Tuesday November 4, 2014

Once again more people watched The Walking Dead than the NFL on Sunday night.  That's amazing.  Here's a sneak peak this Sunday's episode.

So they're doing to Annie what they did to The Karate KidCan't Buy Me Love, etc, huh?

How on earth has Mulaney not been canceled yet?  Someone should be losing their job soon over there.  That said, you should watch Masterchef Junior which starts up again this evening.

Julia Stiles has booked a guest arc on The Mindy Project.  Apparently she will play a friend of Danny's who also happens to be a recovering hoarder as well as the love interest of Morgan.

Per Vulture, "[t]he big news from this new preview for season four of Girls: Marnie will be doing lots of singing this season. Meanwhile, the show will continue to feature an impressive amount of cameos, including Ana Gasteyer (as Shosh's mom!), Zachary Quinto, Marc Maron, and Gillian Jacobs. Will Hannah and Adam stay together? Will Jessa figure herself out? Will Marnie learn that no one wants to hear her sing? Seems like a no for the last one."  Click here for a preview.

EW is reporting that "Discovery Life Channel, which was formerly known by not many people as Discovery Fit & Health, has greenlit Those Girls, a docu-series focusing on the lives and relationships of a group of transgender friends living in Kansas City, Mo.

"The series will follow four pairs of couples and friends: best friends Kassidy and Chloe, who are transitioning together; couple Tanya and Jaime; married couple Macy and Sharon; and Robyn and Andrew, who were best friends before Robyn’s transition, but are now navigating a romantic relationship.

“'Those Girls embodies what Discovery Life Channel is meant to be – a place for people from all walks of life to have their stories told without a filter, and I am thrilled that this is the first series we’re announcing as our own,' said Jane Latman, general manager of Discovery Life Channel, in a statement.  The show is set to premiere in March 2015."

Per TheWrap, "Jerrod Carmichael is hoping to play his life story for laughs on the small screen.

"The actor-comedian, who appeared in the Seth Rogen-Zac Efroncomedy Neighbors earlier this year, has landed a comedy pilot order from NBC.

"The untitled project is described as an 'irreverent multi-camera comedy inspired by the stand-up of Jerrod Carmichael and his relationships with his girlfriend and family.'

"Carmichael, who also provides voice work for the FXX animated series Lucas Bros. Moving Co., is executive producing."

In honor of election day, more from EW, "[j]ust in time for the election, EW has teamed with research firm Experian Marketing Services to present the favorite TV shows of Republicans and Democrats. Below are dozens of series whose audiences tend to skew heavily toward one political party or the other.

"To some extent, the results confirm partisan stereotypes: Dem favorites include snarky comedies like NBC’s CommunitySaturday Night Live, and IFC’s Portlandia, liberal-messaging shows such as Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, HBO’sReal Time with Bill Maher, and Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom; plus there’s a dash of science-based programming like Fox’s Cosmos miniseries and PBS’ Nova.

"While Republican favorites included a large number of business-minded real estate shows (the HGTV channel has five shows on the list), A&E’s red-state reality favoriteDuck Dynasty, and some stately crime shows like CBS’ NCIS and Blue Bloods (not to mention GSN’s The American Bible Challenge).

“'You definitely can see there are shows on there you would expect for both sides,' said John Fetto, senior analyst at Experian. 'And like we saw the last time, shows with strong female leads tend to be strong with liberal Democrats—like ScandalThe Mindy Project, and Homeland. While on the Republican side, we have home-flipping investment shows, but also heavy male-lead shows like Person of InterestNCISTop Gear, and Duck Dynasty.'

"Yet there are also unexpected entries, too—like liberals loving Jimmy Kimmel Live! and conservatives really enjoying Syfy’s Being Human and AMC’s post-Walking Dead chat show Talking Dead. For instance, you could probably guess that ABC’s progressive comedy Modern Family would be a Dem hit, but not necessarily expect conservatives to love ABC’s Jewish family comedy The Goldbergs—or CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, for that matter."  Click here for the complete list.

More from our friends at EW, "[t]his morning on the Today show, NBC officially announced the new Celebrity Apprentice cast that will invade our television sets in early 2015. The network also sent us an exclusive photo of the new cast, because nobody — and I mean nobody — goes into overkill obsess mode over this show more than we do. And when I say we, I guess I kind of mean me. But 'we' sounds slightly less pathetic so let’s just stick with that.

"First things first: Go ahead and click on that little magnifying glass icon to immediately super size that image, but do not be alarmed if Velveeta starts dripping off your computer monitor as a result due to the massive amounts of cheese happening in this thing. Also, if you don’t expand the picture, how can you possibly be expected to gather all the proper nuances such as that cash-filled violin case on the ground? Which, by the way, makes no sense because there are no violins anywhere else to be found. But I digress…

"First off, you are no doubt perusing this image and saying to yourself, 'Who the hell are half these people?' To be sure, the term 'celebrity' has always been used loosely on Celebrity Apprentice. So let’s just start by telling you who you’re looking at. From left to right, the contestants are: Shawn Johnson, Leeza Gibbons, Lorenzo Lamas, Kevin Jonas, Jamie Anderson, Johnny Damon, Vivica A. Fox, Geraldo Rivera, Kate Gosselin, Ian Ziering, Terrell Owens, Gilbert Gottfried, Sig Hansen, Brandi Glanville, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Kenya Moore. (Don’t worry, I have no idea who Jamie Anderson is either. A snowboarder, apparently?)

"So what exactly can we deduce from this picture…besides this being the most positively frightening choir ever)? Well, Johnny Damon and Gilbert Gotfriend both seemingly enjoy opening their mouth way too wide while fake singing. Why, you could almost fit Donald Trump’s entire ego through those holes! Almost. On the flip side, Leeza Gibbons, Kate Gosselin and Brandi Glanville all are clearly refusing to take part in this charade, with their mouths not even remotely approaching any sort of vocal posture."  I don't think I could have summed this up better myself.