Friday October 12, 2018

Season 3 of HBO’s True Detective will premiere on January 13.

ABC premieres The Alec Baldwin show on Sunday night.

HBO does the same with Camping.

The first 2 episodes of The Romanoffs are available to stream on Amazon.

Here’s a review.

Hulu has released Light As A Feather. In case you have never heard of this one, a seemingly innocent game of Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board ends with 5 teen girls dying exactly the way the game said they would.

The Haunting Of Hill House is now streaming on Netflix.

Here’s a look. Hard pass here.

Trevor Noah has added to The Daily Show team. Comedian Jaboukie Young-White is the latest correspondent to join the show. He was pretty good in his debut last night.

Netflix has released the trailer for Westside, a new unscripted series that looks into the journeys of nine Los Angeles musicians as they struggle to follow their dreams. Available to stream on November 9, each episode features original songs and music videos. Amongst those featured are: Sean Patrick Murray, Pia Toscano, James Byous, Arika Gluck, Austin Kolbe, Caitlin Ary, Leo Gallo, Alexandra Krekorian, and Taz Zavala.

Rob Lowe has found his next gig.

EW has learned exclusively that Marilu Henner (Taxi) will join the new CBS comedy The Neighborhood. She will take over the role of Paula Johnson, the Midwestern mother of Dave (Greenfield) who apparently has a strong opinions about everything. Yes, she likes to share them.” That should do absolutely nothing to help rescue an utterly horrific program.

Cat Cora and Graham Elliot have signed as judges on the ABC’s upcoming Family Food Fight. They will be joined by Ayesha Curry. Featuring 8 families from across the country, the show will follow their race to claim the title of America’s #1 Food Family. And what an honor that shall be!

“Lionsgate-owned broadcaster Starz has extended its commitment to Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson by signing the rapper and entrepreneur to a new four-year, exclusive overall deal. Under the terms of the new agreement, Jackson (pictured) will continue to develop scripted and unscripted projects exclusively for the network via his G-Unit Film & Television, Inc. banner. The new pact includes a three series commitment, the addition of a development executive and a discretionary fund for G-Unit projects. Jackson will also have access to Starz and Lionsgate’s platforms, including additional distribution channels and input into the merchandising and licensing of G-Unit developed brands and content.”

Dylan McDermott has joined the cast of Ryan Murphy’s Netflix political satire The Politician, an individual with knowledge of the casting tells TheWrap. McDermott also teased his involvement on social media on Thursday, writing that he was ‘training’ for the series in a caption accompanying a video of him sparring with a boxing coach. Details of the show’s plot and character details have not yet been announced, but the series will center on Payton (Platt), a well-off politician in Santa Barbara, California. Platt is expected to showcase his Broadway chops with musical numbers throughout the show.”


Per The Hollywood Reporter, “Emma Roberts is hitting the ice for Netflix.

“The streaming giant has handed out a 10-episode, straight-to-series order for ice skating drama Spinning Out with Roberts attached to star.

“Roberts will play Kat Baker, an up-and-coming, high-level singles skater who is about to turn in her blades after a disastrous fall took her off the competition track. When Kat seizes an opportunity to continue her career as a pair skater with a talented bad-boy partner, she risks exposing a fiercely kept secret that could unravel her entire life. On and off the ice, Kat and her new partner will face daunting odds, injuries to body and soul, financial sacrifice and even a potential mental breakdown on their way to realizing their Olympic dreams.

“Samantha Stratton (Mr. Mercedes) and Lara Olsen (90210) will exec produce and serve as co-showrunners. The series hails from Tory Tunnell and Joby Harold of Safehouse Pictures, whose credits include WGN America's Underground as well as features King Arthur and My Blind Brother. Harold's credits include Edge of Tomorrow and writing DC's upcoming feature The Flash. Safehouse's Matt Schwartz is also on board as a co-EP.

“Stratton, a former competitive figure skater, counts The Arrangement, Search Party, Agent X and Star-Crossed among her credits.

“Private Practice, Reign, Netflix's Free Rein and CBS' upcoming Blood and Treasure are Olsen's credits.

“For her part, Roberts is currently onscreen in FX's American Horror Story, where she has been a regular castmember in the Ryan Murphy anthology. Her credits include Who We Are Now, In a Relationship, Nerve and We're the Millers. Next she will appear in Paradise Hills.”


Per TheWrap, “Hulu ain’t nuthing ta f— wit: The streaming series has ordered 10 episodes of a Wu-Tang Clan scripted drama series from The RZA, Method Man, Alex Tse, Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo.

“The show is created and written by Tse and RZA. Imagine Television’s Grazer and Calfo will executive producer, as will RZA, Tse, and Method Man.

