Thursday March 30, 2017

ABC has canceled Time After Time.

Do you know what this S Thing is all about?

Season 29 of The Amazing Race premieres tonight.

As does the series finale of Comedy Central's Review.

I'm secretly enjoying Are You The One? Second Chances.  Don't hate.  It's a combination of the aforementioned Amazing Race + Paradise Hotel + The Challenge.

"Adam Pally was busted in NYC Tuesday night for smoking marijuana from an E-Cig, and carrying a tiny baggie of cocaine ... TMZ has learned. The Making History and Mindy Project star allegedly took a rip on West 48th Street in Hell's Kitchen ... cops patrolling the 'hood caught a whiff and cited him for misdemeanor drug possession ... according to law enforcement sources.When officers patted down Adam ... we're told they found the baggie of blow, and hit him with another misdemeanor charge. He was issued a ticket to appear before a judge within 30 days."

Carl's Jr. is doing away with its salacious television advertisements.

A "huge crowd lined up outside the Barnes & Noble in Tribeca on Monday was for Lilly Singh. Never heard of her? Singh, 28, is a Canadian YouTube star (username 'IISuperwomanII') with 11 million subscribers. Last year, she was No. 3 on Forbes’ list of the highest-paid YouTube stars with $7.5 million in earnings. The bookseller had security men controlling the hundreds of mostly teenage fans who turned out to get her signature on her new book How To Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life.”

Jimmy Fallon is losing his head writer.

"Dateline NBC executive producer Liz Cole has been working on the show in some capacity since 1993, well before Nicole Brown Simpson and JonBenet Ramsey were murdered. As the show approaches its 25th anniversary on Friday night, she understands that certain true-crime mysteries continue to resonate with viewers decades after they occur. With the exception of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Dateline NBC has devoted more minutes to the O.J. Simpson case than any other in the 25-year history of the series. The murder of JonBenet comes in second and both cases were recently revisited because of their 20-year anniversaries. In fact, Dateline aired a two-hour special for each case that was a culmination of all of those years of reporting and they resulted in the two highest rated “Dateline” programs in 2016." 

"After photos of Bryan Cranston on the set of Better Call Saul's third season hit the internet, diehard fans went wild on social media for the Breaking Bad reunion. And they weren't the only ones. 

"At the show's third-season premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, show co-creator Vince Gilligan told The Hollywood Reporter about Cranston's trip to Albuquerque and visit to the set of the AMC Breaking Bad spinoff: 'It was awesome. He got to see crewmembers from Breaking Bad he hadn't seen in about four years.' 

"Gilligan, who created Breaking Bad, added, 'You're really busy when you're directing, but at one point I took a little breather and saw him shooting the breeze with crewmembers from Breaking Bad who are now on Better Call Saul. It made me so happy.'

"Bob Odenkirk, who stars as Breaking Bad alum Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman on Better Call Saul, said, 'Anybody would be lucky to have Bryan near their set. He's the greatest dude. He set the bar for everyone in every way. I wish he was there all the time.'

"But Jonathan Banks had a bone to pick with Cranston. The Bad and Saul star joked, 'Let's get that bald-headed old man out of here! I said to him, "You gained so much weight and your skin condition is just horrible." I hope he's finding a job somewhere! I wouldn't imagine it being in the acting field.'

"Although Cranston's time on set was just a visit — and not a return as Walter White — that doesn't mean fans won't be seeing other Breaking Bad characters appear in season three. They'll see Giancarlo Esposito return as Gustavo Fring and will finally get to meet Saul Goodman.

"Said Gilligan on taking time to get to this point, when Jimmy McGill sheds his skin to become Saul: 'There was a time where we thought he would be Saul Goodman from the get-go, but then we thought about the first episode of Breaking Bad he appeared in where he had a different name in the past, so we thought about doing that just in season one where he's Jimmy McGill and halfway through the season he'll turn into Saul Goodman.'

"But things didn't go as planned.

