Tuesday February 18, 2014

Check out this clever press kit that FX sent out to promote the upcoming season 2 premiere (February 26) of The Americans.

Showtime has renewed Shameless and House of Lies.

The Bachelor is finally winding down the worst season in the franchise's history.  I can no longer stomach this show and find Juan Pablo to be a milquetoast human being to put it kindly.  There hasn't been an iota of substance in a single conversation in which I've seen him partake on camera.  I can only imagine the same is the case when the cameras are not rolling.  

Part two of the Vanderpump Rules reunion show got down to a lot of the nitty gritty that part one didn't.  Details of the Jax/Kristen affair were discussed, Jax's lack of moral compass was explored and nails were put into the coffins of a few never to be resurrected relationships.  At the end of the two hours (and two seasons), this show is pure train wreck entertainment.  Jax Taylor dropped some hints as to season 3 and what might be in store.

EW says that Jimmy Fallon could be the next Johnny Carson.  No pressure.  "Over the last two decades, starting with the moment when Jay Leno launched his Attack Of The Nice Guy blandified makeover, The Tonight Show has effectively been de-Johnny-fied, and Fallon, who is 24 years younger than Leno (and would be 49 years younger than Carson if Carson were still alive), represents a brand new generation — or maybe I should say a new-brand generation — in the dominance of late night. The amazing freshness of Fallon’s appeal is that he’s looking forward, not back."


Here's Fallon's thank you note to viewers

"Since I’m big on thank you notes, here’s a new one:

"Thank you Johnny Carson, Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Conan O’Brien, Jay Leno and other giants of late night television like David Letterman, Ernie Kovacs and of course Lorne Michaels. Thank you for paving the way for me to this incredible job that I still can’t quite wrap my mind around.

"In my wildest dreams I never imagined that this could happen. I didn’t even know the host of The Tonight Show was a dream that you could have — honestly, I thought Johnny Carson came with the television set.  As a kid, I think my dream job was to work at IBM, where my dad worked. I figured it had worked out pretty good for him: We had a house and a car and everyone was happy.  Maybe I also wanted to be a baseball player, that would have been pretty cool.

"But Carson was this guy who told jokes that my parents would watch after the local news. It was part of my family’s routine: My dad would come home from work, we’d eat dinner together and watch TV, watch the news and if I had been good, I was allowed to watch the first few minutes of The Tonight Show.

"Now, people keep asking me how The Tonight Show is going to be different and the answer is, not much.

"It’s coming to New York. That’s the biggest change and you’re going to feel that. It will be noticeable. This is where I’m from, this is where I live and I relate to New Yorkers.

"I think if I went anywhere else, I’d be a fish out of water, because when I think of nighttime, I think of New York City. I think of the lights, the people moving around on the streets, the lights, Broadway, Times Square — it’s just perfect for a late night talk show.

"A week or so ago, I got a letter from Bill Harbach, the original executive producer of The Tonight Show and he included a picture of Steve Allen surrounded by his writers as they’re cramming for that evening’s show. You know what? It’s been nearly 60 years since that picture was taken and, really, almost nothing’s changed except the faces and headlines.  You could walk into our writer’s room today and take almost the exact same picture.

"I’m so grateful to everyone.

"To even think that maybe there’s going to be some kid out there asking their parents to stay up late to watch me is a really good feeling — an honor.

"It’s all starting to become real."

Howard Stern is on record saying that Letterman will be atop the ratings in 6 months.  He makes a good argument.

Among the highlights (use that term VERY loosely) of Syfy's spring 2014 schedule are: Carvers, about quirky craftsmen; My Big Fat Geek Wedding, focusing on an engaged couple who met playing Final Fantasy and docu-special Foxy & Co, which has a former Face Off contestant opening his own creature effects shop. The series premieres of Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge arrives Tuesday, March 25 at 10, followed by Metal Hurlan Chronicles on Monday, April 14 at 10 and 10:30p. 

I think Girls has been borderline unwatchable this season.  In the event you disagree and want to hear what Andrew Rannells had to say about this past week's beach house episode, click here.  

TVLine has a take on the relationships amongst the four main characters here.

Per TMZ, "RJ Mitte thinks mass murder is really funny ... because he got a good laugh over the woman who claims she murdered between 22 and 100 people

"The Breaking Bad star was leaving Pinz Bowling Center in the San Fernando Valley Monday night when our photog asked him about the Craigslist killer.  He genuinely thinksMiranda Barbour'is 'hilarious -- a real-life Dexter he says.

"But wait ... there's more. RJ says even though it's messed up, there should be more killers like Miranda.  RJ seems to have been influenced by his fake dad ... he's a nice guy, but man this is weird."

According to Deadline, John McEnroe "is expanding his role to include year-round, non-tennis appearances on television and radio. In addition to his work on tennis, John McEnroe will serve as an analyst on SportsCenter talking major topics of all sorts and conducting sit-down interviews with top sports stars. He also will make regular appearances on ESPN2’s Olberman and on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike, also seen weekday mornings on ESPN2. In addition, he will also be heard on ESPN Radio New York (98.7 FM). McEnroe has worked the U.S. Open for ESPN since 2009 and Wimbledon since 2012."

New shows to watch if your favorite show was canceled?

Variety reports that, "[a]iming to feed culinary programming to youthful audiences worldwide, FremantleMedia has teamed with Vice Media on a joint venture to create a multichannel food platform for millennials spanning TV and online distribution.

"The name of the new venture has yet to be announced. The companies said they are investing 'significant resources' in the initiative, but financial terms weren’t closed.

"Initially, the JV will be a web channel on Vice but the project is structured to leverage FremantleMedia’s position to sell the content to TV networks globally. The companies expect to produce hundreds of hours of content in the first year of the partnership.

"The Vice food vertical will comprise a mix of video, articles, how-tos, recipes and events. Subjects will include the politics of food, world travel and cuisine, and an 'irreverent' look at home cooking. Vice will collaborate with FremantleMedia North America’s original digital production team, led by Gayle Gilman, as well as the FremantleMedia production teams around the world."

Photo courtesy of  EW.com .

Photo courtesy of EW.com.

Haven't talked Survivor in a minute.  Jeff Probst talked to EW about Redemption Island and more.  The next season starts a week from tomorrow.

Here's a preview of The Voice, season 6.