Thursday December 18, 2014

Anthony Edwards and Ana Gasteyer will play Shoshana's parents on Girls if you care.

In better casting news, Charlie Sheen is coming to The Goldbergs for a one episode arc.

FXX is launching its new late-night animation block at midnight on Thursday, January 22 with all-new episodes of Lucas Bros. Moving Co. and Stone Quackers. Viewers will get a sneak peek at the two shows on New Years Day, immediately following a marathon of The Simpsons. After January 22, the programming block will air Thursdays at midnight.

I will say that the "right" person won Survivor last night.  Not who I was rooting for, but the best player this season, by far.  As for the show's upcoming 30th season, see the lengthy story below from EW:

"Survivor: Worlds Apart, the season will feature three tribes of all new players representing the cross section of American society. 'It’s White Collar vs. Blue Collar vs. No Collar,’ explains Probst. 'White Collars are the people who typically in life are educated, might work in an office, wear a suit—they make the rules. Blue Collar—the heart of America. They typically work outdoors. They might wear a uniform. They work with their hands. They follow the rules. And the No Collars are the people who break the rules. They don’t go by convention. They don’t care about the status quo.'

"The twist brings to mind last spring’s Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty battle of Survivor: Cagayan, which turned out to be one of the show’s best seasons ever. According to Probst, this one—which was filmed in Nicaragua last summer—could top it. 'Person for person and pound for pound, I will say that this is the best group of people I think we’ve ever had,' says Probst. 'That doesn’t mean there aren’t duds in the cast, but if you just had to take one entire group of people, I love this group. And I don’t often come up front anymore and say I really like a season because I know that that’s very biased and it’s my own opinion. But just my own Jeff Probst opinion—I have not seen a second of footage cut yet. Just based on my experience, this was one of my favorite seasons of all time.'

"Like the Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty season, the producers cast their players first and them fit them into the theme, rather than vice versa. Doing it the other way was a mistake they learned on this past season’s Blood vs. Water theme. 'We learned a valuable lesson with Blood vs. Water 2,' Probst explains. 'And that lesson was, we got so excited with Blood vs. Water the first time that we wanted to do it again. So we put it on the books and said, "Let’s do it! And now let’s go cast it." And that was a mistake, which in hindsight sounds so simple. How could you ever make that mistake? But we did. We got excited. And we got ahead of ourselves. And it put us in a situation where we were casting to a theme rather than just finding the best people and then figuring out what the theme is. So we learned from that and then went back out for this season and found the best people we could find.'

"As for how they came up with this season’s theme, it came to the host while his parents were visiting. 'I was sitting in my living room with all the cards [of the contestants] laid out on my kitchen table,” say Probst. “My mom and dad were visiting and I’m looking at all the contestants thinking, how can we break these people up? And there was clearly a group of educated, white collar types. And there was clearly a group of blue collar types. But white collar vs. blue collar is not interesting enough. That’s kind of the mixture in our show all the time. But I kept looking at this other group and there was a guy who worked down on the beach, and a woman on a sailboat, and an artist, jeweler, musician, actor, athlete. And I kept starting at them, and all of a sudden it just hit me—the term 'No Collar.' And those are the people that break the rules. And once that came out, I felt like we had the theme, which was: make the rules, follow the rules, break the rules. One says, 'I represent the status quo, we’re going to do it my way, I’m in charge.' The next says, 'I got the rules, let me get out there and get ‘em done for you.' And the next says, 'F— your rules! Here’s what I’m doing.'”

But that’s not all. Probst also teases that the White/Blue/No Collar designations will not be the only new twist in Survivor: Worlds Apart. “We have a new advantage in the game,” he says. “Something we’ve toyed with for a long time and decided to do it this year, and it plays out great. I’ll leave it at that for now.”

Here is a sneak peak of season 3 of Orphan Black, which premieres April 18:

Per TMZ, "A&E doesn’t think the idea of a marriage reality game show is sacred … at least that's the allegation in a new lawsuit.

"Yaina Williams says she's the mastermind behind Married at First Sight -- a show that follows six couples that get hitched the moment they meet.

"Williams claims she uploaded her treatment to a site called the TV Writers Vault back in 2011 and later found out an exec at Lifetime -- owned by A&E Networks -- downloaded it a year later.

"She says the next thing she knew ... promos for MAFS were running on the network and she flipped out.

"Williams says the the show is so similar to her treatment ... they even share the same tagline, Can Love Happen at First Sight. And she says the use of experts, online voting and a 6-month couples check-up were all copied.

"She wants a judge to order the network to stop airing the show. And she also wants money.

"Calls to A&E have not been returned."  I believe every word of this.

Per Yahoo!, "[g]ood news, Breaking Bad fans: AMC's much-anticipated spinoff Better Call Saul is now officially less than two months away. (Happy holidays!) And even better news: We've got a first look at some of the characters you'll be getting to know.

"These five exclusive character portraits from AMC include, of course, shady attorney Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), back when he was known as Jimmy McGill, and hard-nosed fixer Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) — both familiar faces from Breaking Bad. But they also give us a sneak peek at three new characters we'll meet when Saul, set six years before the events of BB, debuts Feb. 8.

"Here's veteran actor Michael McKean as Saul... er, Jimmy's brother Chuck McGill:

"Here's Franklin & Bash alum Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler:

"And here's Big Love's Patrick Fabian as Howard Hamlin:

"Why so stingy with the character descriptions, you ask? Well, to be honest, we don't know much about them at this point. We think Kim and Howard might be high-powered attorneys (they certainly look the part), but AMC hasn't confirmed anything officially, only saying that the supporting characters "will represent both legitimate and illegitimate sides of the law."

"And no sign of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Gus Fring, et al just yet... but we'll keep our fingers crossed. 

"Better Call Saul premieres Sunday, Feb. 8 at 10 p.m. on AMC."