Wednesday May 21, 2014

It was a disappointing night in the TV results world as two shows left me feeling that they crowned the wrong winner.  First and foremost, there is no two ways about it, Christina Grimmie should have won The Voice.  I'm not sure what the public watched or heard on Monday (or all season long), but she was robbed blindly.  She'll be far more successful than Josh Kaufman.



Secondly, Sausage got hosed on Ink Master.  Scott is a talented artist but he's an ass hole and Sausage is as good (if not better), handled more difficult skins, is NOT an ass hole, and proved to me that he should have been crowned the winner.

Eight network shows broadcast their finales tonight including Modern FamilySurvivorMixology (series finale for this one as it has been canceled), and American Idol.

Per US Weekly, "Chris Bukowski, who attempted to crash Bachelorette Andi Dorfman's introductory cocktail party on the May 19 season 10 premiere, explained his actions to Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday, May 20.

"'She seemed like a girl I could hit it off with,' Bukowski, 27, reasoned to Seacrest, who quoted the contestant on his radio show. A source added to Us Weekly, 'She's beautiful and career-driven. Bukowski thought there was a chance it could work, so he reached out to producers.'

"On Monday's Bachelorette premiere, Bukowski revealed he fell for the Atlanta-based prosecutor, 26, back in February, after her explosive Fantasy Suite episode with Juan Pablo aired and she left the series on her own accord. 

"'I almost got on as a contestant, but it was too late,' said Bukowski, who first captured fans' attention when he starred on Emily Maynard's Bachelorette season back in 2012. The Chicago native later rose to notoriety for his womanizing and lying ways on Bachelor Pad, though it appears he wanted to seek love with Dorfman. So what was a guy to do? 'I flew to L.A., and at that point there was no turning back,' the business owner told Seacrest."

Deadline is reporting that "Spike TV has greenlit a half-hour pilot special Ink Shrinks to premiere this fall with an eye toward a series. Ink Shrinks features a forward-thinking team of artists, psychologists and other professionals who prescribe 'blind' tattoos as a means of healing. After discussing their clients’ issues, the team will design a unique tattoo to help jump start the mending process. The clients put their faith in the ‘ink shrinks’ as they won’t know what their tattoo looks like until the session is complete and the artwork is irreversible. The pilot special is produced for Spike TV by Eastern (Love & Hip Hop)."

In advance of tonight's finale, Jeff Probst participated in a Reddit AMA.  You can read it in its entirety here.  Below are a few highlights:

-I don't really do it [point out people struggling in challenges] with the intention of being annoying - even though I know it's frustrating for them - I think it's just become an added layer to the game and part of my "play by play" which I also know drives people nuts! If someone told me to fuck off, then I'd know that I was fully in their head. I do sometimes rehearse a challenge and John Kirhoffer (our challenge supervising producer) will play "me" and he does the same thing and man is it hard to solve a puzzle with someone telling you you suck!

-Seasons I didn't think worked --- Fiji was one that I didn't feel great about while we were doing it. Can't tell you why exactly - and nothing to do with Earl winning - he was a good winner. It was just an overall feeling combined with a location that didn't feel right.

-Caramoan Reunion - couple reasons we had the non-jury off the stage. The biggest reason was we were trying something new. I hated how much it hurt the feelings of the non jury. I am not a cold or uncaring person. I knew they felt slighted. We made a mistake in not telling them ahead of time and I take responsibility for that. The reason the idea came up in the first place is we knew Brandon would not be at the show and we didn't want it to be a big deal. Turns out it became a bigger deal as a result of our decision.

-I go back and get the votes and put them in the most dramatic order and then I have a few moments to think about what to say.

Here's some Walking Dead scoop courtesy of EW: "The Walking Dead began filming for season 5 a little over a week ago, and since we are desperate to find out what’s going on there, we checked in with our spy on the set. And that spy happens to be none other than Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

"So, how’s it going so far down in Atlanta, Robert? 'You feel like you never left,' says Kirkman. 'Everyone’s happy to be back together, so it’s been pretty great and everybody’s bringing their A game still, 5 years in. We’re doing new and different and crazy and exciting things and now I think the atmosphere is that we can’t wait until we can start sharing things with people and start showing things to people because we’re really excited about what we’re doing here. We think we’re making another magical season.'"  Read more here.

ABC hasn't won a May sweeps this century?

I watched I Wanna Marry Harry last night.  Unwatchable.

NBC should reconsider keeping Parenthood around for a little bit longer.  "While Jason Katims' critically favored drama remained relatively unassuming in the ratings, it lessened the hemorrhaging on Thursday night, which housed D.O.A. comedy duds including The Michael J. Fox Show and Sean Saves the World. NBC's soon-to-be-tinkered-with 'Must See' block saw the 10 p.m. hour improve 92 percent with the steady Parenthood, ending years of failed launches in the problematic time slot."

Per Deadline, "has put in development Control Alt Delete, a half-hour comedy series from Fox 21, Chernin Entertainment and Jason Winer’s 20th Century Fox TV-based Small Dog Picture Co. Written by Simeon Goulden, creator of the UK comedy series Spy, and to be directed by Winer, Control Alt Delete revolves around four smartass, workaholic associates in a “white shoe” law firm who are feverishly trying to move up the corporate ladder while avoiding becoming the next victim of the office serial killer."

Rainn Wilson has his hand in some interesting projects post-The Office: