Wednesday September 17, 2014

Catfish's Nev Schulman supposedly addresses the allegations against him last week on this podcast.  That said, I'm about 2/3 through and it hasn't come up yet.

Fox premieres Red Band Society tonight.  I've seen the premiere and this one is worth checking out.

IFC renewed Maron for a 3rd season.  

6 months later and status quo for the Married At First Sight couples.  

Kudos to The Detonators.  Finally.  Here's an interview with the most recently evicted houseguest.

Vulture offers up six reasons that The Mindy Project's Danny Castellano is TV's best New Yorker.

Bravo announced the sixteen restaurants competing in its new cooking competition, Best New Restaurant, hosted by Top Chef's Tom Colicchio and slated for a January debut. The short list of competitors includes: L’Apicio, Morgan’s Barbecue and The Pines in New York, and Doma Beverly Hills, Little Sparrow, The Church Key and Union Restaurant in the City of Angels. 

"Brian Benben is returning to Shondaland. The Private Practice alum has landed a guest-starring role on ScandalEW has learned exclusively.

"It should come as no surprise that details on his role are being kept under wraps because the upcoming fourth season has been shrouded in secrecy—though we now know that Olivia has been chilling on some exotic beach.

"This is far from the first time that a Shondaland star has crossed shows. In fact, most of the Scandal cast previously appeared on Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice before starring on the ABC political fixer drama, including Jeff Perry, Kate Burton, Bellamy Young, Darby Stanchfield and Katie Lowes, among others.

"Scandal returns Sept. 25 at 9 p.m. on ABC. Benben will appear in an episode slated for mid-October."

"Max Greenfield took a break from shooting yesterday to talk about the upcoming season [of New Girl] with Vulture, and we discussed all the things he loves: playing Schmidt, people who write their own vows, attending weddings (both when he was single and now that he’s married), Prince, SoulCycle, and the secret rules of True American."

Amongst the highlights:

"Schmidt is in a weird place coming off of season three. I think he’s made strides in coming to terms with the Cece stuff. I think there’s moments where he really understands it and wants her to be happy, and then there are moments where he can’t help himself from his own self and his own feelings. I think he’s just searching for something. I think it’s a little bit of a reset for Schmidt. He’s just trying to find what his next motivation is."

Regarding what Prince was like in person: "Just the coolest. I don’t know how to even — a purple fog of cool comes into your life, and you don’t even really know what you’re seeing, you can’t even fully make it out, but you can feel it. And you know it’s there. And then, without any warning, it’s gone."

Per TheWrap, "[t]he star of USA's Royal Pains has booked another medical drama gig during the offseason. Mark Feuerstein secured a recurring gig on the seventh and final season of Showtime's Nurse Jackie.

"Feuerstein will play Barry Wolfe, a high-powered, cutthroat lawyer who will represent Jackie (Edie Falco) as she pieces her life back together following her arrest last season. He joins recently announced recurring guest star Tony Shalhoub. Nurse Jackie is currently in production in New York."  This had better not have any effect on HankMed.

Deadline is reporting that "True Blood alum Nathan Parsons is set as the lead in Point Of Honor, Amazon’s Civil War family drama pilot from Carlton Cuse and Randall Wallace. Luke Benward (Ravenswood) co-stars in the project, which centers on best friends and brothers-in-law, John Rodes (Parsons) and Robert Sumner, who find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict."

Here's a not so glowing review of NBC's new show Mysteries of Laura (starring Debra Messing).  Tell me this doesn't make you want to tune in: " Debra Messing stars as Laura, a miserable human who abuses her police power by intimidating random preschool teachers. She loves product-placing Target, and even though she lives in Manhattan, it seems very, very unlikely that she lives anywhere near Harlem or 117th Street. I resent integrated advertising in general, but it's truly egregious here. She and her dope of a cop husband (Josh Lucas) haven't divorced because he won't sign the papers, even though in New York State you can get a divorce without the other party signing anything by filing for a default divorce. She shoots a suspect in the ear, which is presented as a demonstration of marksmanship rather than an egregiously dangerous disregard for risk. She loudly eats at inopportune moments. Her preschool-age children chronically engage in scat play, which is both really gross and sometimes a sign of pretty serious turmoil.  

"There's also a murder mystery, not that it's at all interesting.

"Laura's main character trait is that she's frazzled, and that's not really enough to hang a show on; wearing Spanx and having a messy car does not a full character make. She keeps momming things up at work, accidentally leaving juice boxes around the precinct and all! Classic mom. Aren't moms always just momming everything with their momness? I'm like, Mom!"

"Sorry, Scrubs fans: Ground Floor will not be reuniting Christa Miller and John C. McGinley.

"As EW first reported, Miller was slated to play the wife of McGinley’s Mr. Mansfield, but she had to back out because of production demands on the final season of TBS’ Cougar Town.

"In her stead, Emily Rutherfurd (The New Adventures of Old Christine) will take on the role of the brassy and artistic Allie Mansfield, who is the only person able to control her husband.

"Ground Floor is slated to return Dec. 9 on TBS."