Thursday April 2, 2015

Patton Oswalt came to the defense of new Daily Show host Trevor Noah.

Here's an update on the Robert Durst case.

Spike premieres Lip Sync Battle tonight in case something that that piques your interest.

A&E premieres 8 Minutes this evening.  By way of reminder, here is the show description: "Each year 100,000 young women are forced into prostitution. Most will never escape. This fact put Kevin Brown and Greg Reese on a mission, and it’s one of the most dangerous, voyeuristic missions in the country. The former police officers’ organization, Safe Passage, helps save teenage girls from lives of sexual servitude. In each episode, the organization will make contact with a girl who is 'in the life' and go undercover enabling hidden cameras to capture their operation. But they only have 8 minutes to complete the extraction – the amount of time the team safely has to convince the girl to leave with them and start a new life. The stakes are high as the threat of violence looms large."

A little preparation for the return of Mad Men this Sunday.  This will not be the last you see on here getting you ready for the last run of this show, don't worry.

Vulture interviewed comedian Pete Holmes.  Here's an interesting and very 2015 take on comedy from Holmes: "I talked to Marc Maron earlier in the week, and he was talking about how there were a lot of amateur comedians today that think they’re comedians because they do three indie shows a week, but they never get paid.

"I don’t know how helpful or unhelpful a perspective like Maron's is. He’s a little bit more old-school in the sense that you need to put 'comedian' on your W-2. I am much more of the thought [that] you would be much better if you live in Portland — there’s a nice little scene there. Don’t go on the road and try to bang out 50 bucks just so you can tell your dad at Christmas that you’re a comedian. (He’s an alcoholic; he doesn’t give a fuck anyway.) That’s what Kumail, T.J., and I and all these guys did. We weren’t satellite-ing the scene, but we also weren’t making a living. I was a waiter, Kumail worked a tech job. T.J. did promotional work for Coors Light or something. I understand there might be some bitterness because there’s a clubhouse feeling where we don’t want to include you in this special thing if you’re not doing it seriously. It’s like the mafia. We want you to take an oath, we want you to swear off a straight job. We want you to sacrifice your relationships and your family to do this thing of ours. And if you’re going out on a couple of robberies but you don’t ever do any serious hit-jobs, we don’t want you to be able to call yourself a gangster."

So the notion that Happy Endings might be coming back to TV was nothing more than an April Fools prank?!?  Not sure how anyone thought this was going to end well, and needless to say, the fans of the show were pissed.  Here is the story: "While Happy Endings, an ABC comedy that ran from 2011 to 2013, was never a ratings hit, it amassed an incredibly passionate fanbase that continues to talk and tweet about it.  And on Feb. 6, the still-active Happy Endings writers room Twitter account posted a curious link that led to a clock counting down to April 1….  Which got many people wondering if the cult favorite was getting rebooted.  

"Over the next two months, the account kept the charade going. They posted leading videos with hashtags that supported the theory that new episodes — or something — were coming…  Happy Endings fans recognized that the countdown clock ended on April Fools’ Day and listened when star Casey Wilson said there were no new episodes in the works. But many remained hopeful they would see their favorite characters together again."

"Then, the day we had waited two long, cold months for finally arrived and fans were greeted with a pair of dream-crushing tweets"

"But there might be a silver lining to this mess…Because creator David Caspe told EW that the online interest in more Happy Endings actually kickstarted conversations about possibly rebooting the show.  'It took on a life of its own to the point that actually there was some interest in finding a place to do a few more episodes or an hourlong special,' said Caspe. 'So then I couldn’t comment because I wasn’t allowed to say anything yet. But as we hit April 1, nothing has really panned out, and I don’t want to keep people hanging on, so I have to say something. Happy Endings remains cancelled for now. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to do an hourlong or a couple stand-alone episodes, and I’ve talked to the cast about even just doing a five-minute cold open.'

"Caspe also apologized to the people he knew would be annoyed (see above) by this joke.  'It was just a writers room bit that kind of got away from them,' he said. 'When it started, we all sort of laughed because we figured no one cares anymore, and then it triggered all these articles, which is really flattering. I was pumped to see that people still cared, but then I realized that this could piss off a lot of fans, and our hardcore fans and critics are all we’ve ever had…. But I also have to say that it was really awesome to see how much love there was for the show. We didn’t really think anyone was watching anymore. It was great to see that someone was.'  So, maybe there’s cause to feel happy once more?"