“RZA’s and Method Man’s fellow Wu-Tang Clan members Ghostface Killa, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa and GZA will serve as consulting producers on the project, as will the estate of Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

Wu-Tang: An American Saga is inspired by RZA’s books The Wu-Tang Manual and Tao of Wu, and based on the true story of the Wu-Tang Clan. Set in early ’90s New York at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic, the show tracks the Clan’s formation, a vision of Bobby Diggs aka The RZA, who strives to unite a dozen young, black men that are torn between music and crime but eventually rise to become the unlikeliest of American success stories.

“The Wu-Tang Clan has released five gold and platinum albums, selling 40 million albums worldwide.

“‘The Wu-Tang Clan has made an immeasurable contribution to music and our popular culture,’ said Craig Erwich, Hulu’s SVP of originals. ‘Their unique musical form and authentic storytelling continues to speak to our times. This series is a conversation worthy event that will bring their history and music to life in a way that hasn’t been seen before.’

“‘I’ve been a fan of Wu-Tang since the mid-90s and recognized quickly how significant Wu-Tang and The RZA were to the world of hip-hop music and culture,’ Grazer said. ‘Over the years I’ve gotten to know RZA and it’s clear that he is the soul and storyteller of Wu-Tang. Working with RZA and Alex Tse on this series has been a highlight of my career and Hulu is the perfect partner to bring this story to a global audience.’

“‘It is fitting that Wu-Tang: An American Saga is our first series to launch this new chapter as an independent production company/studio as it embodies all of the elements we look for in a story: ambition, vision, imagination, community and the power of music to transcend our lives,’ added Calfo.

“‘I’m delighted to be partnering with Hulu and Imagine to explore the vast story of the Wuniverse. Wu-Tang through our music has always strove to inspire as we entertain. This opportunity to continue the Wu – Saga in a 10-episode series will exponentially increase our inspirational style of entertainment. In the immortal words of ODB “Wu-Tang is for the Children,’ said The RZA.

“‘Ever since I heard Da Mystery of Chessboxing on the B-side maxi-cassette single of C.R.E.A.M. I’ve been a lifelong Wu fan.  I’ll be celebrating this by buying a pair of Clarks Wallabys,’ said Tse.

“‘Imagine, Hulu and Wu-Tang — I’m thrilled with this collaboration. This is a major win for hip hop’ said Method Man.

“‘Ayo u know what it is, Wu-Tang is forever,’ said Ghostface Killa. ‘We’re stepping into new chambers with Hulu and bringing our fans with us,’ said Ghostface Killa.

“‘I look forward to collaborating with Hulu and Imagine for the production and filming of The Wu-Tang Series,’ said GZA. ‘This has been a long time request from fans and supporters for many years and it is long overdue. We now get to grant their wishes.’”


From Vulture: “As much as Netflix’s coming-of-age animated comedy Big Mouth is filled with clever jokes about sex and puberty, it’s also about the darker, most embarrassing aspects of growing up. Nowhere is that more apparent than with season two’s introduction of the Shame Wizard, a devious British ghoul who inflicts self-doubt and self-hatred upon the teenage heroes.

“Voiced by David Thewlis at his spookiest, the Shame Wizard creeps into the minds of Nick (Nick Kroll), Andrew (John Mulaney), Jessi (Jessi Klein), Missy (Jenny Slate), and all the other kids, convincing them that their secret hormonal desires are dark and wrong, a notion Big Mouth itself tries to combat by way of songs about boobs. ‘Our culture is uncomfortable talking to teenagers about sexuality, so we try to avoid it,’ co-creator Andrew Goldberg told Vulture about their inspiration for the Shame Wizard. ‘I think an unintended consequence of that is they feel shameful about it. They assume that if it’s secretive and we’re quiet about it, there’s something wrong with it.’

“The Shame Wizard’s origin story is pretty simple: After the show’s first season played with the idea of hormonal chaos embodied by various Hormone Monsters (voiced by Kroll and Maya Rudolph), Goldberg thought they should explore the other side of that experience. ‘I wrote on our whiteboard, the Hormone Monster needs a mortal enemy,’ Goldberg recalled. A few days later, he suggested that enemy be a ‘shame monster,’ which co-creator Nick Kroll modified from monster to wizard. ‘He was like, “No, shame is not a monster, shame is a wizard,”’ Goldberg said. ‘Because shame is clever and tricky and needles its way into you.’

“As it happened, many of the show’s writers were watching the third season of FX’s Fargo, where David Thewlis plays a conniving villain, and they latched onto his performance as the embodiment of the character they were writing. ‘He’s a villain, but he’s charming at times, and repulsive at times, and shame is the smartest person in the room,’ Goldberg said. ‘That’s how we got the idea of asking David to do it, and fortunately he said yes.’

