Thursday April 17, 2014

On the heels of news that Laura Prepon is dating Tom Cruise, here is a trailer for season 2 of Orange Is The New Black:

From quality television (above) to the complete opposite end of the spectrum:

Scandal and Parenthood conclude great seasons tonight.

Kerry Washington talks about filming while pregnant and how they were able to hide it all season.  More Gladiator news below . . . .

I watched the premiere of Fargo and while it was slow at times, I will most definitely be back for more.  Billy Bob Thornton is as good as he's ever been and the cast is strong enough that this show should have the legs to carry it through the entire season with acclaim.  I don't see how anyone could write this, but that's what I've come to expect from Grantland's Andy Greenwald: "Bob Odenkirk gives the best performance of his life."  Huh????  Right, because he was mediocre at best as Saul Goodman . . . .  

From Deadline, "TLC, the network that brought us obsessive coverage of families with armies of children, obsessive coverage of little people, and obsessive coverage of people with obsessions,  now appears to be going off the deep end with programs about emergency medical responders. The network that recently ordered 35 MORE episodes of Sex Sent Me To The ER today announced a series that explores the fast-paced lives of emergency medical techs, called OMG EMT! The four-episode series try-out launches Saturday, May 3 at 10 PM ET. TLC’s announcement promises the new series will feature some of the “most memorable and unusual emergency calls…from the ridiculous to the downright crazy.” The premiere episode, for example, will feature an elderly woman with a prizefighter’s temperament and a dog with a taste for rescue team members, and the inevitable incredibly stupid college guys doing, yes, something incredibly stupid and involving a stairway. Future episodes involve a man with chest pains and a love triangle, a baby delivery on the spot, a man who rises from the dead, etc."

Pivot announced its new slate of shows.  Tell me how many of these you might actually consider watching: "Previously announced series Human Resources (10 x 30 minutes, formerly TerraCycle) will premiere on August 8. The Left/Right-produced show follows the employees of New Jersey-based start-up TerraCycle, a company that is aiming to eliminate global waste and operates in 24 countries.

"Meanwhile, Welcome To Fairfax (10 x 30 minutes) will begin airing in October. The show is billed as being a behind-the scenes look at a vibrant, artistic community in the Fairfax area of Los Angeles, 'as seen through the eyes of some of the young visionaries who inhabit it.' It is produced by Ryan Sidhoo, Ben Selkow and Todd Lubin, and Jay Peterson of Matador.

"Pivot’s unscripted development slate includes the Funny Or Die-produced America’s Got Issues, a clip-based comedy show that features comedians and experts riffing on social and cultural issues; America Rewind, a Stick Figure Studios-produced docuseries about the employees of an American revolution role-playing park; and I Am Young Detroit, a Trium Entertainment-produced docuseries/procedural about the staff of a social venture working to combat youth unemployment.

"My Favorite Things is a Snackaholic-produced series looking at the history and environmental impact of products such as blue jeans and smartphones; and Untitled Andrew Jenks Project is a docuseries starring the Room 335 filmmaker.

"Cesar’s Last Fast, the first in a series of 10 feature documentaries to be jointly produced and/or acquired by Pivot and Hispanic network Univision, will premiere on May 24 on both channels. The Sundance doc Marmato, about a gold-mining village in Columbia’s battle with a Canadian mining giant, will air in the third quarter.

"As previously announced, Pivot will air the Peabody Awards through 2016. This year’s ceremony, which recognizes achievements by broadcasters, cable networks and webcasters, will air on June 1. The partnership marks the first time in more than 10 years that the Peabody Awards have had a broadcast home.

"Also on the specials slate is Freestyle Love Supreme (10 x 30 minutes), which focuses on a live improvised show from two of the creators behind the Tony Award-winning musical In The Heights.

"Finally, weeknight talk show Take Part Live will return for a new season on May 12."

More from Pivot and its returning show Please Like Me.

More trouble for Gladiator Columbus Short.  TMZ reports that the Scandal star "has been thrown out of his house and his wife has filed for divorce ... after he allegedly put a knife to her throat last week and threatened to kill her and himself.

"According to a new restraining order -- obtained by TMZ -- Short got into it with his wife April 7 at their Chatsworth home, where she claims he came into her room intoxicated with a wine bottle in hand, acted like he was going to hit her with the bottle and then unloaded the wine on her.

"Tuere Short claims Columbus then ran to the kitchen for a knife, pinned her to the couch and began choking her.  She says he then demanded they play a game he called 'Truth or Truth.'  He allegedly said if she lied he would stab her in the leg.

"She says he then started naming men he believed she was having affairs with.  She denied them all but he allegedly then put the knife to her throat and threatened murder/suicide.  As she tried escaping she says he slashed her tire.

"The restraining order requires Columbus to move out of the house.  We've learned cops were there today to ensure the peace as he moved out.  

"Tuere also filed for divorce Tuesday, citing irreconcilable differences and asking for sole custody of their 2-year-old daughter."  

Non-TV related news: KFC is bringing back the Double Down.  It returns April 21 for a limited time only.

E! brings back Secret Societies of Hollywood tonight with the first of four new episodes.  "In Secret Societies: Deals and Dealers, a panel of industry insiders give first-hand accounts on what has long been considered an integral component of Hollywood's dark side - the behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing. Behind every celebrity is an entourage consisting of agents, managers and assistants, with each looking to make a profit off the success of their client. In addition to money, many are hoping to gain connections and to strengthen their own access to Hollywood's elite - without facing the same public scrutiny as their famous clients. Riding the wave of an A-lister's success also means always keeping their client satisfied, which in some cases require a laundry list of questionable activities, such as providing a constant supply of illegal drugs and finding a doctor with less-than-ethical practices. From the personal assistants who can expose -- or create -- a Scandal in the blink of an eye, to the agents who will sign their client's name to just about anything in order to cut a bigger paycheck, even Hollywood's hottest stars aren't immune as a target for scams and temptation.

Even more Hollywood secrets will be revealed in Secret Societies of Hollywood: Lies & Scandals premiering Thursday, May 15 at 8pm ET/PT. And later this year look for Secret Societies of Hollywood: Facts and Fetishes and Secret Societies of Hollywood: Pursuit of Perfection."

Finally, here's Jeff Probst's take on last night's blindside.  FYI, season 29 is going to be a return of Blood vs. Water and season 30 will again bring back returning competitors.  You heard it here first.