Fox has seemingly greenlit a show where human beings compete as darts in an effort to take home a $50k prize.  Per TVLine, "Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga, 90210) is teaming up with Fox to turn everyday Americans into 'weekend warriors' in the unscripted series Bullseye.

"Each week, four men and four women will compete in three rounds of extreme challenges — including turning themselves into literal human darts, then launching themselves at a target — in the hopes of walking away with the $50,000 prize.

"Lutz will be joined by co-host Godfrey, best known for his ubiquitous presence in celebrity panel specials like I Love the ’90s and 100 Greatest Songs of the ’80s.  Bullseye premieres Wednesday, May 27 at 9/8c."

Variety reports that "[c]able channels and streaming services may not be in the morning TV news business, but they’re considering entry in the form of a fictional comedy series set in that world.

"That’s the premise of a hot pitch making the rounds this week at HBO, Showtime, AMC, Netflix and Amazon that would star Michelle Pfeiffer as an anchor not unlike the one once played in real life by Katie Couric, the Today veteran who is attached to the project as an executive producer.

"The series would be a comedic look behind-the-scenes of a morning news show. Though storylines aren’t drawn directly from Couric’s experiences, she is expected to ensure the series strikes realistic notes.

"A source familiar with the pitch said both Pfeiffer and Couric are pitching along with the show’s creator, Diane English, who is no stranger to fictionalized versions of TV news operations having created the CBS series Murphy Brown, which starred Candice Bergen as a news anchor from 1988-1998.

"Also attached as executive producers are Eric and Kim Tannenbaum, who are coming off Two and a Half Men. Though they are under an overall deal at CBS TV Prods., they’ve been given permission to produce this series without the studio.  The project would mark the first starring role in a TV series for Pfeiffer, an Oscar-nominated actress who has as impressive a film role resume as there is but hasn’t worked on screen much in recent years."

Per Deadline, "[d]ays after ordering scripted series Shadowhunters and Kevin From Work, ABC Family continued its push into unscripted genre. The cable net has ordered Startup U, Next Step Realty: NYC and Monica The Medium, which join recently greenlighted reality programs Becoming Us and Job Or No Job. All will premiere in the summer. ABC Family hired ex-Fox and E! executive Kary McHoul in February to run its unscripted unit.

"The hourlong Startup U follows a group of entrepreneurial millennials as they embark on a semester at Draper University in Silicon Valley. Led by billionaire founder and venture capitalist Tim Draper, the 7 week program teaches the fundamentals of launching a startup company under the mentorship of America’s business leaders. In the end, students pitch their ideas to a panel of venture capitalists. The show from Ugly Brother Studios is executive produced by Mike Duffy, Tim Duffy and Tim Draper and starts production this month in San Mateo, CA.

"Next Step Realty: NYC, from Lincoln Square Productions, is a business based docuseries following the passionate and ambitious employees of Next Step Realty. The Manhattan-based real estate firm specializes in helping recent college graduates find their apartments in New York City while navigating interpersonal and professional conflicts in the workplace.  Danielle Rossen serves as EP for the series, which is in production in New York.

"Monica the Medium follows at Monica, a junior at Penn State University navigating friends, family, relationships — and the fact that she’s a medium and can talk to dead people. Her uncommon vocation provides an endless supply of emotional and engaging stories, with a unique millennial perspective. The show is produced by Dave Caplan’s Trooper Entertainment in association with Lionsgate TV. Caplan will serve as executive producer alongside Malachi McGlone. It’s in production in State College, PA."

SNL alums Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig are starring in a Lifetime movie, a network representative told TheWrap.

A Deadly Adoption is meant to be a campy take on the TV movie genre. The two-hour movie stars Ferrell and Wiig as a married couple taking care of the pregnant woman (played by 90210’s Jessica Lowndes), whose baby they plan to adopt. Their plans become complicated as the dramatic thriller plays out.

"Ferrell serves as an executive producer through his and Adam McKay‘s Gary Sanchez Productions with Mar Vista Entertainment and National Picture Show. Rachel Lee Goldenberg (Escape From PolygamyLove at the Christmas Table) directed the movie, which was written by Andrew Steele (The Spoils of Babylon). Steele also executive produces alongside Sharon Bordas, Fernando Szew and Jessica Elbaum.

"Already shot and set for a summer release, the movie will become part of Lifetime’s 25th anniversary celebration of its TV movie production."