Friday May 19, 2017

More praise for season 2 of Master of None.

And more much deserved praise for Brockmire.

Behind the scenes in the Bachelorette casting room.  More below.

A first look at the Dynasty reboot.

When is Chip Gaines going to go away?  The answer is not soon enough.

The Keepers is now streaming on Netflix.  More below.

Vulture re-ran an interview with Jerry Seinfeld from 2 years ago.  Included within: "There are a lot of comedians who write onstage. They go up with a premise and over time carve it down. But you write and then it changes. What is the process of how your jokes get ready?
It’s just a grueling process of iterations. I’ve been working on this thing about doughnut holes recently. I just love talking about doughnut holes. As soon as you bring it up, people go, 'Really? That’s what you’re going to talk about?' It’s a silly thing to talk about and I had this thing about how I’m a very literal person. When you’re that literal, you wonder, 'Is it really holes? If they were really doughnut holes, the bag would be empty and the doughnut holes are not doughnuts because they don’t have a hole, so what is this? What are you selling?' It’s quite complicated to bring that subject up and take an audience through its moronic logic, but audiences love to hear about something very stupid that I impose a very rigorous intellect to. That joke is kind of philosophical. It’s just if you have the will to get up onstage night after night and say doughnut holes, let’s try this again, and then when you get it, if you do get it, it’s unbelievably satisfying. The big thrill is you go to another comedian, 'Did you see my doughnut hole bit?' And they go really, 'You got a bit?' 'Oh, I got a whole thing on doughnut holes.' And they go, 'Gee, I’ve seen doughnut holes, I never thought that that was a bit.' I go, 'Oh, it’s hilarious.'”

Should I be more excited for the Twin Peaks revival?  It premieres Sunday on Showtime and I couldn't care less.

Non-TV, but nevertheless relevant: "Chris Cornell's wife believes her husband's death was actually caused by an overdose of Ativan and that if he took his life he was not in his right mind. Vicky Cornell confirms the story we broke Thursday ... that she spoke with Chris twice hours before his death and he was not suicidal ... not even depressed. Vicky says when she spoke with Chris before his Detroit concert they discussed vacation plans over Memorial Day. She says after the show when they spoke, she noticed he was slurring his words, and that's when Chris told her he 'may have taken an extra Ativan or two.' The family lawyer is not ready to concede Chris' death was suicide, and says the toxicology tests may provide the key. The lawyer notes Chris was a recovering addict and, 'The family believes if Chris took his life, he did not know what he was doing, and that drugs or other substances may have affected his actions.' He adds Ativan can cause paranoid or suicidal thoughts."

Per The Hollywood Reporter, "[t]he second time's the charm for Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. 

"The season 13 star revealed Thursday on a press call that she's 'very much so in love and very much so engaged.'

"Ahead of Monday's premiere of the ABC reality dating series, the 32-year-old Texas lawyer told reporters that her journey on The Bachelorette ended in a successful proposal. 

"She offered this tease of her fiance: 'If I had a list he would check everything off.' 

"Lindsay first competed on Nick Viall's 21st season of The Bachelor before being eliminated in his finale three and telling the 34-year-old she was in love with him. Viall ultimately got down on one knee before Vanessa Grimaldi, to whom he remains engaged.

"The Dallas attorney made headlines in February when she was announced as the first black lead in Bachelor Nation's 33-season run. Her season again breaks barriers by touting the most diverse cast in the show's 15-year history.

"Lindsay appeared giddy about her life post-filming on Thursday. 'Every morning I wake up and pinch myself,' she said. But she admitted that she and her fiance are already facing the challenge of hiding their relationship from viewers only one week after wrapping production.

"'It is hard,' she said of keeping the secret. 'I'm used to a long-distance relationship where we can't see each other all the time and we can't be public. I'm used to that. But it's hard when you're so excited about something and you can't share it with everyone. But we make sure to communicate with each other all the time, and that's all you can really do.'

"But don't expect to be hearing wedding bells too soon. She and her lucky man plan to take their time.  

"'I want us to get the chance to get to know each other. Maybe it will be quick. Maybe it will be a longer engagement like Shawn [Booth] and Kaitlyn [Bristowe],' she said, referencing the former Bachelorette. 'We just really want to get to know each other.'"

Per E!, "[h]ave plans this weekend? Cancel them and prepare for a major binge session.

"Netflix's new docu-series The Keepers is set to premiere on Friday, May 19, and trust us when we say it's going to be your next true crime obsession.

"The seven-part series tells the story of the 1969 murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a beloved nun at a Catholic high school in Baltimore. Five decades later, her murder remains unsolved, and The Keepers' director Ryan White set out to find answers and expose the cover-up of sexual abuse that came to light in the 1990s.

"So is it Netflix's Making a Murderer? Nope...because it might even be better. And Ryan White is hoping the story of what happened almost five decades ago reaches as many people as Steven Avery's saga did in 2015.

"'There's definitely some pressure,' White told E! News of being called the next big true crime series. 'When we began this, Serial wasn't even out yet. So while we were making it, Serial came out, the Jinx came out, Making a Murderer came out. It's some pressure that people are asking whether ours can be as successful, but if we could have a fraction of the success of any of those series then I will be a happy storyteller. My goal, and I know the goal of the people I was following, was to bring attention to this issue, and the more people are watching it, the more people are going to demand accountability for the murder and for the sexual abuse, and also demand justice.'

"While White said he felt ready for the potential popularity the series could achieve after it premieres on Friday, he admitted he is worried about the docu-series' participants and the attention they will receive.

"'I'm more concerned about the participants in the film and whether or not they are ready for it,' he said. 'They are wonderful people and I have been able to witness their journey and I hope people are respectful of the pain and trauma they've gone through in their lives.'"

The Keepers is now available to stream on Netflix.  Click on the photo above to watch the trailer.

Per TVLine, "[t]hroughout its sixth season, Scandal was forced to handle its toughest adversary yet: President Trump.

"As star Kerry Washington revealed on Thursday’s The Daily Show, the results of the real-life presidential election heavily influenced Season 6 of the ABC drama — and an entire storyline had to be scrapped when it too closely mirrored the actual investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia.

“'Our writers have really been challenged,' the actress told Trevor Noah. '[They] were actually going to end this season with the Russians hacking the election. And they were like, "I guess we can’t do that, because that’s a reality show!" They’ve had to completely restructure the end of the show.' (And you can find out how that turned out by clicking here.)

"While it might be easy to joke that Olivia Pope should 'fix' the real-world political climate, Washington would prefer her character not be used as a scapegoat.

“'It actually made me very angry,' she said, upon realizing that 'Olivia Pope' was a trending topic on social media the day after the election. 'I’m super happy that we’re in the zeitgeist, but we are a democracy… and we got into this problem because we thought a character on television could fix our problems.'

"She continued, 'The people who have to fix our problems are us. "We the people" means we have to show up. Half the country didn’t vote. We have to show up. We have to participate.'”


Here's a link to her interview with Noah from last night.

"Attention, Stranger Things fans: if you have a crazy theory about Netflix’s blockbuster ’80s sci-fi throwback you’re dying to share with someone, Matthew Modine is eager to listen. 'Have your readers tweet me if they have some ideas,' the Full Metal Jacket star, who played Dr. Brenner on Stranger Things‘ beloved first season, tells Yahoo TV enthusiastically. 'The fan stuff is amazing. I’d love to hear what they have to say.'

"Modine’s favorite fan theory of the moment? That Eleven, the psychokinetic tween (played by breakout star Millie Bobby Brown) who Dr. Brenner has raised in secrecy in his Indiana lab, is a test tube baby rather than the biological offspring of Terry Ives (Aimee Mullins). “She’s something that’s been created — she doesn’t come from a womb,” Modine says, elaborating on this line of fan thinking.

