Thursday March 13, 2014

A preview of tonight's Scandal

Is J'Tia Taylor the single most useless contestant in Survivor history?  Jeff Probst was surprised she lasted as long as she did: "Easiest decision of the game. J’Tia has to go. You throw out my rice, you’re gone. I can’t ever trust you. Never. Trust is key. Yes, Spencer may flip, but flipping is part of the game. But throwing out the rice? I can’t believe they didn’t vote her out last time. Nuts."

The top 10 most annoying TV characters of all-time (thanks JSS).

You can buy Phil Dunphy's house for $2.35M.

Amazon Prime is jacking up the price to $99/year.  Maybe only green light 2 pilots next year?

"Alan Thicke, best known for playing Growing Pains patriarch Jason Seaver, will star in a TVGN reality sitcom showcasing his real-life family, the network announced Wednesday.

"Unusually Thicke, which will premiere Wednesday, April 16 at 10/9c, will follow Thicke, his 'spicy' younger wife Tanya and their 16-year-old son Carter. Though his son Robin Thicke will not be a cast member, the "Blurred Lines" singer will be featured on the series, which blends aspects of reality television and scripted sitcoms.

"'Unusually Thicke combines my two favorite things: family... and laughing at my family,' Thicke said in a statement. 'This series is my foray into the "reality-ish" television world where viewers will meet the lovable, unpredictable, and often challenging people who live with the real Jason Seaver. We take our relatable real-life stories and blow them up to amuse and amaze, tossing in a handful of celebrity friends along the way. Please come aboard and enjoy the ride!'"  Here's the trailer:

An interview with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

Per Deadline: "hen eccentric Dutch billionaire entrepreneur Bas Lansdorpunveiled his plan to put together a group that would be trained and sent on a one-way trip to Mars to establish the first human colony, it was hailed as a concept for the ultimate reality series. That has now become a reality. In a competitive situation, Lionsgate TV has teamed with Lansdorp’s Mars One for an unscripted TV series that will chronicle the mission. The untitled project, in the red-hot social experiment genre, will be shopped to networks shortly.

"Mars One calls for new groups of four to be sent to Mars every two years, beginning no later than 2024. Announced last year, the scientific project already has received almost 300,000 applications from all all over the world, which are being whittled down. Lionsgate TV is expected to start its own casting search, with the two selection processes ultimately merged.

"For the next several years, the series would be covering the different stages of preparation for the mission, starting with participant selection and the finalists — called candidates — undergoing an 8-year training protocol. The series’ cast will evolve as candidates in the mission drop out and new ones are brought in. 'This is a social experiment that focuses on the people that would sign for something like this — they have to agree to participate and be willing to go on a one-way mission, knowing that if you go, you can never come back,' said Roy Bank, who is producing the project as part of his overall deal with Lionsgate TV.

"The participant search is complex because the mission would require a lot more than astronaut skills. 'They’re colonizing Mars and starting a new society, so this group needs to possess a wide variety of skills — from medical to engineering to social as they are going to live with each other.'”

Breaking down the season 2 Orange Is The New Black photos.

Breaking down the season 2 Orphan Black poster.

Breaking down the season 7 Mad Men photos.

Breaking down the How I Met Your Mother wedding photos.

BTW, I did not attempt to break down, analyze or put thought into any of the above photos, but thankfully, others have more free time than we do.

Seth Rogen talks about which celebrities have smoked weed with him (and which ones have not).

Variety's scorecard for what shows are likely to survive or get 86'd as networks gear up for fall.  Here's a quick recap of shows they think have a pretty good chance to be canceled: Super Fun NightSuburgatory, The Neighbors, HostagesIntelligenceParenthood (NO!), Rake, and Hart of Dixie.  

Amongst those all but certain to return are: MomThe MillersThe GoldbergsLast Man StandingParks and RecreationChicago PDThe Blacklist, and Chicago Fire.