Wednesday September 6, 2017

A new promo for the final season of Scandal.

A new season of You're The Worst premieres tonight.  More below.

Harvey’s past complicates a power move proposed by Mike; Rachel’s dad approaches her about joining forces. #SUITS

The season 1 finale of Snowfall airs tonight.

As does the season 1 finale of I'm Sorry.

Jeff Olde is leaving E! after 4 1/2 years as EVP Programming & Development, the network said Tuesday.

Tony Raines has taken over the title as biggest scumbag.  Congrats buddy.  In the event you watched him last night on The Challenge, here's what he had to say about his antics.

"Good Morning America on Wednesday revealed the full cast line-up for Season 25 [of DWTS], which also includes Malcolm in the Middle‘s Frankie Muniz, ’80s pop star Debbie Gibson and, as previously reported, marrieds Nick and Vanessa Lachey. The Lacheys have a family legacy to live up to on the dance floor. Nick’s brother/fellow 98 Degrees member Drew Lachey took him the Mirrorball Trophy all the way back in Season 2. Also competing are Grease Live!-turned-Hamilton star Jordan Fisher, WWE’s Nikki Bella, retired NBA all-star Derek Fisher, violinist Lindsey Stirling and Paralympian Victoria Arlen. They join former NFL star Terrell Owens and Property Brothers‘ Drew Scott, whose casting was previously announced ahead of GMA‘s full cast unveiling. Last but not least is Shark Tank‘s Barbara Cochran, who follows in the footsteps of fellow Shark Robert Herjavec, who competed in Season 20."  ((Sigh. . . when will this trash be put to rest?))

The real Jorge Salcedo talks about season 3 of Narcos.

Not surprisingly, TNT has canceled Will after only 1 season.

"Showtime announced a new eight-episode documentary series Active Shooter: America Under Fire. The series will explore mass shootings and their consequences from the first-hand perspective of survivors, families of the victims, witnesses and heroic first responders of these events. Each episode of the series will explore a major shooting in recent American history including Aurora, San Bernardino, Charleston, the Washington D.C. Navy Yard, Santa Monica, Oak Creek, Orlando and Columbine. The series premieres Sept. 29 at 9 p.m."

Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner are dating.

A sneak peek at season 5 of Arrested Development.

Ryan Phillippe is on the mend.

A review of The Deuce.  I have yet to dig into this one.

"Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is set to sit down with CBS Sunday Morning‘s Jane Pauley for her first TV interview since the 2016 election. The Q&A, to air on Sunday, Sept. 10 (at 9 am/8c), comes as the former First Lady and Secretary of State is set to release a tell-all focused on her stunning loss to President Donald Trump. The book, entitled What Happenedwill be in stores on Sept. 12. Clinton will tape her CBS Sunday Morning segment later this week. The interview is expected to touch upon her failed White House campaign and the potential effects of Russian meddling and interference by former FBI Director James Comey. Pauley will also ask Clinton for her thoughts on the Trump administration and what life has been like since losing the election last November."

From Uproxx: "As much as we’d like sports to be a distraction from the turmoil of life, the real world doesn’t get checked at the door when you take a seat or hit the court. Throughout history, sports have been put in the middle of some of America’s most tense moments, specifically when it comes to race. And while it’s true that the games we play can be used as a catalyst to unite people with a common goal, it can also intensify the differences that are ripping people apart off the field.

"In Us Against The World, an Uproxx original docuseries from award-winning filmmaker Trent Cooper, we delve into the drama behind one high school basketball team’s experience on the frontlines of the culture wars that have defined America for decades.

"The setting is Lott’s Creek, Kentucky and Cordia High School, which found itself in a hotbed of racial tension as their local team worked to win a State Championship. As the lines are drawn between black and white students and the coach’s competence is called into question, Us Against The Worldexamines what happens when the love of the game strains in its effort to unite a community and a team."

All 10 episodes of Us Against The World will be available to stream on September 19, exclusively on Watchable.


Per IndieWire, "[t]he end of You’re the Worst Season 3 was a reversal of the ending to so many rom-coms. On top of a mountain, Jimmy (Chris Geere) proposed to Gretchen (Aya Cash) with fireworks in the background and a personal twist to popping the question. (His proposal was themed around local murders — her favorite thing.) She said yes and they kissed.

"Except the credits didn’t roll. The mood was sour, not celebratory, despite the two happy faces. Their kiss was in darkness, with just the dim light of Gretchen’s phone illuminating their faces. Under the pretense of getting her a hoodie from the car (to lay on during sex), Jimmy walked away from Gretchen as the fireworks began. Instead of celebrating under the brightly lit sky, he fled the scene, leaving his new fiance without a clue to his whereabouts or why he walked away from the bond he proposed.

