Monday June 16, 2014

Very interesting article from Deadspin about how spoilers and how they are nearly impossible to avoid.

Buzzfeed profiles Orange Is The New Black's Lorraine Touissant (Vee).  "'Though I look a certain way and I sound a certain way, there’s a lot of wacky people running around inside of me, inside of my head screaming to get out and so given the opportunity, oh my gosh, I could have a really wacky character party and Vee is just the first of many,' she said. Also, throughout her distinguished career, Toussaint has played a lot of roles on the right side of the law: judges, attorneys, police captains, and doctors. 'It was kind of time to balance that scale, don’t you think?'"

I watched Famous In 12 over the weekend.  That show is the epitome of why other countries around the world point and laugh at our TV programming.  David Weintraub appeared in the premiere.  If you don't know who this douche is, consider yourself lucky.  Shame on you Harvey Levin.

Here's the trailer for season 2 of Ray Donovan, which returns to Showtime on July 13:

An interview with The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons.

And one with Kaley Cuoco, who says that "Simon Helberg (who plays Howard) makes me laugh, really, really hard. Everyone at work is so funny and I learn from them every single day, but Simon is, I think, one of the funniest people I have ever met."

"The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Mary Steenburgen is closing a deal to join the gang at Litchfield for season three. You might remember Steenburgen best for her Oscar-winning performance in Jonathan Demme's 1980 film, Melvin and Howard, but if you're anything like us, you remember her for her role in the delightfully weirdPowder. It looks like Steenburgen might have gotten a little ahead of herself though, because her Thursday tweet — "'Very excited to go to my first wardrobe fitting of OITNB! Will I be in orange or black?:)' — has been quietly taken down."

Mike Judge talked with Deadline and said that "About four years afterOffice Space came out, TGI Fridays got rid of all that (button) flair, because people would come in and make cracks about it. One of my ADs asked once at the restaurant why their flair was missing and they said they removed it because of that movie Office Space.  So, maybe I made the world a better place.  Sometimes, I’m surprised that it’s relevant. I thought there would be a new kind of asshole boss and this would be antiquated.  I love it when people say they related to it. It was hard to get made. The studio didn’t like the cast, the music — they didn’t like a lot of it. Then it didn’t do well right way, so I got that ‘I told you so!’ thing from them. Then to have the film make a lot of money — it was really a sweet thing."

TLC is bringing back Breaking Amish for a third season this October, with a brand new cast heading to Brooklyn. The net has ordered 10 hour-long episodes of the Hot Snakes Media-produced series, in which young Amish and Mennonite men and women leave their communities to experience cities such as New York City and Los Angeles together.

10 things you might now have known about the late Casey Kasem.

The 16 most iconic TV toilet moments.

Is anyone watching Halt And Catch Fire?  I'm two episodes behind but am curious as to whether or not anyone is enjoying this show.  There is very little chatter out there about it, I'm guessing for good reason.

The A.V. Club announced its Tournament of Episodes.  "Every day, episodes will be pitted against each other in battles to the death. One of our elite TV Club scribes will watch both episodes, then make the call on which episode was better. What’s the criteria for “better”? There isn’t one. It’s all about what the judges felt at the time. Not all of us have watched every show, and some episodes may be hamstrung by that. Plus, the two episodes that you guys picked in the readers’ choice process will get a bye all the way to the semifinals. Why? Because life’s not fair, that’s why. The champions of the original tournament will emerge, bruised and bloody, only to face an entirely new foe who hasn’t had to fight with anybody yet. That’s just how it works."

Orange Is The New Black's Jason Biggs' wife might be more off the wall than his on-screen ex-fiancee (Biggs and Mollen were terrific on Howard Stern today.  Catch the replay if you missed it this morning).  

"Jenny Mollen went crazy in Hollywood and it worked for her.  

"There was the time she tried to hire a hooker to have a hot threesome with her husband. Or the time when she told her spouse to try to get it on with her best friend — while she listened in.

"Then there was the time she seduced one of her husband’s female stalkers. Or the time when she tweeted about her newborn son’s penis size and flashed her milk-engorged breasts.

"That’s life for actress Mollen, wife of Jason Biggs, who has turned her brand of only-in-Hollywood craziness into a collection of funny essays, “I Like You Just the Way I Am,” out this week from St. Martin’s Press.

“'I don’t pretend I’m not crazy,' says Mollen, 34.

"There’s no way she really could, so it’s probably better to embrace it — like she does with the hooker three-way story in the book.

“'I was just trying to be exciting,' Mollen says. 'I got off on it being my idea. I got to organize a caper.'

"Mollen says she asked her friend Chelsea Handler to help her find a 'birthday whore' to share with Biggs, best known for American Pie.

"Handler recommended a masseuse, and Mollen booked her, thinking she was a 'masseuse' with quote marks and not an actual person who does massages for a living.

"The doorbell rings and there’s Mollen in a sexy bra and panties and Biggs in the bedroom with a bottle of Dom Perignon and three glasses — and a professional massage therapist protesting that she’s prepared only to manipulate muscles, not genitals."