"'We were nervous initially,' he said. 'People thought we were trying to pull some bait and switch. There's a certain truth in advertising you want to adhere to. It's called Better Call Saul. But as we kept going we thought, "God, we really love this guy Jimmy McGill." He's so many good things that when he becomes Saul Goodman he's not. More and more we realized him becoming Saul Goodman was a tragedy. That continues to be the case where he works towards devolving into Saul Goodman. And it's a shame that's going to happen.'

"Odenkirk also spoke about inching their way closer and closer to when the Breaking Bad timeline began.

"'Once the dominoes start falling it goes faster and faster,' he revealed. 'In season three, really at the very end is when they start to fall. It's a faster season.'

"The premiere was followed by an afterparty at the Culver Hotel where guests made sure to get the night's version of Fring's famous Los Pollos Hermanos chicken."

Click the video above to see more behind the scenes footage from BCS.

I really swung and missed on this one over the past couple of days!  "Mindy Lahiri is hanging up her scrubs.

"In the wake of the conjugal cliffhanger betrayed by the final moments of Tuesday’s fifth season finale of The Mindy Project, EW can exclusively reveal some big news about Mindy Kaling’s treasured little bauble of a rom-com: The Mindy Project will return this September on Hulu for its sixth — and final — season.

"Hulu’s head of content, Craig Erwich, who was instrumental in bringing the show to the streaming service after its cancellation, issued this statement about its conclusion: 'It has been an honor and a joy to work with Mindy and the entire creative team behind The Mindy Project. This series has been part of Hulu since we launched the service and, thanks to Mindy’s incredibly unique voice and vision, has remained one of our most popular and beloved series over the past five years. While we can’t wait to see what Mindy has in store for what will undoubtedly be a fantastic sixth and final season, we know The Mindy Project will live on as fans will continue to watch, discover and re-live all of the best moments from the complete series on Hulu.'

"Kaling—the show’s creator, star, narrator, writer, namesake, executive producer, and presumably big fan in general—spoke with EW about the decision to end the show after season 6, the consequences of the season 5 finale, and the wild, wonderful ride of The Mindy Project:

Before we get into discussing the final season news, let’s quickly break down the season 5 finale. Mindy’s last look—what does it mean?!
You know, Matt [Warburton, executive producer] and I always talk about the Mindy character and how we can never give her what she wants. She can make this big romantic gesture and be super mature and have this great realization at the end of an episode, but she can never get what she wants. And I think we’re filling in the seeds of doubt. That’s a really bold thing for anybody to do. She’s usually on the receiving end of these kinds of gestures from her various beaus over the years, and now she’s doing it, and we felt like that was a really realistic way for her to react.

I think that final tableau of Mindy, Ben, and the kids might have been the happiest I’ve ever been for Mindy, maybe? What did it mean to you to have a glimpse at that family portrait, even if she has her doubts?
I agree with you. I think that tableau on the subway was shot really beautifully. In watching it, I was thinking, this is so unglamorous for this character who can be so shallow and have so the wrong priorities, but this is such a nice moment for her. That she didn’t need to be a princess. That she took her own destiny in her hands. That she did this kind of really feminist thing. But she’s also this big striver, and I think that moment at the end—is this exactly what I wanted?—felt ambiguous. The honest truth is that we haven’t really unpacked that moment yet as writers. I have certain ideas, but it’s much more fun to go into the next season with that as our little puzzle that we have to untie or figure out.

Since season 6 will be the last season of The Mindy Project, how does this finale set the scene for those episodes?
We’re really excited about this last season. I think the timing is exactly right. What’s weird is, Mindy is married at the end of the season 5 finale, but she has never been married in the series, so that’s incredibly fun for a character who’s been obsessed with [marriage] and has come close many times, and seeing her disavow it for a while after her disastrous breakup with who she thought was her soulmate. And now she’s married! The final season is the final time—it’s the besttime—to confront what that reality is for her. And really, we’ve put her through the ringer. It’s hard. I’m a romantic at heart. I believe that marriage is like, a sacred relationship, and I really like it, but I’m also single myself, so I see every side of it. It’s going to be really fun to explore.

Okay, so: Tell me about the how and why of deciding to end the show.
I mean this half-jokingly, but at a certain point it was like, I think she’s dated every man in Manhattan. Sex and the City lasted for, what, six seasons with 10 episodes each? I don’t know that there’s been a show about a woman trying to find love in New York City that has lasted quite this long. And frankly, there’s no more actors in Hollywood left to date. [Laughs.]

That’s my joking answer. But the thing about these characters, especially this past season, is that we’ve really gotten into their romantic and interior lives, like Ed Weeks’ character, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Xosha Roquemore, all of them. That’s been really fun, and it just felt like… we’ve seen so much of Mindy’s dating adventures, and I love that, but we’ve seen this character go through dating stuff a lot. We’ve seen her be a mom, and we even had enough time to explore that. We started this series when she was single, and now she’s married and has a kid and she has a stepdaughter, and it kind of just felt like [a few] more episodes was all we needed to wind this down.

Have you always known the ending you’ve wanted for Mindy at the conclusion of the series?
You know, I’ve always had an image in my mind of what would be in the last five minutes of the finale, but I don’t know what the explanations are for it. I’ve seen something for her character, but I don’t know what it would mean about marriage or not-marriage, if that makes any sense. I haven’t figured that part out yet. But I want to do something surprising. I want to do something that feels good but also makes you feel like when you leave the character, that she’s learned something in these past six years—for someone who doggedly doesn’t want to learn. She’s actually, unwittingly become kind of better.

I think it’s working toward a finite ending. I’ve only done these series that last for a really long time, and I’ve been on two shows that have gone over 100 episodes, and in the middle of it, you approach the material very differently than you do at the beginning, and now, I get this gift. I wasn’t on The Office the last season as a writer—I was starting this show—so now I have this gift of, I get to finish a series! And it’s really fun! I finally get to do that.

Given the luxury of having the time to wrap everything up, what are the must-hits, narratively, in this final season?
I know there are a lot of shows that like to end the series seeing how each character kind of rides off into the sunset. There’s definitely that route [to consider]. I haven’t started thinking about it yet, but I like you being able to picture where the characters are afterwards. I think that’s nice. I remember when The Office ended and Michael got married to Holly, you like thinking that he had a baby with Holly and they were living in [Colorado]. So I do like that, but we haven’t started thinking about what those actually are for everybody.

It sounds like you do want closure over cliffhanger, though.
Yeah, I do think closure is fun. It’s funny, when you think of greatest hits and where you can picture the characters going… Mindy has been to every iconic New York place. There’s still a small handful that I don’t want to say that I would love to have her go to, but she’s been to the Empire State Building, she’s been to the Central Park carousel. She’s been everywhere, she’s run into every New York politician. So I think it’ll be fun to see what is left. Whether she runs into Melania. I don’t know.

Through the lens of a final season, what are your thoughts on the show’s title and Mindy as a project unto herself?
Everyone is always wondering, how could a character this selfish be a mother, and what always seemed so easy to us is that, like, yeah, she would just kind of put that onto her kid. I think she is always going to have to fight her worst urges. That’s what sets her apart from a lot of other female leads in these other shows. She has the predilection to do the selfish thing, so there will always be a project. I do think she’s grown a little bit in the past six years, in a way that’s really even surprised her. But I would like to see, at the end of this series, if what she wanted at the beginning is what she wanted at the end. Also, we’re all feminists who make this show, and it’d be great if that character can become a little bit more like what we’re like by the end of it. [Laughs]

Any final thoughts as you get ready to start planning and unpacking all of this?
We’re going to blow the lid off the show. I’m so excited. I’ve never been able to write toward the end of a season, and I’m obviously obsessed with cinematic stuff, so I’m really excited about this last season. I think we’re going to get amazing guest stars, because there have been so many people who have been wanting to do the show, but now that they know it’s going to end, it’s going to be very exciting to pull some of these movie people I’ve been working with and have them come be in the show. It’s going to be a great season."