"An ending became a fresh start, though it certainly didn’t feel welcome. For a series that’s always promised 'I’m going to leave you anyway,' the actual timing of Jimmy and Gretchen’s break-up came as a complete surprise, devastating viewers who invested in a couple worth rooting for, in spite of because of their bad habits.

"Season 4 acknowledges the seriousness of its last-minute switcheroo. The first episode finds the formerly co-habitating couple living in different cities and on opposite extremes. Jimmy is a quiet recluse in a mobile home retirement village, and Gretchen has shot beyond her own high bar for extreme behavior. It’s a jarring shift, and one that changes the rhythm of a series very comfortable in its rat-a-tat back-and-forths, between not only the central couple, but their extended group of friends.

"Creator, showrunner, and director Stephen Falk uses Lindsay (Kether Donohue) and Edgar’s (Desmin Borges) abandonment as a means to acknowledge the change, as well as to dig deeper into a new group dynamic. Through the three episodes provided for critics, it’s still unclear how the foursome will function together or if they even will. But the uncertainty has buoyed the series’ creative spirit, creating exciting new scenarios and tumultuous emotional challenges.

"Even when you know Jimmy has to return to Los Angeles, it’s unclear what (or who) will nudge him back to civilization. Gretchen’s stubborn commitment to ignoring the world around her is equal parts empathetic and aggressive. Her pain is obvious to everyone within shouting distance, but her intense attitude is intent on masking it.

"And here’s where the cast’s talents come up huge. As Jimmy and Gretchen choose to repress what happened and live in isolation, Geere and Cash are called on to toe the line between consistent hilarity and inescapable sadness. To separate comedy and pathos is one thing, but finding both simultaneously — as these characters demand — is an entirely different challenge.

"Gretchen’s damage, from being inexplicably and suddenly dumped, might be the trickiest to capture, given how her outwardly extreme reaction could easily slide into falsities. Too much would read as trolling for laughs when she’s still suffering, and too little would turn scenes into an unfunny bummer.

"Cash, as if there was any doubt, hits the right medium. A whirlwind introduction in Episode 2, via a roaming one-shot, illustrates the boundless energy of someone trying to feign health with non-stop activity, but a crack in her voice and a missing light in her eyes makes Gretchen a risible broken heart, even when you worry about her well-being.

"Geere, meanwhile, is as meticulous as ever in building Jimmy’s new persona. There’s guilt and sorrow and regret all rolled up in a man whose new life as a retired cocksman isn’t all that it seems. He too is hiding; not for fear of retribution from Gretchen, but for fear of re-engaging in a life he knows he’s ruined. Geere hints to each aspect with subtly, even when Jimmy’s actions are more decisive. He’ll drop his gaze for just a second (before firing off a clever insult) or open up into a grin because he knows it’s about to disappear. Each beat is carefully plotted without ever feeling calculated — perfect for a character who feigns self-assurance at every turn — while Cash acts out Gretchen’s messy life by amping up and down as needed, but keeping the fire perpetually lit.

"Through their physical separation and independent performances, Cash and Geere help You’re the Worst become more of a black comedy than a romantic comedy in Season 4. It’s a study of fragility and insecurity from two people who act as if such things don’t exist — not for them. Not these two tough, hard-hearted lugs. Fiercely independent minds aren’t easily swayed, and Falk is patient in drawing each character out of their shells, but efficiently injects laughs while doing so.

"It’s a perfect pace for a series that’s starting over. The bomb detonated at the end of Season 3 is still spraying shrapnel at all four parties, and what’s left if or when it’s done inflicting harm makes for an enticing, unpredictable adventure. Hollywood dictates that you’re not supposed to spoil a happy ending, so what comes after a proposal gone wrong? You’re the Worst makes you want to find out."


Per TheWrap, "PBS isn’t just for your grandparents anymore.

"The public broadcasting mainstay is continuing to solidify its presence as a digital media player, launching a YouTube channel in collaboration with Independent Lens, an Emmy award-winning indie documentary series. The new channel, Indie Lens Storycast, will debut on Sept. 12 with its first doc, “Iron Maidens,” highlighting an all-girls competitive robotics team from Bronx Science High School.

"Independent Lens Executive Producer Lois Vossen told TheWrap the nascent series aims to find dynamic stories that will appeal to a younger audience.

