Thursday March 16, 2017

The NCAA Tournament will consume most if not all of my television viewing between now and Monday.  Rejoice.

I was very sad to see Workaholics come to an end last night, but, as expected, they went out on a high note.

Come on Are You The One? kids.  You're better than that.

Here's what's next for a few of the couples who did actually match.

CBS has already renewed The Good Fight for a 2nd season.

HBO has renewed Crashing for a 2nd season.

Comedy Central rolls out a new season of Review beginning this evening.

You can watch all 10 episodes of Snatch on Crackle at your leisure.

The folks over at Scientology were not too happy about A&E's decision to renew Lean Remini's show for a 2nd season.  Shocking, I know.

The Ringer's Bryan Curtis sat down with Pat O'Brien for an in-depth interview.

More from The Ringer, this time in support of Netflix series Love.

Mischa Barton got not just one but 2 restraining orders against 2 former boyfriends ... one or both of whom she believes is peddling a sex tape.

The Property Brothers latest score.

Who said it, Lorelai Gilmore or Sarah Braverman?

On this Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, we "check in with the Hilltop and finally find out if Sasha and Rosita can kick their revenge plan into gear. The odds are against them because there are three episodes left this season, and Negan’s got plenty more speechin’ and slouchin’ left on his contract. Speaking of long-winded saviors, Simon will be on the hunt for Daryl, which will cause turmoil in the Hilltop. His campaign of terror could be the impetus Gregory needs to unite against Negan. Since Ezekiel finally got on board last week, and Rick is only a few guns away from having his Trash People army — guns that he’ll probably get from Oceanside in the penultimate chapter — the Anti-Negan Alliance is nearly complete! But don’t think it won’t be a rocky road, because as we learned last week and all weeks before that… The Walking Dead writers hate Rick’s happiness."

Ratings were not good for the season 3 premiere of American Crime on Sunday (#s were just released after a Nielsen power outage).  I happened to think it got off to a pretty good start.

20 "unbelievable" facts about Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.  Amongst my favorites:

  • In 2012 Heidi and Spencer believed that the Mayan apocalypse was going to destroy the Earth so they allegedly blew through $10 million in anticipation.
  • How famous were Spencer and Heidi in 2009? They were the third-most popular celebrity couple behind Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and the Obamas, according to USA Today.
  • Spencer is a competitive jiujitsu fighter, and apparently he’s pretty good.
  • They don’t have to pay rent right now because they stay in Spencer’s parents vacation home near Santa Barbara.

FX has renewed Legion for a 2nd season.

Per Deadline, "[s]o a rapper and a model walk onto a stage … to host a new TBS show. The Turner cable net said today that Method Man and Hailey Baldwin will emcee Drop the Mic, a rap-battle competition series launching May 2 from executive producers James Corden, Ben Winston, Jensen Karp and Ed Thomas. The show is based on the popular segment from Corden’s CBS late-night show, which also launched Carpool Karaoke.

"Drop the Mic will pit four stars from the worlds of entertainment, music, sports and pop culture against one another. At the end of each head-to-head battle, the studio audience will vote on the winner.

“'Drop the Mic is a funny, authentic, high-energy series that brings together hip-hop, comedy and pop culture in a way we’ve never seen before,' said Michael Bloom, SVP Unscripted & Special Event Programming at TBS. 'Method, Hailey, James, Ben and their team will make sure our celebrity competitors bring their ‘A’ game to the stage.'”

Just stop.

"Scandal has served up plenty of tasty twists during the past six seasons, but Thursday’s (ABC, 9/8c) promises to be a real doozy: the reveal of Frankie Vargas’ killer.

“'Whenever these moments come in Scandal, I think you should just strap in, get a nice bottle of wine and get ready for whatever’s going to happen, Joe Morton (aka Papa Pope) tells TVLine.

"While Morton remains tight-lipped about Rowan’s potential involvement in the president-elect’s assassination, he will admit to having a hell of a time playing the show’s alpha baddie.

“'It’s great getting to play a villain because all things are possible, especially with a character like this, who will go to any lengths to achieve what needs to be achieved,' he explains, though he shrugs off the 'scariest guy on TV' moniker I attempt to give him. 'There are a bunch of us, apparently. There’s the guy who wears the black hat, then there’s the guy on House of Cards.'

"And last week’s episode gave us one more potential addition to that list: the mysterious red-dressed woman who managed to put Rowan in his place, while make it seem like he was inconveniencing her.

“'I’m not quite sure where that’s going,' Morton says, 'but it’s always interesting when you see someone very powerful … having to go through the slings and arrows, the ups and downs of being powerful. It’s an interesting journey to follow. For someone like Rowan, I’ll be interested to see if in fact he’s beholden to someone else. Is it just this woman, or is there a much larger organization that might be out there in the world?'

"Either way, he’s just happy that Rowan is still standing: 'On many other shows, I think I would have been killed off by now,' Morton admits. 'But because he’s Olivia’s dad, I’d like to think he holds a special place in the fabric of Scandal.'”

Anthony Bourdain wrote an interesting personal piece for  Amongst the highlights:

"I don't want to sound like I’m bragging about this, but the sad fact is, until 44 years of age, I never had any kind of savings account. I’d always been under the gun. I’d always owed money. I'd always been selfish and completely irresponsible.

"I had a paper route at various times. I was a bicycle messenger in New York during summer and Christmas vacations. I was a shitty messenger because, free in New York without supervision, I’d just buy loose joints for a dollar and go to the grind houses, where it was a triple bill—Bruce Lee, Melvin Van Peebles, and a revival film—all for three bucks. The drinking age was 18 at the time, and somehow, at 14, I could pass. As a bicycle messenger, you only worked as much as you liked. So, I worked a little. I was not exactly the most motivated bicycle messenger in the world.

"In cooking school, I’d work weekends in New York as a cook; I think I was paid $40 cash per shift, which was a lot at the time. I made extra money by playing poker and Acey-Deucey, another card game. I may or may not have moved a little product. I graduated and went right to work, five, six days a week, often 12 hours a day. At first, after taxes, I never went home with more than 120 bucks. Not a lot of dough. I was staying with my then-girlfriend. I scrounged. Slowly, over time, I transitioned into a rent payer, such as I could. I ate most of my meals at work, or from the falafel place, the bagel place or the diner. Weed was a major expense. Before I reached the point where weed made me paranoid and agoraphobic, it was costing me a few hundred dollars a week. Looking back, the fact that I'd been smoking weed heavily since I was 14 might have had something to do with my relative lack of ambition. Just saying.

"I didn’t put anything aside, ever. Money came in, money went out. I was always a paycheck behind, at least. I usually owed my chef my paycheck: again, cocaine. Like I said, until I was 44, I never even had a savings account.

"I was constantly in debt. I published a few books before Kitchen Confidential, but they were not financial successes. I was given a $10,000 advance for Bone in the Throat, which I split 50-50 with my old college roommate, who got me into book publishing. For the second book, Gone Bamboo, I probably walked away with around eight grand. When Kitchen Confidential was published, I hadn’t filed taxes in about 10 years. I was seriously behind on rent. It had been about a decade since I’d communicated with American Express in a timely manner. In my daily life, the goal was to muffle the anxiety that I’d feel as I tried to drift off to sleep knowing that, at any point, what little money I had in my bank account could be garnished by the IRS or the credit card company. The landlord could kick me to the curb. That was my reality for many years.

