Wednesday June 18, 2014

"The Situation got 2 things today ... arrested and what's gonna be a nasty black eye -- both after brawling with his brother in the tanning salon they co-own ... TMZ has learned.

"Mike 'Situation' Sorrentino was busted at Boca Tanning Salon in Middletown, NJ ... according to law enforcement sources.

"We're told cops got a 911 call reporting a 'fist fight' inside the salon ... and when officers arrived -- Sitch was arrested, and eventually booked for simple assault. He posted $500 bail ... and on the way out he explained he and his bro, Frank were scrapping over how to run the business."  Come on Sitch.

Fargo drew a close to season 1 last night and if you did not watch this show, I highly recommend it.  It's a far cry from Breaking Bad, but ABSOLUTELY holds its own and, in my opinion, is better that shows like The AmericansThe BridgeTrue Detective, etc.  Creator Noah Hawley talked with EW about season 2 [SPOILER ALERT}: 

"EW: If the show does return for season 2, might we be seeing any of the main characters again, like Molly or Gus?
HAWLEY: The one thing I would say is that the movie ended the way that it ended and you knew that Marge and Norm were going to go back to life as normal and that this true crime case was the worst case that she ever had. That’s why we were telling that story, and it would be disingenuous, I think, to do the continuing adventures of…. It would stop feeling like real life. And also, I think that what Marge saw in the movie and what Molly saw here, it’s a lot to take in and it will certainly stay with her for the rest of her life. But it you keep piling that stuff on, then whatever innocence or small town decency that she has is going to start to evolve into what is now all too common haunted demon hunter law man. That’s basically our heroes now — they’ve got to be as bad as the villains they’re chasing, and this a different kind of show.

EW: Do you have a framework in mind for a second season? Do you have an outline or anything else that you’ve been working on?
HAWLEY: I don’t have anything that developed at this point. I’ve been running this whole time. We wrapped production a week before we aired and I’ve just been scrambling to finish these episodes — sometimes days before they air. So at this point I’m interested in laying flat for a couple of weeks and then turning my brain to what’s next."

Noah Hawley also stopped by the Grantland podcast to talk to Andy Greenwald about last night's finale.

Hawley ALSO talked with Vulture about the finale and what's to come.  Sure seems like a busy guy this week.  He had this to say about casting Key and Peele: "That idea came up while we were shooting episodes three and four. Pepper and Budge are partners, they’re a pair, so you needed actors who felt like an old pair of shoes or an old married couple. I joked with them that when I first met them that Key and Peele is just them auditioning for different types of movies. They didn’t dissuade me from that idea. They were fun to work with, and they loved getting the opportunity. Pepper and Budge are slightly comic characters in a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern kind of way, but there’s drama there. The idea that Deputy Solverson has the answers and she’s like a guru on a mountaintop and they finally find her and they’re sitting at her feet going, 'You have to tell us. Who is he?' I mean, they were so great in that moment."

Here's a not so favorable review of last night's finale from Alan Sepinwall.  Not sure what he was watching . . . .

I didn't get to Royal Pains last night, but saw a headline about a "twist."  Hopefully I can avoid spoilers until this evening.

Per TVLineAmerican Idol is "planning to dole out a $50,000 prize to the family member, friend or colleague most instrumental in getting the show’s 2015 champ to audition — AKA his or her 'True Believer.'

"Contestants will be asked by the show’s producers to choose their own 'True Believers'; if the eventual champ decides not to designate one, the show will donate the $50,000 to a charity of its own choosing.

"Idol is announcing the “True Believer” program as it kicks off its first round of Season 14 auditions beginning June 18 in Minneapolis, followed by stops in New Orleans (June 25); Uniondale, NY (July 23); Nashville (July 30); and San Francisco (Sept. 29)."  Go away already please.

Add Dr. Oz to the list of those who are full of shit.  Per CNN, "Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of The Doctor Oz Show, was grilled Tuesday by senators on Capitol Hill about the promotion of weight loss products on his show.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, chairwoman of the subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Insurance, led the panel that looked at false advertising for weight loss products. Subcommittee members took issue with claims Oz has made on his show about products that don't have a lot of scientific evidence to back them up, such as green coffee beans.

"The scientific community is almost monolithic against you in terms of the efficacy of the three products you called 'miracles,'" said McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat. She said she was discouraged by the "false hope" his rhetoric gives viewers and questioned his role, "intentional or not, in perpetuating these scams.'

"'I don't get why you need to say this stuff when you know it's not true. When you have this amazing megaphone, why would you cheapen your show?... With power comes a great deal of responsibility.'

"Oz told the committee that he does use 'flowery language' to describe certain products on his show, but added he believes in them so much he has given them to his own family.

"'My job, I feel, on the show is to be a cheerleader for the audience, and when they don't think they have hope, when they don't think they can make it happen, I want to look, and I do look everywhere, including in alternative healing traditions, for any evidence that might be supportive to them,' Oz told the panel."  Riiiiiiight.

Cool story about Justified and the killing off of Danny Crowe.  "'Olyphant had been pitching the death since the start of the season: 'He wanted the dog to die. He wanted a grave to be dug. And he wanted Danny to fall in it,' [showrunner Graham] Yost said."

An interview with Homeland's Shaun Toub, who played ruthless Iranian security chief Javadi.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, "[i]n Hollywood theft lawsuits, standard protocol is that a writer alleges some conspiracy whereby his or her work has been stolen, the studio hits back with a lesson about the non-protectability of generic ideas, and the parties continue fighting until the judge weighs in... usually in favor of the defendants. Will litigation over Fox's New Girl stray from this script?

"To quickly review, Stephanie Counts and Shari Gold allege they once worked with William Morris Endeavor agents to shop a proposed television series titled Square One, that the two once proposed ZooeyDeschanel for the lead, that their script eventually became Fox's hit comedy. The 'blatant plagiarism,' to use the lawsuit's words, has sparked a copyright lawsuit.

"Fox has, of course, answered the claim by denying similarity except for the premise of a woman who leaves a bad relationship and moves in with three single men, which it says is a general, non-protectable idea.

"In advance of a hearing next month on a motion to dismiss, the plaintiffs have now responded with heavy use of bold-face, bullet points and screams that Fox has gone too far.

"'This motion to dismiss is fatally flawed and deficient in all respects as it should have never been filed,' plaintiffs' attorneys tell the judge.

"To the proposition that the two works merely express the general idea of a woman moving in with three male roommates, the plaintiffs say 'there is absolutely no way Defendants could have read the Complaint if they actually hold such an opinion,' then bullet-point some characteristics that both works share. Such as:

  • late twenties early thirties woman who moves in with three guys; the move is result of break up after her ex—named Spencercheats on her; 
  • the protagonist is awkward and sexually inexperienced
  • the type-B bartender roommate is the one who likes and eventually becomesromantically involved with the protagonist

"'The totality of the similarities... is simply stunning and it defies logic that New Girl was created without Defendants drawing on and copying Plaintiffs’ protected expression,' allege the plaintiffs."

Pictures of Jon Hamm on the set of Mad Men as filming nears a close.

Finally, and brace yourself, here's your first look at Bachelor In Paradise: