Thursday February 13, 2014

Comcast is acquiring Time Warner Cable for the paltry sum of $45 BILLION.

Per Variety, "TruTV has handed a six-episode order to The Safecrackers, an unscripted series that centers on two pro Alabama locksmiths.

"Premiering March 24, each halfhour episode of Safecrackers follows Phil Crawford and his friend Blaze as they travel the country determined to unravel the mysteries lurking in lost and abandoned safes.

“'Providing an in-depth look into a world rarely seen, The Safecrackers features fascinating characters, suspense, humor and surprising reveals in every episode,' said TruTV topper Chris Linn."  O U T.

CBS IS moving The Big Bang Theory in conjunction with the start of Thursday night football.


Per EW, "Oscar Nunez is coming back to TV.  This time, The Office alum will star alongside Happy Endings‘ Eliza Coupe in the upcoming USA Network comedy Benched, about a corporate attorney whose breakdown leaves her working as a public defender. Nunez, who joins as a series regular, will play a colleague of Nina’s.

"The single-cam comedy, from executive producers and writers Michaela Watkins (Saturday Night Live) and Damon Jones (Halfway Home), also stars Jay Harrington, who plays a public defender at Nina’s office.

"Since signing off with The Office almost year ago, Nunez has appeared on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and has a role in the upcoming Chilean miner movie The 33, which stars Antonio Banderas."

We are certainly celebrating the final chapter of Bill Murray's career/life.  He sat down for an hour-long interview with Charlie Rose where he spewed out gems like this: "We're living this life, we're in this life, and if you're not available, a sort of ordinary amount of time goes past and you didn't live it. The day passes and you didn't live it. If you're available, life gets huge ... it becomes much more full, you're really living it."  Watch the entire interview here, if you dare.

In the interim, he's been hanging out at a South Carolina synagogue watching a localized version of Dancing With The Stars?  Pictures don't lie, see below.

bill murray.jpg

Per Vulture, "How I Met Your Mother's mother, Cristin Milioti, will join NBC pilot A to Z, a Rashida Jones–produced comedy about the entirety of a relationship: 'from meeting to breakup.' Guess she won't really be able to use her sexy baby voice or ukelele — according to a press release, she'll play Zelda, 'a lawyer at a small, public-advocacy law firm [who] loves being a grown-up and doesn’t understand why anyone over 20 would go see an animated movie or eat ice cream sundaes.'"

Per EW, "Adam Devine is a busy man — a workaholic, some might say. And he just added another role to his resume: The star of Workaholics/host of Adam Devine’s House Party/occasional actor on Modern Family voice of Pizza Steve on Cartoon Network’s Uncle Grandpa is lending his pipes to a character on American Dad, EW has learned.

"Devine will play an announcer at a Langley Falls Karate Tournament, in which Steve and Snot square off against each other. He will also voice another character in the episode, which will be one of the first on TBS this fall, when the show moves to the cable network from Fox."  The more Adam Devine, the better.

CMT premieres its newest tattoo show tonight.  Tattoo Titans is described as "[f]our tattoo artists compete in three intense challenges and are judged by tattoo industry heavyweights for a $10,000 prize and the title of Tattoo Titan."   I'm a sucker for any and all tattoo competition shows so I'll report back on this one tomorrow . . . .

Friday Night Lights At The Luncheonette is up for your viewing pleasure.  The entire two and a half minute video is below.  Max Burkholder is a damn fine actor for a 16 year-old kid.  Check out his demo reel here.

Per TheWrap, "[b]ears like burgers, right? The producer of A&E’s Wahlburgers hopes so. He wants Mark Wahlberg’s talking bear from the movie “Ted” to make a special guest appearance on the show.

"Producer Rasha Drachkovitch envisions an episode in which the foul-mouthed stuffed animal, voiced by Seth MacFarlane, would show up at the main Wahlburgers restaurant to harass Paul, the Wahlberg brother who runs it.


“'Mark’s shooting Ted 2, and we’ve talked about bringing Ted, the bear, into one of the episodes,' Drachkovitch told TheWrap. 'Mark’s going to talk to Seth about it. We’re talking about doing it for Season 2. I would love to figure out the special effects and all to have a scene where he kind of plants the movie franchise with the television series. It would be wicked cool.'

“'You’d come in with the bear — "Hey, where’s Paul Wahlberg?” said Drachkovitch, doing Ted’s Boston accent. 'Why not dream big?'  The talking bear segments would need to be — gasp — scripted. But Drachkovitch believes viewers could adjust to the concept of a reality show not being 100 percent real.  'We break the wall. We’re not taking the show super seriously,' he said. 'If you see a talking bear, and it’s scripted, you’re in on the joke.'

"A&E has ordered 18 episodes of the hit show, double the initial order of nine. The series follows Paul Wahlberg as he tries to expand the restaurant with the help of brothers Donnie and Mark. Mark wants to build out the business fast, while Paul wants to take his time and get it right. Alma, the family’s matriarch, wants the family to stay true to its Dorchester, Mass., roots. Donnie is caught in the middle."