Tuesday July 11, 2017

4.1 million people watched Candy Crush?  What's wrong with you?

On that note, Mario Lopez is open to a Saved By The Bell reunion.

Season 2 of Stranger Things will be available to stream on October 27.

Megyn Kelly's morning show will launch on September 25.

LaVar Ball > Rob Kardashian

Nice having Trevor Noah back.

Filming of the 6th and final season of The Mindy Project is underway.

The 14 most expensive flops in television history.

"John Oliver has joined the voice cast of Jon Favreau’s live-action The Lion King, two individuals with knowledge of the project told TheWrap. The Last Week Tonight With John Oliver host will voice the part of red-billed hornbill Zazu. Described as dignified and uptight — but a total nervous wreck — the bird serves as an advisor to King Mustafa and, later on, his son Simba."

Anderson Cooper, Bradley Cooper and Allison Williams were all hanging out on a boat this past weekend?

And what are Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence filming with Woody Harrelson?

What happens to your body when you binge watch too much TV?

"Although Johnny Galecki’s involvement in ABC’s forthcoming Roseanne revival remains an open question, new details have come to light that suggest his character, David Healy, will at the very least have a strong presence in the eight-episode continuation. ABC declined to comment for this story, but TVLine has learned that producers — which include Galecki’s onscreen squeeze Sara Gilbert as well as titular star Roseanne Barr, actress-comedienne Whitney Cummings and sitcom vet Brice Heldford — have quietly begun searching for a young actress and actor to portray the children of Gilbert’s Darlene and Galecki’s David."

"Mad Men alumna Christina Hendricks has been tapped as the lead of NBC’s midseason drama series Good Girls, joining co-leads Retta and Mae Whitman. Hendricks replaces Kathleen Rose Perkins, who played the role in the pilot, which was directed and executive produced by Dean Parisot. From creator/executive producer Jenna Bans, Good Girls is described as a comedy-infused drama that mixes a little Thelma & Louise with a bit of Breaking Bad. When three suburban moms (Hendricks, Retta, Whitman) get tired of trying to make ends meet, they decide it’s time to stick up for themselves by robbing the local supermarket at (toy) gunpoint. But when the manager catches a glimpse of one of them and the loot is far more than they expected, it doesn’t take long for the three best friends to realize the perfect getaway will be harder than they think. The cast also includes Reno Wilson, Manny Montana, Lidya Jewett, Izzy Stannard and Matthew Lillard."

"October is going to be a pretty, pretty good month for Larry David: The ninth season of his HBO comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm is set to return on Oct. 1.

"HBO announced the news with a new trailer on YouTube [see above].

"The series has been off the air since 2011; HBO announced the return was officially happening last June.

“'We’re thrilled that Larry has decided to do a new season of Curb and can’t wait to see what he has planned,' said HBO programming president Casey Bloys.

"Asked why he decided to come back, David said, 'In the immortal words of Julius Caesar, "I left, I did nothing, I returned.”'

"The hit comedy stars Seinfeld co-creator David as an over-the-top version of himself in an unsparing but tongue-in-cheek depiction of his life. With 80 episodes to date, the show is HBO’s longest-running scripted comedy or drama series.

"The whole Curb main gang will be returning for Season 9, including David, Jeff Garlin (currently leading ABC’s The Goldbergs), Cheryl Hines, JB Smoove and Susie Essman. Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen are also set to appear in the series, playing themselves. Danson, one of David’s many antagonists on the show, has appeared in 13 of the 80 episodes of Curb, while Steenburgen has appeared in five."

Suits returns tomorrow!  There’s a new face hanging around the Pearson Specter Litt offices this season on Suits.

"Dule Hill (The West Wing, Psych) joins the cast of the USA Network drama in its upcoming seventh season, where he is poised for a season-long arc as Alex Williams, a longtime friend of Harvey's (Gabriel Macht), who is currently a senior partner at rival law firm Bratton Gould, where he maintains an enviable roster of clients. 

