Friday August 1, 2014

Order has been restored on Suits.  I applaud the writers for the whole Mike vs. Harvey story line and even Mike vs. Louis, but things just seem right in the world when they're all under one roof and on the same side of the table.  As for Mike vs. Rachel, we shall see.

Good news for Chris D'elia fans.  His show Undateable was renewed for a second season by NBC.  It's a good show from Bill Lawrence and deserved a second season so bravo NBC.

The Killing is up and running on Netflix.  The LA Times provided a not so glowing review: "Unfortunately, whatever satisfaction might be derived from seeing "The Killing" intentionally concluded (Netflix made only four episodes available, so the nature or quality of that conclusion cannot be vouched for) is overwhelmed almost immediately by a sense of melancholy: Even the most forgiving fan will find The Killing a shadow of its former self.

"In the Season 3 finale, Det. Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) ruthlessly shot her fellow officer/lover when he turned out to be the serial killer she was hunting. The fourth 'season' picks up just after she and her partner, Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman), have apparently disposed of the body, as they clean up and attempt to get their story straight.

"The story toggles between their (not very convincing) cover-up and a new case while wildly attempting to gather up all the various themes and narrative loose ends like a contestant in a timed shopping spree. Linden, whose alabaster stillness was once so revelatory, is now such a mess that one fears for Enos' actual physical well-being — was she always that thin? — while Holder has lost almost all his easygoing hipster-grubby charm.

"Not even the presence of Joan Allen as the crazy, great head of a military academy (Yes, the show is reaching, into "Citadel" territory) can keep viewers from wishing it would just conclude already."

Julie Chen is defending Donny's decision to spurn Team America last night.  I don't necessarily disagree with her (or Donny).  "Donny absolutely made the right decision by not fulfilling Team America’s wish/mission. He would have destroyed his game and the truth would have eventually come out. Then everyone would have targeted him next."

She also has her opinion on who's playing the best game so far: "I say Derrick is playing the best game. He is running the house and has zero blood on his hands. He doesn’t even need to win competitions to get what he wants done. People trust him and like him. He is calm and clever.  He is not a trouble maker and he doesn’t let his emotions rule his game."

I'm not sure what else I can do to sell you on The Mindy Project as a show you should be watching.  Season 2 was leaps and bounds above season 1 and for season 3, the cameos aren't stopping.  Per The Hollywood Reporter, "The Mindy Project has cast It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia  star Rob Mcelhenny to play the cousin of Morgan, Ike Barinholtz. Both characters are weird, both actors are high-larious, and the idea of both actors together is pretty much making our Thursday right now.

"Ike, of course, is a fan favorite on  the Fox hitcom (don't make us tell you for the 85th time you're an idiot for not watching), and Rob is a fan favorite on Sunny. Rob will appear in the premiere episode as Cousin Lou Tookers, a recent hire to the office who is supposed to be fixing the computers. He's a 'sunburt criminal type, hot but sleazy.'

"In other tingle-worthy (that's not a word) news, The Mindy Project is officially back in production and the actors are back on set."

"Homeland continues to beef up its cast for the upcoming fourth season — adding two actors for heavily recurring roles and one new guest.

"The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Mark Moses (Mad Men) and Indian actress Nimrat Kaurhave joined the series for several episodes. Additionally, Art Malik will appear in at least one episode.

"Moses, whose TV roles include Mad Men's Duck Phillips and a long-time gig on Desperate Housewives, will play something of a debauched expat. His character, Dennis, is described as an academic teaching political science at Islamabad's Quaid-I-Azam University. Kaur, who scored crossover success with 2013 Cannes darling The Lunchbox, will get her first big U.S. showing as a high-level operative within Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence.

"Malik, perhaps best known for playing the villain in 1994 action-thriller True Lies, is playing an old friend of Saul's: retired Pakistani general Bunran "Bunny" Latif."

"If you just can't get enough of Ray Donovan, Showtime has you covered. Beginning on Sunday, the cable channel will launch a series of companion webisodes for the Hollywood fixer drama, has learned exclusively.

"The webisodes, titled Behind the Fix, will extend the storytelling experience of specific episodes and will show viewers how Lena (Katherine Moennig) and Avi (Steven Bauer) complete tasks for their boss Ray (Liev Shcreiber). One of the webisodes will also feature a special appearance by Pooch Hall, who plays Ray's half-brother Darryl. 

"The first installment, written by Cheo Hodari Coker and directed by Michael Tolkin, features Lena procuring a fake identity for a client Ray needs to sneak out of the country. This marks the first time Showtime has worked directly with a show's writers to extend linear storytelling across digital platforms.

"The companion webisodes will be released immediately following the first airing of the Aug. 3, Aug. 17 and Sept. 14 episodes. They will be available on, YouTube, iTunes, SHO Sync, Showtime on Demand and Showtime Anytime."

Ben Scott's intro package for Monday's Bachelor In Paradise, for those who simply cannot wait.  If you have no idea who Ben Scott is, pat yourself on the back.

A review of IFC's The Honorable Woman starring Maggie Gyllenhaal.