Thursday September 18, 2014

Apparently not everyone liked Fox's Red Band Society.

The stars of Lost, then and now.

Yeardley Smith, who voices The Simpsons’ eldest daughter Lisa, will guest-star on an upcoming episode of The Mindy ProjectEW has learned exclusively.

Gerard Depardieu drinks 14 bottles of wine a day?

Per Deadline, Reelz network has announced that "it has bought TMZ Hollywood Sports to anchor its weekday primetime lineup, at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT, starting Monday, September 29.

"Reelz called the newly created program 'one of the freshest, most respected and energizing journalism brands in the country.' Everyone else is calling it the prettiest dress in the TV News store since TMZ got its hands on the video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice clocking his then fiancee in a casino elevator back in February. That came on the heels of another TMZ sports 'get' — the audio of Donald Sterling’s racist conversation with his girlfriend. 'This is sports without scores … and the highlights are what happen when athletes and celebrity culture collide off the field,' Reelz said....

“'This is an especially exciting venture for us because we think we can attract sports fans who love athletes and non-sports fans who are interested in athletes who have become some of the biggest celebrities in the world,' Harvey Levin said."

Julie Chen talked to EW about Frankie's Big Brother exit and the remaining houseguests.  With respect to her thoughts on Frankie's odds of winning had he made it to the final 2, "[i]f against Victoria, landslide. If against Derrick, probably would only get Zach’s vote and anyone who had sore feelings against Derrick and being “played” by him…but probably not enough votes to win.  Against Caleb, he would have a good chance of winning but it would probably be a tight vote. Against Cody, he’d probably win as long as people voted with their head and not their heart."

She also thinks Caleb is Derrick's biggest threat to winning the $500k ($550k in Derrick's case).  The season wraps up next Wednesday.

EW also talked to John Rocker about what he might do if recognized by any fellow Survivor cast members.  "'I would like to live in a fantasy world and think it’s not going to happen,' said Rocker. 'When you play on TBS for 5 years, about 180 games a year when you consider the playoffs, and you did that for five or six years, it’s going to be very tough, especially when you played on World Series stages and Yankee Stadium.'

"His instincts are correct on this one because married couple Val and Jeremy told me before the game that they knew exactly who he was. So what does Rocker plan to do if and when recognized? 'It may take them a few days to put their finger on it, but I think somebody’s gonna put their finger on it,' he said. 'And I’ve already thought that if that happens, maybe that person becomes my target before they can spread throughout "This guy’s a major league baseball player. A retired guy. He’s got plenty of money. Let’s just get him out of the way." So that person may become my target or that person may become my biggest ally I don’t know.'”

"The first fruit of Oxygen's labor to rebrand itself arrives in October with new comedic anthology series, My Crazy Love.

"Premiering on Tuesday, October 28 at 10 p.m. ET, My Crazy Love features real people and their real stories of over-the-top and outrageous acts in the name of love. It will feature reenactments of the romantic adventures ranging from jumping out of a plane to hiding out in a girlfriend's closet.

"It will also feature celebrity guest storytellers, including Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke and Adrienne Bailon, star of Oxygen's Nail'd It and co-host on new daytime talk show The Real.

“‘My Crazy Love is a comedic series inspired by our vulnerabilities and quest for love,' Oxygen Media's senior vice president of original programming and development, Rod Aissa, told TheWrap. 'These over-the-top, yet relatable stories being shared by real people are what connects directly with Oxygen's young, female viewers.'”

Here are 25 things you probably didn't know about The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar, including:

-Badminton is his favorite sport. He competed at a club level.

-Scotch is his biggest weakness.

-His DJ name is DJ Million- Nayyar.

-He has never seen A Christmas Story.

-He only understand the weather in Celsius.


"Matt Saracen is making a play for Debra Morgan.

"Friday Night Lights’ Zach Gilford has joined the cast of USA Network’s M*A*S*H-esque comedic drama pilot Stanistan as a love interest for Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter, TVLine has learned.

"The project, penned by up-and-coming scribe Andy Parker, centers on the staff at the American compound in the Middle Eastern country of Stanistan, where State Department workers, covert CIA officers and journalists operate in a delicate balance of danger and silliness using every coping mechanism available.

"Gilford — whose post-FNL TV credits include the short-lived Off the Map and The Mob Doctor — will play Phillip Guthrey, an Infrastructure Manager for USAID. Phillip is close friends with Public Affairs Officer Marcie Post (Carpenter), and though he’d like for their friendship to become something more, his unrequited love is not his only secret."