Thursday August 31, 2017

TLC has renewed Nate & Jeremiah By Design for a 2nd season.

Meet the cast of season 35 of SurvivorHeroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers premieres on September 27.

The season 4 finale of The Night Shift airs tonight.  As does the season 1 finale of What Would Diplo Do?  Raise your hand if you've watched a second of either of these shows.  Yeah, me neither.

Ellen DeGeneres is doing stand up again.

Richard Simmons lawsuit against The National Enquirer has hit a snag. "'This court finds that because courts have long held that a misidentification of certain immutable characteristics do not naturally tend to injure one’s reputation, even if there is a sizeable portion of the population who hold prejudices against those characteristics, misidentification of a person as transgender is not actionable defamation absent special damages,' writes Keosian.  He explains that as societal perceptions have changed over the decades so too has whether false statements based on things like sexuality, race and illness are libelous. 'Here, the court notes that neither a medical condition, nor race, nor sexuality are a perfect analogy to the issue we address today, but acknowledges that being transgender shares several important characteristics with all three,' writes Keosian. 'Being transgender is an issue that often (although not always) requires a medical diagnosis and medical intervention. Like race, being transgender is an immutable characteristic. Although there is no connection between homosexuality and being transgender, both characteristics relate to sex and gender.'"

"Disney-ABC Television Group will be reducing annual costs at the unit by 10% by the close of Disney’s fiscal year next month, with a restructuring of operations that is expected to include hundreds of layoffs. Plans for cost-cutting measures across the group, which includes the ABC television network, ABC News, ABC Studios, the ABC-owned stations division, and entertainment cable channels including Freeform and Disney Channel, are still being developed. Disney-ABC sources tell Variety that no headcount for staff reductions has formally been determined and that details of the cost-cutting effort are fluid. But it’s clear that the effort will involve major staff cuts in order to reach the 10% cost reduction target."

Dan Harmon seems like a real a-hole

Kristin and Heidi (The Hills) reunited.

The cast of Gossip Girl sat down with Vanity Fair.

"Jerry Seinfeld says that despite the 'horrible things' Bill Cosby is accused of doing, he remains the 'biggest comedian of all time,' and one who’s 'production and quality of material' will never be rivaled.

"Seinfeld spoke on the latest Norm MacDonald Live, an online show that never shies away from awkward conversations. (MacDonald’s deadpan, often-ironic delivery can make it impossible to tell when he’s kidding.)

"Cosby came up as Seinfeld and MacDonald talked about the comedians who influenced them, and led to a discussion of whether you can separate a person’s art and personal conduct. It included a fair amount of nervous laughter from those in the studio. (You can watch above.)

“'I love Bob Hope. I thought he was the greatest comedian ever,' MacDonald told Seinfeld.

“'I think Bill Cosby’s the biggest comedian of all time,' Seinfeld replied. 'I don’t think anyone will ever match his production and quality of material.'

“'Mm-hmm,' MacDonald said, before a pause and some laughter off-camera.

“'Do you like Bill Cosby?' asked Seinfeld.

“'Love Bill Cosby,' replied MacDonald.

“'Did you listen to those records when you were a kid?'

"At that point MacDonald finally acknowledged the elephant in the room.

“'You know I had maybe the greatest Bill Cosby story ever,”[ MacDonald said. 'And now it’s not in the top 10,000. Because I’ll tell people the story. And then I’ll constantly be interrupted by, "And then did he rape you?" He never raped me. It had nothing to do with the story.'

"But dozens of women have accused Cosby of drugging and raping them. He will be retried in an assault case in November, after his first trial ended with a hung jury. Cosby has denied all of the accusations.

“'How much are you bothered by the fact that this comedian who you really thought was great turns out to be this person doing horrible things?' Seinfeld asked MacDonald. 'Do you separate his work from the person? Does it taint it at all?'

“'Not at all,' said MacDonald. 'I don’t know nothing about these old fellers. But you hear, "Hey: Beethoven raped his own daughter."'

"'He did?' Seinfeld asked.

“'Well, let’s say he did,' MacDonald replied. 'Would you give a rat’s ass?'

“'Yeah, I would,' Seinfeld said. 'That’s pretty bad. Pick a different crime. Knocked over a liquor store, let’s say.'”


