Friday July 20, 2018

YouTube has renewed Impulse for a 2nd season.

It's time for Rosanne Barr to overmedicate herself to sleep. She's an affront to humanity.

"Dan Fogler, best known for his role as Jacob Kowalski in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the forthcoming sequel Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, has signed on for a role in season nine of The Walking DeadThe Hollywood Reporter confirms. There's currently no word on who the actor is playing. Additionally, Eleanor Matsuura (already an AMC veteran with her role as Baron Chau on Into the Badlands) is also joining the Walking Dead cast for season nine, THR confirms. She will play Yumiko, a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who appears in the comic books. In Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard's source material, Yumiko is part of a group that encounters Rick Grimes (Lincoln) and the Alexandria Safe-Zone some years after All-Out War, serving as one of a few new points of view into the story's status quo following the significant time jump." More below.

"Oxygen Media will air a two-hour special titled Golden State Killer: Main Suspect on Aug. 4 that will examine one of the most infamous killing sprees in U.S. history. NBC News investigative journalist Stephanie Gosk will host the special that will look into the life of Joseph James DeAngelo, who is the suspect in custody for several murders and rapes that took place between 1976 and 1986 from Sacramento to Orange County. Bay Area detective Paul Holes, who helped search for the Golden State Killer for nearly 25 years and who played a big part in his arrest, will join Gosk on the special."

Mark Duplass should know better. At some point these "celebrities" will figure out to stop pontificating their political beliefs on Twitter.

"In his first interview since dropping a collaborative album with Kanye West, Kid Cudi has opened up to Billboard about what his last few years have looked like. Though he retreated from the public eye to focus on his mental health — he entered rehab in 2016 for depression — he hasn’t been creatively stagnant. In addition to working on his and Kanye’s Kids See Ghosts album for the last year and a half (it wasn’t as last-minute as the other Wyoming projects, he insists), Cudi has quietly stepped back into the TV world. 'I’ve been working on this TV show secretly for four years. I’m [in early development] on a pilot and getting it right,' he says, noting that Jordan Peele’s company Monkeypaw Productions is in talks to produce it. Cudi previously starred in HBO’s How to Make It in America and most recently served as bandleader on Comedy Bang! Bang! Cudi also confirms that Kids See Ghosts isn’t a one-off duo.”

"The new season of American Horror Story is taking shape.  The upcoming eighth season of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's FX anthology is titled Apocalypse, the networked revealed after a late-night stunt at this this year's Comic-Con. Once again, the series took advantage of the annual confab to drop the title reveal, revealing the news on social media early Friday morning. The upcoming cycle, which premieres Sept. 12, is set to feature the highly anticipated crossover of earlier seasons Murder House and Coven. The Apocalypse title and imagery (below) appear to be a callback to the antichrist baby of season one's Murder House — Tate Langdon aka The Rubber Man (Evan Peters) and Vivien's (Connie Britton) devil spawn who was left in the care of Jessica Lange's character, Constance Langdon. Of the three, only Peters has been confirmed as a season eight castmember."

"The real-life DEA agents who took down Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar are shopping around a new docu-series about the opioid epidemic, TheWrap has learned. Steve Murphy and Javier Peña, whose hunt for the Medellin Cartel leader was the focus of the first two seasons of Netflix drama “Narcos,” have teamed up with producers Marty Berman and Michael Horowicz to create a new show that looks at how the DEA is fighting the opioid crisis, as well as was what has happened to international drug cartels since Escobar’s death."


Per The Hollywood Reporter, "[t]he man at the heart of the zombie apocalypse is indeed stepping away.

"More than a month after news broke that The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln would be exiting the AMC zombie drama, comic book creator and series exec producer Robert Kirkman addressed the loss of his leading man for the first time Thursday.

"In his first public comments about Lincoln's future, Kirkman confirmed season nine would be the last for his star. When asked during an interview with Kevin Smith if the upcoming ninth season would be Lincoln's last season, Kirkman gave a reluctant but clear answer in response: "It's looking that way."

"'It does make the differences between the comic and the show more pronounced,' Kirkman continued, acknowledging that Rick remains an active part of the Walking Dead comics even as the character is about to exit the TV adaptation. 'But at the end of the day, it's all about Andrew Lincoln. This is a human being. This is someone I have known for almost a decade, somebody that I love. He's been sweating in Georgia, away from his family, for so long.'

