Wednesday October 11, 2017

Mr. Robot returns tonight for a 3rd season on USA. More below.

Slim Shady!

More Harvey Weinstein allegations, per another exposé courtesy of The New Yorker.  I don't have the strength to remain interested in this scumbag's antics.

Season 4 will be the last for Starz series Survivor's Remorse.

CBS renewed Ransom for a 2nd season.

Audience renewed Mr. Mercedes for a 2nd season.  I tried to watch the 1st episode, not good.

Season 2 of Riverdale premieres tonight.

As does the reboot of Dynasty.

Looking at the fashion style of Dr. Mindy Lahiri.

"Claudia and Jackie Oshry of The Morning Breath believe that The Bachelor‘s Nick Viall is sleeping his way to the top. It was just announced that Nick will be appearing on ABC’s Speechless as a 'B movie actor who is a little too Method,' and the girls are not here for it! Nick has been a not-so-popular figure in the Bachelor franchise. Claudia and Jackie have been very outspoken about their dislike for the reality star, and believe the only reason he landed the part is that he’s sleeping with executives at ABC. They believe he would 'do anything and anyone to be on television.'”  Shhhhhhhhh.

"Terry Crews took to Twitter Tuesday to express solidarity with victims of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment and assault and to share his own story of being the target of an entertainment executive. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star wrote in a series of posts on Twitter that he was groped by an unnamed executive at an industry event a year ago. 'My wife n I were at a Hollywood function last year n a high level Hollywood executive came over 2 me and groped my privates,' Crews wrote. He went on to write that he leapt away from the man and considered fighting back physically, but thought better of it. '"240 lbs. Black Man stomps out Hollywood Honcho" would be the headline the next day,' he wrote."

"Monty Hall was always ready to make a deal — especially if you were wearing an outrageous costume. The late host of Let’s Make a Deal sat down with Jeopardy‘s Alex Trebek for a wide-ranging interview as part of the documentary Game Changers, which premieres Oct. 20 on BUZZR. In this exclusive sneak peek, Hall recalls how he got into hosting — because he failed at acting!"


Per Vulture, "[f]ans of Comedy Central’s Broad City are very familiar with artist, illustrator, animator, and all-around genius Mike Perry’s work, even if they don’t know it. He’s the guy who’s been making the seven-second animated interludes that announce the series’ title for the past four seasons (and more recently, created the Broad City coloring book). So it was natural that creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer would turn to Perry when they wanted to do their first animated episode, airing tonight.

“'Going into the fourth season, Abbi and Ilana were given permission to push the boundaries a bit and see how they can grow the show into the future,' Perry says from his New York studio. 'They were interested in doing a cartoon thing.' The idea for the episode is that Abbi and Ilana (the characters, not the writers themselves) would take mushrooms, and Perry would animate their entire trip.

"It’s a slow build that begins with the two just having animated eyes. It then moves to cartoon versions of the two of them walking down a real street, and culminates in an eight-minute fully animated cartoon scape of psilocybin craziness. Once the two come down from their trip a bit, we see other animated flourishes throughout the rest of the episode, a wonderful way to show that, even as the mushrooms wear off, they’re still a little bit affected.

"Perry says the difference between the 'type pieces' — as his kaleidoscopic opening credits are called — and this episode was more than just the level of ambition. For the type pieces, Perry draws them himself and is only constrained by the time limit and expressing the visual language of the show. 'The episode with the animation is actual television,' he says. 'You get a script, you go through the process of the storyboards and the voice-over, and editing everything for time and doing a shot list.' He credits a 'very organized Google doc' for making everything come together smoothly.

"He also got some extra staff to help carry the load. Perry hired four animators for the entire process and a few more for the crunch time before the deadline. “Animators are great, beautiful people,” he says. 'Their job is to capture the acting of the characters in the shot and how they move. It’s through their mastery of human movements and the ability to spend a stupid number of hours listening to the same dialogue over and over and over again to come up with the perfect sequence.'

"In total, Perry says it took about 14,000 separate drawings and seven months to make the 22-minute episode. Perry, who got involved with the show after striking up a friendship with Jacobson at a party at Art Basel, says the last time he did mushrooms was just few weeks ago. The content of the episode didn’t require any, ahem, additional research.