"In an interview with DeadlineSuits creator/showrunner Aaron Korsh talks about the surprising propositions and their outcome, the future of the Donna-Harvey-Paula triangle and Louis’ relationship with Sheila. Korsh also teases what is to come in the last two episodes of the show’s 10-episode summer sub-season: who will be back (hint, the list includes Jessica), what new addition is planned (hint: it’s not a good person), and which two lawyers will be teaming on a case for the first time (hint: they are related).

Donna changed her mind on sleeping with Mark at the last moment. Was the alternative, of her going through with it, ever considered?
I don’t recall seriously considering her going through with it but I imagine, whenever we have a situation that we are at least going to explore all possibilities by talking about that.

Jay Harrington had been booked for a two-episode arc, which ended tonight. Is he done or may we see Mark again?
We are still formulating Mark. I’ve always liked Jay as an actor, I think he did an outstanding job with the two-episode run, and I think the two of them (Sarah Rafferty, Harrington) have good chemistry. I feel like as far as the character of Mark Meadows goes, he is a flawed guy to be completing doing what he’s doing. Donna has been the one for him and it looks like his marriage is likely to end anyway. He’s not going about it in the right way but he’s not evil. In my mind, the door is open for Mark to come back, but we haven’t gotten that far yet. I don’t know for sure but I liked their chemistry and the story with him.

Would the Donna-Harvey-Paula triangle continue even after Harvey and Paula appear to be in a good place in their relationship?
I think Harvey and Donna’s history and feelings are so strong and, especially coming off such a disappointment for Donna at the end of Episode 8, that triangle will probably continue to exist. If Paula is in the picture, there is going to be some tension there, and we are definitely going to play some of that in 9 and 10.

What about Louis and Sheila? Was the hookup a one-time thing or will Sheila stay in the picture
Rachael Harris was a series regular on the first show that I ever worked as a writer on (Notes From the Underbelly), and I’ve always loved her as an actress, also Peter Cambor who plays Nathan at the clinic. There is a funny story — we were discussing Louis and Sheila. We have a new editor this year, and the editor said, it’s always been Sheila for Louis, it wasn’t really Tara. When he is talking about closure with Tara, he really means Sheila. This is just an editor coming from outside. We already had this story in mind, so this was an interesting dovetail into that.

I think that Sheila will be destined to play a significant role throughout the Suits life. We haven’t broken the back six yet so I can’t be sure, but I don’t suspect this would be a one time thing, and certainly we play the ramifications of what Louis does in the future episodes.

What else can you tease about the tangled relationships, the Donna-Harvey-Paula triangle and Louis’ fling with bride-to-be Sheila, in the last two episodes of the summer run?
In the tangled relationship area, I feel we have a very big thing coming at the end of 10 in one of those relationships that people may or may not see coming.

Any other hints what’s to come in Episodes 9 and 10?
The things that befall us in 9 and 10 in large part are things that were laid in during the first six seasons, but in large part in the first 8-9 episodes this season. A lot of things will come back to haunt us. In addition to that, we’ve got a new villain who would come out of the woodwork. Plus, we’ll see Gretchen (played by Aloma Wright), we’ll see Lipschitz (played by Ray Proscia). Gretchen has a very strong episode in 9, maybe the best ever.

Will Jessica be back in the last two episodes?
Yes, Jessica is in at least in one of them.

Tonight’s episode wrapped the big prison case story arc of the season so far. Was that intentional to coincide with the series’ 100th episode?
No. What often happens in the first 10 is, we end up getting to the conclusion (of a big arc) in episode eight or nine. As we were breaking the story, it just looked like hey, this should be the episode where we end things, so it was a happy circumstance but it wasn’t designed this way because it was the 100th.

With the prison case closed, will you open a new legal case in the last two episodes?
We have two major mini-story arcs for 9 and 10. In nine, Louis is working on a case with an associate, Harvey and Mike are working a case together that would last two episodes and would involve other people in the firm. And Rachel and her father are going to be working together on a case in the last two episodes."


A very interesting piece per TheWrap: "All over Hollywood, people are talking about Apple’s decision to pour $1 billion into making original content.

"This is the company that wins at everything it does. The biggest company in the world and the most successful company ever built.

"But it has never done this particular thing before: make entertainment.

"Is it fair to presume that once Apple trains its sights on making movies and films that it will win at that too?

"Not everybody thinks so.

“'They’re not a leader in the media space and they can’t hope to be a leader with that kind of budget,' said one veteran executive, formerly with a rival tech company.

