Friday September 26, 2014

Scandal did a nice, albeit drawn out, job with the removal of Columbus Short's character Harrison.  Overall a good episode, but more of a table setter than anything.

Shark Tank returns tonight.  Hallelujah.

Amazon is releasing Transparent today.  Here's a review.

A day late, but here are 16 Big Brother questions answered and an interview with runner-up Cody Calafiore.  Amongst the takeaways:

-Cody would have won had he taken Victoria to the finals.

-Hayden and Nicole are still dating.

-Producers tell the house guests to shout in the diary room.

-Frankie is not genuine (I extracted that from reading between the lines) and no one in the house cared who his sister is (Caleb has never heard of her).

I enjoyed How To Get Away With Murder.  It moves at a similar speed to Scandal, which is of no surprise, and I'll definitely stick with this one.  Here's an interview with the show's creator Pete Nowalk.  He had this to offer up [SPOILER]: "By the end of the first season you’ll find out who killed both of those people and why. Obviously we’ve all learned a lot of lessons from The Killing. You have to move story along faster. It gives you a huge challenge for season two but you just figure it out and that’s the fun part.

"I want to people to know and by the end of the second ep this will become more clear but the one body leads to the second body. Lila’s body will lead to Sam’s body.

"I will say this: I think the central relationship of the show in this weird way is Wes and Annalise. I think the first season will be about the education of both of them and each of them teaching each other things that are surprising to each of them. The teacher learns from the students.

Fox is throwing a curveball into the format of Utopia. Next week viewers enter the picture when the cast selects two Utopians for possible exile, with passport members adding a third. One of the three will leave; two two new candidates arrive to compete for the open spot. Not sure this will save the show, but I applaud them for at least understanding that it's stale and ratings are declining so a move was necesssary.

Nev Schulman turns 29 today.  I would have guessed he was older.

Per Vulture, "The new TV season is less than a week old, but CBS is already shaking up its schedule. The network has decided to delay Monday’s planned second season premiere of Momand its 8:30 p.m. timeslot with reruns ofThe Big Bang Theory. But don’t cry forMom: It’s getting a promotion, moving to Thursday nights behind Big Bang starting Oct. 30, when Big Bang returns to its normal Thursday perch after CBS’s Thursday football games end. To make room for Mom, CBS is shifting The Millers to Mondays at 8:30 p.m., which will now start its second season on Oct. 20. The Millers will debut behind the final Monday episode of Big Bang, and will then follow 2 Broke Girls when that comedy returns on Oct. 27. Confused? It gets more complicated! CBS says thatThe Millers and Mom will swap timeslots again the week of January 5, withMom migrating back to Monday and Millers traveling back to Thursdays."  Evidently, this is all being done in an effort to give Scorpion the best chance possible to succeed.

"It appears that the Pontiac Bandit will soon commit more theft—of the scene-stealing variety. Craig Robinson will reprise his role as the likeable car thief on Fox’s cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine this season, EW has learned exclusively.

"In the Christmas episode, which is slated to air in early to mid-December, Jake (Andy Samberg) reluctantly joins forces with the charming criminal he’d been pursuing for years (and who slipped away at the end of an episode last season) in order to take down a drug kingpin. 'The Pontiac Bandit once again comes into Jake’s life, and once again is his best criminal friend and his greatest nemesis,' says Brooklyn Nine-Nine executive producer Dan Goor, adding: 'He must work intimately with the Pontiac Bandit—the two of them eat Lobster Thermidor while wearing bathrobes.'

"Also joining Robinson on the Nine-Nine guest roster this season are Jenny Slate, Kyra Sedgwick, Eva Longoria, Patton Oswalt, and Terrell Owens."  The show returns this Sunday.

"Rachel McAdams is said to be locking down a lead role in season 2 of HBO’s True Detective.

"Sources tell Variety HBO has offered McAdams the part opposite Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. Taylor Kitsch is expected to land the role of the fourth lead.

"Though HBO recently announced Farrell and Vaughn as the show’s leads, sources say fans could have a similar response to the female lead as they did to Matthew McConaughey’s part as Rust Cohle in season 1.

"Several other actresses have been considered for the part, including Jessica Biel and Malin Akerman, but McAdams has been seen as the front-runner for the past few weeks. HBO could not immediately be reached for comment.

"It came down to scheduling, as insiders tell Variety McAdams was about to start filming Spotlight, the drama revolving around the Catholic Church sex scandal uncovered by the Boston Globe, and it was unknown whether dates could be worked out for McAdams to do that film and True Detective. Sources say that in the past 24 hours, a deal was worked out where the actress could do both projects.

"Justin Lin is set to direct the first two episodes of season 2. True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto has been busy writing the second season, which is set in California and revolves around three police officers and a career criminal who navigate a web of conspiracy in the aftermath of a murder.

"McAdams and Kitsch are expected to play cops alongside Farrell, while Vaughn plays the crime boss whose empire is threatened when his partner is murdered."

Per Deadline, "[i]n 1995, following a stand-up appearance on Late Show With David Letterman in which he talked about his life as a father of young kids, then-thirtysomething comedian Ray Romano headlined a multi-camera comedy project at CBS inspired by his life, which would go to pilot and become a very successful series, Everybody Loves Raymond.

"A fellow thirtysomething comedian and new father Tommy Johnagin is looking to follow in his footsteps. After a recent appearance on Letterman, Johnagin is getting to topline a multi-camera comedy for CBS inspired by his life. Like Romano, who teamed with Phil Rosenthal,  Johnagin is partnering with TV writers, Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker. The project, executive produced by Bill Lawrence, has received a pilot production commitment from the network. Warner Bros. TV, where Halpern and Schumacker are under an overall deal, produces with Lawrence’s studio-based Doozer."

More from Deadline, "[a]s the NFL is heading to the semi-centennial Super Bowl L in 2016, the league is eyeing a big-scope historical drama project about its past. I have learned that the NFL has teamed with filmmaker Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and producer Kevin Misher (Carrie) for a sprawling scripted series that chronicles the history of football in America that predates the launch of the professional league in 1920. It follows the evolution of the sport decade by decade up to the present. I hear Favreau and Misher had been working on the idea for several years. The series, which doesn’t have a writer yet, is envisioned to run over multiple seasons.

"I hear the NFL, Favreau and Misher pitched the project to multiple outlets a couple of weeks ago. Interested networks were asked to submit offers, which I hear a number of them did, led by NBC and Fox — which carry NFL games — and A&E/History."

Here are 5 web series you evidently should be watching.