"Kirkman's comments came during an IMDb interview with Smith, taped in advance of this year's Comic-Con. (Watch it, below.) His remarks are the first time anyone connected with The Walking Dead — including AMC — have confirmed LIncoln's exit. Kirkman and several other stars and producers from the Walking Dead universe, including Lincoln, are slated to make appearances at the San Diego convention on Friday, where the looming loss of Rick Grimes — be it the character walking away from the storyline or the character getting killed off — will either be an unacknowledged elephant in the room, or the biggest point of discussion.

"'He cares about the fans,' Kirkman said about Lincoln. 'He cares about the show deeply. He wants to do something special on the way out. We have something amazing planned. I wouldn't want to spoil anything, but anybody who has been a fan of his journey, who loves Rick Grimes, who loves the world of The Walking Dead, you're going to want to see what we do.'

"For her part, speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Angela Kang would not confirm Lincoln's exit, but provided a preview of Rick's season nine arc all the same: "Rick opens up the season in a place where things are relatively good and peaceful for him. He made that unexpected decision to let Negan live at the end of season eight, and we'll deal with some of the aftereffects of that because it was such a momentous thing. And the trauma of losing his son Carl, even with the passage of time, is something that is still painful for him. We're going to see him try to turn that pain into something positive for everybody. Rick will face some real challenges along the way. The thing that I hope the audience will respond to is seeing how Rick's underlying goodness and leadership will shine in moments of great adversity."

"Amid Lincoln's pending departure, star Norman Reedus (Daryl) has been in negotiations for a new $20 million-plus deal to take over as The Walking Dead's leading man. 

"AMC did not immediately respond to THR's request for comment on Kirkman's remarks.

"The Walking Dead returns in October."


From The New York Post: "'I’m being covered like the Kardashians — I’m like a D-list celebrity and I’m this much of a f—kup on heroin and drugs. I can’t seem to knock it.'

"Just before Artie Lange can continue his train of thought, a faint beep cuts into the call.

“'That was a dealer that just texted me,' Lange recently told Page Six via phone.

"It’s not unusual. Lange’s drug habits landed him four years of probation for possession after he was arrested outside his Hoboken home in March 2017. Later that month, he was arrested for missing a court date. He was twice hospitalized the same year.

“'I have to change my number all the time because I’m trying to stay away from [drugs],' he explained. 'That affects my career right there — [Crashing executive producer] Judd Apatow didn’t have my number for two weeks. I have to find a way to balance my life in a way I never have before. I am a rare junkie in that I can afford my lifestyle. If it weren’t for show business, I’d be no different from a guy on the street. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve actually had to act like an adult,' he told us.

"In his new book, Wanna Bet, the former Howard Stern sidekick details his experiences with compulsive gambling and how the habit led to several others, including his attempts to get audiences to leave during his stand-up shows (often by using homophobic and racial slurs), but none more than his cocaine and heroin addictions.

"While listeners grew accustomed to often hearing Lange, 50, slur, the long-troubled comedian spoke with enthusiasm and clarity, which could be because he’s currently on a court-ordered healthier path, which includes treatment in the form of a rehab stint, a Suboxone prescription to ease withdrawal symptoms, and weekly drug tests.

"His current vitality comes after years of drug abuse, multiple trips to rehab, a slew of relapses, several other arrests and a failed suicide attempt.

“'[The judge] was very fair,' Lange told us. 'I’ll be 54 when I’m off probation! Four years. I could go to college. I could get a marketing degree in the time I’ll be on probation. There was a little screw in the back with 50 hours of community service,' he added, noting that he’s performing his hours at a Hoboken senior citizen center.

“'My job is to feed them food and try to amuse them,' he said. 'I had one guy keep asking me if I was a congressman. I’d go, ‘No, comedian.’ It took half an hour to tell him I’m a comedian.'

"The March 2017 arrest almost compromised Lange’s role on HBO’s Crashing.

"At the time, Lange claimed to have been fired from the show, though Apatow vehemently denied it. Lange himself later tweeted that he was still employed on the show and had gotten a $2,500 raise to $17,500 per episode. That payday still stands.

"But as Lange explains in Wanna Bet, a few weeks before he began filming the series, he and a blonde from Boston he calls Sexy Southie went on a two-week bender.

"Exactly one week before shooting began on Crashing, Southie used a glass salt shaker in a hotel room to crush OxyContin for Lange to snort, inadvertently shattering the glass shaker. Pieces of glass mixed in with the OxyContin, which Lange didn’t notice until after he’d snorted the blend. Lange’s nose bled profusely that night and for weeks afterward, including when he was onstage performing and while filming Crashing. He and Apatow worked around it, and the chronic bleeding became, as Lange writes, a 'running gag' on the show.

