Tuesday May 1, 2018

Bill Hader talks Barry and working with Henry Winkler. I'm still very much enjoying season 1.

More support for this incredible season of Atlanta.

Netflix has handed 13 Reasons Why a May 18th premiere date for it's 2nd season. "Following its controversial first season — which featured the suicide of teenager Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) and the 13 cassette tapes of clues she left behind — creator/showrunner Brian Yorkey says the Netflix and Paramount Television series will explore equally heavy subjects, only without such a graphic depiction. The fallout from Hannah's suicide as well as sexual assault will also be top of mind in the unexpected second season of 13 Reasons Why. While season one followed the events of Jay Asher's book, many involved with the series and viewers alike did not expect there to be a second season of 13 Reasons Why. To hear Yorkey tell it, the finale set up numerous other storylines that set the table for a larger conversation about subjects including sexual assault, gun violence and more. Among the threads season two will explore are Jessica's (Alisha Boe) coming to terms with being a victim of sexual assault; Tyler's (Devin Druid) isolation and decision to buy a gun and explosives; and Clay (Dylan Minnette) coming to terms with Hannah's suicide. 'To leave them there would be unfair to the characters and to the viewers that had come to care about them,' Yorkey said at a recent panel. 'In season two, we explore how these characters deal with the aftermath of what happened to Hannah. [Guidance counselor] Mr. Porter [played by Derek Luke] will be coming to terms with the way that he let Hannah down and will be determined not to let any kids down in the future. His story is one of the most compelling to me. We’ll see a man who is determined to reach every kid who needs to be reached and help every kid who needs to be helped, whatever it takes. I think he will probably go out of bounds a bit, in the other direction, trying to be helpful in the best way that he knows.'"

The season finale of FX's Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. airs tonight.

What Westworld and Facebook have in common.

"Showtime has set Just Another Immigrant, a new comedic docuseries centered around popular UK comedian Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), for a June premiere. The 10-episode half-hour series will air two episodes on Fridays beginning June 8 at 9 PM. Just Another Immigrant follows Ranganathan as he uproots his entire family – his supportive wife, their three kids, his Sri Lankan mother and his eccentric uncle – and immigrates to the U.S. Displaced in Los Angeles, Ranganathan attempts to find success and happiness, while rebuilding a life from scratch. In addition to his efforts to adapt, he has committed himself to booking a U.S. gig – the 6,000-seat Greek Theater – with only three months to sell it out. The series chronicles the true-life adventures of this modern immigrant family and the obstacles of making it in today’s America."

"Netflix has teamed up with the BBC for a competition format set in the world of interior design. The SVOD service and the British public broadcaster are launching Project Interiors (w/t) from Endemol Shine’s Darlow Smithson Productions (DSP). The eight-part Bake Off-for-design series will see ten fledgling interior design stylists compete to win a life-changing design contract with a prestigious commercial client. Across eight weeks, the designers will face eight different challenges where they must confront a new space to transform as they attempt to work their magic and show off their skills. The designers will be working in teams, although they will be striving for a single prize, and they must revamp a wide range of different properties, from redesigning real businesses to reinventing family homes. They will have to manage fellow designers, a team of tradesmen and demanding clients, and at the same time work to exacting specifications and testing briefs. One designer will be eliminated each week ahead of the final."

John Mulaney's new Netflix special is now available to stream.  More below.

Facebook Watch has greenlit an interactive docu-series called Help Us Get Married! hosted by Tamera Mowry-Housley. The show is set to launch on May 3, and it will premiere over two nights and feature three newly-engaged couples that are using the Facebook community to help plan their weddings. Facebook Watch viewers can assist the couple through Facebook polling and the results will be revealed on Friday night episodes. The show is executive produced by Rhett Bachner, Brien Meagher, and Richard Courtney.  It sounds horrible.


"NPR's Terry Gross spoke with comedian Michelle Wolf about her performance at the White House Correspondent's Dinner this weekend in an interview that will air Tuesday, May 1 on WHYY's Fresh Air.

