Thursday June 7, 2018

Mandy Moore was fabulous on Howard Stern yesterday.  More below.

Season 2 of The Four premieres tonight on Fox.

Cloak & Dagger premieres tonight on Freeform. Here's a bit more.

Paramount Network drops Alicia Silverstone's American Woman tonight as well. Here's the trailer.

Samantha Bee offered up her apology last night.  Can we move on already?

"Rob Valletta’s stint on Vanderpump Rules wasn’t without regrets. 'The only thing I would say that I regret is I wish I didn’t hold back,' Scheana Marie‘s ex-boyfriend said Tuesday on the Domenick Nati Show. 'I held back everything because the fact of the matter is I felt somewhat taken advantage of by doing the show.' Valletta, who appeared on the most recent season of the Bravo reality series, alleged the cast crafted a rumor to bring him into the drama. 'I did the show for Scheana and the first week we started filming, the cast decided they wanted to start a rumor about me supposedly making out with a girl. And I said, "That’s why I didn’t want to do the show. You are now questioning who I am as a person,”' he said. Valletta, whose sister is actress Amber, also likened the cast members to high school jocks past their prime. 'They’re not famous,' he said. 'They’re like the quarterback in high school that never made it to the pros.'”

"Inside The NBA analyst and former NBA star Kenny Smith has inked a multi-series pact with director-producer Deon Taylor (Meet The Blacks), which includes a zinger out the gate in the shape of new reality TV show Ready For The League, showcasing 2018’s hottest college basketball talent. The pact is formally between Taylor’s Hidden Empire Film Group and Smith’s SEG Productions and the duo are already underway on their first show, in which Smith, one of the most respected NBA analysts around, will profile a different draft prospect in each 30-minute episode. Taylor, himself a former college player at San Diego State and later a pro in Germany, will direct. In a similar vein to Jon Gruden’s QB Camp series for ESPN, two-time NBA champ Smith will sit down with college stars and discuss what it takes to make it in the pro league both on and off the court. Interviewees will include Oklahoma’s Trae Young (whose segment is already in the can), Duke’s Marvin Bagley and Arizona’s Deandre Ayton. Current and past NBA stars will join Smith to share advice for the younger players. . . . The team will also shoot footage at the NBA draft which gets underway on June 21 in New York. A broadcast partner has yet to be assigned for the show." 

I love when they drop in that "a broadcast partner has yet to be assigned."  Here's what that means: they have this "great idea" that they've put together and they're talking to people to see who, if anyone, might give them money to make it and provide for distribution.  While it's definitely something I'd watch, let me know when it's going to be available for me to do so because until then, it's an idea with a C-list athlete attached to it (no offense Jet).

13 Reasons Why's Justin Prentice talks about season 2. "'Fair? No. Realistic? Very much so,' Prentice said of Bryce’s punishment. 'I think we all knew it was coming, those who work on the show … And that pisses people off, and you should be pissed off. But yeah, it’s a light slap on the wrist and it sucks, but he’s a white straight guy and he comes from a power family, and they have money and they have ways of making things go away.'”


"Temptation Island is returning to U.S. television. The controversial series aired on Fox from 2001-2003 and entailed couples agreeing to live with several singles of the opposite sex in order to test their relationships. No networks have been specifically announced.

"Banijay Group CEO Marco Bassetti announced the revival during the Reelscreen West 2018 confab keynote in Santa Monica today. Earlier in March, it was announced a new 10-episode reboot of Wife Swap was going forward on CMT.

"Hosted by Mark L. Walberg, Temptation Island from the onset stirred up controversy, which Fox hoped would drive ratings. Four guy contestants lived in one section with a dozen female models, and the four female contestants lived in another section with a dozen attractive men. Of the initial couples in 2001, Ytossie Patterson and Taheed Watson were removed from the series when the producers learned that the pair had children together.

"In addition today, Banijay Group and Twitter confirmed that they are entering a global collaboration to monetize Banijay Group content and drive effective brand engagement efforts on the platform. The deal, which acts as one of the global distribution collaborations Twitter closed recently with production companies, will see the organizations work with brands worldwide to develop lucrative co-branded advertising efforts.

"Bassetti told interviewer Jonathan Murray, co-founder of Bunim-Murray Productions (which Banijay owns), 'They can use our content in their platform, and we share value with them,' while Twitter will have access to 'old and new (reality) content.'

"Bassetti mentioned this morning that while Europe used to be the great provider of reality formats such as Big Brother to the U.S., scripted formats are becoming increasingly more prevalent with series such as Versailles and La Casa de Papel in regards to being exporting around the world.