Per Deadline, "[a]head of the Season 4 premiere on April 23, HBO has released the official trailer and key art for its acclaimed comedy Silicon Valley.

"At the end of Season 3, Jared’s (Zach Woods) clickfarm scam had been discovered and covered up, a scandal threatened to gut Hooli king Gavin Belson (Matt Ross), a side project could become an accidental focus, and Erlich (T.J. Miller) and Big Head (Josh Brener) have a new asset.

"Thomas Middleditch stars as Richard Hendricks, the code-brilliant but corporate-clueless company runner whose billion-dollar platform could change everything — if he and his team of uber coders (Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr) can ever get it all together. Amanda Crew, Suzanne Cryer and Jimmy O. Yang co-star in the comic techie romp, which was created by Mike Judge & John Altschuler & Dave Krinsky.

"Season 4 kicks off Sunday, April 23 at 10 PM on HBO. Check out the trailer above."

From Mashable: "Get ready to enter the darkest depths of cyberspace in a show that looks very much like America's answer to the British hit Black Mirror. 

"Late Wednesday, Hulu dropped the trailer for its new series Dimension 404 — a show that explores "the wonders and horrors of our digital age" in six one-hour episodes. 

"Narrated by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, the show stars Lea Michele, Joel McHale, Constance Wu, Sarah Hyland, Megan Mullally, Patton Oswalt, Ashley Rickard, Robert Buckley, Lorenza Izzo, Malcolm Barrett and other geek favorites.

"The RocketJump team called the series 'the biggest project' they have undertaken to date.

"Founded in 2010, RocketJump is the brainchild of Freddie Wong, Matthew Arnold and Desmond Dolly. It's home to a catalog of hundreds of original videos — including popular YouTube series Video Game High School — that have gained more than 1.2 billion views and nearly 8 million subscribers on YouTube.

"Last year, RocketJump debuted its first seres on Hulu, RocketJump: The Show, which showcases the production team behind the scenes as they create action-comedy short films.

"Dimension 404 launches on — you guessed it — April 4."

All in.

Per Deadline, "Amazon Studio’s passion for The Grateful Dead will extend beyond the four-hour Amir Bar Lev-directed feature documentary Long Strange Trip that it acquired at Sundance last January. Also in the works, say sources: a biographical TV series that will be written by Jonathan Herman, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his Straight Outta Compton script about the formation of seminal hip-hop group N.W.A.

"Herman will adapt the untitled series based on Home Before Daylight: My Life On The Road With The Grateful Dead, the memoir by longtime Grateful Dead roadie Steve Parish. That will fuel a series whose ambition is to capture the long-running phenomenon that is The Grateful Dead, a band of musical misfits who came of age during the apex of the 1960s San Francisco counter-culture movement. They toured almost non-stop for three decades, and became one of the most legendary American bands in rock history. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and continue to jam for their fans, even though their frontman Jerry Garcia died in 1995.

"Grateful Dead co-founder Bob Weir will executive produce the project alongside Parish, and Weir will also oversee all music for the series. Bernie Cahill and ROAR will also serve as executive producers, and Stephen Emery is a co-EP. Peter Binazeski is overseeing for Amazon."

Per TheWrap, "[b]reathe easy, Flip or Flop fans; Tarek and Christina El Moussa might still be split up, but their popular HGTV show isn’t destined for demolition, despite a recent report.

"In Touch reported Tuesday that there are 'no plans to film a new season' of Flip or Flop, citing a source who said, 'They won’t go beyond what they’ve already shot. There will be only the spin-off shows with the new couples in different cities.'

"The source added, 'Season 7 is their last.'

"However, TheWrap contacted two separate sources close to the situation who both threw cold water on the report.

“'It’s false,' one source said on Tuesday. Another individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap Tuesday that the series is still in production on its seventh season.

"But In Touch’s report doesn’t jibe with what TheWrap has just learned. The report said: 'The production company is not shooting Season 8 now, which normally it would be doing if HGTV had plans to air it.'"

Story still developing . . . . I will get a definitive answer ASAP.