"Stations and broadcast times are available at NPR.org/stations; podcast will be available by 4:30pm EST on May 1. Excerpts will air on All Things Considered tonight and on the NPR Politics podcast special that drops this evening.

Excerpts of the interview are below:

On why people say that the WHCD is "a bad room.":

Wolf: ...the overarching thing that people kept telling me is that they're like "It's a bad room."

Gross: In what sense?

Wolf: In that it's just like, they were like, nothing ever sounds good in that room.

Gross: Because?

Wolf: A couple different factors. I mean, it's a large ballroom. The audience isn't miked so you the laughs aren't very audible in general. But it's also, it's formal, which people don't laugh as much when they're dressed up. There's round tables and people are eating or drinking, so by the virtue of a round table people are partially turned away from you. And it's televised and there are all these people that may or may not be able to show genuine reactions and so you're constantly thinking "I need to react in a way that will come off well on TV."

Gross: You mean, like not seem partisan?

Wolf: Right, yeah. That you might not be giving a genuine reaction to what's being said.

Gross: You're saying some people might be afraid to laugh because it will make them look partisan?

Wolf: Make them look partisan or make them look like they're laughing at someone they shouldn't be laughing at.

On Sarah Sanders being on camera while she was telling the jokes:

Wolf: Yeah, it is different. But you know, there's plenty where you could look back and the camera was on Obama when people were making pretty aggressive jokes about Obama and he was laughing. And I think having the ability to laugh at yourself is important. I also think that if you – another part of the dinner that wasn't televised is they were giving out awards and everyone was standing to congratulate the people who were getting awards and Sarah was sitting.

Gross: So you think she was kind of like sitting in protest? Because these are media awards and she didn't want to stand in praise of the media?

Wolf: Correct.

Gross: Was there something specifically said about CNN that she didn't stand?

Wolf: Yeah, CNN reporters got awards, I cannot remember the exact award they got, but they came up to accept them and she sat the whole time, while we all stood and shook their hands. I would say if this is about celebrating the media she wasn't there to celebrate the media.

When asked if she's surprised at the level of controversy over her performance:

Wolf: I wasn't expecting this level, but I'm also not disappointed there's this level. I knew what I was doing going in. I wanted to do something different. I didn't want to cater to the room. I wanted to cater to the outside audience, and not betray my brand of comedy. I actually, a friend of mine who helped me write, he gave me a note before I went on which I kept with me which was, "Be true to yourself. Never apologize. Burn it to the ground."

Gross: When you say you didn't want to cater to the room, you didn't want to betray who you are as a comic, what would it have meant to cater to the room and how would that have betrayed who you are as a comic?

Wolf: I think a lot of it and what I've seen in the past is they poke little fun, they kind of poke fun at deeper dives in news media. They'll go kind of table by table pointing at people and making fun of them, in a way that I think used to be fun because the dinner used to have the president there, it used to be we're all poking fun of each other, the president's going to poke fun at us, we're going to hit back. Now it seems like it's a much more serious environment and to kind of not go after the big issues and just have a little fun in the room seemed just not as exciting to me.

On advice Seth Meyers gave her about performing at the White House Correspondents' Dinner and the expectation that "women will be nice.":

Michelle Wolf: I mean, I'm honestly – I wouldn't change a single word that I said. I'm very happy with what I said, and I'm glad I stuck to my guns.

Gross: After one of your jokes about the women's march and the, I can't say the word, the p - - - - hats that women wore, and then you made a joke about female genitalia, you said, and I quote, "You should've done more research before you got me to do this." I got the impression you really meant that.

Wolf: Yeah, I mean, I think I don't know maybe I'm projecting this, but I think sometimes they look at a woman and they think "Oh, she'll be nice," and if you've seen any of my comedy you know that I don't – I'm not. I don't pull punches. I'm not afraid to talk about things. And I don't think they expected that from me. I think they still have preconceived notions of how women will present themselves and I don't fit in that box.

On being criticized for being a feminist comic making jokes about women's appearances:

Michelle Wolf: I think they didn't pay attention to what was said.

Gross: I'm wondering if you think it's maybe a little bit sexist to think that Sarah Sanders as a woman needs to be protected from a couple of jokes at a roast, because I haven't heard men be protected that way at roasts?

Wolf: Yeah, I mean, if there is two people that I actually made fun of their looks on Saturday it was Mitch McConnell and Chris Christie and no one is jumping to their defense. I made fun of Mitch McConnell's neck and I did a small jab at Chris Christie's weight and no one is jumping to their defense.

Gross: And every comic makes jokes about Trump's hair, about the length of his tie. I mean, I'm just talking about physical things here, I'm not talking about all the other jokes they make about President Trump, but his hair and his tie are the constant butt of jokes. So, again, is there anything else you'd like to say about the fact that that you're a feminist comic, you criticized a woman with a couple of jokes, like the punchlines were about her, and so many people feel the need to defend her in a way that I haven't heard men defended at roasts?

Wolf: I think one of the things about being a comic is getting to actually, as a woman, I have access to hit women in a way that men might not be able to hit them with jokes. I don't mean physically hit. But you know, because I'm a woman, I can say things about women because I know what it's like to be a woman, if that makes any sense.

Gross: So you felt like you had more liberty in saying what you said about Sarah Sanders and if a man had said it it might've been uglier?

Wolf: I think in general when I talk about women, like in my special when I talked about Hillary, I called Hillary a bitch, which you later find out is a compliment. But no, I don't think a man could've gotten away with saying that. It would've sounded misogynistic."

Per The Hollywood Reporter, "Tina Fey is flexing her improv muscles once again. In a preview for the upcoming episode of David Letterman's Netflix show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, the Saturday Night Live alum invites the former late-night host to join her in some impromptu, ad-libbed dialogue.

"After asking the audience to help her choose a location for her scene with Letterman, Fey tells him that they are at the beach. "So whatever I say, you have to agree to it and you add some new information," she tells him. 'Alright, let's go!' Letterman enthusiastically responds.

"Before the two even begin, the crowd goes wild with applause and laughter, causing Letterman to quip, 'Wow, this is the easiest crowd in the world. The anticipation of lousy improv!'

"'It's the thrill of it,' Fey says with a laugh, before letting Letterman know that their scene will involve some 'imaginary objects.' That's when Fey starts applying make-believe sunscreen, telling Letterman he's 'getting pretty burned.'

"'You know, just earlier this afternoon, I found something on my back that looks like it may — well, this part's true — but I think it's from sun exposure,' he says, jokingly bringing his real-life health concerns into their improve scene. 'So you're smart to put the imaginary lotion on,' he tells Fey.

"'What you should probably do is just lay down and let the sun cook it off,' she then suggests, to which Letterman answers back, 'Oh, that seems like an excellent idea, but I'm not as dumb as I look.'

"'How could you be?' Fey asks, prompting the audience — and Letterman — to erupt in even more laughter. 'And scene!'

"Fey follows Letterman's prior guests Barack Obama, Jay-Z, George Clooney and Malala Yousafzai. His chat with the final guest of the six-part series, Howard Stern, will release May 31.

"Fey's episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction bows May 4 on Netflix. Watch the full scene in the video above."


Per Variety, "[a]fter months of touring, John Mulaney is bringing his latest hour of stand-up to one final stop — Netflix. 

Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, which hits the streaming service May 1, follows one of Mulaney’s seven sold-out shows at the iconic venue and is part of a multi-special deal with Netflix he signed earlier this year. He says the rest of the specials 'will be coming out spaced out enough that you won’t get sick of me, but close enough that if you’re a fan [you won’t] worry [that] I’m working on new stuff. I won’t bother anyone too much, but I’ll be around if you need me.' 

"Mulaney built a career as a writer on Saturday Night Live, creating Bill Hader’s famed Stefon character, and has gone on to become one of comedy’s most in-demand stand-ups. After starring in short-lived Fox sitcom “Mulaney,” he went on to create Oh, Hello with Nick Kroll, a tongue-in-cheek performance about two old men from New York. The show became so popular that it landed a stint on Broadway, something the comedian says 'felt like we just got to go to the moon.'

"Fresh off of his first-ever hosting gig on SNL, Mulaney talked to Variety about his new special, Trump’s influence on comedy and his Bachelor in Paradise aspirations:

How does this special compare to your past specials New In Town and The Comeback Kid? 

The previous specials that I did were at amazing places like the Chicago Theatre, which is beautiful. With this special, not only was it the culmination of the longest tour I’ve ever had, but it was at Radio City Music Hall. Myself and Alex Timbers — who directed it, Scott Pask — our set designer, and Jon Brion — who did the theme, the scoring, and played live on the Wurlitzer organ there — we were all just really conscious of, outside of capturing the stand-up as it was, really playing the building. We were so excited to be in Radio City that we wanted to show off Radio City and use as much of it as we could. The beginning of the special starts with the walk I had to do through the halls down into the hydraulic lift that then raises to stage level. I put the venue name in it, it’s called Kid Gorgeous at Radio City, because it was really a very special weekend at an extremely special place.

What is the meaning behind Kid Gorgeous?

The short answer is it has no meaning. I wanted a name kind of old-fashioned sounding, like a boxer. I was trying to find something like a boxer name or the name of like a wanted gangster from the ’30s or ’40s, back when they called people like “The Bachelor Bandit” or whatever. So I was looking at Kid names, I also liked the name Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan a lot. I thought it was very funny to refer to myself as a kid at age 35, especially because I have this tear in my hip and I had it throughout the tour. And then Kid Gorgeous itself is a deep, deep cut mention from The Simpsons. They once mentioned a bunch of names that the bartender Moe boxed under and one of them was Kid Gorgeous. I had a list of titles and I read them to my wife at a restaurant and that was the one she laughed the hardest at, so we went with Kid Gorgeous.

What is the focus of this stand-up?

They are all this sort of life and time adventures of this idiot and this one I would say is similar, in the beginning. I think this one is a lot more about just squarely being 35, which is young but no one says I’m young anymore. There was a time when I would do stand-up and people who go “How old are you?” and I’d say my age and they’d go “Wow!” Now I say 35 and they go “Uh huh.” I’m still young to be the president but I’m in the “uh huh” stage.

Speaking of the president, how has the Trump White House influenced your comedy?

There’s a mention of the state we’re all in. I would say there’s a — what I detect as a strange vibe over the whole country in large part due to that person is visible, I think. It certainly affected the year and this was a tour of 150 shows all around the country, from the winter of 2017 to 2018, so it couldn’t not be.

With your resume of TV and stage projects, where does stand-up rank for you in terms of what you like doing most?

I’m very lucky in that I’ve been able to do a lot of comedy for live audiences, from Saturday Night Live to Broadway to stand-up. I would say stand-up is kind of — I can’t think of anything that makes me happier. But Broadway and Saturday Night Live were such almost equally special experiences that lumping it all together, I’d say performing for live audiences is just the absolute greatest. Working without an audience isn’t even in the same —  you can’t compare the two, it’s got nothing on it.

You were one of the early adopters of the Netflix special — how has that impacted your career?

The craziest thing is from New In Town, which I first did at Comedy Central and is on Netflix, and Comeback Kid, which I did as an original with them, it’s kind of the greatest thing because it’s like your work premieres every day to someone. There’s a date that it comes out and you do press for it and you look forward to that date, but when it’s on Netflix, every day might be that premiere to somebody because it’s just there and it’s available. After the New In Town special went up on Netflix, I was working at Saturday Night Live, then working on the Fox show, and it was out there available to so many people and spreading my stand-up to so many people I didn’t even realize it until I went on tour. It’s incredible. 

You’ve been a part of a lot of collaborations, recently with Nick Kroll and your Oh, Hello show. How is it for you to write and be on stage by yourself?