“The writing staff nicknamed Thewlis ‘the charm wizard,’ given how easy he was to work with. ‘Once we had him and his voice, it became a nice cycle where he inspired different ideas for different character,’ Goldberg said. That includes the look of the Shame Wizard himself, who appears as a spectral being akin to the Dementors in Harry Potter — and whose introduction comes in a scene where he puts Andrew on trial, recalling the wizarding world’s Ministry of Magic. ‘We were like, David has such an interesting face maybe [the Shame Wizard] should look more like him,’ Goldberg said, so much so that the first time they showed Thewlis a sketch of the character, ‘He was like, “Is that me?”’

“Separate from the Shame Wizard’s look was figuring out how the character would actually behave. There, the show’s writers started digging into the mechanics of shame, relying in a large part of the research of Brené Brown, who has done research on the concept of vulnerability and given a TED Talk on the subject. Key to developing the concept of the Shame Wizard, in the writers’ minds, was the distinction between shame and guilt. ‘Guilt is, I made a mistake, shame is, I am a mistake. Guilt is, I did a bad thing, shame is, I am a bad thing,’ Goldberg said. And so, the Shame Wizard would manipulate each character by finding their specific anxieties — Andrew’s shame about masturbating, Jessi’s shame over her parents’ divorce — and making them feel responsible. The characters get isolated and lash out at each other in response, not realizing until late into the season that the same creature is tormenting all of them. ‘This was also kind of inspired by Brené Brown’” Goldberg said. ‘We all have different reasons for feeling shame, but seem to manifest it in very similar ways.’

“The Shame Wizard wasn’t originally going to be such a major presence, but as Goldberg, Kroll, and co-creators Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin looked at the idea further, they decided to make him the core of the season. As the Shame Wizard weasels into the kids’ heads one by one, he gets increasingly powerful, a moment which crescendos with his big, villainous song. That number, written by Mark Rivers — who also wrote season one’s Emmy-nominated Totally Gay — starts as a sort of Disney Villain song, before turning into a Beatles-like British Invasion–style rock tune. ‘We asked David, “Would you be open to singing?”’ Goldberg said. ‘He said he fronted a band back in his youth, and you’re like, All right, let’s do it.’

“The ultimate catharsis comes in a sequence where the kids realize they can all see the Shame Wizard, and then banish him after a game of Smooch or Share proves that what they find shameful isn’t too scary or embarrassing. Freed from the Shame Wizard’s clutches, they launch into a chaotic existence without any shame at all, and it’s both sweet and a little terrifying to see these middle-schoolers act with zero restraint: Characters wander around without pants, hump inanimate objects in public, and even poop through a basketball hoop. Big Mouth’s writers did a lot of guessing what they’d do without shame, and came up with so much material they had to cut a lot of it down. ‘There was a time when a world without shame was like half of that episode,’ Goldberg said.

“They do eventually wind back the debauchery a bit, and even learn to live with the Shame Wizard, who’s revealed to be a pathetic guy himself. ‘What makes shame so powerful is that it’s so internal, and you keep it secret, and you don’t talk about it and it just festers, and you judge yourself,’ Goldberg said. ‘That kind of empathy and vulnerability is the way to combat it.’ That ideas is the ethos of Big Mouth — as long as it comes with dick jokes.”


Per TVLine, “A Grimm turn of events for one Harvey Specter: Sasha Roiz is joining Suits as a significant new love interest for Donna (Sarah Rafferty), TVLine has learned.

“The Grimm vet’s character, Thomas Kessler, is the CEO of a high-end furniture design company that has been a longtime client of Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. When he returns to the firm for help, Donna steps in to assist, but, in doing so, also catches his eye.

“In a post mortem Q&A last month, Suits EP Aaron Korsh told TVLine that the show ‘will be delving a little more into Donna’s personal life in the back six [episodes]’ of Season 8 (airing in 2019). Korsh also teased that the presence of Donna’s new man “might cause some growth issues for” Gabriel Macht’s Harvey.

“Harvey and Donna, of course, have a long and complicated history. Last season, the redhead planted a kiss on her friend/colleague, but then said she felt nothing during the smooch. Meanwhile, an angry Harvey claimed he was only affected because of his issues with infidelity. The pair made amends after Donna apologized for crossing the line and Harvey acknowledged that she has often put him before herself.

“In addition to his series-regular role on NBC’s Grimm, Roiz’s TV credits include Salvation, Caprica, House, The Mentalist, CSI, NCIS, Castle and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”