Friday January 5, 2018

Game of Thrones will officially return to HBO in 2019 for an 8th and final season.

Enjoy NFL Wildcard weekend and the 75th Golden Globe Awards.

Another season of Prison Break is in the works?

New Girl will return on Tuesday, April 10th with an eight-episode final season. The show is set to have a special one-hour finale on Tuesday, May 15. The premiere date for the 7th and final season of the Fox series was announced by the network on Thursday.

Fox has renewed The Gifted for a 2nd season.

ABC has canceled The Mayor.  

Showtime premieres The Chi on Sunday. More below.

Wishing Alex Trebek a speedy recovery.

Ok Bravo, let's quit f'ing around, just make Million Dollar Listing 90 minutes each week.  The footage is there and you have the programming real estate.  

This is a great piece if you watch the NBA and The Good Place.

Sterling K. Brown is coming to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Good to see that it took rape allegations to a client for UTA to find some moral ground.

Lost has moved from Netflix to Hulu.


Per Vulture, "Seth Meyers has a uniquely difficult task as the host of Sunday’s unprecedented Golden Globes ceremony: to celebrate Hollywood and its denizens while being appropriately critical of the culture of abuse the industry has fostered, as well as making people laugh while dealing with the very unfunny subject matter of sexual harassment and assault.

"Speaking somewhat elliptically about his plans, Meyers told the New York Times that he plans to tread carefully. 'It’s an issue you have to address, and it’s pretty delicate,' he explained. 'When you’re dealing with something that has affected so many people in a negative way, you just want to make sure you can talk about it in a way that doesn’t magnify the negative element of it.'

"Meyers adds that making fun of the men who have been brought down by Hollywood’s post-Weinstein reckoning is obviously 'fair game.' As he puts it: 'We’re in this situation right now where some people, very clearly, crossed a line and making fun of those people should feel like a positive thing.' Yet he also wants to focus on the positive changes that are happening in the industry, like the new Time’s Up initiative spearheaded by Hollywood women. 'It seems like this moment should be a moment of optimism,' he went on. 'And I think that’s what we’re trying to address. This might be the beginning of something better.'

"Friend and former SNL colleague Amy Poehler — who successfully made one of the few funny Bill Cosby jokes onstage at the Globes in 2015 — gave Meyers her vote of confidence, pointing out that he is uniquely attuned to his position of privilege as a rich straight white man, and that 'sensitivity is a current that runs through his stuff.' As Poehler suggests, Meyers is known for being more cerebral and less likely to pull punches than some of his other late-night colleagues, so we’re cautiously optimistic that he’ll pull this thing off — even if it would have been nice to have had a woman or a person of color serve as this year’s host, to underline the industry’s commitment to change. Tiffany Haddish in 2019?"


"Janet McTeer is poised to pull double duty for Netflix.

"The actress has joined the cast of the streaming giant's drama Ozark, where she will be a series regular.

"Produced by Media Rights Capital, Ozark revolves around financial planner Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) and his wife, Wendy (Laura Linney), and their family's sudden relocation from the suburbs of Chicago to a summer resort community in the Missouri Ozarks after a money laundering scheme goes wrong and Marty must pay off a debt to a Mexican drug lord. McTeer will play a Chicago-based attorney who has links to the cartel. In making a deal with the devil, she becomes a potential threat to the Byrdes.

"McTeer's casting on Ozark comes on top of her previously announced series regular role on Netflix's Marvel drama Jessica Jones, giving her the rare honor of being a part of the cast of not one but two series at the company.

"Ozark has become an early awards player for Netflix, with Bateman earning a Golden Globe nomination and both he and Linney scoring SAG Awards mentions. The series also received a WGA nom for best new series.

"For her part, McTeer is a Golden Globe-, Tony Award- and Olivier Award-winning actress. She returned to Broadway in October for Les Liaisons Dangereuses. Her TV credits include Battle Creek, The Honourable Woman, The White Queen and features Albert Nobbs and The Woman in Black."


"'Lena's having her moment,' Showtime boss David Nevins told The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet at the premiere for The Chi, Lena Waithe's new drama about the South Side of Chicago.

"'I knew when I was watching football this weekend and I saw a 90-second Google commercial that Lena's Emmy speech was the center of, I knew that we're hitting peak Lena Waithe right now,' continued Nevins. 'But this show is hopefully going to be with us for a very long time. We're so lucky to have her.'

"Waithe was the first black woman to win an Emmy for comedy writing for the deeply personal episode of Master of None, Thanksgiving, that chronicled the story of her coming out, and the Netflix show is up for a best comedy series Golden Globe.

"But Waithe has no qualms about putting more personal stories onscreen in The Chi, about the neighborhood in which she grew up.

"'It pours out of me. I have to get it out,' she told THR on the red carpet outside Los Angeles' Downtown Independent theater. 'Writers, we have to get it out of our bodies or else we'll go crazy.'

