Monday February 24, 2014

I motored through the back half of House of Cards this weekend and it's as good as advertised.  I will reiterate that this season felt more in line with a show like Scandal where a lot of disbelief must be suspended, but I would implore you to dig in to season 2.  Now, I've posted links on the pros and cons of releasing the entire season at once and having watched all 13 episodes within 10 days of the season being released, I feel like I'm not sure what I can and can't talk about, who else is watching at what pace and when Orange Is The New Black starts (June 6).

FYI, Media Rights Capital is playing hard ball with the state of Maryland, halting production plans for season three of House of Cards, pending approval of tax credits. In a letter to the Governor posted by the Washington Post, the production company warned, "[i]n the event sufficient incentives do not become available, we will have to break down our stage, sets and offices and set up in another state." During the show's first season Maryland reimbursed MRC over $11 million in tax credits, and up to $15 million for season two.  

Here's an interview with Nathan Darrow (Meechum) about "that scene" in this season of House of Cards.  Don't click if you're not sure what that references.

I also caught up on True Detective.  I'm all in on this one, but be prepared for a show that moves at a vastly slower pace than House of Cards if you're planning to make the jump from HOC to Detective.  That said, last night's episode was the best of the 6 so far in my opinion.  Matthew McConaughey said he's watched each episode 2-3 times?  How?

Survivor returns this week and Jeff Probst talks former NBA star Cliff Robinson (a contestant this season).

Seems like a LOT of shows returning/premiering this week now that the Olympics are over.  Check daily to make sure your DVRs are properly set.

The Voice premieres tonight (and also airs tomorrow) on NBC.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, "Molly Shannon is moving to New Hampshire.  The Saturday Night Live alum will co-star in ABC's New Hampshire-set family comedy from Brian Gallivan, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

"The untitled single-camera comedy (known as Bambi Cottages) centers on an overworked father dreaming of being "on vacation all year" who moves his family from the city to New Hampshire, where they open a group of tourist cottages.

"Shannon will co-star as Cathleen Burke, a wife and mother of six kids with a keen sense of humor. She's a frazzled mom who spends her life in a state of acute exhaustion but enjoys her marriage to Teddy, though they are complete opposites. She's a pragmatist in contrast to her optimistic husband whose impulsiveness can drive her crazy. When the character learns that her husband has quit his teaching job without consulting her, she's livid but ultimately decides to give their new tourist business a try."

I watched the first two episodes of ABC's new show Mixology.  It's described by the network as "[o]ne bar. One night. Ten single people. Welcome to Mix, a high-end bar in Manhattan’s trendy meat-packing district and the backdrop for a sexy new high-concept comedy from the writers of The Hangover."  It's ok at best.  I will maybe watch it in a couple of weeks when episode 3 airs, but it might be one that I check out on my ipad when I'm REALLY bored.

Piers Morgan's CNN show has been canceled.

Erin Andrews is the new co-host of Dancing With The Stars.  Brooke Burke is out.

Vanity Fair suggests that you should not binge watch Girls.  I'll argue that you shouldn't watch it at all as it's fallen off a cliff this season.

Photo courtesy of  EW. com.

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Mike Tyson + Franklin & Bash = Awesome.  Here's the skinny from EW: "Franklin & Bash returns for a fourth season this summer, and in one episode the boys will have Mr. Face Tattoo to reckon with. The amazing John Michael Higgins (Pitch PerfectBest in Show) will also star in the episode as Gordon Derringer, a restauranteur and rival of Stanton Infeld (Malcolm McDowell), the head of the law firm. As a power play, Derringer hires Iron Mike to rough up Infeld, but Franklin and Bash take him on instead. Tyson will play himself. Word is out on the tiger; I hope she’ll be playing herself too."

Vulture reports that "Eva Amurri Martino and Domenick Lombardozzi have joined The Winklers, Henry Winkler's semi-autobiographical new sitcom. The show revolves around thereal-life relationship between Henry and his son-in-law Rob Reinis. Amurri will play Henry's daughter Emily, who is described by Deadline as 'spoiled' and 'somewhat controlling.' So just so we're clear: Henry Winkler's sitcom daughter, who is ostensibly modeled on his actual daughter, is 'spoiled' and 'somewhat controlling.'"

The Amazing Race host Phil Koeghan did a Reddit AMA on Friday.

Tony Gonzalez won’t be the only new face onThe NFL Today when CBS’ pregame show returns for the 2014 season.  Former Ravens and Jets linebacker Bart Scott will also join the program, the network announced on Monday. Scott is heading into his second year with CBS and spent last season on the CBS Sports Network’s Sunday morning show That Other Pregame Show.