"With Netflix playing for big stakes in the production sandbox, spending $6 billion a year, Apple’s so-far-unconfirmed $1 billion is low for a newcomer seeking to make a splash. Amazon is spending billions on production and marketing, and those are just two examples.

"Unlike when Netflix started making original content, this is now a massively crowded space. In the past four years, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Facebook — all of which have deep pockets — have jumped into the deep end of creating content. They come in addition to all the studios and networks, HBO, Starz, FX, AMC, Showtime, you get the idea.

"Enter Apple. Late.

“'It’s okay to wait and build up your library, but you’re already behind — way behind,' said the executive.

"Apple’s philosophy has always been to focus on a few things and make them fantastic. Steve Jobs showed everybody how to sell a few, incredible products and change the world by so doing. This is the dogma of Jobs — whose office still stands empty, a symbol and in-house shrine — and it still guides Apple today.

"But entertainment content isn’t like that. My inside sources tell me that Apple intends to make a handful of incredible entertainment programs and place them on its own devices, so you have to be in the Apple ecosystem to watch. From what I’m being told, they don’t want a library, aren’t intending to license old movies and will do it their way: create a few, must-watch projects.

"If only. Making hit movies and television is not like dreaming up the iPod. Of course everyone sets out to make Seinfeld or Star Wars. Who doesn’t plan in the greenlight process to end up with Sopranos and Game of Thrones?

"Unfortunately, down here in the shallow part of California, we all know it doesn’t work that way. You have to try and fail a lot to end up with one Spider-Man. (The good one. No, not that one. The other one. See what I mean?)

"One other thing. Steve Jobs knew about content in his lifetime, and he stayed away. Remember, the guy helped start Pixar and was on the board of Disney for years. Even as Apple started a music streaming service ahead of the curve, it stayed away from entertainment content.

"What did he know, and why did Tim Cook turn in a different direction?

“'For a long time Apple wanted to work with the legacy ecosystem and partner with cable companies,' said Rich Greenfield, the media analyst at BTIG. 'And they found the legacy ecosystem so fraught with problems and restrictions that it became too painful for that ecosystem to shift. And they’re moving ahead.'

"Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment. But another knowledgeable player said the company has a shot.

“'I don’t think they are late at all. We are in the middle of a revolution, and they have more than enough time to get in the game. They just need to make hits,' he said.

“'They have more than enough money,' he added. 'If they want to compete with Netflix in terms of output, they can. They just need to build the machine to develop, market, etc. Right now the team is still super lean, and miniscule compared to Netflix’s originals operation.'

"Personally, I believe that experience has showed that 'building the machine' is a lot harder than it looks. After 100 years no single Hollywood studio gets it right all the time. Even Disney, now the golden child, had its dark periods. As the naysayer I spoke to suggested, it might be better for Apple to go out and overspend to buy a finished, guaranteed hit — how about the next Avatar? — and keep it for its customers for a month before it ever goes to theaters.

"Greenfield believes it’s just over for legacy entertainment, and Apple sees that — even as it realizes that it needs something to induce customers to keep buying iPhones.

“'Now it’s just time to replace them,' he said, referring to the dinosaurs. 'This is the acknowledgement that the legacy ecosystem is in secular decline, whether they realize it or not. It’s over for the TV industry. And Apple is moving ahead.'”


"Although they’re married nowNev Schulman and Laura Perlongo‘s relationship almost never made it that far.

“'We were dating for five weeks, just over a month, and I sort of freaked out,' Schulman, 32, told Page Six on the phone Wednesday while discussing their new ATTN: show titled We Need to Talk. 'We were getting serious fast and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that so I kind of said some things that were a little … I sabotaged it … I kind of broke up with her.'

"A self-described 'big fan' of “ghosting,” Perlongo said she disappeared on a pre-planned trip to Europe for two months, which left the Catfish host regretting his decision.

“'If you want to be in my life, you can’t be trifling,' added Perlongo on the same call, laughing. 'I think ghosting works. It’s worked in my life, so I’m a big fan. Some people think it’s not nice, but I think sometimes love isn’t nice.'

"On We Need to Talk, which streams on Facebook, Schulman and Perlongo will answer audience questions about relationships and dating in the digital world.

"Using their own experiences to navigate each episode, the couple will delve into a variety of tough to discuss topics, including open relationships and the stigma surrounding them, as they revealed they have hooked up with another couple.