“'Indie Lens Storycast is our latest digital innovation with the launch of an online channel showcasing entertaining short stories with big impact,' said Vossen. 'The four docu-series premiering this fall share the same DNA of our feature docs but take advantage of digital storytelling formats to attract Gen X audiences who want to engage with smart storytelling about vital contemporary issues.'

"Soon after its premiere, the channel will rollout its second vehicle, The F Word, on Sept. 14, taking a look at the ups and downs of a Bay Area lesbian couple as it tries to adopt a child through the foster system.

"With Indie Lens Storycast, PBS is doubling down on its strong Youtube foundation, where it has more than 12 million subscribers across its myriad of channels. And beyond YouTube, PBS has looked to budding forms of storytelling to bolster its credentials as a digital media destination. Network staple “Frontline” has been creating many of its renowned investigative documentaries in virtual reality, and promoted its new-school approach earlier this summer with a #VRWeek push on social media."


Per The Hollywood Reporter, "[a] bartender for Bachelor? Not for now, says Wells Adams.

"The 33-year-old fan-favorite returned to ABC's Bachelor franchise on Bachelor in Paradise season four, and though Chris Harrison said the franchise is taking stars from the summer spinoff into consideration, Adams wants to set the record straight about leading his own season.

"The Bachelorette grad from JoJo Fletcher’s season tells The Hollywood Reporter that despite the support from Bachelor Nation, he has not been asked to star on the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

"ABC has been heavily teasing the announcement of its season 22 star. Creator Mike Fleiss has continued his tradition of sending cryptic tweets ahead of the network’s official announcement. His Tuesday update revealed that another Bachelor contender, Dean Unglert, will not take the title 'this year, at least.' 

"The franchise’s diehard fans have a right to be anxious about their next leading man. This time last year, Nick Viall was announced as the season 21 star before his journey on Paradise season three came to an end. Now that the current Paradise season is just a week away from its finale (airing Monday), will the new Bachelor be crowned before the end of the spinoff’s run?

"Adams offers a bit of insight: If the announcement is around the corner, he is unlikely to be the star since he has yet to be in any official talks for the role with ABC. Adams elaborated on set of the Paradise finale to THR: 'I’m not the Bachelor. No one’s asked me to be the Bachelor. The internet thinks that I should be the next Bachelor because the internet is full of stupid people. I think it’s really flattering that people think that I should be that because I don’t think I should be.' #WellsForBachelor has been trending on social media since his mixologist stint in Sayulita, Mexico.

"Fleiss later confirmed on Twitter Tuesday evening that Adams is not ABC's next Bachelor, teasing to curious fans 'you're getting warmer!'

"Despite the support from Bachelor Nation, Adams says going from barkeep to Bachelor is not something he would take lightly: 'I understand what that all means and what that all entails. When I went on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, I signed up myself to be on television — I didn’t sign up my family to be on television.'

"He continued: 'If they really want me to be the Bachelor, it would be something that I would consider, but it’s also something that I would need my family’s blessing for before I decided to do it. I can tell you right now, my mom would be like, "No, no! Wells cannot do this." And so, I would need to think about it.’

"For those wondering who else is in contention: Eric Bigger of Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette season has also been rumored as a prospective candidate. If selected, Bigger would be the first black Bachelor in the franchise’s 16-year history. But the personal trainer told THR that he also has not been in talks with ABC, though he would be open to it. And for the record, season 20 star Ben Higgins also shot down rumors of returning as a two-time Bachelor on his Almost Famous podcast.

"Peter Kraus, the runner-up on Lindsay’s Bachelorette season, remains the current frontrunner."


I was wondering what this was: "Plain white billboards declaring that 'Netflix is a joke' appeared in New York and Los Angeles Tuesday. The signage is part of a new marketing campaign from the streaming service, Variety has learned — though to what end is unclear.

"Netflix representatives declined to comment on the billboards Tuesday.

"Social media users in New York and Los Angeles posted photographs on Tuesday of the billboards, which appeared that morning. The billboards were spotted in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York, over the Arco gas station at Olympic and Robertson in Los Angeles, and in other locations.

"The Netflix campaign is expected to expand in the weeks ahead.

"Netflix last month launched a new Instagram account devoted to its comedy programming. The account currently has nine posts, all promoting stand-up comic Jerry Seinfeld’s forthcoming stand-up special “Jerry Before Seinfeld,” which premieres Sept. 19 on the streaming service. Netflix has moved aggressively into stand-up comedy, a genre previously dominated by HBO, signing deals in the $11 million-$20 million per special range with comedians such as Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Amy Schumer."