Tuesday February 4, 2014

I'm traveling this week so my DVR is piling up with stuff which will be awaiting me at the end of the week.  I did catch a little bit of The Bachelor last night.  Can we agree that this is far and away the worst season to date?  The producers and execs who were so excited about Juanuary and all that crap have to be in jeopardy of getting fired, right?  If not, we need to start a petition.


If you are a regular reader of this blog, it's that I love cameos and crossover cameos.  Per E! "Max Greenfield . . . has signed on to guest star on The Mindy Project, E! News has learned.

"He'll play Lee, a hot player at a bar who is up to no good, in an episode that is tentatively set for April 22 on Fox. The Mindy Projectreturns April 1: You have the date circled in puffy paint, yes? With glitter? Good.

"Now, as long as the aforementioned "no good" doesn't mean Max's character will be coming between Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny (Chris Messina), we give this casting an A++. Not only will this episode with Greenfield air right after New Girl, and hopefully lure some of that audience over to Mindy's charms, but the fan-favorite actor also will be seen in March as Deputy Leo in the Veronica Mars movie, which clearly has a wee-bit-dedicated fanbase. Once again, Mindy Kaling proves she's the smartest girl in the room."  Agreed.  And lest we forget, other upcoming Mindy guest stars include Jenna Dewan-TatumAnna Gunn and the return of Bill Hader.  And Adam Brody shows up on the set of New Girl this week.


In somewhat of a surprise announcement, it looks as if Laura Prepon will be returning as a regular on the 2nd season of Orange Is The New Black.  Per Us Weekly, "[l]ooks like Alex Vause will be behind bars for a little while longer. Though previous reports claimed that Laura Prepon's Orange Is the New Black character would be in just four episodes of the Netflix series when the show returns later this year, creator Jenji Kohan hinted to Us Weekly that her presence would be felt for 'most' of season two.

"'Yes, yes, she is coming back,' Kohan told Us of the former That '70 Show actress at the Writers Guild Awards on Saturday, Feb. 1. 'Not the whole season, but...you'll see her for most of it.'

"Based on Piper Kerman's memoir and adapted by Weeds mastermind Kohan, OITNB stars Taylor Schilling as a young, bisexual woman who is sent to prison for carrying drug money for her ex-girlfriend, Alex (Prepon). The show was renewed for a second season last June, weeks before it even premiered via Netflix.

"Speaking about the much-anticipated new episodes with TV Guide in October, Kohan said some of the focus would shift from leading lady Piper to other characters in the prison, including fan favorites Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) and Red (Kate Mulgrew).

Jennifer Love Hewitt was up for the part of Robin on How I Met Your Mother but turned it down?

A psychiatrist's take on the current season of Girls.

More from Vulture (and I am 100% on board): "We were already signed on to watch Marry Me, the new NBC single-cam from Happy Endingcreator David Caspe, when we learned thatEastbound & Down actor Ken Marino has been cast across from Caspe's real-life fiancé Casey Wilson as the male half of the show's lead couple. So basically David Caspe is just hitting it out of the park, and that's not even factoring the repeated, inherently-flattering comparisons between Marry Meand Mad About You."

Per Deadline, "Lifetime’s Gabby Douglas biopic scored 3.8 million viewers Saturday –  a strong showing for the cable net but falling short of the network’s previous two weeks’ worth of Saturday movies starring an ax murderess and siblings locked in an attic." The Gabby Douglas Story about the Olympic gold medalist who become the first African American to be named individual all-around champion in artistic gymnastics at the Olympic Games, not once crossed my radar.

Here's a sneak peak of Scandal, which returns in 3 weeks.

Variety doles out 10 things it learned from NATPE and Real Screen.  My favorite and least favorite in the same sentence: "Reality shows revolving around the antics of hillbillies and tattoo artists are so 2010. Both trends feel played out to many buyers."