Wednesday March 26, 2014

Per EW, "[i]n a very cool casting, Nick Frost has landed a starring role in a Fox comedy pilot.

Brit-com fans know Frost from his films with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Frost has co-starred in Shaun of the DeadPaulHot Fuzz and The World’s End.

He’s now joined Fox’s Sober Companion. His character is an attorney, and described as 'intelligent, driven, and an addict. So drunk that he does a face-plant in court, he is assigned a sober companion [Justin Long] for the next 90 days, and must either stay away from everything he deems to be fun, or lose his job and probably his liberty.'”

This is the best news I've read all week, perhaps month: "MTV announced it has picked up a second season of Are You The One?, a social experiment on modern love. According to MTV, Season 2 will feature new singles whisked away to another exciting location where they will immerse themselves in the challenge of discovering who their perfect matches are. More details will be announced later."  Bravo MTV.  Bravo. 

Cameran Eubanks then and now.

Cameran Eubanks then and now.

I'm actually ashamed at myself for not picking up on this earlier, but Cameran Eubanks, who is appearing on this season of Southern Charm, is a Real World alum.  She was a house guest on the San Diego season.  I KNEW she looked familiar and am happy to have finally connected the dots.  That San Diego season was a nice little farm system.  Jamie Chung (The Hangover), Brad and Robyn (repeat Challenge participants) and Cameran.  Impressive.

If Redfoo appearing as a celebrity judge doesn't bump up the ratings for the abysmal Dancing With The Stars, I don't know what will.

The only reality competition show currently gaining viewers is Shark Tank.

Some theories on what's to come on this Sunday's season finale of The Walking Dead.

Buzzfeed spells out the best and worst moments of some of our favorite shows.

True Detective has been entered as a drama for purposes of Emmy voting (not a miniseries).  That doesn't really scream headline news to me, but I'm in the minority.  So help me if Bryan Cranston loses to Matthew McConaughey.

It's Survivor vs. Project Runway in Vulture's competition for the best reality show of all time?

Katy Perry is dating someone named Riff Raff:

You should be watching Legit on FXX.  Here's a description of tonight's episode: "Jim and Steve help Billy get his wheelchair back after it is stolen by gang members."  Come on!

Here's a review of CBS' new comedy Friends With Better Lives, which premieres after the series finale of How I Met Your Mother.  This review doesn't exactly have me looking forward to it: "Friends With Better Lives is a promising title for a sitcom, cleverly designed to tap into the suspicions — from marrieds tethered by kids to singles looking for love — that whatever phase you’re in, you might be missing out on the real fun. What emerges, however, is a pretty banal CBS sitcom, one where everyone seems to wind up in the same house because, well, why on Earth would anybody chat over the phone?

CBS has gotten a lot of mileage out of blueish comedies, from Two and a Half Men to 2 Broke Girls, but this latest addition seems determined to set some sort of record for greatest number of sexual innuendos in the shortest amount of time. Despite the attractive cast, these Friends are a mostly nondescript bunch, so much so it wouldn’t be a shock to find that those who initially tune in after the How I Met Your Mother finale ultimately decide that this life experience is best left as a one-night stand."

Per Deadline, "[h]eading into its upfront presentation, E! has unveiled its original programming slate, which includes three upcoming series, reality competition series Escape Club premiering June 8, plastic surgery docu- series Botched premiering this September, and the network's first original scripted seriesThe Royals debuting in early 2015. The network has picked up a second season of #RichKids of Beverly Hills and has put in development a New York-based spinoff. It also has greenlighted a new installment of the Kardashians’ Take franchise, Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons while developing yet another Kardashian reality series, Dash Dolls, about Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s boutiques."

Here are a few of the other low lights:

"In the new one-hour series Escape Club, E! sends 12 twenty-somethings looking to escape and reboot their lives to an exclusive, exotic resort where they will do whatever it takes to keep their place in paradise. Those daydreaming about changing the course of their lives are now given the opportunity to drop everything, fully disconnect and experience the ultimate tropical bliss… but as they rejuvenate and passions are reignited, paradise has its price and twists and surprises along the way force everyone to stay on their toes."

"This docu-series (DVF), set in the world of the prestigious global fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, explores the relationships between an ultra-successful boss who controls the fashion world and her eight eager-to-please associates in training. Culminating at NY Fashion Week, ultimately one will get the highly sought-after yet demanding opportunity to work directly with DVF as her Global Brand Ambassador. An integral part of all major DVF divisions, this chosen ambassador will travel the world representing Diane and her business… if she makes all the right moves."

"Lance Bass Wedding.  This wedding special follows former NSYNC member and now radio host-producer-singer Lance Bass as he and his fiancé actor-artist Michael Turchin plan the wedding of their dreams. Following Lance and Michael’s love story, viewers will experience the entire wedding process along with them… for better or worse. From wedding planning disasters to bachelor parties and trips home to meet each other’s families, viewers will get an inside look at what it takes to plan their modern day wedding… or at least two guys trying their best."

Had enough yet?  Here's one more for good measure:

"Spin Out.  A heart-pumping docu-series, drenched in equal parts sweat and champagne, taking audiences inside the thrilling secret lives of LA’s hottest spin instructors. Beautiful people, celebrities in their own world, rewarded for looking great and behaving badly. In this subculture, nothing is as it seems. There’s a cutthroat hierarchy and strict rules. Huge egos and outgoing personalities mask all too human insecurities. Toned, sexy, hard bodies betray hard partying lifestyles. And sex, friendship, and popularity are used for both pleasure and currency."