“'It wasn’t a big thing and it doesn’t define our relationship,' Perlongo explained, 'but even after that now you’re labeled as those people who hooked up with another couple. I understand the fear of the stigma, but I think on the other hand because it’s commonplace to have these questions.'

"She continued, 'We want more people to come out and say, "We’ve done this" or, "We want to try it" because that kind of takes the stigma away … there shouldn’t be a stigma.'

"Schulman acknowledged that there can be risks if a relationship isn’t strong enough.

“'It’s a fun idea … But if your relationship isn’t great or if, for some reason, you feel like you need to sort of open your relationship to improve your relationship, it won’t work,' he advised. 'It only adds problems. Just be careful with it.'

"Navigating the world of dating apps can provide its own set of complications — people becoming 'disposable' because of the endless options available — but both Schulman and Perlongo remain optimistic.

“'You go to war a little bit on the apps, it’s true, but if I can give any piece of advice to anyone it’s that give second chances … once in a while,' she told Page Six. 'I think a lot of people because of the disposability … we tend to cut people off too quickly. Stick around a little longer.'”


Per Yahoo!, "[o]n Wednesday afternoon, Fox News made a big deal in announcing it has hired right-wing firebrand Tomi Lahren as a regular contributor, saying she will discuss the news on the network’s opinion shows and work on 'an FNC digital product currently in development.”' (No source will confirm the rumor that Fox’s new 'digital product' is two tin cans and some string.) In her mid-20s, Lahren is frequently put forward as the new face of conservative media: fast-talking, slangy, and hip to social media — with over four million followers on Facebook, she’s your cranky uncle’s favorite young person — so it was only a matter of time before Fox signed her.

"Making her contributor-debut on Hannity on Wednesday night, Lahren wasn’t given a very attractive showcase. After Sean Hannity delivered what he called his 'very important opening monologue' about 'the destroy-Trump media,' and had Sebastian Gorka on to sputter that he’d resigned, not been pushed out, from the Trump administration, Lahren was consigned to the distant second half of the show and paired with Geraldo Rivera to debate that oldest of Fox News obsessions: Hillary’s freaking email server. 'Go after Geraldo!' commanded Hannity. 'Take him on!' Just what Fox viewers like: a blowhard guy telling a young woman what to do.

"Lahren — who didn’t even seem to be in the same Fox studio as Hannity or Rivera, and was thus reduced to a jabbering head — took the subject ('FBI Declines Request To Release Clinton Emails,' read a helpful chyron) and, as is Tomi’s habit, made it all about Tomi: 'I have a few friends who spent a few hours in Benghazi who would really like to know what’s in those emails,' she asserted. This was worth a puzzled question from Hannity (like: 'Really?'), but he stayed silent. Lahren wasn’t about to be interrupted anyway: 'How about if we make a deal: how about when the mainstream media stops covering Russia day in and day out, maybe we can drop the Hillary email scandal? But until then, I think I’m gonna stay on it.'

"Geraldo made some noise about Hillary’s emails being boring old news, but he was there primarily to say that Lahren has 'intelligence… and true grit: Welcome aboard.' I wonder how welcome Lahren really is, however. With her machine-gun speech delivery, irritatingly frequent use of 'here’s the deal,' and 'freakin’'-this and 'freakin’-that, and her general inability to converse with other human beings, Lahren is not a warm TV communicator. She is, however, highly telegenic, which may be enough for Fox News.

"Lahren has appeared on the network a number of times before — Hannity has booked her, and you can see Bill O’Reilly in 2016 welcoming Lahren on his show about as warmly as he’d greet a starved mongoose here. Earlier this year, Lahren got some attention and some sympathy when she was fired from her staff job on Glenn Beck’s little internet rodeo The Blaze — because she told the ladies of The View that she’s pro-choice. But Lahren doesn’t accept acceptance well: Her preferred mode is hectoring hostility. Her Facebook page houses many of her trademark 'Final Thoughts' monologues, full of invective about Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick, and 'social justice warriors,' all delivered in her rapid-fire, tedious monotone.

"Who knows? Maybe Lahren will loosen up sufficiently that she’ll soon be substituting for Ainsley Earhardt and chuckling along with the chuckleheads on Fox & Friends — isn’t that how Tucker Carlson got his prime-time spot? But it’s going to be interesting to see how many prime-time spots Lahren gets on Fox before the hosts start complaining to their bosses about her no-let-me-talk self-interest, and go back to just booking nice old Geraldo instead."