“'What I enjoy about mushrooms in particular is that they’re geared toward a loving energy and they’re very visual for me,' Perry says. 'One of my favorite words is "wiggly," and I think it has that impact on your point of view. I reflected on the feeling of time moving differently and trying to sneak that in and embrace the ups and down of the vibes of the trip.'

"Perry’s favorite part of the episode is when Abbi and Ilana are peaking, and they walk through a tunnel full of things that both frighten and amaze them. 'That is what happens when you go on a trip and you’re not prepared or you find yourself where you’re not comfortable,' he says. 'You feel like there’s a roller coaster that hits you. We wanted to capture those ups and downs.'

"Broad City’s animated episode airs tonight at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central."


Per The Hollywood Reporter, "[t]he third season of Mr. Robot is wasting no time getting into the thick of one of the show's most intriguing mysteries.

"USA Network have released the first seven minutes of the season-three premiere, airing Oct. 11, culminating in the exploration of the Washington Township nuclear power plant — a site of great importance to Whiterose (BD Wong), the enigmatic leader of the Dark Army, and more commonly known by her public alias: Zhang, China's Minister of State Security.

"For those in need of a refresher, the Washington Township reactor was the same site where both Elliot Alderson's (Rami Malek) father and Angela Moss' (Portia Doubleday) mother once worked, ultimately leading to both of their deaths, and pushing Elliot down the dark path that led to the Five/Nine Hack. Whatever's happening in this facility, it's critical to Whiterose's unknown agenda, and the fact that it's finally featured within the opening minutes of the new season is a very promising start for anyone hoping to clarify the greater meta narrative of the series.

"Beyond the Whiterose and Washington Township of it all, the first few minutes reveal another major player on the board: Irving, the so-called used car salesman played by new series-regular Bobby Cannavale. Clearly, there's more to the man than meets the eye, given the role he takes upon hearing the news of Elliot's gunshot wound — but the aesthetic and accent Cannavale brings to the character practically reeks of snake oil all the same."


Per Deadline, "Apple is zeroing in on a reboot of Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories as one of its first series in its foray into original programming under Jamie Erlicht & Zack Van Amburg, heads of the newly formed worldwide video programming division.

"The tech giant is nearing a deal for a remake of the cult Spielberg-produced anthology series, which aired from 1985-87 series on NBC. The project, written by Hannibal and American Gods‘ Bryan Fuller, was originally set up at NBC two years ago. It comes from Spielberg’s Amblin TV and Universal TV, with Amblin TV’s Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey executive producing the reboot alongside Fuller.

“'It’s wonderful to be reunited with our colleagues Zack and Jamie in their new capacity at Apple,' said Jennifer Salke, President, NBC Entertainment, who oversees Universal TV. 'We love being at the forefront of Apple’s investment in scripted programming, and can’t think of a better property than Spielberg’s beloved Amazing Stories franchise with the genius of Bryan Fuller at the helm and more exciting creative partnerships to come.'

"The original Amazing Stories got an initial two-season order. It did not attract wide enough audiences and was canceled but has seen developed devoted cult following, something streaming services crave. The NBC series won five Emmys, including one for guest actor John Lithgow, and earned Spielberg a directing nom for the memorable World War II-themed episode The Mission.

"Apple has been aiming high for its entry into the crowded original scripted series arena, going for big packages with top auspices attached. It is currently in various stages of negotiations on several series."


"NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment chairman Bonnie Hammer said today that the division is restoring the Erase The Hate, a campaign she originally launched 20 years ago when she ran USA Network. The initiative, which won an Emmy, was designed to combat hate and discrimination.

"It will now air across the entire cable portfolio, she said, and will 'bring important stories to life in powerful ways and leverage our networks, relationships and talent to drive real-life impact on a national scale,' she told staffers today. The plan is to roll out a campaign over the next few months ahead of a full launch in 2018.

"Here’s her memo:

Hello Team —

I’m writing to share some news about the relaunch of Erase The Hate…an initiative that addresses issues important to so many of us.

But first, a little background.

More than 20 years ago, I was part of the passionate team that launched Erase the Hate, an Emmy-winning pro-social campaign at USA created to combat hate and discrimination in our country. This later evolved into USA’s Characters Unite…with a similar mission and its own rallying cry for inclusion over prejudice. I’ve always been proud of the work we did and the impact these campaigns had. Sadly, this work feels more urgent today than ever. From my point of view, the choice is clear. We can sit back and be part of a hurting America, or we can channel our energy into something positive and do what we can to break the cycle of hate.

