Friday September 4, 2014

Rest in peace Joan Rivers.

This is gonna make you cringe.  Variety is reporting that "MTV has ordered a half-hour reality series toplined by rapper-actor Ja Rule with Queen Latifah among its exec producers.

Follow the Rules will revolve around Rule’s family life with his three children, wife and mother-in-law living in the same house.

“'Ja Rule is the modern day reality rap star version of Bill Cosby’s role from The Cosby Show. He embraces a unique parenting style with his teenage kids that feels fresh and funny,' said Susanne Daniels, MTV’s prexy of programming. It’s unclear how many episodes have been ordered.

"In a statement, Rule (whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins) underscored his 'unique' approach to domesticity: 'Family tradition will never be the same b*tch… Lmao!!!'”  

Let me repeat one line from above: "Ja Rule is the modern day reality rap star version of Bill Cosby’s role from The Cosby Show."  Susanne Daniels should probably not make any large investments any time soon.

Deadline is reporting that "Fox is revving up Two Black Cadillacs, a six-hour limited event series based on the hit Carrie Underwood song. Underwood will executive produce the project, now in development, with Jerry Bruckheimer. Written by Ildy Modrovich (Necessary Roughness), Two Black Cadillacs, from Jerry Bruckheimer TV and Warner Bros TV, explores a murderous love triangle in the modern South. Or, as the producers put it, Hell hath no fury like two women scorned.

"Written by Underwood, Hillary Lindsey and Josh Kear, Two Black Cadillacs was a platinum single from Underwood’s 2012 album Blown Away. In it, a wife and a mistress realize they are involved with the same guy and conspire to kill him. Here is the music video directed by P.R. Brown."

David Chase is back in the news again this week clarifying comments he made last week about whether or not Tony Soprano was dead or alive.  In an interview published Thursday on The Daily Beast, Chase offered more clarification and context:

“This has taught me, for good and all, not to befriend any journalist. I got too friendly with her. And I kept saying to her, ‘You know, this can’t be good that you and I talk to each other and have lunch and coffee. Something’s wrong here,’and she’d say, ‘No, no, no.’ And she meant that—she wasn’t setting me up,” Chase said. “It seems like, poor Dave, there’s no way he can win. I don’t recall that conversation. I’m sure it happened, but I don’t recall it, and if I did say that, I believe I was probably thinking about something else…”

Read the full interview here.

Here's some Parenthood news per TVLine. "NBC has released a handful of snapshotsfrom the dramedy’s Season 6 premiere (Sept. 25, 10/9c) and while the Braverman clan is showing off a range of emotions, the waterworks haven’t kicked in — yet.

"Among the highlights: Kristina sharing a meaningful moment with Max, lovebirds Drew and Natalie doing a little remodeling — at Zeke and Camille’s new place, perhaps? — and Hank looking a bit apprehensive. (After all, some things never change.)

"There are still plenty of faces missing from the photos, though, including estranged couple Joel and Julia, Sarah and (now-pregnant!) Amber. But considering the premiere is titled Vegas, perhaps we already know where the rest of the family has gone?

"Regardless, we can be sure of one thing: The final season is going to be a doozy for the Bravermans (and us), as the last 13 episodes will introduce a challenge like the family hasn’t encountered before. 'We’ve never told a story about losing someone in the family, and that is a very difficult story for us to tell. But it’s one that I feel is a reality,' creator Jason Katims previously told TVLine."

"Esquire Network has confirmed exclusively to EW that its original series The Getaway will return for a second season on Oct. 15. From executive producer Anthony Bourdain, each episode of The Getaway explores a different city guided by a revolving cast of travel-loving celebs. Here’s a first look at the new season, along with the celebrity lineup for the first five episodes:

Chrissy Teigen (model) in Bangkok

Adam Pally (Happy EndingsThe Mindy Project) in Las Vegas

Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) in Hawaii

Kyle MacLachlan (Twin PeaksDesperate Housewives) inNapa

David Koechner (AnchormanThe Office) in Dublin"


"For a long time now, there have been those wishing that HBO would make their HBO Go app available to people who don't have a pay TV service. Now, it looks like CBS may be considering that very option for its own premium cable channel, Showtime.

"At the Nomura Digital Media Conference in New York on Thursday, CBS COO Joseph Ianniello dropped a tantalizing tease about the possibility of offering Showtime directly to the consumer, bypassing cable and satellite providers altogether, as reported by Forbes.

"He pointed out that there is nothing contractually stopping CBS from 'doing something direct to consumer' with Showtime. A streaming option would allow cord cutters, and those without cable or satellite subscriptions to still sign up for Showtime if they want. In this way, they could catch Showtime's original programming like Homeland and Masters of Sex.

"Ianniello didn't say that CBS was considering this option, or even exploring it really, but he did open a conversation about it. A la carte television has been a big topic of discussion over the past several years, with cable and satellite providers understandably lobbying hard against it."

Per Real Screen, "Fight Church, a documentary about MMA-style fighting pastors who reconcile their faith through violent sport, has been picked up for distribution by Lionsgate and Netflix.

In a separate deal, Fight Church directors Daniel Junge (Academy Award-winner Saving Face) and Bryan Storkel will partner with Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets to develop a reality TV series based on the film.

"Lionsgate has picked up the VOD rights and will premiere the film on iTunes and various VOD platforms on September 16. Netflix, which acquired SVOD rights for numerous territories, will show the film this fall at a date to be determined.

"Meanwhile, the Oscar-nominee Spurlock (Super Size Me) and his New York-based Warrior Poets prodco will develop a spin-off for TV.

“'I’m always looking for docs that can crossover to the TV world. The controversial nature of this project and the buzz it is already getting around the country, make this particular one the perfect candidate,' said Spurlock in a statement."  Is cage fighting priests a new low or just par for the course?  At this point, I have no idea.