Friday September 19, 2014

Zach Braff is supposedly in discussion with former Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence about a new show that he could see ending up on Netflix.  

TVGN is rebranding as POP, with fan-fueled programming aimed at “someone who wants to stay connected to that emotion of youth,” Brad Schwartz, the network's president said yesterday. “We noticed in the culture that fandom is blowing up. Scandal fans are ‘gladiators’; Lady Gaga fans are ‘little monsters.’ The opportunity to see the world through a fan’s eyes is a unique lane.” With respect to the network's target audience, Schwartz said “[w]e think of them as a 'modern grown up, someone who has kids later in life, likes to work out, has a lot of disposable income.” 

You'd think this might be right up my alley.  I'm very very skeptical.  Deadline is reporting that "Fox is tapping in the hot fantasy football world with a high-profile comedy package that has landed a put pilot commitment from the network. Titled Fantasy Life, the multi-camera/hybrid comedy, from 20th TV, has Kevin Connolly attached to star. Written by Tim McAuliffe (The Office), Fantasy Life is an office comedy centered around Mitch, a regular guy who lands his ultimate dream job working in the fantasy sports department at a major sports network. The project is based on Fantasy Life: The Outrageous, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports from the Guy Who’s Lived It, the memoir by one of U.S.’ top fantasy experts, ESPN’s Matthew Berry.  In addition to starring, Connolly also is executive producing through his deal at 20th TV."  

A docu-follow about the life and times of Fox's Jay Glazer would be about 10,000x more interesting, just saying.

This looks pretty interesting as well.  Per EW, "[i]n what might be the most colorful official temporary title in recent memory, TNT has given a pilot order to Untitled Cocaine Project. Bonus: It’s from mega-producers Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer, along with Jonathan Littman, Billy Corben, and Alfred Spellman.

"The pitch: 'A serialized character drama that brings the audience into the captivating, wild and unpredictable world of the Florida drug trade in the 1970s.' The pilot was written by Michelle Ashford (Masters of Sex).

"The project was originally set up at HBO and is based on Corben and Spellman’s 2006 documentary Cocaine Cowboys (which was also the show’s original working title). Bruckheimer and Bay have previously collaborated on hit films like Bad Boys and Armageddon."

Here's an interview with You're The Worst creator Stephen Falk, whose show wrapped up season 1 last night.  I happened to enjoy this show, although the rating reflect that I'm somewhat in the minority.  I also liked this quote from Falk: "I was schooled in the Jenji Kohan world — on Weeds and Orange Is the New Black — and one of her mantras is that there’s always more road. We were trained not to hold story back. Use it, and then see where that takes the characters. Very consciously, the whole show is not a meta-comment, but it is sort of playing on the rom-com tropes. You have these clichés of romantic comedies, and they exist for a reason, and it’s hard not to have them. But will-they-won’t-they is a trope that I wanted to expunge right away and then see what you’re left with."

The show's two leads (Chris Geere and Aya Cash) spoke to EW about season 1.  Amongst the highlights: 

The sex on this series pushes the boundaries, even for basic cable. What was filming the first nude scene like?
 Chris and I had decided to do shots of tequila beforehand, but we were so comfortable we completely forgot to drink. We’re both married and [we] respect each other and each other’s partners, so it was sort of not awkward. The most shockingly awkward thing was taking off all my clothes and nobody looking. [Laughs] It usually gets a good reaction!
Geere: Oh, they were looking.
Cash: You’re wearing ridiculous things. I had pasties and a vagina sticker. I’d write little messages to Chris on the stickers, or draw fake pubic hair. You make it light while also doing your job.

What are your favorite scenes?
Mine is in the finale. I don’t want to give anything away. It’s a scene between Chris and I, where I sort of become incredibly vulnerable and say things to him that Gretchen would not normally say and gets completely humiliated in the process. That’s the most fun we ever had shooting almost anything. Chris and I had a really great time working together. And it was just such a beautifully written scene.
Geere: I have two. One of them is exactly the scene that Aya said as well. I have two lines in that scene, pretty much leading her into her monologue. But in terms of my enjoyment, I don’t think I can rule out the threesome. It was brilliant. I had two girls on the bed—both really attractive. It was something that I had never done before, and it was such a laugh.
Cash: Everyone turned into a frat boy that night. I was ready to kill everyone. [Laughs]
Geere: When you’re playing characters who are this f—ed up, you’re given a little bit of gold, and that night was awesome. From an acting point of view, every reaction you see from me is 100 percent genuine. Let me just say that.
Cash: I’m acting in that scene. Really f—ing hard.

Per TheWrap, "Mark Burnett and Mike Darnell are back in business together.  The Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? pair is teaming up again for a new event game show that bears the working title 500 Questions and has received a direct-to-series order from ABC.

"Billed as a 'genius game show,' the show will test the smarts and nerves of contestants in a pressure-packed, incredibly intense environment.  The series is scheduled to air next year. Burnett is the executive producer.

"Burnett said, 'I love this show. It is the first network game show to combine what audiences love about serialized unscripted hits with a huge game show event. It has ongoing characters and huge stakes.'

"Darnell, Warner Bros. unscripted and alternative television president and ex-president of alternative entertainment at Fox, predicted that the new offering will 'break new ground' and become 'the next international game show hit.'”  Two power players at the helm of this one, but this hardly strikes me as the next international game show hit.

Per Deadline, "[h]ere’s the latest flap involving marketing for a new TV show that has offended some L.A. citizens. Metro Los Angeles today yanked ads for Fox’s Red Band Society from its buses today after activists complained about offensive language. The ad features the cast of the hospital drama with mini-captions like 'Coma Boy' and 'The Player.' But the one that rankled folks was next to the photo of Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, labeling her 'Scary Bitch.' So they’ve been pulled despite being on the buses for months — and one day after the series premiered."  Seriously people, lighten the F up!  I get that the billboards for The Strain might have proven to be a distraction to drivers, but this is pathetic.