Friday May 23, 2014

Bananas vs. Jordan was as advertised last night.  I was happy to see the old vet put the hotheaded Jordan in his place.  Kudos.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, "Dick Clark Productions has made a deal with the British-based World Memory Championships and the USA Memory Championships to produce a television special based on what it says will be 'the greatest test of memory in the world.'

"'The production will combine the enormous wow factor of watching these mental athletes perform with unique challenges for home audiences, creating a heart-pounding family-friendly event special,' said DCP president Mike Mahan.

"The most recent World Memory Championships were held in London in 2013, with entrants from 32 countries. Some 120 "mental athletes" participated in 10 events over three days."  This looks like some real can't miss television:

Only 10 million tuned in for the American Idol finale.  Time to stick a fork in that show.

Community's Gillian Jacobs talks about her new role on HBO's Girls.  "I have an awesome name — in the grand tradition of Girls having awesome names for their characters… So I can’t really give much away about my character. But…I can tell you that she is a multimedia artist who doesn’t agree with Hannah’s interpretations about art and challenges her ideas."

Esquire gives its views on celebrity chefs and cheftestants in 2014.

Vulture examines why this final season of Mad Men was broken into two parts.  The first and foremost reason seems to be that it was done in order to garner one more Emmy award.  Man that's stupid.

Here's a little post-mortem interview with Survivor winner Tony Vlachos, who said that "I would not have won if I was not a good person. I’m a great person. People loved me out there. And that’s the reason I won. People did not reward me because I was backstabbing and deceiving them and being mean to them, they rewarded me because I played the game like it’s supposed to be played to get me to the end. But they knew I was a great person. Deep down inside I’m a genuine person and they all saw that."  Stay humble!

Here's one with the dreaded Kass

And one more with Spencer, for good measure.

Here are your top 25 primetime shows for 2013-14 (you can see the full rankings here):

A nice piece on AMC's Halt And Catch Fire.

Taylor Kitsch is still happy that the Friday Night Lights movie is dead.  Here's a piece about how he rediscovered himself.

Here's your "ultimate summer TV viewing guide."

Quentin Tarantino is looking to unleash Django Unchained on the small screen.  The Oscar-winning director told an audience at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday that he’s mulling a four-hour miniseries version of his acclaimed 2012 pre-Civil War Western.

Here's a preview of NBC's Undateable.  From creator Bill Lawrence (profiled yesterday) and featuring Chris D'Elia, I'm likely all in on this one.  Here's the review: "[o]n Thursday, May 29 at 9/8c, a new NBC comedy will illustrate the many ways a singleton can be Undateable, one of which is on display in this exclusive sneak peek.

"Executive-produced by Bill Lawrence (Cougar Town), Adam Sztykiel (Due Date) and Jeff Ingold (Ground Floor), Undateable stars Chris D’Elia (Whitney) as Danny Burton, a confident 29-year-old who, though not the biggest prize himself, endeavors to help his new, overthinker of a roommate Justin (played by comedian Brent Morin) improve his dating life.

"Case in point: In the clip below, Danny urges bar owner Justin to 'go for it' with bartender Nicki (Ground Floor’s Heelan), and it’s alllll downhill from there.

"Rounding out the cast are Ron Funches (Crash & Bernstein), Rick Glassman and Brit David Fynn (Big Bad World), as Danny’s hangers-on, while Bianca Kajlich (Rules of Engagement) plays his recently divorced older sister, Leslie."