Thursday May 18, 2017

Bobby Moynihan is exiting Saturday Night Live after 9 seasons.

Rest in peace Chris Cornell.

Roger Ailes also passed this AM.

A photo of the cast of Rosanne, the 2017 version.

Probst's take on last night's double elimination.  I'm not sure if I like or hate all of the whispering at Tribal.  Might make sense to implement a gag order once everyone is seated.

Dennis Quaid will play George W. Bush in FX's Katrina: American Crime Story.

How Master of None got the Italian girl perfectly right.

A preview of tonight's season finale of Scandal.

Was 2 Broke Girls the filthiest show to ever air on network television?

Here is CBS' fall primetime schedule.  More below, but "CBS is adding two new comedy series on Monday, the multi-camera 9JKL and single-camera Me, Myself & I. Like last year, the network will use the short early fall Monday run of Big Bang to launch a new multi-camera sitcom, 9JKL, before sophomore Kevin Can Wait retakes the 8 PM anchor slot. This season’s Monday freshman, Man With a Plan, is being held for midseason.  There are two subtle changes involving CBS returning drama series. On Wednesday, Criminal Minds shifts to 10 PM to provide a hammock slot for new series SEAL Team at 9 PM, behind Survivor. And on Sunday, NCIS: Los Angeles and Madam Secretary both will shift an hour, with new drama Wisdom of the Crowd moving in at 8 PM, following 60 Minutes. The slot often benefits from spillover football audience in the fall."

Kerri Washington reacted to the announcement that Scandal will end after season 7: ""I think we're all a little sad but also we feel grateful to have the information. Sometimes as an actor you don't know when you're going to be out of a job, so it's nice actually to go into the last season knowing that it's our last season. We're already talking about how it's going to be, like, no-holds-barred, better than ever, no holding punches, putting it all out on the table."

In support of ABC's Downward Dog.  As a dog owner, I really enjoyed the premiere despite one of my dogs barking incessantly at the TV throughout the episode.

The case against more episodes of Arrested Development.

Getting you caught up on Twin Peaks.

Per AdAge, "[d]espite the acknowledgement from CBS CEO Les Moonves that TV is changing at a faster rate than any ever before, the Eye Network displayed some legacy beliefs during its upfronts presentation at Carnegie Hall, like the importance of the primetime schedule and the primacy of broadcast TV.

"CBS did have some indisputable successes this year, including the rise of Stephen Colbert to the top spot in late-night talk. Colbert opened the presentation with a musical number lauding CBS, then thanked President Donald Trump for the success of his show.

"'There's only one word to describe this president, and the FCC has asked me not to use it anymore,' he said.

"Colbert went on to say that President Trump doesn't like the language he uses on his show because kids are watching. 'Who says CBS is for old people?' Colbert cracked.

"Moonves praised Colbert, admitting that he likes him more now that he is No. 1 in late night.

"'A year ago who would have predicted that Stephen Colbert would be winning late-night and Bill O'Reilly would be doing a podcast in his underwear?' he said as a photo of O'Reilly in a pair of boxers appeared on the screen.

"Like other TV networks this week, CBS took the opportunity to remind the audience about the safety and reliability of its content for marketers compared to digital competitors.

"It showed a shot of a YouTube video of a sinking ship with an ad for a cruise line appearing at the bottom of the screen. 'We do not let this kind of ship happen to you,' said Jo Ann Ross, president-network sales, CBS.

"CBS spent some time praising its news division, arguably of more interest during a sustained high-velocity news cycle. And for the first time, it turned over a part of the presentation to CBS Interactive, the unit that runs the direct-to-consumer streaming product CBS All Access. Perhaps more than any show that will air on the network this season, the most anticipated trailer of the day was for Star Trek: Discovery, which will stream on All Access in the fall. (Traditional TV viewers will be able to see the premiere, but no more.)

"Star Trek is one of several shows that will get a reboot next season, a fact James Corden pointed out when he took the stage. 'Way to reinvent the wheel,' he said.

"Regarding the return of shows like Will and Grace on NBC and Roseanne on ABC, Corden said, 'This is like your own personal Groundhog Day. There must be an easier way to do this. Can't we just play the tape from 2002?'

"In the same presentation where Moonves acknowledged the need to move beyond TV's longstanding age and sex demographics and turned the stage over to the network's over-the-top service, CBS ended with Kelly Kahl, exec VP-primetime, walking through the schedule.

"'People occasionally ask me what good is a schedule any way?' Kahl said. While viewers are increasingly time-shifting, Kahl said two-thirds of CBS' viewing still takes places live.

"CBS's schedule also 'says a lot about what we are as a network,' Kahl said, arguing that the week as a whole shows stability."

From TheWrap: "Every episode of Fargo starts with the text, 'This is a true story.' The use of that card dates back to the original 1996 film, but it’s never been truly true. In Episode 5, though, Fargo includes a little piece of reality in the form of the story of Laura Buxton and her balloon.

"Sheriff Dammick (Shea Whigham) tells the short story as a way to illustrate why he doesn’t buy her version of the events surrounding the death of Ennis Stussy (Scott Hylands). In the story, a girl in England who releases a balloon with a note attached. The note gives her name, Laura Buxton, and asks whoever finds the balloon to return it to her address.

"Miles away, the balloon finally lands — where it’s found by another young girl of the same age, who also is named Laura Buxton.

"Dammick means for the story to explain that coincidences happen, and just because they sound amazing doesn’t mean they’re actually meaningful. It’s a pretty good example, in fact, because it actually happened in the real world. Both Laura Buxtons exist, and one really did send up a balloon that the other found. And they weren’t 40 or 50 miles removed, like Dammick said, but three times that, around 140 miles away from each other.

"Urban myth debunking site Snopes did a fact-check of the story, which dates back to 2001. The girls decided to meet, which is when they discovered even more similarities. They both are the same height and have the same eye color, they chose to wear similar clothes to their first meeting, they both had a black labrador dog and both dogs were the same age, and both had guinea pigs — which they both brought to the first meeting.

"While the story sounds like an anomaly of crazy coincidences, it’s actually been used as an example of how human perceive patterns and ascribe meaning to random chance. The WNYC public radio show Radiolab did an episode on the occurrence in 2009 and interviewed both girls. (It’s completely worth listening to and can be found right here.) In it, experts pointed out the tendency of people telling the story to point out similarities between the girls, while leaving out differences, for the sake of a more interesting tale.

"For instance, in the original report of the story, the balloon supposedly landed in the second Laura Buxton’s back yard. It didn’t; a neighbor discovered it in a hedge near his property, read the card, and then delivered it to the Laura Buxton he knew, thinking it was hers. And both girls weren’t actually 10 years old: one was 10, and the other was a few months shy of her 10th birthday.

"So in Sheriff Dammick’s view, the Laura Buxton story is a good illustrator of how the desire to see patterns can add meaning to coincidences where there is none. And he’s not wrong — except that he is wrong. Chief Burgle and Officer Lopez know exactly what they’re talking about, thanks to good police work, and if Dammick would just get out of the way, they could end Season 3 right here. But it wouldn’t be Fargo without a lot of unnecessary screw-ups."

From The Hollywood Reporter, "The Bachelor continued to roll out the firsts by enlisting franchise host Chris Harrison to announce the cast of the upcoming historic season of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay. 

"In a first-ever Facebook Live video cast announcement on Wednesday, Harrison introduced the men by headshot and bio, providing commentary and teasing what to expect from their introductions on night one. 'They are a part of the most successful, most diverse and, of course, most dramatic cast we have ever had on the show,' said Harrison. Describing the group as a whole as being older, with strong educational backgrounds and diverse jobs, Harrison, broadcasting from the show's official page, said, 'Rachel knows what she wants. She's not looking to date, she's looking for someone serious.'

"After much hype over whether or not ABC would buck its tradition of trotting out a majority white cast, The Hollywood Reporter can confirm that the season 13 grouping is the most diverse in the history of the franchise. Lindsay has made show history as the first black lead, and the cast features the largest number of nonwhite contestants in the reality dating series' combined 33-season run over the last 15 years. The 31 contestants debuted by Harrison will compete for Lindsay's love when the ABC reality dating series premieres Monday, though only 23 will be gifted roses and invited to move into the iconic Bachelor mansion.

"Lindsay, a 31-year-old Texas attorney, first made headlines in February when she was announced in the history-making role. She competed on Nick Viall's 21st season of The Bachelor before being eliminated in his finale three and telling the 34-year-old she was in love with him. Viall ultimately got down on one knee before Vanessa Grimaldi, to whom he remains engaged.

"'To be the first African-American woman is a beautiful thing,' Lindsay told THR of her casting, while also opening up about the pressure she would soon face over picking a black winner. 'I’m honored and humbled to be the one chosen. Because that’s how I feel: like I was chosen to be in this role.'

"Lindsay boasts a successful career as an attorney in Dallas, and a decent number of her 31 potential fiances do follow suit as working professionals: Three men are in the legal field, three in medicine and several are in consulting. Some have a clear advantage at the upcoming athletic dates, as a professional wrestler, former pro basketball player and personal trainer are also among the mix. Though, it wouldn't be a Bachelorette premiere without a few destined jokesters: a 'tickle monster' and someone labeled only as the 'whaboom.' ('It's hard to explain, but it's a lifestyle,' said Harrison of the latter.)

"During the premiere episode, the memorable first meetings will include male model Brady using a sledgehammer to 'break the ice,' construction sales rep Matt arriving in penguin costume, and Adam bringing along an identical dummy. But some bachelors go the extra mile, with fellow attorney Josiah opening up about his troubled past; Fred, who went to elementary school with Rachel, bringing along their old yearbook and admitting to a long-harbored crush; and single dad Kenny describing his devotion to his daughter.

"The premiere will also see the return of the four suitors who, in another show first, met Lindsay early during The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special following Viall's finale. That includes Blake E., who brings a marching band along and kicks off the season's confrontations when he accuses Lucas of not being on the show for the right reasons.

"The Bachelorette returns May 22 at 9 p.m., before moving to its regular time of 8 p.m. on May 29, and launches on the heels of the announcement that Bachelor alums Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have split after a little more than a year of being engaged. The season 20 star and his fiancee moved to Denver and led their own Freeform spinoff and special before making their breakup public."

Per Uproxx, "[w]e have now officially entered Emmy season, when networks and studios will spend big bucks on campaigns in an effort to get their shows considered for nominations. But this year, one sitcom is putting its Emmy campaign budget to good use, and making a powerful statement in the process.

"Mom creator Chuck Lorre and lead actress Allison Janney announced on CBS This Morning Thursday that the $250,000 which would have been spent on the CBS sitcom’s Emmy campaign will instead be donated to Planned Parenthood. This, of course, comes at an imperative time when the GOP is trying to push a new healthcare bill through the senate that would essentially eliminate funding for the non-profit organization, which helps millions of low-income women access fundamental preventative care.

"Sue Dunlap, CEO of Planned Parenthood, Los Angeles, said in a statement: 'In Los Angeles County alone, we answer approximately 2,000 calls each day from people asking us for help. Across the country, millions of women and men are relying on Planned Parenthood health centers for their basic care — like birth control, life-saving cancer-screenings, and STD testing and treatment. We are committed to being here for them, no matter what. Generous support from our community fuels this work, and we are honored that the team behind Mom is launching this campaign at this critical time.'

"Janney, who has won two Emmys for her work on Mom, is a longtime supporter of Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles. Lorre established the Robert Levine Family Health Center for the Venice Family Clinic in his father’s name. Likewise, Janney’s Mom costar Anna Faris is a supporter of the Global Alliance to Prevent Premature and Stillbirths."

Per Deadline and from the Who Cares Department, Kenny Smith, "the two-time NBA champ and his wife and producing partner, Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith dunked a new deal – this one with ITV America.

"The multi-year exclusive development deal could see the duo individually or together fronting one or more of the wide-ranging projects 'if the opportunity presents itself,' I’m told. As a new label under ITV America, the couple’s Smith Entertainment will work up and execute lifestyle, reality, lifestyle, docuseries, competition shows for broadcast, cable and streaming platforms – and there could be some sports in there too for the Emmy winning Inside The NBA on TNT co-host and former Houston Rocket.

“'Kenny and Gwendolyn are a modern-day power couple with incredible ideas and plans to create groundbreaking programming,' said ITV America CEO Brent Montgomery on Wednesday. 'We’re excited to collaborate with them in this creative partnership and to bring their great taste and sensibilities to multiple platforms.'

"The NBA on TNT co-host and the long time The Price Is Right model produced and appeared together in 2015 in TBS’s six-episode reality show Meet The Smiths."

Talk about a non-story.  Sorry to have wasted your time.