"The Banijay boss also commented on the risks and opportunities that lie ahead in the marketplace. 'To defend the IP, to keep the IP is a key point for our industry,' he said.

"Bassetti also cited consolidation. 'The more you stay in a competitive arena, the more you have a chance to sell product. But on the other side, there’s a lot of opportunity. First of all, there’s a strong need for new shows, you have new players…there will be more space for unscripted, then for scripted; too expensive, too risky.'

"Murray concurred, 'I know Fox has talked about that when they lose their studio, they’ll focus mostly on event and unscripted.'”


From The Howard Stern Show: "Had she not landed her starring role on NBC’s top show This Is Us, Mandy Moore told Howard she might have given up acting for good. While making her Stern Show debut on Wednesday, Mandy opened up about a lull in her career that forced her to consider returning to her roots in music.

“'I just didn’t know. I was like, "Maybe this acting isn’t for me,”' Mandy explained. She’d been trying to find a steady gig on a network TV show for a few years but none of the series ever lasted all that long with some not making it to air at all. Moore switched agencies around that time and she and her new team decided to focus their efforts on finding her a role on one streaming network’s series. So when Mandy was sent the pilot script for This Is Us, she was confused why she was being asked to read for another traditional network show.

“'I read this script sort of reluctantly and, of course, my jaw’s on the floor. The script knocked me out,' she told Howard.

"One read was all it took for Mandy to decide she wanted the part of Rebecca Pearson, but first she’d have to go through a series of auditions. After her initial tryout, Mandy was told the show’s casting directors liked her but that they were going to New York to audition other actresses for the part. Six weeks later, she was told it was down to her and two others and it would depend upon a 'chemistry read' for who would win the role.

"That’s when Mandy and Milo Ventimiglia were teamed up to read for the two leads. Not only did producers sense something special between them, Mandy said she felt a rapport with Milo immediately as well. 'Him and I, it was instant, it was easy, it was effortless,' she told Howard.

"With its third season starting up again in the fall, This Is Us has become a hit with both fans and critics alike. Howard asked Mandy if she had any hopes of winning an Emmy, a fair question since many of her co-stars were nominated last year with Sterling K. Brown winning the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

“'I would never win. There’s no way,' Mandy said with a laugh. Moore said her category is especially competitive, with so many strong leading female contenders battling it out. A nomination would be nice but Mandy told Howard she’s just happy to have the job she has.

"No matter who in the cast scores an Emmy nod, Mandy knows for sure they’re all scoring similar paychecks. 'I know that I make as much as the men on the show,' she revealed.

"As a fan of the show himself, Howard wondered if the This Is Us writers had any plans for how the series would end and just how much longer the show would stay on the air.

“'Some of the series finale has already been shot,' Mandy said, adding that she’s heard producers are only planning to keep the show around for 'five or six seasons and that’s it.'

"Long before Mandy Moore was known to millions as a TV star, she became a household name as a teenage pop star with her 1999 debut album So Real, featuring her hit song Candy. The single’s lyrics still confuse Mandy to this day. 'What does it mean to ‘miss someone like candy’? What the fuck does that mean, seriously?' Mandy asked with a laugh.

"Songs like that were selected for Mandy by her record label with little to no input from her. 'I have a weird relationship with it. It doesn’t feel like me,' she told Howard. 'I’m appreciative for the opportunity because it’s why I’m able to sit here today but I don’t think it’s a reflection of who I am.'

"But once her music became a commercial success, Mandy found herself opening for pop powerhouses like the Backstreet Boys and 'Nsync. She recalled the time she ran into Justin Timberlake backstage at one of their concerts and he remarked how large her feet were. At the time, Mandy admitted it was a bit embarrassing, especially considering she had a small crush on Timberlake. She’s since forgiven him for the comment and laughed about it on Wednesday morning.

“'He’s apologized since, though. He’s such a lovely guy,' Mandy told Howard. 'I was like, Justin, sir, you just played the Super Bowl. I’m fine.'

"Once Mandy began headlining her own shows, she began touring with a regular band that was made up of all guys. While Mandy always had her own hotel room out on the road, the boys in the band often had to share a single room and therefore a single bathroom. Their one rule: no masturbating in the shower since, as Mandy recalled with a giggle, none of them wanted anyone else’s 'babies on their feet.'

"The term spawned a song they'd all sing while out on tour and later, in a bonding moment for everyone, a matching group tattoo of a tiny sperm that even Mandy got inked on her foot. 'To commemorate the tour we all got babies on our feet,' she explained.

"Aside from her bandmates, Mandy told Howard she also bonded with her mom while touring. She thinks the time the two of them spent together while out on the road caused them to become close during a period in her life that most teenage girls push their mothers away. They still remain close but Mandy discussed an unexpected moment in their relationship: when her mother left her father for another woman.

"Her parents divorcing was never something Mandy ever considered happening and certainly not under those circumstances. During a family Christmas vacation one year, Mandy was setting up the laptop she’d bought her mom when she stumbled upon an email with her name in it. It was a letter her mother had written to Mandy and her two brothers telling them about her decision to leave their dad.

“'I was petrified,' Mandy said. 'I slammed the laptop closed.'

"At first, Mandy admitted she was slightly dubious about whether or not to trust her mom’s new partner, a woman her mom met playing tennis. But being in a same-sex relationship is not uncharted territory in the Moore household — both of Mandy’s brothers are gay and came out before their mom’s announcement.

"As painful as the split may have been, Mandy told Howard everything worked out in the end. Her mom moved across the country to Arizona to start a new life with the woman she’s still married to. Her dad is also happily remarried.

“'Everyone’s their authentic self now,' Mandy said.

"Howard also discussed some of Mandy’s previous romances, including with actor Wilmer Valderrama. In 2006, Valderrama appeared on the Stern Show and made headlines for announcing he was the one who took Mandy’s virginity. On Wednesday morning, though, Mandy told Howard there was no truth to Wilmer’s story.

“'Not only was it a fib but it was so unlike him. It was so uncharacteristic,' Mandy said.

"Enough time has passed that she’s put Wilmer’s words behind her, but she admitted she was none too pleased hearing his interview that day. 'I love him and I still love him and he’s a very good friend and that’s why I was so shocked by it.'

"Other famous dudes Mandy has had on her arm include Scrubs star Zach Braff, tennis champion Andy Roddick, and musician Ryan Adams whom Moore married in 2009 and divorced in 2016.

“'I just chose the wrong person,' Mandy said of Adams.

"While still parting ways with one rock star, Mandy struck up a relationship with a different rock star — Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith. Mandy had posted a picture of Dawes’s album cover on her Instagram and captioned how she was a fan of the band. Taylor saw her post and had his manager contact Mandy’s manager to ask if she’d ever want to come to one of their shows. Before long, the two were talking directly to one another.

“'I was in the middle of this very tumultuous divorce and I was not looking for romance and especially not looking for a musician,' Mandy told Howard. She agreed to go out on a date with Taylor at a small L.A. sushi restaurant. The next day, however, Taylor left to go out on tour for six weeks which meant they could only email and text during his time away.

“'I started to absolutely fall in love with him just by communicating which was the best,' Mandy said, explaining the distance and the inability for the relationship to become physical at first made it even more romantic between them.

"Late last year, the couple became engaged and Mandy told Howard she’s ready and looking forward to having children with Goldsmith and becoming a mom.

"And while she’s certainly no longer considering quitting acting, it turns out Mandy may soon return to her roots in music after all — she hopes to record a new album with her soon-to-be husband.

“'Taylor and I are planning it now,' Mandy said."


Per Variety, "Live Nation Productions is developing its first television-series project From Cradle to Stage. The docuseries, being developed with Endeavor Content, is based on the book written by Virginia Hanlon Grohl, mother of Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl.

"In her book, Hanlon Grohl spoke with mothers of other famous musicians to compare stories, including Dr. Dre’s mother Verna Griffin, Janis Winehouse, Marianne Stipe, and Donna Haim. The series will employ excerpts from years of interviews with the mothers of global superstars including Pharrell, Adam Levine, Tom Morello and more as well as Hanlon Grohl’s own family photographs and stories.

“'At Live Nation Productions, we are proud to help artist’s share their stories in the most authentic way possible,' said Live Nation Productions President of Production, Film & Television, Heather Parry. 'Virginia’s book aligns perfectly with that vision, highlighting an array of incredibly strong women, sharing true and unique perspectives of the mothers who raised some of our most celebrated rock stars. I am a Foo Fighters fan and have known Dave Grohl since my days at MTV, so it’s incredibly gratifying to be partnering with Virginia and Endeavor Content to help bring this project to life.'

“'Virginia articulates each person’s story in her book in a way that illuminates the unique power a strong woman can have in a person’s life,' said Endeavor Content’s Liesl Copland. 'We look forward to working with Live Nation Productions to develop a premium docuseries that feeds an audience who is increasingly hungry for stories of the genius of women like Virginia and their iconic sons and daughters.'

