Thursday March 27, 2014

Per The Hollywood Reporter, "AMC is investing in Kevin Smith. The cable network, which has seen its greatest unscripted success in Smith'sComic Book Men, is committing to a fourth season of the series and developing two new projects with the executive producer.

"Most notably, AMC is exploring a late-night project with Smith and longtime friend and collaborator Ralph Garman. The duo's live podcast,Hollywood Babble-On, will film a pilot this spring with a weekly series in mind."

Impractical Jokers returns to TruTV tonight.  I've been watching this show since its inception and highly highly recommend it.  I also recommend a related podcast called What Say You?  Get on board.

We are a sad sad nation.  Deadline reports the following: "[w]ith Britain (and the world) on Royal Wedding watch as speculation intensifies that Prince Harry may be close to proposing to long-time girlfriend Cressida Bonas, a group of U.S. women get one last chance to win the Prince’s heart before he goes off the market. Not really. I’ve learned that Fox is moving forward with its hush-hush reality series I Wanna Marry “Harry”, in which 12 single American girls were whisked away to the palatial Englefield House in Berkshire and spent weeks trying to impress a royal-looking redhead young Brit they were led to believe was Prince Harry. Instead, it was Prince Harry lookalike Matthew Hicks, an average English 'bloke' given a royal makeover, trying to convincingly act the part so the women don’t find out who he really is. The project, from Ryan Seacrest Prods. and ZigZag Prods., was greenlighted in August under the title Dream Date, with details about the premise kept largely under wraps for obvious reasons. Now it is gearing up, eying a summer launch."

Fox announced more 2014 premiere dates. The spring premiere of The Mindy Project Tuesday, April 1 at 9p; the launch of Kitchen Nightmares‘ season six on Friday, April 11 at 9p; new unscripted series Riot on Tuesday, May 13 at 9p; season five launch of Masterchef on Monday, May 19 at 8p; new drama Gang Related Thursday, May 22 at 9p; the aforementioned I Wanna Marry "Harry" Tuesday, May 27 at 8p.

Jake Johnson talks about this week's New Girl.  

Nice socks.

Nice socks.

DO NOT mess with Scandal's Columbus Short.  Per TMZ, "has been arrested MULTIPLE TIMES for VIOLENT behavior ... involving women, kids, basketball opponents and random bar people.

"1.  Short was arrested for physically attacking his wife in front of his children. The incident occurred back in February at his Woodland Hills home at around 2 AM.  According to legal docs, Short and his wife started arguing and it got physical.  Short's kids -- a 2-year-old and 10-year-old -- were watching.  He's been charged with spousal battery. Prosecutors also charged him with child abuse because of the emotional trauma the kids suffered by watching.  Short pled not guilty on Tuesday.

"2.  Short was arrested 2 weeks later in Chatsworth, CA.  According to the police report, Short and his wife got into a heated argument and he allegedly pushed her. 

"3.  And less than a month later -- on March 15 -- Short was involved in a bar fight.  TMZ broke the story ... Short allegedly cold-cocked a man at an engagement party, breaking his nose and rendering him unconscious.  As we just reported ... there is now a warrant out for his arrest in connection with this incident.

"4.  But there's more.  We found out Short was prosecuted for a brutal attack on an L.A. basketball court in 2010.  He sucker punched a player, bashing his teeth in and cutting him badly.  Short pled no contest to disturbing the peace.  He had been charged with aggravated battery but that was dismissed."

Showtime ordered docu-series Seven Deadly Sins from Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me), a darkly comic look at sin. "We’re going to make this as depraved as any scripted program as we dive head first into Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride," promised Spurlock. "You won’t believe it until you see it… and even then, you may not believe it."

"Franklin & Bash this season will face off in the courtroom against one of the scariest adversaries possible: an angry James Remar.  TVLine has learned that Dexter‘s dad will guest-star on the TNT legal drama as Cliff Menders, a hard-nosed and intimidating strip joint owner who’d rather fire a pole dancer than pay her an extra nickel out of his own pocket. He’s a guy who expects to win every confrontation — including his day in court against F&B.

"Remar will appear in the same episode as previously announced guest star Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy), yet in a different storyline. So don’t expect him to go asking what was up with Shane."

Jeff Probst talks about last night's Survivor.  Here's the story around Lindsey bailing:

"I got the call around an hour after tribal council ended. I had gone back to base camp when the producer on the beach radioed to say there was a pretty intense argument going on between Lindsey and Trish and Lindsey had removed herself from the situation. It’s not unusual for people to be upset after a tribal but for one person to remove themselves from the situation was unusual.  I hopped in a boat and headed out to the beach. Lindsey was sitting alone in the sand just like you saw in the episode. I sat down to talk to her and it was clear she was pulling herself from the game.

"As difficult as it is to lose someone from the game in this manner, I was really impressed with the way Lindsey handled it. She was so upset with Trish that she was genuinely concerned she might get physical with her if she stayed in the game.  She wanted to show her daughter a good example of how to handle a situation like that — remove yourself from the situation. As for whether there were other contributing factors such as fatigue and regret, only Lindsey knows for sure."  I agree whole-heartedly.

Vulture points out 8 ways TV shows have killed off unhappy actors.

Which John Hughes movie are you?  I landed on The Breakfast Club.

Some people are upset about the death scene on this past episode of House of Lies?  Gimmie a break.  "David Walpert, one of the executive producers behind House of Lies . . . said the death was unintentionally insensitive or offensive and any similarities to Tupac and Biggie's deaths were purely coincidental.

“'I was not totally aware,' Walpert told reporters during a screening of the episode prior to its Sunday airing. 'We were thrilled to do it on Rodeo Drive (and Wilshire) not because of any past murders, but it was a great location and so recognizable to anyone who has seen a movie ever.'”

Modern Family and Workaholics continue to shine this season.  Just sayin.