Monday November 17, 2014

MTV's Diem Brown passed away tragically on Friday after a long and horrific battle with cancer.  I knew her personally and she was a great person.  Rest in peace.

Take a look inside Donald Trump's $98M private jet.  It's completely ok if you dislike him more now than you did 5 minutes ago, presuming that's even possible.

The cast of Are You The One? needs to get their act together tonight.

If you're a fan of ABC's NY Med, I urge you to check out Vanderbilt MDs on USA.  It's not as ER-focused and more doctor-focused, but it's worth a look.  "Urge" might be a bit strong, but you get the point.

NBC premieres Katherine Heigl's new show State of Affairs tonight.  Here's a review, if you're curious, in which the show is compared to a mix of HomelandThe Blacklist and The West Wing.

An interview with The Walking Dead's Melissa McBride (Carol).  

CBS has canceled The Millers.  I was never a big fan.  I hope Cochran finds a job in short order.

A list of TV's "worst" series finales.  I completely forgot about this one [SPOILER!!]: By the time Prison Break finally got around to offing itself, it would have been difficult to find a die-hard fan. That didn't stop producers from trying, throwing out a series finale jam-packed with twists. With Michael's now-wife Sara in prison, it became a story of breaking her out.  In the end, Michael sacrifices himself so Sara can escape, letting himself get electrocuted. Don't feel too bad about his death: He had a brain tumor killing him as it was."

Am I supposed to care about these Bill Cosby allegations?  I sure don't. 

TV's most iconic moustaches.

Fox has ordered 6 more episodes of The Mindy Project to air this season.  A rare decision by this network that I can actually get behind.  The show also just booked Pushing Daisies' Lee Pace for a cameo.  Per E!, Pace will play "Alex, a handsome  San Francisco tech millionaire who took Mindy's virginity back when he was a dorky college student."  Don't feel bad if you have never heard of Lee Pace.  You're not alone.

"NBC is looking to set sail for the American dream.  The network is teaming with veteran showrunners Matt Williams and David McFadzean (Home Improvement) for a cruise ship comedy called Port of Miami, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.  

"Set aboard a Miami-based cruise liner, Port of Miami— which has received a script commitment from the network — the multicamera centers on an unmotivated white bartender who works with a variety of international employees, all of them aggressively seeking the American dream and incredulous that he is content to mix drinks, chase women and settle for less. The comedy has been described as Cheers on a cruise chip."  It sure doesn't sound like it to me.

A post-mortem on last Thursday's How To Get Away With Murder via an interview with show runner Peter Nowalk, who had this to say about Annalise: "Since Viola signed on for the role, she wanted that dichotomy of the public versus the private. Annalise is obviously a more exaggerated version than most of us are in our lives, but we all have a public face and a private face, and I don’t know a person who can wear a mask all the time. Annalise has deep, deep emotions that she can cover up or use in different ways in public. I don’t think being vulnerable is interesting to her. [Laughs.] She is about winning, but she’s also about doing her job really well and being a dynamic, successful person. In her marriage, the fact that she has to accept that Sam is lying to her, it blows a lot of her foundation up. She’s invested a lot of herself in this marriage and the image of it, but also the actual love she felt for this man.

"I get the question a lot, 'Why did she defend Sam and stay with him?' For starters, she was having her own affair. So, yes, she understands that. They’ve been married for 20 years. We haven’t seen any of that history, but there’s history there. You don’t throw it away if you’re Annalise just because he cheated on you. And until you know for sure…it’s not a decision you make very quickly. Again, it’s only been two months between her confirming that he actually cheated and [the events of bonfire night]. It’s a big decision to take 20 years of your life and throw it away. And there’s also this fear that maybe [the marriage] was a big lie. For someone like Annalise who likes to be in control and know all, that’s not a good feeling."

Someone is making an E! True Hollywood Story on Jason Wahler from The Hills??  "'I’m not trying to get back on [TV],' he tells Us Weekly. 'I’m just trying to express what my life is today compared to what it was. I grew up very fortunate, I was privileged, I have a great family, my own morals and everything were lost through that experience of the entertainment business and it was something that I’ll never forget and it’s brought me exactly to where I am today.'

"Wahler is currently filming a documentary in addition to his True Hollywood Story that will outline his entire life. He tied the knot with Ashley Slack in October 2013, and his wife is featured on the one-hour special." 

Wahler also said, “I don’t really talk to Lauren at all anymore, the last time we talked was probably 6 months ago or something.  She’s a sweet girl, and we are just totally different personalities and she is super, super sweet. She’s very kind and good at what she does. We’re just two completely different personalities – [and] me being full fledged in my addiction during that time, that did not help.”  Seriously dude, go away, no one cares.

"AMC won't be venturing into original scripted comedy anytime soon.  The cable network has passed on comedy pilot We Hate Paul Revere, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. This marks AMC's fourth pilot pass in a row, joining dramas Line of Sight, Knifeman and Galyntine.

"The comedy pilot was described as a twist on the period piece and told the story of brothers Hugh and Ebenezer Moody — both forced to strive for recognition in Colonial Boston among the bigger stars of history, including Paul Revere (Ron Livingston), the folk hero and subject of poetry for his midnight ride alerting Colonial military that British forces were approaching.

"Written, executive produced and toplined by Ethan Sandler and Adrian Wenner as the Moody brothers, the half-hour pilot was produced in-house by AMC Studios. Matt Piedmont, most recently of sister net IFC's Emmy-nominated The Spoils of Babylon, directed the pilot. Troy Miller also served as an executive producer through Dakota Films.

"Paul Revere marks the third scripted pilot that the cabler has passed on in the last month. The network also passed on dramas Knifeman and Galyntine, a surprising move given AMC's recent decision to exit the unscripted genre. As with Paul Revere, AMC owned and produced both dramas."

EW has a preview of this week's Parenthood.  They offer up "an exclusive look at Jason Ritter’s appearance in this week’s episode, with a logline that promises 'Hank is thrilled to see Ruby excited about her school play, but an unexpected encounter with Mark Cyr rocks the boat.'

"Also, happening this week: Tension between Dylan and Max 'reaches a fever pitch' as if it hasn’t already; Kristina and Adam face some sort of 'conflict'; and Zeek recruits Drew for another secret mission."  I'm really pulling for the Luncheonette.