Wednesday August 13, 2014

Joe Bastianich and Tim Love need to do a little more forethought before kicking $7,500 into a food concept each week on Restaurant Startup.  They're on a nice little streak of selecting, at least in my opinion, the wrong idea in which to invest.  I'm going to get in touch with Joe about this today.

I know I might sound like I'm beating a dead horse, but I IMPLORE you to check out Nathan For You on Comedy Central.  Last night's stunt with Pink's Hot Dogs was on par with Dumb Starbucks.  You can watch the full episode here.

Franklin & Bash premieres tonight so set your DVR accordingly.  Here is a little bit about what's in store: "[w]hen the fourth season kicks off Wednesday (10/9c), the legal comedy will feature new characters, a few major exits and a new look. Rachel (Heather Locklear) has left the firm, in addition to original cast members Pindar (Kumail Nanjami) and Carmen (Dana Davis), while Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) too have taken on new, more senior level positions within Infeld-Daniels. But don't expect our favorite slackers to button up. The duo says that, if anything, Season 4 feels like a return to form with Franklin and Bash as the renegade underdogs you're rooting for.

"'The one thing we've always loved about the show is when we're the underdogs with our backs against the walls and we have to fight for the little man,' Meyer tells 'Suddenly, we'd become The Man and who do we fight against [when] we've won? So the good thing with this season is that we start off and we've gotten our asses handed to us and there are criminal implications against Stanton [Malcolm McDowell], who is our Yoda. So our Yoda is disbarred and we're back to fighting. We try to run the firm, but it's not what we do well, so sh-- hits the fan a couple times.'"

Per Deadline, "Ryan Seacrest Prods’ scripted division has closed a two-year overall deal with CBS Television Studios. This marks the first formal overall deal agreement for RSP’s scripted arm, headed by Nina Wass, EVP, Scripted Programming. Under the pact, the company will develop projects for broadcast and cable television, as well as video streaming services and other emerging distributors. 'Ryan is someone who has proven he can do it all – both on-air and as a producer – and on every imaginable platform,' said CBS TV Studios president David Stapf, who noted that he had been looking to get in business with the host/producer for a while. 'He and Nina have outstanding eyes for talent and tremendous instincts for audience tastes in today’s diverse and expanding television universe.'”

Not exactly earth shattering, but "Mary McCormack and Josh Randall have landed guest-starring roles on Scandal, EW has learned."

"It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s Kaitlin Olson is about to cause a perfect storm on New Girl.

"The actress is set to recur in Season 4 of the Fox comedy as Ashley, Jess and Cece’s onetime high school nemesis who is now engaged to Jess’ father Bob (returning guest star Rob Reiner), TVLine has learned.

"Olson, who joins previously announced Season 4 Newbies Jessica Biel and Reid Scott, will debut in Episode 3, which is slated to air in late September.

"New Girl‘s fourth season kicks off Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 9/8c."

Per Variety, "Myx TV is putting a new twist on dating shows with Bagged, which hides the faces of its contestants.

"English-language Asian-American entertainment network Myx TV has designed Bagged to force contestants to rely on everything but their looks. The faces of three contestants vying for one dater’s interest are hidden by masks for the duration of the date, and are only revealed at the end of the episode after a winner is chosen."  It’s set to premiere on Aug. 21.  

I have no idea what Myx is or where I could ever find this show, but here is your sneak peak:

TheWrap talked to Mad Men's Christina Hendricks.

Great story by Norm MacDonald about meeting Robin Williams for the first time (told via Twitter).

Deadline is reporting that the premiere of Survivor might be in jeopardy because "the Motion Picture Editors Guild today told Mark Burnett and his Island Post Productions that they want a union contract. 'The union requests negotiations with you with respect to pay, wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment,' says the 1-page letter from National Executive Director Ron Kutak of IATSE Local 700 to Post Producer John Heard. At present, the demand is for immediate negotiations and the editors and assistants are still on the job. However, with just over a month before the recently announced expanded September 24 debut of Season 29 of the reality show the move by the Santa Monica-based post crew could shuttle the beginning of Survivor: San Juan del Sur if this escalates to a walk-out or further labor action, I’ve learned. 'The premiere episode isn’t even done yet,' a source close to the editing action told me. 'With the plan of a 90-minute opener and the team still going through footage, any delay of more than a few days would be very hard on the schedule.'”

Salon makes the case that Guy Fieri has destroyed the Food Network.  How's this for an argument?  "Let’s break this down. One of my biggest pet peeves is the way local news reporters talk. They deliver news to viewers like we’re all 5-year-olds, with their excessive use of alliteration and disproportionate pauses between words. Guy Fieri has adopted this local-news-reporter intonation and cadence, except Guy is also shouting for some reason. He is incessantly screaming at us to eat concoctions such as beer-battered meatball sandwiches, wrapped in a pizza and deep-fried in lard. What’s for dessert? A sheet cake dipped in pancake batter, dunked in butter frosting and sprinkled with Pop-Tarts. In short, Guy’s trying to kill us. While Michelle Obama campaigns for Americans to make healthier food choices, the Food Network relentlessly promotes Guy Fieri – a guy who wants us to combust via consumption of highly processed inedibles.

"Yet, despite being a grown man with a penchant for Billabong clothing, Guy shouldn’t incur all the blame. The real fault should be assigned to the people who gave this madman a platform from which to spout his nutso rants.  The Food Network’s programming schedule should be populated with the pacifying voices of Ina, Martha, Nigella, even Mario Batali. Instead we get Guy Fieri screaming at us to adopt a diet that will at best yield diabetes. I get it – Guy won your first “Food Network Star” competition so you had to give him his own show. Yet, unless I’m mistaken, you only had to give him one show. Instead he is all over Food Network’s primetime programming. Guy not only hosts Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, very loudly referred to as 'TRIPLE D!' — which seems to run repeatedly from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. — but also now appears on at least six other shows on the Food Network."

"And please note how Guy isn’t actually cooking on any of those shows. Considering the slop he tries to pass off as palatable, this is actually a blessing. However, he’s still there, in our face, gorging himself and ranting like an imbecile on fire."