom had tried to do with Bill. That casual verbal drive-by—“You can talk to him”—betrayed Logan’s true intentions.

Kendall is close enough to Logan to satisfy the public’s lust for blood, and now that Logan seems to have written him off as a possible successor, there’s little professional cost to cutting him out of the company. Plus, there’s no shortage of non-manslaughter-related dirt that could be used to discredit Kendall or keep him quiet: drug use, shoplifting, dick pics. For Logan, Kendall is the perfect fall guy. And for fans of Succession, seeing Kendall get used, abused, and discarded after acting like Logan’s lapdog all season would be a devastating, well-crafted twist.”


Per The New York Post, “[f]ollowing Wednesday’s allegation that Matt Lauer raped a co-worker, there was a ‘disastrous’ and ‘heated’ meeting at NBC on Thursday morning, we’re told, during which senior correspondents “attacked” the network’s news chief, Noah Oppenheim.

Page Six is told that during the regular 9 a.m. editorial meeting, veteran Today journalists pushed Oppenheim on what network execs knew about the situation before it became public.

“We’re told a staffer pressed Oppenheim on whether Lauer’s accuser, Brooke Nevils — a former NBC producer who revealed in Ronan Farrow’s new book, Catch and Kill, that Lauer anally raped her at the Sochi Olympics — used the word “assault” when she reported Lauer to NBC’s HR department in 2017.

“Sources say Oppenheim dodged, saying that he wouldn’t say because he believed that Nevils has a right to privacy on that matter.

“He said Nevils’ ‘confidentiality is not something that I am ever going to breach, not only for her sake. The whole point of that is so she can tell her story whenever, however she chooses to and she is doing so now, I think that is appropriate.’

“‘Everyone laughed at him,’ said a source, adding that the staffer replied, ‘Pretty sure she’s waived that right [when she gave her blockbuster interview to Farrow]. We deserve answers from you.’

“A network source denied that anyone laughed, saying that the meeting was not ‘heated.’ They said it was ‘orderly’ and that ‘Noah very calmly and capably took every question that came his way.’

“Another source said, ‘It was very contentious. People want answers. People are demanding answers,’ adding that ‘They want to know what she told NBC to begin with. Was it rape?’

“We’re told Oppenheim started the meeting saying, ‘I am sure you guys and folks on your teams have questions, you will have questions in the days ahead, and I want to literally beg you to please ask them.’

“He went on, ‘Please tell the folks you work with to ask them. Whether it’s this morning or by reaching out to me by phone or email, anytime day or night, there is not a question that I’m afraid to answer. I only ask the opportunity to do so.’

Lauer has strenuously denied that he raped Nevils, admitting only that they had consensual sex and that she agreed to have anal sex with him.

“Oppenheim said, ‘I appreciate that question. Our first obligation when someone brings forward a complaint is to protect that person’s confidentiality. All of our communication to you guys and externally, frankly to anyone, the words were carefully chosen to characterize it exactly the same way that her attorney was characterizing it.’”


Per The Hollywood Reporter, “Travel Channel has greenlit a new series that aims to unearth history's Lost Secrets by examining ‘unusual objects that hold hidden pasts and secret histories.’

“The series follows historian Justin Jampol, founder and executive director of L.A.'s Wende Museum, as he travels around the world to unlock the mysteries of the past held within recently discovered items found among family relics, private collections and museum displays. These items reveal covert histories that have unexpectedly and unknowingly changed the world we live in. 

“Jampol will use state-of-the-art scientific testing in his investigations to reveal how these objects may be the key to real truths behind pivotal moments in history that we thought we already knew and how that can aid in our understanding of the present.

“The six-part series premiere at 11 p.m. on Nov. 10.

"‘Justin is an avid historian, and his passion for preserving the integrity of our history is the driving force behind Lost Secrets,’ said Matthew Butler, general manager at Travel Channel. ‘Through newly unearthed objects, Justin connects our past with the present and brings our history to life by unlocking mysteries within these unusual items, one object at a time.’

“For more than 20 years, Jampol, who makes a living out of distinguishing trash from treasure, has been scouring the earth and collecting hidden relics to bring back to the Wende Museum, a top artifact museum in Culver City. Throughout his journeys, Jampol discovered that people across the world are holding on to valuable, historical items, many not realizing their worth or understanding their significance.

“In the premiere episode, Jampol gains access to recently uncovered documents from the archive of infamous Nazi Heinrich Himmler, which includes astrological wheels for Churchill, Stalin and Hitler himself. Jampol sets out to investigate the Nazi leadership's deep fanatical belief in the supernatural and how there may have been a plot to harness these mythical forces to win WWII.

“Additional episodes of Lost Secrets investigate whether a Viking woman may have been the first to discover America, examine an obscure 19th century report that could prove that Meriwether Lewis' death wasn't actually a suicide and question whether espionage by former slaves helped the Union win the Civil War. 

Lost Secrets is produced for Travel Channel by Talos Films. For Talos, the executive producers are Julian P. Hobbs, Elli Hakami and Irfan Rahman. Jampol is host and consulting producer. For Travel Channel, Daniel Schwartz is executive producer.”

In honor of Mental Health Day (yesterday), “SoulPancake released the short film Laughing Matters, a 30-minute documentary that explores the complicated relationship between comedy and mental health. Currently streaming for free on SoulPancake’s YouTube channel, the equal parts essential and entertaining film features a slew of comedians — including Rainn Wilson, Sarah Silverman, Neal Brennan, Wayne Brady, Sara Benincasa, Chris Gethard, and Rachel Bloom — courageously opening up about their own struggles with mental health.

“What I admire most about Laughing Matters is how the film makes the isolating feelings of anxiety and insecurity feel universal. The personal anecdotes shared by the comedians help to demystify this sensitive subject, making the often overwhelming complexities of depression feel more manageable. The documentary’s unique blend of emotional honesty and subtle humor not only act as a calming balm for the soul, but the relatable stories of personal struggle and redemption will make you feel less alone.

“It’s rare to stumble upon a film that’s both funny and necessary, but Laughing Matters threads that delicate needle with ease and empathy.

Laughing Matters is able to delicately give voice to a feeling that’s nearly-impossible to articulate. Hearing comedians like Anna Akana, Baron Vaughn, Riki Lindhome, and Aparna Nancherla open up about their difficulties with mental health may provide hope to viewers who find themselves on a similar journey.

The best way I can describe Laughing Matters is that after watching the film you’ll want to be just a little bit nicer to the person next to you at work.”