"No network is yet attached to the project, which will be executive produced by Heather Parry of Live Nation Productions, Virginia Hanlon Grohl, Michael Rapino of Live Nation and Dave Grohl. Endeavor Content will handle worldwide sales.

“'I’m excited to introduce the viewing public to the strong, loving women who have supported the insistent dreams of their musical sons and daughters,' said Virginia Hanlon Grohl. 'To Sandi Clark, who learned the music business from a book and launched her son’s career – and Mary Weinrib, who had to cancel her own dreams of an education to allow her son to thrive with RUSH. To Janis Winehouse, who recognized her daughter’s extreme talent, but was helpless to control the demons that brought that brilliant career to a tragic end. Their backgrounds vary greatly, but they have so much in common. Viewers will join all the mothers around a table when they meet for the first time at a celebratory dinner where secrets and stories will be shared and compared. It’s possible that a toast will involve a wine from the Lambert family winery – and a glass of milk for Mary Morello!'

“'I’m beyond excited to join in on the next step of my mother’s project to explore the stories of other musicians who were as fortunate as me, having been raised by such amazing women. Plus…I owe her one,' Dave Grohl said."

Yes, I know, this is nothing more than an idea, but it's Dave Grohl so I felt it deserved a little more.


From The Hollywood Reporter, "Sara Bareilles is taking her act to Apple.

"The Grammy- and Tony-nominated singer-songwriter is teaming with J.J. Abrams for a half-hour dramedy called Little Voice, which has landed at the tech giant with a 10-episode, straight-to-series order.

"Described as a love letter to the diverse musicality of New York, Little Voice — which takes its title from Bareilles' first album — explores the universal journey of finding your authentic voice in your early 20s.

"Bareilles (Broadway's Waitress) will provide original music for the series, which will explore the search to find one's true voice — and then the courage to use it. It's unclear if Bareilles will have an onscreen role as that decision has not yet been determined.

"Jessie Nelson (I Am Sam, Stepmom) will write and direct the first episode of the series after collaborating with Bareilles on the Tony-nominated Waitress. Nelson will serve as showrunner and exec produce alongside Abrams and his Warner Bros. Television-produced Bad Robot, with the company's head of TV Ben Stephenson (Westworld) also on board. Bareilles will also be credited as an exec producer.

"News of Little Voice arrives days before Bareilles will co-host the Tony Awards alongside Josh Groban. The series caps a hot streak for Bareilles that includes writing the music for (and starring in) Broadway's Waitress. She earned her first Tony nomination (for best score) and a Grammy nomination (for best musical theater album) in 2017 for her work on the production. She also recorded the music from the show and released it as What's Inside: Songs From Waitress, her fourth studio album. She also penned the original song If I Dare, which was featured in last year's Billie Jean King feature Battle of the Sexes. All told, Bareilles — who also starred in NBC's live production of Jesus Christ Superstar — has received six Grammy nominations in her career since the 2007 release of her first single, Love Song, which was featured on her debut album, also called Little Voice. Her hits have included Kaleidoscope Heart, King of Anything and Brave."


Per Deadline, "A+E Studios and Thruline Entertainment have optioned the rights to Norman Mailer’s 1979 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Executioner’s Song and have attached White Boy Rick screenwriters Logan and Noah Miller to adapt and produce a potential limited series, now in active development.

"The groundbreaking book, likely Mailer’s best-known work and a central piece of the New Journalism movement in literature, centers on 35-year-old convicted killer Gary Gilmore, the first person in the U.S. to be executed following the restoration of the death penalty in 1976. It follows his turbulent final nine months of life, spanning his parole from maximum security prison, his ill-fated love affair with a divorced teenage single mother of two, his re-imprisonment for a pair of murders, and his firing-squad execution in Utah in January 1977.

"The planned limited series aims to offer a fresh perspective on the events surrounding Gilmore’s trial, which made him one of the most famous men in America. Mailer’s novel springboarded the debate about capital punishment and was a finalist for the 1980 National Book Prize.

"Previously, Mailer adapted Executioner’s Song into a 1982 NBC TV movie directed by Lawrence Schiller, with Tommy Lee Jones winning an Emmy for playing Gilmore. Eli Wallach, Pat Corley, Christine Lahti and Rosanna Arquette co-starred.

"The Executioner’s Song limited series will be an A+E Studios production in association with Thruline. It falls under the first-look deal Thruline inked with A+E Studios earlier this year. Schiller is attached to executive produce along with Thruline’s Danny Sherman and Ron West."