So today, we are announcing the return of Erase The Hate…now with the reach and influence of our entire portfolio to amplify its message. We’ll bring important stories to life in powerful ways and leverage our networks, relationships and talent to drive real-life impact on a national scale.

We’ve spent well over a year reinventing Erase The Hate for today’s world, where the epidemic of hate seems to spread at warp speed online and in our communities. The new campaign includes several initiatives with truly meaningful potential. Here are a few highlights:

Erase the Hate Accelerator

Central to our effort will be the Erase The Hate Accelerator. It’s an innovative program that identifies, supports and funds individuals and organizations fighting hate in their communities, and fast-tracks their ideas to help deliver greater impact. We’ll provide grants, coaching and mentorship from leaders in the field, as well as the expertise within our own Cable Entertainment family.

Erase the Hate Discretionary Fund

Rapid response is essential in the fight against hate. This fund will allow us to make smaller grants in real time to people and groups taking immediate on-the-ground action against hate, when and where it happens.

Erase the Hate Advisory Council

We’re assembling an Advisory Council of important voices who are helping to combat hate and prejudice on several critical fronts. They are inspirational leaders, passionate about important causes central to our campaign. Members currently include: Rebecca Cokley (Center for American Progress); Sarah Kate Ellis (GLAAD), Wadi Gaitan (The LIBRE Initiative); Vanita Gupta (The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights); Garrett Johnson (Lincoln Network); Alexis McGill Johnson (The Perception Institute); Suhail A. Khan (Institute for Global Engagement and Microsoft Corporation); Maria Teresa Kumar, (Voto Latino); Janice Min (Eldridge Industries), Janet Murguía (UnidosUS), Ana Navarrez (Republican Strategist/Commentator); Brittany Packnett (Teach For America) and Ashley Spillane (Democracy Fund).

National Campaign Across All Networks

On-air and online video series will feature inspirational individuals taking innovative approaches to countering hate, including our own network talent sharing their personal experiences of intolerance and injustice.

We’re also creating opportunities for everyone from Cable Entertainment to get involved if they choose. We’ll be forming the Cable Entertainment Employee Volunteer Corps allowing employees to share their time and professional expertise. Watch for more information on this in the coming weeks.

Today’s announcement is the first salvo for the campaign that will continue to roll out over the next few months, a steady drumbeat leading to the full launch of the initiative after the New Year.

I’ve always believed people aren’t born knowing how to hate…they are taught to hate. And, as storytellers, we also have the power to inform and teach through the stories we create and share. By embracing that power, Erase The Hate can inspire massive action and change to create a more inclusive, hate-free America.

Together we can…Erase The Hate.


Per TheWrap, "[n]ew kid-focused multiplatform media brand has brought on The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom creator and animator Butch Hartman as a senior creative consultant, the company announced Monday.

"Hartman will also create and produce three new animated series with Chief Content Officer and former Nickelodeon Entertainment president Albie Hecht. The veteran animator and creator will also provide input into’s digital channels, premium content and creator partnerships.

"Those new shows include one based on Hartman’s own creation, another adapted directly from an original idea from’s existing development slate, and the third featuring the kids from popular YouTube network HobbyKidsTV, which was’s first content partner. Hecht said to stay tuned for more Hartman projects, as well.

“'You should expect to see original Butch Hartman creations,' Hecht told TheWrap. 'He is truly a cartoon genius. We also expect Butch to have an impact on the creative look and feel and brand essence of'

"In August, announced its first original series, a sketch comedy show about a virtual digital assistant starring Saturday Night Live comedian Kenan Thompson. The multi-platform network, which has three YouTube channels and pages on Instagram, and Facebook, achieved 1 billion views in the ecosystem this month.

“'Our goal is to be everywhere kids are,' Hecht said. 'We have to go to them.'

"Hecht said it’s imperative for any new company in media to have a mix of digital natives and established media operators, and has a stable of veteran entertainment investors, such as CBS Chairman and CEO Les Moonves and Jukin Media CEO Jon Skogmo."