"Lest you believe that being part of the Stranger Things family might provide the actor with insider knowledge, he makes a point of mentioning that he doesn’t possess the answers to the theories you might send his way. After all, Dr. Brenner’s current status within the show’s universe is unclear. The Season 1 finale seemed to suggest that he became food for the monstrous Demogorgon who has been terrorizing the neighboring town of Hawkins. 'It was all very dramatic,' Modine says of filming Brenner’s inconclusive final scene. 'They had all these cables on me, and I flew through the air about 20 feet. But when they started cutting the scene together, what was very dramatic [became] anticlimactic. The Duffer brothers have said that if that was the end of Dr. Brenner, they’d be very disappointed.'

"Take that as Modine’s answer for whether or not Eleven’s 'father' will return in Season 2. Even if he doesn’t make an appearance, he’ll be eagerly binging on new episodes when they hit Netflix on October 31 to have his question answered… maybe. 'I want to know the backstory of Dr. Brenner and Eleven,' he says, expressing the wishes of many fans. 'If she’s number eleven, is that a binary number? Were there 10 people before her? Is it like Heinz 57 sauce — were there 56 attempts before they got to 57? I don’t know and I want to know. The thing that interests me is that everyone thinks Brenner’s a bad guy. But I think what my have happened is that he opened Pandora’s box. He knows how dangerous she is, and that’s why he’s so desperately trying to bring her back to the laboratory. That’s my feeling, anyway.'

"Modine is in a unique position to know why Stranger Things became as successful as it did. After all, he came of age as an actor in the ’80s, appearing in such era-defining favorites as BirdyMarried to the Mob, and Vision Quest. (That high school wrestling drama, which marked Madonna’s first major film appearance, recently made its Blu-ray debut.) 'When we look back at the ’80s now, it seems like such a beautiful, simple existence,' he explains. 'Of course, if you were living at that time, you know it wasn’t. But we moved through the world differently than we do today. You had kids riding around on their bicycles instead of having helicopter parents hustling them from soccer to school to music lessons — all the things parents do today instead of just letting kids go out and play until it gets dark. Winona Ryder’s character [Joyce Byers] doesn’t know her son is missing until the next morning. If that happened today, the mother would probably be arrested!'”

"Lifetime has given the go-ahead to the original movie Cocaine Godmother starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and directed by Guillermo Navarro. Based on the life of Miami drug lord Griselda Blanco, Cocaine Godmother will go into production this year and premiere in 2018 on Lifetime.

"Blanco was living in Queens,NY, when she became embroiled with local drug runners, moving to Miami to expand her empire, where the death of her second husband gave rise to her nickname The Black Widow. She later moved to California, was deported to Colombia, and was gunned down in 2012. She was suspected of ordering more than 200 murders.

"Cocaine Godmother is produced by Asylum Entertainment for Lifetime with Steven Michaels, Jonathan Koch, Joan Harrison and Alisa Tager executive producing. Navarro (Pan’s Labrynth, Narcos) will direct from a script written by David McKenna (American History X).

"A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights."

Per Uproxx, "]i]n the competitive and exhausting world of freelance Trumping, viewers are spoiled for choice. Studio 8H’s resident Trump, Alec Baldwin, has said he sees an end to his SNL impression of the President. If Lorne Michaels is interested, there’s another non cast member that would be game to take on the wig. He comes with prior experience, too.

"Thursday’s edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show featured Ellen and guest Johnny Depp having a chat as part of his promotional blitz for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The subject of Depp’s portrayal of Trump for Funny or Die‘s Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie parody. Ellen asked if Depp had seen Baldwin’s impression of the president on Saturday Night Live. He hadn’t.

“'Well, I’ve seen Trump do Trump,' said the actor. 'Which is shocking to me.'

"When asked if he’d take over from Baldwin for that special late night gig, Depp was pretty open to it.

“'Sure,' answered Depp. 'Because then, basically, Alec’s done all the work. I can just copy him.'

"Take a moment to imagine Johnny Depp doing an impression of Alec Baldwin doing an impression of Donald Trump next season. That’d be wild. Of course, Lorne still has lots of time to sort his Trump on deck circle spot out. The season finale of Saturday Night Live featuring the impressive combo of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Katy Perry airs May 20. It will also be the farewell show for veteran SNL star Bobby Moynihan."