It’s interesting — after having done Oh, Hello, I started pretty much working on the tour slowly in February, right after we closed Oh, Hello in January. I really missed having a partner on stage but I had learned so much from Nick because he’s such a dynamic actor and performer for audiences that I think he’d helped me grow a lot through the show. That really informed the stand-up I was writing and performing. I think I just got comfortable doing Oh, Hello, being on the funny side of angry. I missed him a lot throughout the tour, I was so grateful having worked with him. 

Will there be any more reincarnations of the Oh, Hello characters or is that chapter closed?

George and Gil would never close that chapter. I’m pretty sure they would like to be on Bachelor in Paradise but I think you have to have been on The Bachelor or Bachelorette first in order to qualify. But we’re trying to find a way to get them on Bachelor in Paradise. [After appearing on The Bachelor in 2016] we loved it. George and Gil are available, we haven’t been asked back yet. That was so fun and you know, a good, chaotic public reaction is really fun, I’ve got to say. Sometimes vitriol is just the funniest thing in the world. As it should have been, it would be like in the middle of The Bachelor you saw George and Gil, I guess there’s no other comparison."


Per Variety, "Viacom’s message to Madison Avenue at its first Digital Content NewFronts song and dance: It is, finally, strategically positioned to deliver concentrated internet audiences at scale.

"To be sure, the core of Viacom’s business remains locked in traditional TV and film. But with the coming-out party for the recently created Viacom Digital Studios, the conglomerate’s story is that it has a boatload of digital-first programming, partnerships and talent deals — designed to extend existing brands MTV, Comedy Central, Nick and BET more broadly online across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat as well as create new programming franchises.

“'The launch of Viacom Digital Studios is an amazing opportunity to reimagine our iconic brands for a new generation of young, mobile-first audiences,' said Kelly Day, the former AwesomenessTV exec who was tapped as president of Viacom Digital Studios last fall.

"In addition to Viacom Digital Studios’ plans for hundreds of hours of original digital-native content, the company announced that VidCon — the video-creator conference to acquired earlier this year — will launch its first confab in London, set to run Feb. 14-17, 2019, at the ExCeL Center in East London. Viacom also revealed plans for Road to VidCon, a YouTube series produced with MTV following one young YouTuber’s path that will run leading up to the flagship conference in Anaheim from June 20-23.

"Viacom highlighted its recently renewed partnership with Snap to develop and produce new Snapchat Shows. It also touted Comedy Central’s new initiative to create a daily cadence of social programming, The Creators Program, featuring a crew of five up-and-coming comedy writers-performers, as previously reported by Variety.

"Here’s the rundown of new and returning content, as well as talent deals and content partnerships, announced at Viacom’s NewFronts event:

Comedy Central

You Up? With Nikki Glaser: Weekly Facebook Watch show highlighting celebrity news, spun off from the comedian’s daily morning show on SiriusXM’s Comedy Central Radio, co-hosted by Glaser and Tom Thakkar. Guests are set to include Ricky Gervais, Bill Hader, Amy Schumer, and Tracy Morgan.

Meet Your First Black Girlfriend: Series on YouTube and Facebook with Akilah Hughes, known for her YouTube channel It’s Akilah, Obviously, with her take on dating outside of her race.

Between-the-Scenes: Continuation of short-form series features Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” interacting directly with fans about political, pop-culture, and personal topics, running across Facebook Watch, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Hack Into Broad City: Online companion show to Broad City eavesdrops on the video-chat sessions between creators, showrunners and stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson and keeps viewers engaged between seasons. New episodes will debut later this year, ahead of the TV show’s fifth and final season set for 2019.

Comedy Central’s Creators Program: The digital initiative, envisioned as anchoring the network’s online voice and brand, is led by Nate Dern (formerly with Funny Or Die and Upright Citizens Brigade). The team of creators (Ryan Beck, Chris Cotton, Hanna Dickinson, Jordan Mendoza and Natasha Vaynblat) will write and be featured in a daily pop-culture-themed talk show (title TBD) and the weekly Comedy Central Central scripted workplace comedy… about working at Comedy Central.


