Thursday November 20, 2014

Everyone is jumping off the Bill Cosby bandwagon.  NBC has canceled all plans for a new series with him and even TV Land has pulled reruns of The Cosby Show.  My life remains unchanged by this.

Netflix has renewed Longmire.  In the event you watch that show, congratulations

TNA Wrestling is moving to Destination America.

CMT premieres Party Down South 2 tonight.  Proceed at your own risk.

Jeff Probst on why selfless acts on Survivor simply don't work (right Jeremy?)  "The biggest mistake I see being made is the lack of transparency of your motive. I often stand next to someone who says, 'I’m gonna give this reward to my tribemate because they really need it' and I don’t think anybody buys the gesture because it’s inauthentic. If I ever played and was in that situation I think I’d try to just make a straight up deal. 'If I win, I’ll give you the reward but here’s what I want in exchange.' I know I can’t hold them to keep their word, but I’m gonna do my best to leverage every move I make in the game. But hey, I’ve never played so I’m just backseat driving and speculating. I have no idea what it’s like to be out there trying to play this incredibly difficult game. I’m also hungry at the moment, so I may be a bit lippy as I write this. Okay, so getting back to your question — I think there is value in trading a reward, but it does require a lot of finesse, a good read of the situation, and a sense of the person you’re giving it to and what you can get from them."

Oh so Jerry Seinfeld does NOT have autism and is NOT on the spectrum?  I didn't think so.  "'I don't have autism, I'm not on the spectrum,' the 60-year-old comedian told Billy Bush during an interview with Access Hollywood this week. 'I just was watching this play about it and thought, "Why am I related to it on some level?" That is all I was saying.'

Ray J makes about $30k a month from his Kim Kardashian sex tape and sales spiked $50k in one week after Kim's latest magazine cover shoot?

More people coming to the defense of season 4 of Showtime's Homeland.  

Another example of people with too much time on their hands, here are 15 celebrity hairstyles that someone thinks Guy Fieri should test out.

Six shows that were canceled after just one episode.  

Orange Is The New Black's Taryn Manning is a little bit cuckoo.  

Every member of Scandal offers his or her opinion on who should kill Rowan Pope:

Kerry Washington (Olivia)
I feel like it would be amazing if it was Cyrus because how unexpected would that be?! Olivia has the most to gain in terms of liberation but it also could cost her the most emotionally. My fear is that it's Javi, because Command prays on people from broken homes.

Tony Goldwyn (Fitz)
It should be Fitz! Or God forbit, Olivia. Personally, I think it should be Fitz because Rowan killed Fitz's son. It might be more dramatic and interesting if Olivia does it but I don't know who Shonda thinks it should be.

Scott Foley (Jake)
Olivia or Huck. I think having Liv kill her father would stir up so much shit — both with her character and what's happening in her head — but also start some major fandom issues, which are always fun. Having Huck do it would be more than just for all that Rowan and B613 have taken from him. 

Joe Morton (Rowan)
The one who has the greatest right to do that would be Rowan's daughter, Olivia. Second in line might be Rowan's wife, Maya Pope, and after that it's a free for all!

Bellamy Young (Mellie)
That particular joy lies with Jake, he deserves to have that fun.

Jeff Perry (Cyrus)
It's tantalizing because Rowan has become symbolic of the man won't be caught. I like Quinn doing it. It seems weirdly plausible to me but somehow she gets track of something that Rowan had a blind spot for where he expected it to be a Charlie or a Jake coming after him.

Darby Stanchfield (Abby)
Huck. There's something very special about Olivia and Huck's relationship. He's her watchdog. I know it's Scandal but it's a relaly horrible thing to take anybody's life, I don't care how many bad things he's done, but there's something about Huck. I know there's a lot of B613 people but Huck also isn't one of her lovers. I don't want Fitz or Jake to do it. I either want Olivia to do it or someone on her team to do it. But I don't want that to be taken away from her and by Huck doing it, he'd be doing it for the right reasons; it's almost like an extension of her. It's not someone doing it on Olivia's behalf because of how macho they are.

Guillermo Diaz (Huck)
I would love for it to be Quinn but I think it's going to be either Olivia or Fitz, it could be anybody. If it's Javi, imagine if Rowan starts trying to train him and manipulate him? That would be bad. It would give Huck all the ammo to kill him then. Huck's Life spinoff! (Laughs.)

Katie Lowes (Quinn)
I think it would be amazing for Quinn to kill Rowan because I chomp at the bit to have scenes with Joe Morton because he's amazing. Although I feel like it could be Huck or Jake because of the history they have with him. Papa Pope never threw Quinn in a hole. People have more history with him than Quinn does. That said, I feel like Quinn is the closest to Olivia at the moment and if Quinn got those orders …

Josh Malina (David)
He has his Emmy, he can go now! That's what happened to Dan, he won an Emmy and James is dead. And if I'm going to be killed off, I demand that I win an Emmy first. But clearly it should be David Rosen. It's because he's the last person anyone would suspect. Everybody has had their badass moments on the show, even a little bit David. But everybody has a body or two in the closet and I think it would be surprising and ultimately the audience would love it and it would be a great redemption for David. He's not what Quinn has turned into, he's no Huck or Charlie but if David had to make a decision to kill Hitler before he does what he does, I think it would be fun to see David step up to the moment. Are you listening, Shonda?!

Portia de Rossi (Elizabeth)
Quinn! She should hunt him, track him down and kill him and it should be no big deal. It shouldn't have the big emotional stakes of Olivia shooting him or even Fitz or anybody. It should be unceremonious and Quinn do it with an "all in a day's work" attitude.

The League’s Katie Aselton is set to guest star on Fox’s midseason comedy Weird LonersVariety has learned exclusively.

"Aselton will play April, a beautiful and fun-loving bisexual woman who finds herself caught in a romantic tug of war between two of the show’s titular weirdos, Stosh (Zachary Knighton) and Caryn (Becki Newton). She’ll appear in the sixth episode of the freshman laffer. The comedy centers around four relationship-phobic people who are unexpectedly thrust into each other’s lives and form an unlikely bond in a Queens townhouse. Michael Weithorn created the series and executive produces with Jake Kasdan."

In case you were curious about shows in development in the Great White North, "Canada’s Corus Entertainment has unveiled its unscripted development slate for 2014-15, including an hour-long food competition series from Temple Street Productions.

"The new series are under development for Corus’s women and family networks, including W Network, CMT, OWN, CosmoTV and ABC Spark.

"The shows in development include Temple Street’s Restaurant Revolution, which will see chefs and sous chefs face off in a cook-off involving a three-course meal. Diners will then decide the winner by paying however much they believe the meal is worth.

"Other unscripted shows on Corus’s development slate include Tricon Films & Television’s Mad House, an hour-long show in which 10 couples will compete in a home reno contest where the winner will get their mortgage paid off; while Toronto-based Our House Media has three home-based reality series under development with Corus: the half-hour Born in a Barn, and the hour-long A Penthouse View, and More House for Your Buck."