"Ahead of Suits' July 12 premiere, The Hollywood Reporter has the first-look at Hill's debut....Hill’s Alex seems to be making himself comfortable in the firm’s offices. With Jessica's (Gina Torres) departure and the recent breakup Louis (Rick Hoffman) went through, it appears as though Harvey (Macht) may have called in his former friend and experienced lawyer for a little help. Given that Williams is a senior partner at rival firm Bratton Gould with his own impressive roster of clients, it’s hard to tell in what capacity he’s offering this “help.” Especially because the firm has been known to deal with snakes dressed as friends before.

"Hill makes his first onscreen appearance in the season’s second episode, which is scheduled to air July 19.

"When the seventh season returns, Mike (Adams) will be a full-fledged and legally recognized lawyer for the first time in the series. He’ll reunite with his mentor Harvey and the rest of the team at the firm as it rebuilds, and he’ll bring his high expectations of tackling plenty of pro bono cases with him.

"Meanwhile, Harvey and Louis will finally have to figure out how to move on without Jessica, reestablishing their reputations and learning to work with each other in a whole new way. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) will make good on her promise of “wanting more” from last season’s finale, Rachel (Meghan Markle) will carve out more of a name for herself at the firm while planning her upcoming wedding with Mike, and Mike and Harvey will finally be tackling cases together again — with plenty of movie quotes to follow.

“'The band is back together for season seven,' showrunner Aaron Korsh told THR back in March. 'The dream team is indeed back together, but they’re back together in a different way than they were the last time they worked together.'"

Suits returns for season seven TOMORROW at 9 p.m. on USA!

Per Yahoo!, "[i]n a new series of short videos, Minnesota Senator Al Franken and noted beard-grower David Letterman attempt to raise awareness of global warming. No matter what side of that issue you’re on, chances are you find this topic obvious, frustrating, and, let’s be honest, a bit dull. Partnering with the Funny or Die website and the TV series Years of Living Dangerously, Franken and Letterman have taped a series of six brief videos in which they discuss climate-change dangers with a heavy coating of humor. Titled Boiling the Frog With Senator Al Franken, the videos premiere Monday on Funny or Die.

"In each roughly five-minute video, Letterman — dressed in what looks like his long underwear — sits in Franken’s congressional office. The two of them shoot the wind-powered breeze about climate change, the politics of policy reform, and various bits of small talk. Turns out Letterman drives an electric car. (At least, I think he does: His retirement dial is set to Permanent Bemusement these days.) Franken shows off pictures on his office wall, of himself performing for the troops overseas. Franken tells Letterman — and by extension, us — that calling your congressperson is important and that 'phone calls are taken seriously' by elected officials. Dave tells Al, 'I love you.' Al tells Dave, 'America misses you.' I am not making this up.

"The humor here is low-key to the point of minimal. (The videos could have been posted on an alternate channel: Funny or Chuckle Mildly.) There’s a strained moment when someone appears to take a quick, tiny snip from Letterman’s beard for some sort of scientific experiment that’s only vaguely defined. Some viewers will be enlightened about the political influence of the energy-company titans the Koch brothers. Franken and Letterman are sincere beneath their jokiness, but they’re also preaching to a choir that already believes there is indeed such a thing as global warming."

Boiling The Frog with Senator Al Franken is streaming now on Funny Or Die.

Per Deadline, "[f]ollowing her surprising exit from CBS’ Kevin Can Wait, Erinn Hayes has quickly been tapped as the female lead of another comedy series, Amazon’s single-camera The Dangerous Book for Boys, from Emmy-winning Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston and Superbad director Greg Mottola. Also cast in a starring role on the series is Chris Diamantopoulos, in his return to Amazon where he co-starred in drama Good Girls Revolt. The duo joins young actors Gabriel Bateman and Drew Logan Powell, with veteran Swoosie Kurtz set in a guest starring/recurring role.

"Created by Cranston and Mottola based on the book The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn and Hal Iggulden, the series centers around Wyatt (Bateman) and his brothers who are coming to terms with the death of their dad, Patrick (Diamantopoulos), loving husband and enthusiastic father to his three boys. Before he passed away, Patrick wrote and crafted a life guidebook for his three boys entitled, “The Dangerous Book for Boys.” His hope in writing the book was to inspire them each to live life to the fullest. The book triggers fantasies in the mind of Wyatt, the youngest son. In the fantasy world, Patrick lives on and helps teach Wyatt lessons that relate to issues the family are grappling with in real life.

"Diamantopoulos does double duty, also playing Uncle Terry, Patrick’s identical twin brother. He’s fun-loving, off beat, well-meaning, underachiever, who comes to live at the family house after the death of his brother. He has a colorful past and a big personality that will upend their new living situation in more ways than one.

"Hayes will portray Beth, the mother of Wyatt (Bateman), Dash (Powell), and Liam. She is also the loving widow of Patrick. Beth is trying her best to hold things together and keep things as normal as possible for the family. Living under the same roof with Uncle Terry and her mother-in-law, Tiffany, presents challenges in an already chaotic household that is ever changing with three boys growing up without their dad. Kurtz will play Tiffany, Beth’s mother-in-law.

"Mottola will direct the series, which will film in New York this summer. Cranston’s Moonshot Entertainment produces with Sony Pictures Television, where the company has had a first-look deal, and Amazon Studios. Mottola and Moonshot’s Cranston and James Degus executive produce.

"Diamantopoulos has recurred as Russ Hanneman on HBO’s Silicon Valley and played Evan Phinnaeus on Amazon’s Good Girls Revolt. He is with WME, Untitled and Rick Genow of Stone Genow."


From Marie Claire (yes, I scour the internet leaving zero stones unturned): "The first season of Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale came to a stunning conclusion recently, as Nick, using his privileges as an Eye, removed pregnant June from the Waterfords' home, ushering her toward a fate unknown. While it's a relief to come up for air after 10 hours exploring Gilead's horrors, we're more curious than ever about the fate of its inhabitants—especially since the the show has technically reached the end of its source material, Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel of the same name.

"Hulu picked up the series for a second season—to air in 2018—just days after the first three episodes premiered, so you can rest assured its producers, writers and cast were already thinking about the future long before the season finale aired. Showrunner Bruce Miller promises, 'The world can get a lot bigger,' so here, we're looking at all the clues those closest to the show have dropped surrounding Season 2:

1) Atwood's vision for the future of her characters will play heavily into Season 2. "I think [my participation] will be more involving in the second season because we will be in uncharted territories so more invention will have to take place," she told EW. Miller echoed that to THR, noting that Atwood has had a long time to think about what happened to her characters after the book's conclusion.

2) June (Elisabeth Moss) isn't going anywhere, of course—and most of your favorite characters will be back, too. "Offred being pregnant, her being dragged off were all parts of that tantalizing and frustrating ending [in the book]," Miller said. "So now we get to go down that road and we get to explore that. But certainly the people that we met and the situations we got into and the things that Margaret Atwood set up in Season 1 are not going away."

3) June is done being passive. "Season 2 is what happens after you become a little rebellious," Miller told EW. We already saw June say no to Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) in the season finale, dropping her rock instead of stoning poor Janine to death. This seems to be the point of no return for June.

4) It will be even darker than Season 1. "It's going to get worse," Moss told The Pool. Does that mean we'll be saying goodbye to some favorites for good?

5) It will have 13 episodes instead of 10. Season 2's story arc is already lengthier than Season 1's, and it will be interesting to see how much of the season will be set in the present day versus flashbacks.

6) It will be more intersectional. A major complaint surrounding The Handmaid's Tale's first season was its refusal to acknowledge race within Gilead while cherrypicking plot points from the real experiences of enslaved people. Angelica Jade Bastién at Vulture argues, "[The show is] more concerned with the interiority of white women at the expense of people of color who recognize that Gilead isn't a possible horrifying future, but the reality of what America has always been," while Cate Young at Cosmopolitan.com calls it a "profound failure of storytelling." Miller told Inverse he saw the critiques and conversation on Twitter and is working to make amends: "The thoughtful conversations online really inspired a lot of thoughtful conversations in the writers' room about this," he said. "It's always hard to add another topic that is complicated and deserves real attention, but we're up to the challenge."

7) Mayday will be a focal point, but it could very well become another enemy for June and the Handmaids—as dangerous as Gilead, even. "Mayday is not the Handmaid rescue organization—it's the anti-Gilead organization," Miller told the New York Times. "And the anti-Gilead organization is not necessarily a friend to June or a friend to Handmaids. If I was going to try to hurt Gilead, the first thing I might do is kill all the Handmaids. You're trying to weaken the state."

