Tuesday September 9, 2014

Advice from Friday Night Light's Connie Britton (who will also be making a cameo on an upcoming episode of Family Guy).

Married At First Sight wraps up tonight.  I'm predicting 1 of the 3 couples stays together.

VH1 is bringing back Candidly Nicole for a second season in 2015?

Their jingles are second to none, now AshleyMadison.com is getting into the scripted TV game?  Per The Hollywood Reporter, "Canadian producer marblemedia and U.S. partner Out East Entertainment are set to produce a scripted drama inspired by the users of the site, who privately reveal why they want to — or have had — affairs. "This is a chance to get the roadmap," Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman tells The Hollywood Reporter. "All of those market segmentations that people fall into will be explored and exposed through characters that inhabit the show."

"Don't expect a Red Shoe Diaries–style affair, however, with bras and panties flying. 'There's a whole new story to tell about the mind of the cheating man and woman,' Biderman says, as the in-development drama will explore the taboo world of extramarital affairs in the digital age and how they evolve. 'We'd all liked to have been a fly on the wall as Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton fooled around in the Oval Office, and we'd all loved to have been there when Tiger Woods bedded mistress after mistress,' Biderman explains.

"But the series is not just about politicians or celebrities having no-strings-attached sex. 'This is about your best friend. This is your neighbor, this is your school teacher,' he says. Biderman adds that characters in the drama may be men cheating out of revenge because of what their partner did to them, or women no longer willing to live like nuns in a loveless marriage.

"The scripted drama also will feature a character modeled on Biderman, a family man who does not follow his own advice to have an affair. 'Here we are, this corporation run by a married guy with a family who himself has all these challenges in marriage and is helping millions of people have affairs,' he says.

"Biderman insisted that the show won't follow in the footsteps of programs like USA's Satisfaction, which featured a woman breaking her marriage vows with a male prostitute. 'You know what percentage of women in America will actually have affairs with a male prostitute?' Biderman asks. 'A tiny, tiny sliver.'"

"A family comedy from the executive producers of Friends and New Girl has landed at Fox with a hefty commitment.

"The network has handed out a put-pilot with a significant penalty attached to an untitled comedy from Scott Silveri, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The comedy is said to have received one of the most significant commitments of the development year thus far.

"The single-camera comedy, Silveri's first sale under his new overall deal with 20th Century Fox Television, centers on a family that's good at handling the challenges it faces and excellent at creating new ones."

EW has a first look at the upcoming season of Scandal.  The 30 second clip doesn't reveal much, but "it seems like we won’t have to wait very long to find out where the plane took Olivia and Jake. The political fixer appears to have traded Capitol Hill in for an exotic beach and a very large glass of wine."

"NBC placed a cast and script-contingent series order for anthological drama series Manhunt on Monday.

"The order will be 10 episodes, a person with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap. Whit Brayton and Zack Rice will write and executive produce the project.

"Also executive producing the project will be Michael Sugar, Alex Goldstone, Nicole Romano and Gavin Hood.

"Each season of Manhunt will dramatize the mounting tension of an entire city on the hunt for a fugitive roaming the streets at large, per the series description. It will examine the moment an American or international city becomes a police state, war zone or ground zero and the ensuing bloodlust it inspires."

More from EW, this time teasing the upcoming season of Survivor: "There were supposed to be 10 pairs of loved ones competing on this season’s Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water (which debuts Sept. 24 on CBS). But then, just days before filming began in Nicaragua, one of the couples was forced to bow out after a last minute-medical check turned up something that gave the Survivor medics pause. The same thing actually happened during the last Blood vs. Water season when RC Saint-Amour and her father had to drop out while on location due to medical reasons involving the dad. In that instance, Candice and John Cody were flown in at the last minute to replace them. (They arrived in the Philippines less than 24 hours before filming began.)

"No such luck this time around with replacements, so producers had to adjust the game from 20 players down to 18, which also created an imbalance in the amount of men and women playing. I sat down with Survivor host Jeff Probst on location on day one of the game, where he told me all about the last minute change. 'We started this with 10 pairs and it does happen,' says Probst. 'It’s rare, but it sometimes happens that for different reasons somebody is pulled from the game. We lost a pair of women, so the way it works out is there are more men than women. That’s just the game. We don’t like it that way, but that’s the way it’s going to start…. It changes your show. It changes your Tribal Council because there are two less people to get rid of.'

"But, wait — if we’re down to only 18 players, does that mean we may get a final two again instead of a final three? Not necessarily, cautions the host. 'Yeah, it’s possible,’ he says of the chance of a final two. 'It depends what happens over the next 39 days. As it is right now — no. But if somebody were to be evacuated or to quit, now we’re getting to a small amount of numbers in order to finish our show.'

"Probst and I have  good-naturedly sparred over the merits of a final three vs. final two — I am a fan of the latter — for years, and the host once again shared why he prefers the former. 'I don’t think the final three is better than the final two,' he says. 'But I do think the final three gives you a better chance of somebody likeable or an interesting dynamic happening. Case in point: last season had Woo chosen Kass, you have a Kass-Woo final. No offense to those guys, it’s not as interesting as a Tony-Woo final. To me, it only proves my point more as to why a final three goes into play.'”

Per Vulture, "[t]his past Saturday, Starz premiered The Chair, a new series from Project Greenlight producer Chris Moore. The ten-episode competition takes the formula that helped make the 2001–2005 show a reality hit (having Ben Affleck and Matt Damon involved also helped, of course) and adds in a great twist: Two aspiring directors go head-to-head making their first films from the same script. And the directors couldn’t be more different. He’s a YouTube star; she’s a screenwriter who has come up through the indie film trenches. Serving as producer and mentor is actor Zachary Quinto, whose production company produced the Oscar-nominated Robert Redford film All Is Lost. We caught up with Quinto earlier this summer during the Television Critics Association press tour to talk about his new show and getting to hang with the cool kids on HBO’s Girls. (Unfortunately, this chat took place before Lena Dunham hinted he *might* be getting naked on the show.)"  Read the entire interview here.

Per Deadline, "Meredith Viera's debut as daytime talk show host clocked a preliminary  1.7/5  metered market primary run average — up 41% from the shows it replaced in its time slots last year at this time.  That's the second biggest increase over year ago time periods for a talk show premiere in nine years, behind only Steve Harvey's show, which debuted in September '12 with a 50% boost."