Thursday January 24, 2019

A through the years Suits photo gallery? By all means!

USA has wisely renewed Suits for a 9th season. It’s not all peaches and cream. Some disheartening news below.

Harvey + Mike > Harvey + Robert, but the latter is growing on me.

The final season of Broad City premieres tonight on Comedy Central.

The Broad City premiere is followed by the series premiere of The Other Two. More below.

Said network’s Corporate is an underrated show. If you want to test it out, check out this week’s episode (which premiered last night).

The season finale of The Good Place airs tonight on NBC.

Netflix has renewed F is for Family for a 4th season.

Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes is now available to stream on Netflix.

The latest Masked Singer contestant eliminated was . . . Margaret Cho. Hey, at least this show, rightfully, doesn’t use the word “star” or “celebrity” in its name.

Anthony Scaramucci has already made his exit from the Big Brother house, according to avid watchers of the show’s live feeds. The former White House communications director was nowhere to be seen when CBS made the live stream available on Tuesday night, meaning Scaramucci likely made his exit from the “Big Brother” house sometime between Tuesday night’s episode and the beginning of the live feeds later that night. According to Fansided, which chronicles the events of the live feeds, the other houseguests were caught wondering about Scaramucci’s exit, asking why his portrait hadn’t been blacked out on the wall, a move traditionally made by producers when a player exits the house, either following their eviction or after quitting the show.”

Hulu is both increasing and lowering its subscription prices, with Hulu with Live TV raising its prices $5 to $44.99 per month, while its standard ad-supporting streaming service will move from $7.99 to $5.99 per month.”

“Kendra Wilkinson and Chad Johnson have moved on from their exes ... and are hooking up with each other.”

Ray J has his eyes on conquering ride-share giants like Bird Scooters ... and he's off to a massive start with a 7-figure deal to start his empire. Ray just sold off his Scoot-E-Bike biz to Canadian company LOOPShare for an amount in the high 7-figures. Ray will still play a big role in the venture, with a goal to provide users with scooters to get around town with ease. The plan will include 3 types of scooters for users to pick from ... a traditional sit-down model, a vespa style unit and stand alone scooter. We're told the scooters will begin to pop up in cities across the United States and Canada ... with plans to go global. Not only will Ray play a pivotal role in the company's strategy moving forward ... he'll also be in control of close to 19 million shares.”

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I’m beyond crestfallen, but all good things must end at some point. Courtesy of Deadline, “One of USA Network’s signature series, Suits, will be coming to an end, but not before getting a final chapter. The network has renewed the legal drama for a 10-episode ninth season to air in summer 2019.

“With the pickup, Suits, from Universal Cable Prods., will become the longest-running original scripted series on USA, edging a few shows that had aired for eight seasons. Its final episode count will be 134.

“Created by Aaron Korsh, Suits, which debuted in 2011, was one of the last entries under USA’s previous programming strategy built around light procedurals. It rose to become the network’s most popular series for several years.

“Following the exit of three of the original six series regulars in Seasons 6-7, Gina Torres, Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle, who married the British Prince Harry in a lavish wedding attended by her Suits family, the series underwent a reboot at the start of Season 8, with three new series regulars, Dulé Hill, Amanda Schull and Katherine Heigl joining original stars Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman. The end of Suits coincides with the end of the current two-year contracts of the series’ remaining original cast members.

“In addition to running for nine seasons, Suits also spawned a spinoff series, Pearson, starring Torres, which will debut in the spring.

“‘Suits has played an instrumental role in our network’s DNA for nearly a decade,’ said Chris McCumber, President, USA Network and SyFy. ‘I and everyone at USA Network sincerely thank Aaron Korsh, our partners at UCP and the entire Suits family for their tremendous creativity, devotion and support over a truly amazing run.’

“Korsh took the opportunity to acknowledge everyone who had contributed to gettingSuits on the air and to thank the show’s cast and crew, the fans as well as his wife and kids. You can read his note in its entirety under the post.

“Additionally, in an interview with Deadline, Korsh explained how the decision to end Suits was made and gave a glimpse at the plans for the final 10 episodes, including the possibility for original stars Adams and Markle as well as other fan favorites to come back, could there be a second spinoff and will the series have a happy ending. (you can read it here).

“Suits‘ original premise was about hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter (Macht) who took a gamble by hiring Mike Ross (Adams), a brilliant, but not-so-legitimate college dropout, as an associate at his prolific Manhattan law firm. Over several seasons, this dynamic duo along with Jessica Pearson (Torres), Louis Litt (Hoffman), Donna Paulsen (Rafferty) and Rachel Zane (Markle), became a family intertwined in one another’s triumphs and tribulations, including countless corporate takeovers, a prison storyline, a disbarring and a wedding.

“The rebooted current incarnation of Suits centers on the firm led by Harvey, Louis, secretary-turned-COO Donna, plus Robert Zane (Pierce). They work alongside Alex Williams (Hill),  Katrina Bennett (Schull) and new addition to the team, powerhouse attorney Samantha Wheeler (Heigl).

“[T]he back half of Suits’ Season 8 will pick up with Louis as the new managing partner of Zane Specter Litt. In a last-ditch effort to unify the team, both Samantha and Alex got their names on the wall and these six episodes will explore their new dynamic, the power shift between Louis, Harvey and Robert, and Katrina’s promotion to senior partner – plus, Donna’s role at the firm and her new love interest. (Read Korsh’s preview with some scoop on returning and new characters here.)

“From UCP, Suits was created and is executive produced by Korsh. Doug Liman, David Bartis and Gene Klein of Hypnotic serve as executive producers. Genevieve Sparling, Ethan Drogin and Christopher Misiano also serve as executive producers.

“Statement from Aaron Korsh: ‘Though I know it isn’t true, it seems like only yesterday USA Network took a chance on an unestablished writer’s very first hour long script. These days that’s a common thing, but forty seven years ago when I first wrote the Untitled Korsh Project, nobody did it. Nobody except the people at USA and UCP. First and foremost I would like to thank Alex Sepiol and Dennis Kim, without whom Suits would never have gotten made. I also cannot thank Bill McGoldrick, Jeff Wachtel, Bonnie Hammer, Chris McCumber, Ted Chervin, Dave Bartis, Gene Klein, Doug Liman, Dawn Olmstead and everyone at the network and studio enough for their dedication and support throughout the years. And to the exceptional writers, cast and crew – thank you for your passion and devotion, without which, Suits would be nothing. And last but never least, to the fans who have stuck with the Suits family through thick and thin, through can-openers and flashbacks – thank you for always speaking your mind. Without you, I might start to think I’m getting the hang of this writing thing. And once that happens, nobody wins. I look forward to enraging and hopefully sometimes delighting you with the final episodes. Finally, to my wife Kate and my children Cooper and Lucy. Thank you for enduring countless late nights and times away for me to get to live my dream. I love you.

Love, Aaron’”

((weeping softly))


Per The Hollywood Reporter, “You know the Brady Bunch house in Studio City that HGTV bought in 2018? The network is probably going to give it away to a fan once it has filmed and aired all of A Very Brady Renovation later this year.

“It's not a wild shocker for the Discovery-owned network, which annually gives away remodeled homes to its design-enthusiast audience, but this would come with quite a big investment. The company spent $3.5 million in a competitive situation for the piece of 1970s Americana, outbidding NSYNC alum Lance Bass, and is investing quite a bit more to make the interior of the home look as close as possible to the show's iconic Stage 5 set at Paramount.

"‘We're rebuilding the house,’ Discovery lifestyles chief Kathleen Finch said Wednesday during a panel at the NATPE conference in Miami Beach. ‘The inside looked nothing like it did on TV, so we are making the inside look like the set. It's insane.’

“The transformation and its results — which also reunites original castmembers and ‘Brady kids’ Barry Williams (Greg), Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Christopher Knight (Peter), Eve Plumb (Jan), Mike Lookinland (Bobby) and Susan Olsen (Cindy) — will premiere later in 2019. The show will also include appearances from other familiar faces not part of the HGTV family. Added Finch, ‘You'd be amazed at how many people are Brady Bunch fans.’

“When it's all over, the exec says the house will likely be given away — and, at the very least, fans of the show will have the chance to ‘earn’ a stay. She maintained the company hadn't formalized plans for what to do with the property when it was finished using it for TV.

“Offering some backstory to the initiative, Finch said the network wasn't immediately transparent about its intentions.

"‘We went undercover and toured the house,’ she says. ‘Turns out we get into a bidding war with Lance Bass. It turned into a TMZ event. It spiraled out of control.’

“To seal the deal, Finch says the network reps had to come clean: ‘We went to the family, said who were and said we'd be really respectful of it.’

“As for Bass, Finch noted that there were no hard feelings and he was still a ‘friend’ of the network — so a cameo doesn't seem out of the question.”


Tarek El Moussa is getting his own HGTV pilot.

PEOPLE can reveal that that the Flip or Flop star is launching a solo project to premiere in 2019. The still-untitled show will follow El Moussa, 37, as he mentors rookie house flippers and helps them renovate homes for a profit.

“In the first episode, the HGTV host will work with ‘a young family that put it all on the line to flip a house’ in South Central Los Angeles, he tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“‘It’s definitely a high stakes flip,’ says El Moussa, who also stars alongside his ex-wife Christina on Flip or Flop. ‘There’s a lot of real-life drama in there. It’s the real deal.’

“‘With more than 300 profitable flips under his belt, Tarek is ready to lend his invaluable expertise — and his own cash — to those who want to win big in the competitive real estate game,’ HGTV said in a statement.