8) Rita (Amanda Brugel) and the Marthas will play a much larger role in Gilead. Miller says they were purposely made "invisible" in the first season, but they do have "networks"through which they communicate. The final moments of the season 1 finale signal that Rita is involved with Mayday, so it'll be interesting to see whose side she takes if it turns into a Mayday/Handmaid face-off. Rita seems to really care about June, and we can't imagine her killing any of the Handmaids just to show the leaders of Gilead a lesson.

9) June and Nick (Max Minghella) might eventually find Luke—and things could get awkward. She's pregnant with Nick's baby—and beholden to him to keep her safe, for the time being. Meanwhile, Luke is trying to save her and their daughter from Gilead. "She's in this position where she might be in love with two people," Moss told ELLE.com. "I think she does love Nick—if I can speak for her—but I don't know if she knows that she does, yet. But she has a husband who she also loves, who's the father of Hannah, who she also now knows is alive. It's the most complicated Real Housewives episode you've ever seen."

10) Things "get complicated" for Luke (O-T Fagbenle) and Moira (Samira Wiley).Their reunion in Canada at the end of Episode 10 is one of the most moving moments in the series, but that doesn't mean it's a happy ending. Luke will obviously keep searching for June and Hannah, Miller says, while Moira will focus on recovering from her time at Jezebels.

11) Janine will get some sort of closure. We last saw her saved from death by stoning after June took a stand. Will Gilead execute her by other means? Or give her another opportunity to bear more children? "I truly am very curious what happens to her because I immediately think, 'Oh, they'll just kill her,' but then they've got this whole other thing on their hands with the Handmaids dropping the stones," Brewer told Vulture. "What are we going to do with her now? She has two healthy ovaries!"

12) The Waterfords will return. "They're still a part of our plans for Season 2 but in interesting ways," Miller told THR. We'll definitely see more of Joseph Fienne's Fred, in particular: Season 2 wil explore, "What is the commander doing all day long, and what is his life like? What are his responsibilities?" Miller told NYT. As for Mrs. Waterford, Miller says, "I can't imagine Serena's going to be too happy... I wouldn't want to be in that house." What does that mean for Hannah, whom Serena dangled over June's head as collateral for a safe pregnancy in the finale?

13) Aunt Lydia's back story will be explored, as well as the role of the Aunts in Gilead. Praise be, we're getting more Ann Dowd!

14) Alexis Bledel will return as Emily—and a full-time cast member. Hulu announced Bledel has been upgraded to series regular from "guest star" in Season 1. Last time we saw Emily, in Episode 5, she'd been apprehended by Gilead officials after stealing a car and running over an armed guard. It sounds like she survived this ordeal—perhaps she's been sent to the colonies? Miller has already stated he's interested in exploring them. "I am encouraged by the fact that much of my storyline was either newly invented or enhanced from the book, so I think there's certainly a possibility for more," Bledel told HarpersBAZAAR.com in May.

15) Offred's mother will likely appear at some point. She's mentioned in the book and briefly in Episode 7, but there just wasn't enough time to do her justice in Season 1, Miller told THR. "We've been talking about her from day one of Season 1... It's a story we want to tell."

16) We're not done with the flashbacks, which means more opportunities to explore a pre-Gilead world. "I was happily surprised at how well the flashbacks worked for everybody, that they weren't jarring or hard to follow," Miller said. "So because of that we'll definitely do more."

17) The book itself will heavily influence Season 2, so it might be worth a re-read before the show returns. "Everybody says, 'You got to the end of the book!' And I'm like, 'No, there's still a whole bunch of stuff we didn't even touch,' Miller told the NYT. "I read the book a lot. I pick out clues here and there, not so much to alter it, but to say, 'O.K., let's logically extrapolate it.'"

18) The Season 2 premiere already has a plot, and Moss says it's intense. "It's fantastic. I had chills all over my body and my jaw dropped," she told THR.

19) It's probably coming sooner than you think. "We're going back to shoot in September," Elisabeth Moss said. "We don't want to keep audiences waiting that long.""