"I think living like that made me very cautious. I held onto my job after Kitchen Confidential came out; I was hesitant about whether I should leave the kitchen, and I waited as long as I could. I was old enough to realize I’d been handed this incredible, lucky break and I was very unlikely to get another one. There was this weird moment where I noticed that everyone in the dining room were journalists waiting to talk to me, and I realized I’d become the sort of chef I used to despise, constantly having to leave the kitchen to deal with journalists. I didn’t want to be that guy. So I left. Once I did that risky thing, leaving the only profession I knew to become a professional writer and TV guy, I was, and continue to be, very careful about the decisions I make every day.

"The reports of my net worth are about ten times overstated. I think the people who calculate these things assume that I live a lot more sensibly than I do. I mean, I don’t live recklessly — I have one car. But I don’t deprive myself simple pleasures. I’m not a haggler. There’s not enough time in the world. I tend to go for the quickest, easiest, what’s comfortable. I want it now. Time’s running out.

"Nobody likes paying high taxes, but I don’t mind. Maybe that’s a luxury, but I don’t need to hire some hotshot to spend 12 hours a day figuring out how to chisel the government out of an extra few thousand dollars. If getting that extra money means a lot of phone calls and talking to financial analysts and lawyers, I don’t want it. I don’t want to have those conversations. A friend said, 'You live outside the country more than half of the year. Create a bogus residence in the Caymans and pay no U.S. taxes.' I’d feel like a shit doing that. I’m an American. I don’t want to be that guy. I don’t want to have those kinds of conversations. I’m putting myself to sleep just thinking about it. I’d rather make a lot less money. It’s honest dollars. Everybody gets theirs: my partners make money, I make money, the government gets theirs. If they call me in for a full audit, great, here I am. It’s all there. I lived a lot of years afraid of the bank, the landlord and the government calling. Nowadays, it’s nice to not be afraid."

"Master of None, Netflix’s slice-of-life, Emmy Award-winning comedy starring Aziz Ansari, is getting ready to come back for season two.

"Ansari, who co-created the show and serves as one of its executive producers, announced on his Instagram and Twitter that it’ll be coming back to the streaming service on Friday, May 12.

"At the end of season one, Ansari’s character, Dev, decides to travel abroad to Italy to learn how to cook pasta after failing as an actor. The new episodes pick up as Dev returns to New York after the experience.

"In the teaser, released by Netflix on Wednesday, Dev is seen riding on vespas with his friend Arnold (Eric Wareheim) through what we can assume is the Italian countryside.

"Dev will experience a number of challenges in his return, including a new career opportunity and a 'complex, developing relationship with someone very meaningful to him,' according to a Netflix press release.

"In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last July, co-showrunner Alan Yang teased that at least part of the second season would take place in Italy. Yang also said that Ansari’s on and offscreen parents, Shoukath Ansari and Fatima Ansari, will return.

"In January, Ansari told press that the writers wanted to go through more life experiences before cracking into season two, since the first season was so personal."

Watch the teaser above.

Per Realscreen, "Vice Media and Snap Inc. have expanded their relationship to produce and develop Shows exclusively for Snapchat, beginning with the new original series, Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson.

"Rapper, chef and television star, Action Bronson will add matchmaker to his resume in the eight-episode series Hungry Hearts. Over the course of each episode, he will send potential paramours on curated dates, planning their activities and meals, and giving a play-by-play for the Snapchat audience.

"At the end of each episode, Bronson will predict whether or not the two will go on a second date before their decision is ultimately revealed.

"The latest of Vice’s programming for Snapchat, produced by Viceland, will premiere exclusively on the platform later in 2017.

"This agreement expands on Vice’s longstanding collaboration with Snap Inc. Vice was a global launch partner for the Snapchat Discover platform, including their French language launch in 2016.

"Hungry Hearts comes in the midst of major mobile expansion at Vice, the company noted in a statement.

"In early March at the Mobile World Congress conference, Vice announced a series of deals to bring its mobile products to hundreds of millions of new mobile subscribers worldwide. Following these deals, Vice’s content spanning lifestyle, culture, news, sports, food and more, will be delivered to over 80 territories by the end of 2017."