“In summer 2019, El Moussa will also appear in a web series that ‘follows his new life as a single dad’ on According to a release, fans will be able to ‘watch Tarek as he works hard, plays hard and then goes home to spend quality time with his kids.’

“The shows mark the beginning of a new personal and professional adventure for El Moussa following his and Christina’s dramatic public split in 2016. ‘I completely rebuilt myself over the last two and a half years,’ he says. ‘Who I am, how I feel, how I think . . . I know what’s good for me.’”


Per Variety, “After Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider’s tenure at Saturday Night Live, where they became the show’s youngest co-head writers and wrote music videos like the instant hit (Do It On My) Twin Bed, the two headed to Comedy Central to do more ‘big dumb broad stuff and make fun of pop culture,’ says Kelly.

“Their new comedy series, The Other Two, premieres Jan. 24 and follows two siblings (played by Drew Tarver and Heléne Yorke) who have to reexamine their own lives when their teenage brother becomes a pop sensation and dubs himself Chase Dreams.

“Here, Variety speaks with the co-showrunners about teen influencers’ empires, their stacked cast including Molly Shannon, their time at SNL and making a comedy series that still has heart:

How did you guys conceive the show?

Kelly: We wanted to tell grounded stories with characters that we related to, that felt like versions of us, or had gone through things that we had gone through in our lives. But then we also wanted to also have our cake and eat it too and do big dumb broad stuff and make fun of pop culture and be at fun events and do music videos. So this premise allowed us to do both.

There’s a scene involving eggs that was inspired by your own interaction with Justin Bieber’s manager at SNL. How much of Bieber or real pop stars do you draw from on the show?

Kelly: That specific one-liner, we stole that. Other than that exact specific, we don’t really think that [young pop star] Chase Dreams is supposed to be like Justin Bieber or his manager is supposed to be Scooter Braun. That egg joke made us think about like, “Oh poor Justin Bieber.” He is one boy that an entire team of people is moving around the world and telling him what to do and when to eat and what to wear, so that got our brains churning. So we put that into the show a little bit. In the pilot he’s a sweet kid and then from that day on he never makes a single decision himself.

How much did you want to use this show to comment on the entertainment industry, such as the sexualization of teen stars?

Kelly: Watching any pop culture celebrity or any celebrity, you can see their phases as an artist, and you can tell there’s a team behind that. So we do that in the show, where it’s like: He’s sweet now. Now he’s doing a socially conscious song. Now he’s sexy. Now he’s a bad boy. Now he’s religious.

Schneider: It almost never feels authentic, it always feels like “Okay, well the response we’re getting from people is that you’re a little too risque now, so we should pull it back.” Or Taylor Swift’s songs are all about being in love and breakups, so that’s what I have to do, even though I’m 9-years-old and that’s a completely foreign concept, where I’m emulating these adult ideas. It’s really fascinating.

Have you watched or TikTok videos for research?

Schneider: Yeah … we definitely deep dove into it.

Kelly: We wanted to make fun of it a little bit, but we also wanted to legitimize it. There is a full parallel entertainment industry of people that we’ve never heard of and they’ve never heard of us, but they have millions of followers. A lot of them have empires; they have a brand. We like showing both sides, that that world is insane and dumb and crazy. But we also think it’s insane and dumb and crazy because we’re old and don’t understand it.

Beyond satire, how deeply do you explore heavier things such as both adult siblings’ struggling careers?

Kelly: If Chase wasn’t in the show, all of these characters would still be having to go through the same things — like Cary [Tarver] would still be trying to figure out his identity. We just added this dumb pop culture celebrity fame on top of it, like how would these real dramas change because he’s famous? Chase in Episode 4 releases a song about Cary being gay and it’s just called My Brother’s Gay And That’s OK and he says Cary’s full name, he says “My brother Cary Dubek is gay.” That song forces him to deal with things that he had never really dealt with, faster.

Is it a relief not to talk politics on this show, versus on SNL?

Schneider: We went into it consciously with that thought, but we also loved writing stuff that just felt topical and political in a completely different way and so we couldn’t help ourselves with bringing up some things that felt timely, about sexuality, about identity.

Is there any pressure that comes with doing your first show together, post SNL?

Kelly: I don’t think about pressure so much as — this is going to be cheesy, but I just really trust Sarah and I think she trusts me. So all we can do is be like, “We like this and we think it’s good.” I hope people like it but we try not to get bogged down with expectations or anything like that.

How integral is former SNL cast member Molly Shannon, who plays the siblings’ mother, to the show and the process?

Schneider: She’s the best. She was so fun to work with. It’s very rare that you work with someone, who could be like such an a–hole based on their talent level, and isn’t.

Kelly: When you are casting a TV show it’s a little different than a movie because if this goes on for a couple of years, you really want the people you’re casting to be good actors, but you also want to want to see them at work. We’ve been very lucky that everyone in the show is so good and also like, a nice human.”