Teen Code: The YouTube series, patterned on MTV’s Girl Code, will feature influencers and teens discussing real-life issues.

Fab or Fad: Original YouTube series covering beauty, fitness and lifestyle trends, with the two hosts passing judgment on what’s actually fabulous and what’s just a passing fad.

Yo! MTV Whips: YouTube show with Nick Cannon (Wild ‘N Out) getting a taste of hip-hop’s most insane autos.

MTV Decoded: Weekly series set for Facebook and YouTube hosted by Franchesca Ramsey, who tackles pop culture, race and other uncomfortable topics with humorous and thought-provoking commentary.

Wild Styles: A YouTube show extension to Wild ‘N Out with freestyle comedy battles featuring more rhymes, more fire and more burns.

Remaking the Video: YouTube series in which digital influencers and traditional talent recreate classic music videos.

Snapchat Shows for Girl Code, Promposal and Cribs”: Previously announced trio of made-for-Snapchat shows.

Cooking in the Crib with Snooki: A YouTube show extension of the “Cribs” franchise in which Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of Jersey Shore fame brings a whole new flavor to the kitchen.


The Majah Hype Show: (YouTube): Weekly sketch comedy show hosted by comedian-actor Majah Hype, featuring a rotating ensemble cast of fellow comedians.

Deal with YouTube’s De’arra and Ken: YouTube creator couple with over 4.5 million subscribers on the platform have signed an overall talent deal with BET to perform in and create original shows for BET Digital.

Freestyle Friday: Revival of the popular Freestyle Friday segment from BET’s hit show 106 & Park for YouTube and Facebook. Once a month, leading up to BET’s 2018 Hip Hop Awards in October, emcees will be invited to an open-mic session streamed live online.

Rate the Bars: Returning music series to run on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter featuring established emcees rating lyrics from other artists with “unfiltered honesty.”

Partnership with Beautycon: BET has pacted with Beautycon to co-create more than 50 beauty tutorials focused on an African-American audience featuring an array of digital-influencer talent.


The JoJo & BowBow Show Show: YouTube animated shows (3-5 minutes each) will follow JoJo Siwa and her beloved dog BowBow in stories that reveal how BowBow is way more than just a furry BFF. The character art leverages the existing art style from JoJo’s stickers on Apple’s iMessage. Six episodes are being produced at Nickelodeon’s Entertainment Lab in the network’s Burbank, Calif., headquarters.

SlimeZone VR Showdown: New YouTube series where you can watch the players go into Nick’s SlimeZone virtual-reality game to compete and, of course, get virtually slimed.

Nick Trip: YouTube show follows Jace Norman, star of Henry Danger, as he travels throughout Europe with his brother Xander. He’s tour England, Germany and France to see the biggest attractions, meet fans, and hang out with his Nick friends, Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo, stars of The Thundermans.

Partnership with Creator Edge Media: Hub for internet creators founded by Jace Norman (Nick’s Henry Danger) and Xander Norman, under which Nick plans to collaborate on new digital shows with the brothers and their influencer friends.

Super League Gaming’s Minecraft City Champs: New esports series on YouTube following Minecraft players as they team up to represent their city in Super League Gaming’s national tournament."


More from the Newfronts (it will be a theme this week): "Twitter is ready to pump even more premium video into your tweet-stream from a range of new and existing partners — with an emphasis on live-streamed content.

"The company announced 30-some content deals at its 2018 Digital Content NewFronts event Monday in New York City. Those include pacts with NBCUniversal, Disney/ESPN, Viacom, Vice Media and Will Packer Media. The partnerships span entertainment, news, lifestyle, music, gaming and sports, including expansions of existing deals with Live Nation Entertainment, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer.

"Twitter’s video views have nearly doubled in the past year, according to the company, although it declined to provide specific numbers. Last week, Twitter said video now accounts for more than half of its ad revenue and was again the fastest-growing ad format in the first quarter of 2018.

"Company execs played up Twitter’s focus on live, this-is-happening-now immediacy in touting the new content slate. 'Twitter is the only place where conversation is tied to video and the biggest live moments,' said Matt Derella, Twitter global VP of revenue and content partnerships. 'That’s our superpower.' In its first-ever NewFronts last year, Twitter presented 16 content partnerships — and, according to the company, it’s been able to sell advertising and/or sponsorships for all of those.

"The wide-ranging pact with Disney/ESPN for advertising and live programming, announced ahead of the NewFronts presentation, excited Twitter investors — who sent the company’s shares up 4.5% Monday on news of the deal.

"ESPN is planning to launch five shows and programming initiatives for Twitter, two of which were detailed at Twitter’s NewFronts session. Launch dates for the ESPN content on Twitter haven’t been set yet.

"First is SportsCenter Live, which will feature talent from ESPN’s flagship TV program and other reporters who will deliver breaking news coverage in Twitter Moments and on the new @SCLive account. SportsCenter Live content also will be distributed across ESPN’s existing handles, including @SportsCenter, which has 35.8 million followers.

"In addition, ESPN’s Fantasy Focus Live will live-stream the daily podcast hosted by Matthew Berry, Field Yates, Stephania Bell and Daniel Dopp. The show provides player previews, injury reports, game overviews and strategies, as well as featured guests and interviews, focused on NFL football. The show will engage Twitter users by taking questions from fans and incorporating their opinions.

"ESPN has worked with Twitter since 2007, but this represents its biggest investment in original content for the platform to date, said Travis Howe, ESPN’s senior VP of platform ad sales strategy and global operations. 'We’ve gained a material amount of insights over the last 10 years,' he said, calling Twitter the best platform to talk about anything live, and especially breaking news,' he said.

"NBCU is another significant new video-content partner for Twitter. Under that pact, NBCU will distribute a variety of live video and clips from across its portfolio — including NBC, NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo, the Today show, and E! News — on Twitter.

"The new partnerships with Disney/ESPN, NBCU and others are the result of Twitter analyzing what users want on the platform, according to Kay Madati, Twitter’s global head of content partnerships.

"For example, looking at #BlackTwitter trends, Twitter inked partnerships with BET and Will Packer, the producer behind movie hits including Girls Trip, Ride Along, and Straight Outta Compton.

"Also, based on the Twitter conversation around empowered women and the #HereWeAre hashtag, the company is bringing new content developed on those themes from HuffPost, A+E Networks’ History, Vox Media and BuzzFeed News to the platform. Twitter ran its first-ever ad during the Oscars this year, a 60-second spot promoting #HereWeAre.

"Here’s a rundown of other new original and live programming deals Twitter announced and highlighted:

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Live Nation Concert Series: Live Nation and Twitter will add more live concert broadcasts, including access to 20-plus hours of live streams of Live Nation’s marquee festivals including BottleRock and Bonnaroo.

Hearst Magazines Digital MediaTwo new shows — Seventeen’s IRL, a live news show about pop culture, fashion, gossip and more; and Delish Food Day, celebrating the best food holidays in the U.S., including national donut day and pizza day.

Viacom: In addition to bringing back exclusive red carpet coverage of MTV’s and BET’s awards shows and events, Viacom is launching new show formats (which it detailed Monday at its own NewFronts presentation) including Comedy Central’s The Creator Program; the weekly BET Breaks; and MTV News daily reports on trending topics.

Will Packer Media: Inspired by the cultural phenomenon of Black Twitter, Power Star Live from executive producer Will Packer is a 30-minute weekly show streamed live from the Atlanta University Center in Atlanta, bringing together the most entertaining, enlightening and comedic content across Twitter feeds while attributing and highlighting diverse voices.

Ellen Digital Studios’ CELEBrate, featuring Ellen DeGeneres’ celebrity friends who will each have amazing news delivered by their own idols in a personalized message.


BuzzFeed News: Twitter renewed the media company’s AM to DM by BuzzFeed News live daily morning show hosted by Saeed Jones and Isaac Fitzgerald through the end of 2018; AM to DM premiered last September.

Vice News: will debut The New Space Race, a live, interactive show about the latest quest to explore space.

Pattern: From Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios, which now owns the Weather Channel, Pattern delivers science and weather storytelling directly to Twitter users.

Women’s Voices: #HereWeAre

Oath’s HuffPost: Crash The Party, a new original series to run exclusively on Twitter, promises a comprehensive, nonpartisan look at what it’s like to be a woman running for office in 2018. The show will follow more than 50 different female candidates across the U.S.

A+E Networks’ History: Cable network will produce original content that focuses on the historical context behind major events, including a special look at the history behind the current women’s movement for equality.

Vox Media’s Divided States of Women: The weekly live show on Twitter (@DSoWomen), is hosted by millennial activist and producer Liz Plank (@feministabulous). The program will showcase guest experts and contributors, special event coverage, and breaking news about trending issues women care about.


Formula 1: A post-race show will be presented exclusively live on Twitter, featuring highlights, analysis, and interviews. Hosted by broadcaster Will Buxton alongside other F1 experts, it’s set to begin with the Spanish Grand Prix on May 13 and continuing for a further nine rounds of the 2018 Championship.

MLB: In addition to the recently announced weekly live stream MLB game and highlights package, the league will live-stream a show on Twitter around the MLB All-Star Game and Postseason.

MLS: The 2018 MLS Homegrown Game, an annual showcase of top, young MLS academy talent, will be live-streamed on Twitter as part of the 2018 MLS All-Star festivities. In March, Twitter announced a three-year partnership with the league for at least 24 live-streamed matches per season.

Bleacher Report: Turner’s digital sports division will launch House of Highlights Live, featuring athletes and celebrities joining Omar Raja, founder of House of Highlights.

The Players’ Tribune #Verified: Returning for a second season, the show will feature some of the top draft prospects in both the NFL and NBA sharing their insights and reactions, driven by fan-submitted questions.

Barstool Sports’ Barstool Live: An 8-episode series exclusively on Twitter featuring live, original content from sporting events across the U.S. Each 30-minute episode will feature hosts Pat McAfee, Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commenter along with a rotating roster of Barstool’s talent and special guests.


Call of Duty World League: Highlights and Championship Sunday from each of the remaining events in the esports league’s record-setting season schedule, which features Call of Duty teams from around the world competing for a $4.2 million prize pool. Broadcast includes highlights and finals from CWL Anaheim Open (June 15-17), CWL Pro League- Stage 2 Playoffs (July 27-29), and the 2018 Call of Duty Championship (August 15-19).

The Game Awards: For the third year in a row, the video-game and esports industry’s biggest awards show will broadcast live on Twitter in December 2018.

CBS Interactive’s GameSpot: Set to stream daily live video from E3 and San Diego Comic-Con International, featuring first looks at upcoming games, movies and TV shows and other coverage.

ESL Intel Extreme Masters: Twitter renewed its pact with ESL for coverage of its flagship event series with more than 700 hours of live-streaming programming and highlight clips in 2018.

IGN: Set to stream more than 30 hours from E3 over six days, including every major platform and publisher press event.

"In addition, Twitter announced new branded-content initiatives. That includes a lineup of pilots from Twitter’s Niche creator network — for which the company is aiming to sell sponsorships — and a 'live brand studio' service designed to help brands maximize creation and distribution of their own live-content efforts.

"The original pilots from Twitter’s creators in the Niche network include: Born and Bred with Josh Peck; Wolf It Down with Tyler Florence; Voodoo Dating with Matt Cutshall; City Tours with Sara Hopkins; Bar Stars with Aaron Chewning; Paint Away with Miel Bredouw; Style Series with Brittany Sky; and SWIFF with Wes 'Wuz Good' Armstrong."