Tuesday September 30, 2014

ABC premieres Selfie and Manhattan Love Story tonight.  I've seen the premiere of Selfie already so don't make it a point to watch it unless you're desperate for a middle of the road comedy that won't last.  I have not yet seen Manhattan Love Story, but here's ABC's logline: "Have you ever wondered what your date was thinking?  This romantic comedy exposes the differences between men and women through the unfiltered thoughts, and often contradictory actions, of a new couple who have just begun dating."

Alpha House is back for a sophomore run on Amazon Friday, October 24. Among the many guests popping up on the Garry Trudeau political comedy: Today’s Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie, former Presidential advisor David Axelrod, Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulosand U.S. Senators John McCain and Elizabeth Warren.  Betas, as previously reported, will not be returning.

Randy Couture was booted from Dancing With The Stars last night.  Traditionally athletes have fared best on this show.  Do the math.

Behind the scenes at the animation studio for The Simpsons.

We may still get another season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  

"Showtime's House of Lies has enlisted a new partner for Don Cheadle's Marty.  Comedian Demetri Martin has boarded the Showtime comedy for a multiple-episode role, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Martin will join the fourth season of the comedy about a group of misfit consultants in a recurring guest role as Ellis Hightower, a maverick inventor and CEO. On the comedy's upcoming fourth season, Marty and Hightower will develop a business relationship that enhances both of their futures."

This made me laugh.  Per Deadline, "[j]ust days before her new NBC series Bad Judge is set to debut, former Private Practice star Kate Walsh is headed to court herself. Today, Walsh filed a complaint against Evolution Entertainment over commissions her ex-mangers are demanding from the new show. Walsh says they’re out of order, to quote And Justice For All.

“'More than a year ago, Ms. Walsh terminated the management relationship because Evolution failed to provide the services that it promised,' says the short declaratory relief filing in LA Superior Court (read it here). 'Notwithstanding Evolution’s failure to provide the promised services, Evolution has demanded that Ms. Walsh pay commissions on her income from various projects, including, but not limited to, commissions on Ms. Walsh’s income for the life of Ms. Walsh’s work on the television Bad Judge,' the filing adds. 'Ms. Walsh believes that she should not be responsible to pay Evolution all, or any part, of the commissions demanded, and seeks guidance from this Court to determine the proper amount, if any, that she should pay to Evolution.'”

"Researchers at the University of Sussex's Sackler Centre for Consciousness used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to look at the brain structures of 75 adults, who had all answered a questionnaire regarding their use and consumption of media devices, including mobile phones and computers, as well as television and print media.

"They found that, independent of individual personality traits, people who used a higher number of media devices concurrently also had smaller grey matter density in the part of the brain known as the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), the region notably responsible for cognitive and emotional control functions."  In other words, Tweeting while you watch TV can make you dumber.  You've been warned.

Per Deadline, "Sex And The City alumna Cindy Chupack is working on another single-camera comedy about female friends. Inspired by Chupack’s real-life experiences, Dishr evolves around three female friends in Venice, CA – one single, one married, one a single mother – who meet once a week at a restaurant called Dish to dish about life, love, career, and the myth of 'having it all.' They do 'have it all' among the three of them, just not individually. (Does that count?) Dish comes from ABC Studios and Karey Burke and Todd Holland’s studio-based Dark Toy banner. Chupack is writing and will executive produce with Burke and Holland.

"Dish is inspired by a Sunday night yoga-and-dinner tradition on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice that Chupack had when she first got married with the late TV writer Padma Atluri and a couple of other friends. 'Once a week you had this oasis of sanity and hilarity to keep you going,' Chupack said. 'I miss those dinners, and with this show I wanted to resurrect their spirit, and Padma’s spirit.' (Atluri died of cancer in 2011 at age 39.)"

Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls & Parolees, returning for a sixth season Saturday, October 4 at 10p, will have its first after-show event at 11p, featuring intrepid dog rescuer Tia Torres. “Our viewers not only want to know more about Tia’s work, they want to know about her as a person. So we thought we’d connect Tia and her fans,” exec producer Lisa Lucas said. “And since we’ve noticed fans love to post pictures of their pit bulls, we’re giving owners a chance to show off their pit bulls live on-air.” Fans can share their best pics using #ShowUsYourPits on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, "Susie, a pit bull mix that was nearly burned to death but lived to inspire tougher laws to punish animal abuses in North Carolina has been proclaimed the American Human Association’s 2014 American Hero Dog.

"Susie and her owner, Donna Smith Lawrence of High Point, North Carolina, were on hand at The Fourth Annual AHA Hero Dog Awards Saturday in Beverly Hills, which will air Oct. 30 on the Hallmark Channel.

"Lawrence told the story of Susie, who in 2009 was found badly abused with severe burns on her body, her ears burned off and with a broken jaw and teeth. The dog was taken to an animal shelter and eventually adopted by Lawrence and her husband.

"Lawrence had suffered from an attack by a pit bull that had a devastating impact on her life. Through caring for Susie, Lawrence was able to find new meaning and rebuild her life.

"The man who set Susie on fire was sentenced to probation, which outraged a number of North Carolina residents. That led to the passage of Susie’s Law in 2010 which made it a low-level felony to abuse an animal, making the abuser subject to stiffer penalties and the possibility of jail time.

“'Susie has become the voice for all animals across the United States,' Lawrence said in accepting the honor. 'It’s been amazing.'

"Susie’s story is the subject of an independent movie called Susie’s Hope that received a limited theatrical release earlier this year after winning awards at several festivals.

"Susie has become a certified therapy dog who is regularly taken to schools, hospitals and elsewhere to warn about animal abuse and promote respect for animals.

"At the Hero Dog Awards, Susie was on hand to receive the award in the category of 'therapy dog.' She then competed with dogs in seven other categories, including arson dog, guide/hearing dog, law enforcement dog and search and rescue dog, to win the overall award as Hero Dog of the year.

"The show in the ballroom of the Beverly Hills Hilton was hosted by model Beth Stern (wife of radio personality Howard Stern) and James Denton, best known as the plumber on Desperate Housewives. Denton also stars in Hallmark’s Stranded In Paradise.

"Stern, an animal activist, was also a host of Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl, which aired during halftime of the last Super Bowl, competing with the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet."