Thursday July 10, 2014

BBC America has renewed Orphan Black for a 3rd season, which should come as a surprise to just about no one.  That said, it's not all good news for the show (see below).

I'm all in on Restaurant Startup on CNBC.  It's a combination of Shark Tank and Supermarket Superstar and features Eat, Drink Love's (Bravo) Waylynn Lucas to boot.  Joe Bastianich is terrific and Chef Tim Love brings a lot more to the table (pun intended) than I would have thought.  Get on board.

Handful of premieres tonight, including: Miami Rehab (DIY), World Food Championships (FYI), Ridiculousness and Snack-Off (MTV), Welcome To... and Working the Engles (NBC), Leah Remini: It's All Relative (TLC).  Set your DVRs accordingly.

Emmy nominees were announced this morning.  Here's a quick overview (and here is a link to the full list of nominees):

-19 nominations for Game of Thrones, 18 for Fargo, and 17 for American Horror Story: Coven

-McConaughey vs. Harrelson vs. Cranston vs. Spacey vs. Hamm.  Wow.  

-Silicon Valley picked up a nomination in the Best Comedy category, surprisingly (to me anyway).

-Orange Is The New Black is a comedy?

-Tatiana Maslany was snubbed in a major way, as was her show Orphan Black.

-HBO garnered 99 nominations.  CBS was 2nd with 47.  Netflix picked up 31.  FOX picked up only 18.

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The lost Seinfeld episode that no one has ever seen??  "The episode actually featured two bets as part of its plot. The subplot centered around Kramer’s (Michael Richards) claims that, on a flight back from Puerto Rico, he had slept with the flight attendant while in transit. George Costanza (Jason Alexander) doubted Kramer’s story, while Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) believed it to be true. The story’s validity would determine who won a bet between George and Jerry. During the course of this episode, Kramer’s first name would be revealed — instead of when it was eventually revealed in the series’ sixth season (we’ll get to that, and his name wasn’t always Cosmo).

"The other bet, which was the main focus of the episode, was whether or not Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) would purchase a gun for protection. During the episode, Kramer would take Elaine to meet a man named Mo Korn (played by Ernie Sabella, best known by ‘Seinfeld’ fans as the naked man on the subway) who still lives with his mother, and who also happens to be a black market gun salesman.

"Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld instead quickly wrote another episode titled ‘The Phone Message,’ centering on George leaving a message on his girlfriend’s answering machine that he regrets, leading to him switching the tape before she hears the message. We will never learn who won both bets…well, that’s not entirely true. Now, [Larry] Charles doesn’t remember what Elaine eventually decided, 'What I do remember is there’s almost a Taxi Driver like scene in there, where she goes to the hotel room to meet a guy who was like the guy in ‘Taxi Driver’ who deals guns. And I think she buys the gun there, but to tell you the truth, in all honestly — and maybe I blocked it out for psychological reasons — I don’t remember what happened after that.'

"But, Charles does confirm that, yes, Kramer did indeed join the mile-high club with his flight attendant on the way back from Puerto Rico so, yes, George did lose that particular bet to Jerry."


Neal McDonough talked to EW about his stint on Suits and a possible return for the final season of Justified.  He had very nice things to say about Gabriel Macht: "There’s one scene between Gabriel and I, it was just so much fun to play. Every once in a while as an actor, you get to work with an actor and watch him really groove, and enjoy his work, and think through it, and make fantastic choices. And that’s what Gabriel does. And in this scene in particular, he makes some phenomenal choices that made the rivalry between the two of us that much greater. It’s like an Ali-Frazier fight. I’m beatin’ him in a couple of rounds, and he’s the champ, and he thinks he’s coming back to win the fight at the end. Everyone who watches Suits understands how great Suits is, and it’s almost like this hidden gem on television. The numbers on the show are fantastic, but people may not realize that after this is all said and done, Gabriel’s gonna be around for a long time. If they’re gonna cast an American James Bond, cast him. He’s just a great guy to work with, a super family guy. I can’t say enough about Gabriel Macht."

Per the network, "Destination America becomes King in the North with the greenlight of new programming that celebrates the romance and roughness of life atop some of America’s highest altitudes. First, the newest addition to Destination America’s 'Buying” franchise, Buying The Rockies (WT), features home-seekers looking to leave their lowland lodging behind and move on up to a mountain-top home of their dreams. The 10-episode first season of Buying The Rockies (WT) is slated to premiere this fall. Then, Railroad Alaska returns for a second season chronicling everyday challenges faced by homesteaders living along Alaska’s critical 650-mile-long railroad and the elite crew of workers that must keep the train rolling to deliver life-sustaining supplies. Railroad Alaska season 2 is on track to premiere 10 new episodes beginning this fall."

"Every episode of Buying The Rockies sends potential homeowners on a rocky road trip to tour three properties. From grand log mansions built for entertaining to cozy, efficient cabins just big enough for two, each home boasts its own charm and challenges. Seclusion, stunning views, adventure sports, and life among the great outdoors are some of the interests that attract families to the Rockies, but facing life off the grid is a big decision. Mountain high or valley low, four-wheel drive is a necessity and life in the Rockies could mean giving up luxuries like electricity."

Per Deadline, Nat Geo unveiled a pair of new travelogue-type series yesterday "that revolve around serious ingestion: Eric Greenspan Is Hungry and ChugEric Greenspan follows the titular chef and his gastronome pal Captain Mauzner as they travel the traverse the country looking for meaty ideas for the former’s LA restaurants. Set to premiere in November, the series from Relativity Television will see the hosts chow down on meats ranging from your everyday pig and cow to bison, deer, goat and 'other' — talking with and coaxing recipes from the folks who farm, raise, nurture, hunt and butcher livestock. The Kickstarter-fundedChug sees 'drinkaloguer' Zane Lamprey visit 'an array of exotic and boozy locations' from Australia to Kuala Lumpur, interacting with the locals and merrily imbibing. The title refers not to the downing of beer — or at least not only that — but rather the host’s mode of transportation: trains. It also will look at how drinking traditions affect modern drinking habits. The show from Inzane Entertainment is set to debut in the fall."

Another social media fail.  "New York-Presbyterian Hospital pulled the plug on a reality-TV nurse after she posted an emergency-room snapshot, the caregiver said Tuesday.

"Viewers of ABC’s hospital show New York Med were shocked two weeks ago when popular nurse Katie Duke, 33, suddenly got canned.  Duke had posted a picture of an empty trauma room, strewn with used medical supplies, on her Instagram.

"A man had just been treated there after being hit by a subway train. Duke captioned the image: 'Man vs. 6 train.'

"In her ABC News interview aired on Tuesday, Duke said she wasn’t accused of violating the patient’s HIPAA right to privacy.

"'I was told I was being fired for being insensitive,' Duke said.

"She landed on her feet and is now working the ER at Roosevelt Hospital.

"Duke insisted she did nothing wrong, but understands how people outside an ER could believe her humor is morbid.

“'If you hung around nurse’s station and heard the way we talk about injuries, life and death, you might get the wrong impression — but it’s just a coping mechanism,' she said."

"One of the Shahs of Sunset has been 86'd for being terminally uninteresting -- Lilly Ghalichi will no longer appear on the show ... TMZ has learned.

"Sources connected to production tell us Season 4 of the show has been shooting for months now ... and fashion designer/attorney Lilly G. hasn't been part of the fun.  One source described producers' problem with Lilly in one simple word ... 'boring.'

"We're told her replacement has been shooting with the rest of the cast, but for now they're keeping the identity under wraps.  Not to worry ... recently engaged Lilly's hot-yet-annoying scenes should be adequately covered by GG."