Wednesday July 2, 2014

EW is reporting that "[w]eeks after revealing its plans to debut the Sarah Chalke comedy Really during its upcoming third pilot season, Amazon has announced another pilot: Hysteria, an hourlong dramatic thriller from singer-turned-TV-multihyphenate Shaun Cassidy starring Mena Suvari.

"According to Amazon’s official description, 'Hysteriatakes viewers to Austin where members of a girls’ competitive dance team are stricken with a strange, psycho-physiological illness that manifests in violent fits and spasms. Neurologist Logan Harlen (Suvari) is called back to her hometown to investigate the cause. Fighting her own demons (and the growing manipulation of a brother on death row), Logan develops an uneasy suspicion that the hysteria surrounding the girls might actually be linked to social media and her own tragic past.'

"Though it’s not mentioned in the release, the story seems inspired by a twitching epidemic that affected a group of teenage girls in Le Roy, New York, in 2012—an incident that also served as the basis for Megan Abbott’s recent novel The Fever."

Per Variety, "Bravo, hoping to pull viewers closer than ever into its programming, next month is set to debut The Singles Project, a reality dating show that will invite fans to weigh in on each week’s events via social media — and potentially even land a guest appearance.

"The NBCUniversal cable network’s eight-episode Singles Project, slated to premiere at 10 p.m. Aug. 12 , follows a group of six young and single New York professionals hitting the Big Apple’s dating scene.

"In a first for Bravo, the docu-series will be produced in 'real time,' which for the cabler means that after episodes air Tuesday nights, the next one will be shot and edited the following week.

"The format is designed to give viewers the chance to chime in on the show — to opine about individual cast members, their dates and and even their fashion sense – via Twitter (@singles_project), Facebook, Tumblr and other social media. Bravo execs tout Singles Project as giving fans an unprecedented opportunity to interact with a TV show.

“'It’s not just another dating show,' said Shari Levine, senior VP of current production for Bravo Media. 'It really is a show that lives and reacts and is a moment in time as you are seeing it. … It breaks the fourth wall.'

"The social feedback loop will work like this: Comments from each Singles Project episode will be screened and passed along to each of the six cast members, who will be tweeting about the show and their dating lives themselves. Cast will be encouraged to respond on-camera, Levine said.

"Bravo also will include a form on the show’s website to invite viewers to sign up for a chance to meet, or even date, their favorite single: 'We will absolutely be going to that pile,' Levine said."

"The Killing‘s new home, Netflix, has released the first trailer for Season 4, and it’s becomes quite clear quite quickly that Linden and Holder have a lot more to deal with this time around than solving a crime.

"Picking up right after the events of the Season 3 finale, detectives Linden (played by Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) are struggling to manage the fallout from their rash actions at the end of last season when they are assigned a new case — the slaughter of a 'picture perfect' family, the only survivor a son (Tyler Ross) who was shot in the head during the tragedy. Joan Allen guest-stars as the headmaster of the all-boys military academy Kyle attends."  Check out the trailer below:

Per EW, "Adam Richman–the formerly fluffy host of Man v. Food who irked online folks by using the word 'thinspiration' to describe his recent weight loss–may be on the cusp of losing his new show too.

"The Travel Channel recently announced that it was postponing the July 2 debut of Man Finds Food, a new show that would have sent Richman on the hunt for off-the-beaten-path restaurants and menu items. A spokesman for the cable network wouldn’t provide a reason for the decision, though the timing is suspect given Richman’s recent online tirade. After he posted a photo on his Instagram account that showed his weight loss, he included the hashtag #thinspiration. He quickly learned via his followers that the term “is very popular in pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia circles,” according to blogger Amber Sarah. The online fight escalated, with Richman hurling expletive-fueled digs–some of which he took down.

"Richman has become a big personality for The Travel Channel, even though he hasn’t produced fresh episodes of Man v. Food–a show that featured him eating massive quantities of food–for years."

The cast of The Walking Dead is back at work filming season 5 and they've given us a sneak peak:

CBS has given a straight-to-series order for 13 episodes of Zoo, a drama based off of the novel of the same name by James Patterson to broadcast in summer 2014. The book, originally published in September 2012, tells the story of Jackson Oz, a young biologist who tries to get to the bottom of a series of violent animal attacks across the globe.

Per Deadline, "[t]he correspondence pugilism between CAA and AMC over the agency’s lawsuit with former The Walking Dead showrunner Frank Darabont against the entertainment company over unpaid fees, self-dealing, gross receipts and other claims just put its brass knuckles on again. 'AMC’s document requests clearly exceed the bounds of legitimate discovery, as they go far beyond any issues relevant to the instant litigation. Worse, they are manifestly so burdensome and overbroad that compliance would be all but impossible,' said the agency’s lawyer Jerry Bernstein in letter sent this week to Justice Eileen Bransten of the Supreme Court of New York. The correspondence seeking a conference to find resolution in the matter is in response to a letter AMC sent two weeks ago to Her Honor seeking a wide swath of confidential documents from the agency for the case.

“'Such a wholesale disclosure of the confidential information of potentially thousands of clients would be devastating to CAA’s reputation and business, would greatly damage CAA’s relationship with its clients, and would have a chilling effect on its competitive position in the marketplace,' the dense July 1 letter says (read it here). 'Although prominent, CAA is certainly not the only talent agency in the entertainment industry. CAA’s clients would be outraged at the disclosure of their private information in litigation they are not parties to,' the Blank Rome attorney added. 'Moreover, they would not be satisfied that even a "highly confidential" designation of their documents would protect their privacy and their business interests.'"  Come on Your Honor, do what we all know you want to do and order the production of documents!

Vulture has an interview with Seinfeld's Peter Mehlman, who coined such phrases as "shrinkage," "double-dip" and "yada-yada."  "I thought back to a meeting I had had with an editor of a women’s magazine probably ten years earlier, and a couple of times she used the words yada yada and I don’t think I had even heard anyone say it after. And I don’t know why, but it just popped back into my mind. At first, I just thought of it as some little quirk that I could throw in, but then all of a sudden, I started thinking of all of the things you could just gloss over using yada yada. It ended up perfect because I realized that not only does it give me a great story, but also everyone in the story could start using it. You love a thing where one of the stories can affect everybody else. That was also the case of The Smelly Car. The valet parker had such incredibly bad B.O. that the smell attached itself to anyone who got in the car, so if I could get everybody in that car, it connects up the stories."

The New York Post offers up the 25 best contributions Seinfeld made to the English language, including the likes of:


-Serenity now

-Close talker



-Jerk Store

Have a very happy 4th of July.