Wednesday August 6, 2014

DIY premieres the much ballyhooed series Sledgehammer tonight, featuring Jason Cameron.  I urge you to tune in.  Here's a sneak peak.

Bravo premieres Top Chef Duels tonight and GSN premieres an interest although probably very bad show called Skin Wars.

"TBS is developing a comedy script with Broken Lizard, the team behind cult films like Beerfest and Super Troopers, the network confirms to Variety exclusively.

"The project, which is called Quality Time and is being developed and produced by Entertainment One Television, follows the now-adult (well, at least older) versions of the group as they struggle through various challenges of adult misery and child rearing and attempt to hang on to the idiotic freedom of their irresponsible pre-parental lives."

Who is James Corden?

Who is James Corden?

CBS has seemingly named a replacement for Craig Ferguson.  If you had James Corden in the office pool, you're officially the smartest person I've ever met.  The Hollywood Reporter tells you more than you need to know and I've done you the favor of sharing:

"Corden isn't just a big name, he's a huge one. And with a starring role in one of the year's most-anticipated movies, his ubiquity in his native U.K. will likely soon extend to the U.S. — whether or not he ends up hosting the talk show.

"Here are several bits of vital information to better acquaint yourself with Corden, if you haven't already been formally introduced.

He is unavoidable in England 
Corden's exposure in his homeland rivals that of any stateside late-night host. He's a regular on the talk circuit, graces magazine covers (GQ man of the year 2012), boasts multiple advertising deals (check out this viral Cadbury spot) and has had more starring roles in television series and films than can be easily tallied.

He's got a huge Twitter following 
Do you know what's even more impressive than having 4.4 million Twitter followers? Having 4.4 million Twitter followers and completely neglecting them. Corden's social posse is commensurate with his fame, but he is cool enough to be a fair-weather tweeter. More power to him.

He's about to break out either way
After flirting with international fame for years, Cordon consummates that relationship come December when Into the Woods hits theaters. The long-awaited film treatment of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's iconic musical stars Corden as the Baker. Castmates include Emily Blunt, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick and Meryl Streep. (You know, the usual suspects.)

He created Gavin and Stacey 
Americans who do know Corden are likely most familiar with his supporting work on critically cherished comedy Gavin and Stacey. What they might not know is that he also co-created the series with writing partner and co-star Ruth Jones.

He has a new show on Hulu 
The Wrong Mans, another Corden vehicle and co-creation, scored a sophomore season renewal from BBC Two earlier this year. The dramedy, also from Matthew Baynton, airs on Hulu in the U.S.

He slimmed down quite a bit 
Hold on to those heartstrings. Corden, previously a bit of a big-boned fellow, shed a considerable amount of weight in recent years after the birth of his first child. At the time, he told The Mirror that he got dietary advice from … Boy George. 

He's a Tony winner 
Theater geeks might also know Corden. His sprawling stage career — History Boys, A Respectable Wedding, One Man, Two Guvnors — won him a 2012 Tony award for lead role in a play when One Man, Two Guvnors hopped over the pond to Broadway.

He used to live with Dominic Cooper 
Corden is close pals with History Boys co-star and Captain America actor Dominic Cooper. The pair were actually roommates for quite a while until things got serious between Corden and now-wife Julia Carey. "I was still there when his new girlfriend moved in," Cooper told The Guardian in 2011. "And when she got pregnant. It was only when they started measuring up for a cot at the end of my bed, I thought I'd better move out."

He has ample hosting experience
Though he may not be known for his emcee skills, Corden is fully capable. He's hosted the Brit Awards three times — earning rave reviews and planning elaborate stunts. (See him setting himself ablaze above.)

And he's got major geek cred
Ferguson likely approves of this suggested replacement, if only for their shared love of British sci-fi mega-series Doctor Who. A professed fan of the series, Corden has also guested on the show twice in recent years as Matt Smith favorite Craig Owens."

Color me impressed.

More from THR, "[m]ore than a year after cable network A&E canceledIntervention following 13 seasons, A+E Networks group sibling LMN has revived the docuseries for a 14th run, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

"LMN — which previously picked up the remaining episodes of A&E's canceled drama Those Who Kill — has ordered 15 new episodes of the series from original producers GRB Entertainment. Production will begin in the summer for a debut during the first quarter of 2015. As part of the deal, original interventionists Jeff Van Vonderen and Candy Finnigan will return."

"The only dating show on TV that features courtship without clothes is about to go all the way: VH1’s Dating Naked is shooting a wedding special that will join a bucknaked bride and groom in holy matrimony, EW has learned.

"The identity of the couple, semi-seen in the photo above, will be revealed in the Aug. 21 episode. The two met in early June while filming an episode in Panama. Guests at the ceremony, which is taking place in the Los Angeles area, will include five other pairs of garment-less contestants who have found love on the show. (Dating Naked boasts that it has successfully matched six couples in its 10 episodes, by the way.) What about the shaman who is officiating the nuptials? Why yes, he will be in the buff as well.

"The one-hour Dating Naked Wedding Special is slated to air Sept. 18 at 9 p.m., and season one will conclude Sept. 25."

Per TMZ, "[a] Danity Kane recording sesh erupted in violence Monday ... and they actually needed a first aid kit.

"We're told bandmates Dawn Richards and Aubrey O'Day got physical during a disagreement at an L.A. studio on Monday, resulting in Dawn slugging Aubrey in the head with a closed fist.

"DK's third member, Shannon Bex, was also there and tried unsuccessfully to break up the fight.  This isn't the first time DK's had issues ... the original five members disbanded in 2009, with four of them reuniting last year.  Aundrea Fimbres quickly dropped out, leaving the remaining three.

"Aubrey filed a battery report.  Cops are investigating."  Wait a second, Danity Kane still exists????

Not everyone is enjoying Big Brother this season.  Blasphemous.  The New York Post said "[i]n order for the show to work, there need to be sides. People need to hate each other. We need villains. People need to want one another out of the house so bad they will do crazy, irrational things — scream, provoke, cry.

"This season, we’ve just got a group of largely mellow duds who all seem content working together as friends.

"Each week, the house as a whole targets one person and they pretty much unanimously vote them out. This is not interesting to watch, no matter how much the show’s editors attempt to manipulate it to look like there may be divisions.

"The problem boils down to the fact that there needs to be a power shift each week, when a new 'Head of Household' is crowned.

"When that 'HOH' competition comes at the end of each Thursday night episode, we should be on the edge of our seats to see who’s going to take power and switch up the game.

"Instead, I’m finding myself not caring in the least because they’re all going to do the same thing. It’s like betting on an elementary school talent show — someone’s going to win, but they’re still not going to get into Juilliard.

"That point is exacerbated by the addition of a new twist that crowns two HOHs each week, lowering the stakes. There’s no point in getting invested in who wins when one of them is just going to be deposed in the next episode."  On second thought, those are some pretty valid arguments.

The season two premiere of Oxygen‘s Preachers of L.A. will get the big screen treatment at select AMC Theatres on Tuesday, August 12 at 7p, with cast members on hand in Atlanta and Dallas for Q&A sessions with the audience. Show premieres on TV Wednesday, August 20 at 10p.  Ok, (1) why wouldn't they do this in LA if the show is called Preachers of L.A.? and (2) why would they do this AT ALL???