"When filming on Crashing wrapped, Lange says, he attempted to wean himself off opiates, to no avail.

"During the promotional tour for the series, Lange bought cocaine and heroin in Los Angeles and accidentally dropped some of his stash in front of two police officers. One of the officers happened to be a longtime fan of the comedian and was familiar with his history of addiction. The officer, whom Lange described as being in his 40s or 50s, sent his partner away with an order to dispose of the drugs.

"He took Lange away in a squad car without actually arresting him and asked Lange, who had a standup performance the next night, if he’d suffer from withdrawal without a fix. Lange said yes.

"The officer took Lange to a seedy neighborhood and scored Lange enough heroin to tide him over through the weekend, but only after Lange promised to get help. Lange is still in touch with the officer.

“'He came to a show,' Lange said. '[We talk] on and off, though not as much as I’d like to, mostly because we’re older, you know? If we were both 25 when it happened, we’d be best friends.'

"Despite risking what may be his greatest work ever, Lange is grateful to be able to continue on Crashing.

“'The show gets great reviews and HBO loves working with Judd. It’s definitely a success,' he said. 'I’m definitely in the first two episodes of the third season, and I think I’ll be in the last one for sure. Judd has been great. That was a blessing. Stuff falls out of the sky sometimes. I’m glad to get the opportunity.'

"One opportunity Lange isn’t sure he’ll get again is working with Anthony Cumia, his co-host for the brief Artie and Anthony Show on Cumia’s Compound Media. Lange was dismissed from the network after his arrest and hospitalizations, but he has no ill will toward his colleague.

“'I would love to [go back],' he said. 'Those guys were very patient, but I was not showing up to work. I had a show two hours a day at 4 p.m. and I could not make it. I love Anthony to pieces, I love [Cumia’s co-host Dave] Landau. I like to think that if nothing else happens that’s more important, I could go back. I’d like to think if that door’s open, I might just stop in a couple days. Wouldn’t it be funny if I’m not getting paid and I’m there?'

"Lange emphasized that his lack of professionalism stemmed not from his drug use, but from his withdrawals, which have left him, at times, incapacitated and incontinent.

“'I was doing a podcast in my kitchen and I was late to my own kitchen. That’s all heroin. Heroin f–ks up scheduling. When you do heroin, everything’s fine because you’re not in withdrawal, so you make plans for four days later. But four days later, you’re going through withdrawal and you’re literally green and you can’t get up.'

"Lange speaks about his demons with a candor that would take many by surprise, yet honesty remains his trademark.

“'I didn’t plan on being here at 50,' he admitted. 'I’m more relevant than I thought I’d be at 50 years old. I’m just genuinely surprised to be alive at 50.'”

Per Uproxx, "[f]rom outrageous successes like American Vandal, to the lesser fare afforded by shows like Kiss Me First13 Reasons Why, and The Rain, Netflix is going hard when it comes to producing new original series aimed at teenage audiences. It doesn’t look like this trend will be changing anytime soon, as the streaming giant dropped the first trailer for its next offering, Insatiable, on Thursday, and you know what? That’s okay, because it looks like it might be a winner. That, or at least the dramedy billed with the tagline 'rage before beauty' is capable of throwing a few good punches.

"Starring former Disney Channel star Debby Ryan, along with television veterans Alyssa Milano and Dallas Roberts, Insatiable promises to be one hell of a fun, engrossing, and sadistic ride:

"For years, Patty (Debby Ryan) has been bullied, ignored, and underestimated by those around her because of her weight. But now that she finds herself suddenly thin, Patty is out for payback against anyone who has ever made her feel bad about herself. Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts), a disgraced attorney whose true passion is coaching beauty pageant contestant, is the only one who sees Patty’s potential, and takes her under his wing — first as a legal client, and then as a pageant contestant whom he coaches toward becoming the top pageant queen in the country. But Bob and his wife Coralee (Alyssa Milano) have no idea how deep Patty’s rage goes, or how far she will go to exact revenge on anyone who has ever wronged her. Bullies beware: payback’s a bitch, revenge is sweet, and if you cross Patty, you’ll be her next treat.

"But seriously, I’m not kidding. A lot of punches are thrown throughout the nearly two-minute trailer, especially during its final moments. Also, I’m pretty sure Ryan’s Patty sets some dude on fire at one point. We’ll find out when Insatiable‘s first season drops on August 10th."

Per Deadline, "Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan teased [yester]day at Comic-Con that there will be more overlap between Better Call Saul and the original show. But Gilligan told fans during a 10th anniversary panel to celebrate the Emmy winning AMC series that the overlap will not involve Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul — yet.

“'You will not see Walt or Jesse on Season 4 of Better Call Saul,' the executive producer said, promising not to be a jerk and pull a fast one on viewers. Gilligan then immediately pivoted to never-say-never mode. 'We would be seriously remiss if these characters don’t appear on Saul before it is all over,' he added.

"Along with Gilligan, Cranston and Paul were joined on the reunion panel by Breaking Badco-stars Dean Norris, Anna Gunn, Betsy Brandt and RJ Mitte in a packed Hall H. On both Breaking Bad and BCS, Bob Odenkirk and Giancarlo Esposito were there too.

"Their presence was noted by Cranston, and sorta sidestepped by Gilligan.

“'I think there is a chance all of these characters could appear on Better Call Saul,' Gilligan professed earlier in the panel to the ongoing question about overlapping characters from the two series. 'Bob Odenkirk could certainly appear on Better Call Saul,' quipped Cranston right away, getting a huge Hall H laugh. 'That’s a done deal.'

“'It was a perfect opportunity, you don’t want to mess with it,' added a serious Cranston of any on-screen reunion rumors.

"Having said that, Odenkirk picked up what was being put down in the BCS panel beforehand and hinted that Norris’ DEA Agent and Walter White’s brother-in-law may show up on the spinoff.

"Having dropped in on Conan O’Brien’s late-night show last night, Cranston, Paul and crew were fully loaded for reunion fever this afternoon. The man who many of us still think of as Jesse Pinkman actually came out onstage with his real-life newborn outfitted in full drug-cooking gear.

"Though there was lots of joking around, the panel was serious about making seriously good TV.

“'You don’t want to be the Hogan’s Heroes of meth shows,' Gilligan said of creating the world of White and the drug trade. 'You want to take it seriously.'”


"Sarah Jessica Parker is suing in the city.

"Parker, 53, filed a countersuit against Kat Florence Design in Manhattan earlier this month, claiming that she performed the services and obligations in her contract — but the company never coughed up the cash they owed her.

"Page Six previously reported that the jewelry company first sued Parker in April, claiming that she signed a $7.5 million endorsement deal that would allow the company to use her name and face to promote its 'Sarah Jessica Parker D-Flawless Diamond collection.' She was contractually obligated to promote the brand, but KFD claimed that she did not uphold her end.

"In her countersuit, Parker claims that she posed for photo shoots, appeared in on-camera interviews and participated in the selection of jewelry pieces. She also says the company was still using her photos on their site and included screenshots as receipts.

"The Sex and the City star said that Kat Florence Design 'abruptly and without notice or explanation stopped making its quarterly payments to her' in October 2016. When Parker and her company, Tandu Productions, confronted KFD, they were told that 'its failure to pay was due to the addition of new investors who directed the company to suspend payments.'

"Parker said she fought back, and then 'KFD began to insist that Ms. Parker perform additional services that were not part of the agreement and indicated it was unwilling to continue the relationship unless she performed these additional services. For example, and amongst many other demands, KFD insisted that Ms. Parker make over 100 Instagram posts per year even though the agreement contained absolutely no social media obligations.'

"Parker said she tried to work with the company, but 'after nearly one year' she decided that she 'had no alternative but to initiate litigation' and alleged that 'in response KDF raced to the courthouse in an effort to paint itself as the wronged party.'

"Parker claimed that she only received $1.375 million from the company and wants an additional $6.125 million.

“'KFD itself prevented Ms. Parker from performing such services by refusing to discuss scheduling in good faith, by failing to make payments under the agreement, and by insisting that Ms. Parker perform services that were not required under the agreement,' Parker’s suit now alleges.

"Parker also claimed that KFD 'transferred its assets and operations to a new company in Thailand – Kat Florence Atelier – in an apparent effort' to avoid paying any judgments in the United States.

“'We deny any alleged breach of the endorsement agreement as Ms. Parker and her company, Tandu productions, failed to adhere to her obligations under the contract,' Kat Florence Design’s lawyer told us. 'They have additionally attempted to go beyond the contract and bring in an additional individual and company from a foreign country that had no obligations under the agreement and are impermissibly attempting to hold them liable as well. All claims will be fully defended to the fullest extent of the law and we believe our client will ultimately prevail.'”