Friday November 7, 2014

Girls returns to HBO on January 11, FYI.

On the set of Better Call Saul..  

I'm embarrassed to say that I watched Slednecks on MTV last night (even though I said I wouldn't) and was mildly entertained.  That says more about me than anything.

I suspect that Jerry Seinfeld will catch some heat for his comments about autism.  In a recent interview with Brian Williams, "Seinfeld revealed to Williams — in what appeared to be a sincere moment — that he thinks he might be on the Autism spectrum.

“'I think, on a very drawn-out scale, I think I’m on the spectrum,' Seinfeld said. Asked what criteria he is using to self-diagnose in this way, he continued, 'You know, never paying attention to the right things. Basic social engagement is really a struggle. I’m very literal, when people talk to me and they use expressions, sometimes I don’t know what they’re saying.'

“'But I don’t see it as dysfunctional,' Seinfeld added. 'I just think of it as an alternate mindset.'”  I'm just guessing someone might have something to say about this.


Deadline is reporting that "Fox is bringing back Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? The network has ordered a new season of the Mark Burnett-produced quiz show, which aired on Fox for three seasons from 2007 til 2009, followed by a two-year syndication run. Comedian Jeff Foxworthy, who hosted both the Fox and the syndicated versions, will return as host.

"This marks the first unscripted series order since Dana Walden and Gary Newman took oversight of the network in August. It indicates a possible move away from edgy, risque fare like the recently cancelled big-budget Utopia to more family oriented programs, like MasterChef Junior, which has done well for Fox, coming back for a second season this week with top numbers.

"As the reality genre on broadcast TV is going through tough times, with very few breakout new formats, the networks increasingly look back, resurrecting proven concepts from the early days of the current wave of reality programming that had produced a lot of hits. For instance, NBC revived both Fear Factor and Last Comic Standing."  So then it's official, the "good idea pool" has dried up completely.  Terrific.

EW examines how to tell if a show has really been canceled.  I didn't know that such a thing needed further examination, but evidently, I'm wrong.  "Rashida Jones took to Twitter to spread the word: The actress’s comedy A to Z isn’t really canceled.

"Yet many outlets have reported the NBC show, along with its time slot companion Bad Judge, as axed—even though there are still more episodes of each left to air. Deadline’s headline said 'canceled.'  THR, Variety and EW hedged just slightly with 'to end,' 'ending' and 'to cancel,' respectively.

"So what’s the truth about A to Z? And, more broadly: How can you tell if any canceled show is actually canceled?

"Any reporter who covers TV will tell you that no show is ever canceled if you listen to what the networks actually say. The 'c word' is almost never used. What you hear are various degrees of damning status updates that are then interpreted by the show’s producers, cast and the media to mean 'canceled.' It’s like when you’re dating somebody who wants to let you down really easily, and you’re sitting there staring at a text message trying figure out if 'let’s take a little break' really means you just got dumped (it does).

"In the case of A to Z and Bad Judge, the word that came down the pipe is there will be no more episodes ordered beyond the 13 that the network previously commissioned for each. For a freshman comedy, that decision typically equals canceled. But production will continue on the final couple episodes ordered for each, and those remaining episodes will all air. This is a little unusual, because there are eight weeks of both shows left.

"The clearest and most fatal cancellation mechanism comes when a show’s cast and crew are released from their contracts. NBC hasn’t done that for these two comedies. But since they’re both still in production, it’s still too early to pull that trigger anyway.

"So far this season, ABC has outright canceled Manhattan Love Story and Fox has axedUtopia. Both shows have stopped production and have been removed from the schedule.

"Fox’s Mulaney exists in the mostly dead zone of A to Z, though its big status update a few weeks back was less dire than that of the NBC shows last week. The Sunday comedy didn’t get pegged with the c-word: Fox reduced its initial order from a weird-in-the-first-place 16 episodes to the standard 13 episodes, and network sources took pains to say the show was not canceled. Plus, Mulaney had only been on the air a couple weeks at the time and its ratings weren’t too terrible yet (though they are now). Since shows sometime survive reduced episode orders, Mulaney wasn’t deemed the first official axed show even though nobody really expects it to live beyond this season."

Per TMZ, "Kim Richards says her niece is to blame for the pit bull attack that left her hospitalized ... and she's not saying definitively she's getting rid of her dog that has attacked 4 people.

"Kim claims she told Alexia to leave Kingsley alone in the bedroom ... but her niece Alexia entered anyway -- and that's when the pit bull went on the attack. 

"Richards says the dog has gotten very protective recently because very few people visit ... she's alone in the house most of the time. She says she gives everyone fair warning, 'the dog should not be bothered.'

"Now get this ... Kim says, 'The second I realized Alexia had been bitten on the finger leaving a puncture mark on her thumb, I immediately called my sister Kyle and took her to the nearest emergency room.'  We're told the "puncture" is actually a bite right down to the bone, requiring 2 surgeries.

"As for the fate of the dog -- who has now bitten 3 people in Kim's house and another on the set of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim says, 'At this point I am looking at options to what the next step is for Kingsley. As many of you can relate, he is my best friend. This is a very difficult decision and time for all of us, but the safety of my family always comes first.'"

TMZ just crushing it.  Not one of my regular go to's but you can't argue with this crack reporting. "Aaron Grissom -- easily the most hated contestant on the current season of Top Chef -- has been arrested for felony domestic violence ... TMZ has learned.

"Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Grisson was at his San Fernando Valley home Tuesday afternoon when he got into a heated argument with his girlfriend and allegedly pushed her hard enough that her knee got injured.

"According to the jail in Van Nuys, Grissom was booked for infliction of corporal injury on a spouse.

"Grissom -- who works at Bow & Truss in North Hollywood, CA -- was booked and released on Wednesday after posting $50,000 bail.

"Grissom probably got home just in time to watch himself on Wednesday night's new episode of Top Chef ... where he was on the winning team in the Elimination Challenge."

How Shark Tank became the powerhouse it now is despite a Friday night time slot.  "After bouncing around from Sunday and then Tuesday nights in 2009, the show was finally moved to Friday nights, known in the industry as 'The Friday Night Deathslot.' Over the years, Fridays have become a dumping ground for shows on their last leg. But instead of disappearing into the sunset, the series began thriving, leaving execs scratching their heads.

“'There was a conventional wisdom that Friday night was going the way of Saturday night and would be relegated to reruns,' ABC's vice president of alternative series, specials and late night, Rob Mills, told TheWrap. '‘Shark Tank saved Friday night and proved there is a big audience available when the right show is on.'

“'It's amazing,' shark Daymond John told TheWrap. 'ABC took a very big gamble by doing this show.' On the show John is joined by fellow entrepreneurs Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner, who dispense hard-headed business advice along with investment cash from their own pockets.

"Part of the reason Shark Tank has become so successful, said John, is the fact the show has 'positioned itself exactly the way businesses should position themselves… You want to create something a little different with a unique selling proposition and position it where your competitors aren't.'

"That recipe seems to be working."