"The Chi follows the stories of the residents living in the neighborhood that has become a touchstone for politicians when discussing gun violence.

"'Every black boy was not born with a gun in his hand. There's a lot of joy, there's a lot of love, there's a lot of working-class folks in that city,' Waithe told THR. 'Yeah, it has its complexities, but at the end of the day, it's beauty. There's beauty there. And there's still a struggle there, too. But it's a mixture of both, and no one should look at it as either or. It's not a city full of saints or sinners. It's a mix of both.'

"Executive producer Common said he's hopeful the series will portray the complexities of life that are not unique to Chicago.

"'In black life, in the cities, there's a lot of joy, there's a lot of creativity, there's a lot of spirit and compassion. Even in the environment of where there is violence, and there is poverty, and there is despair, it's still like a beautiful gem of joy and good people,' he said. 'I want them to take away that we all are human beings, and this black life being depicted in Chicago is also a reflection of them and reflection of America, and I hope that they connect with the stories.'

"Added Common, 'It's about humanity, and I think when you see stories like Moonlight, and you see stories like Atlanta, whether serious or funny, you find when stories are clever and they're creative and they have heart to them, you relate to the humanity in the people.'

"The Chi star Jason Mitchell (Mudbound, Straight Outta Compton), who plays an up-and-coming chef whose younger brother is shot and killed, said he is deeply invested in the message of the show.

"'You know, it's very important to me because my first week in Chicago, I saw an interactive billboard that said 46 people had been shot that weekend. And to think about 46 people being killed, 46 families that were affected, it doesn't even make the news,' said the actor. 'It's something that I think, as a people, we have to learn how to get over it, but at the same time, we have to learn how to help each other. If we don't know how to address the problem, then we can't help each other.'

"Following the screening — which was introduced by Waithe after a joyous standing ovation — guests made their way to The Container Yard in L.A.'s Little Tokyo, where they dined on deep-dish pizza from Chicago staple Lou Malnati's, Chicago-style hot dogs, tacos and more before hitting the dance floor to celebrate the series' debut."

I'm all in.


"The Southern Charm cast’s social media channels are going on lockdown.

“'Production asked the cast to tone down their posts,' an insider told Page Six on Thursday. 'They have a lot of time to edit before the season starts and they don’t want the cast to give away anything.'

"Another source previously told Page Six that producers were pushing Thomas Ravenel, 54, to either 'propose or break up' with his new girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, 32, for a 'dramatic ending' to the season.

"Ravenel’s last post of Jacobs was in early December before filming reportedly wrapped. His previous storyline focused on his custody battle with 25-year-old Kathryn Dennis over their children, Kensington, 3, and St. Julien, 2.

"But fans can still keep up with Landon Clements, 35, as she already announced that she isn’t returning for another season.

"Bravo did not return our request for comment."



Per Variety, "Anthony Rapp has opened up about why he went public with his accusation that Kevin Spacey made an unwanted sexual advance toward him when he was 14, in an interview with British gay lifestyle magazine Attitude.

"He said he spoke out after seeing the impact that women sharing accounts of harassment were having. 'In this moment, with what’s happened, it’s become clear that people can be believed and that it can have an impact,' he said. 'The entire apparatus that kept people silent and also kept [those guilty of harassment] safe is being dismantled.'

"He added that the issue went beyond the entertainment business. 'That’s the big sea change, and I hope that it’s occurring not just in our industry, but everywhere and that people are realizing that these things can have an impact, that people do not have to be able to get away with it.'

"The Star Trek Discovery thesp originally leveled the accusation against Spacey in a BuzzFeed interview last October, starting a chain of events that saw others come forward with allegations against Spacey, several of which are being investigated by the police. The actor was eventually pulled off House of Cards and the show’s production was suspended, and was erased from Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World.

"Rapp said he hopes his actions will help people who are victims of abuses of power to speak up. 'There is no such thing as truly being alone, which is what I hope this moment demonstrates, that there is strength in numbers,' he told Attitude.

"The actor noted that his partner and family had backed him, as had CBS and producer Aaron Harberts. He also consulted a lawyer before talking to BuzzFeed.

"Since going public with the Spacey accusation, he said the reaction has been mostly positive. 'I was surprised that it [was] met with a positive or meaningful response,' he added. 'I was incredibly moved by the supportive responses from so many people in my life. I’m hopeful that it will continue to have a positive effect in the future.'

"He continued: 'To be part of a movement that I think will make a real lasting difference is something that’s bigger than any individual, it’s really a time of reckoning that will transform our industry, and I hope other industries.'

"Rapp shared the Attitude cover with Star Trek Discovery co-star Wilson Cruz and discussed making history as the TV show’s first gay couple and filming the franchise’s first same-sex kiss."