Wednesday October 23, 2014

DIY's Sledgehammer wraps up a very successful season 1 tonight.  Production for season 2, while it has not yet been announced, begins shortly.

Bill Murray opines about Tinder.

Where to see the cast of Orange Is The New Black in between seasons.

So, as reported last week, A&E network has decided to pull shows out of pre-production and out of production because it's doing a complete 180 and reverting back to roots (i.e., shows that are focused on crime and suspense).  Ok, stay with me here.  Ten years after the premiere of A&E’s Growing Up Gotti, this hypocritical network has announced that it is reuniting Victoria and her three sons for a 10 Years Later special premiering Monday, November 10 at 9p. The show will take a look back at what the Gottis thought of their time on TV, and looks back at the series’ most memorable moments.  

Per Deadline, "MTV has added two unscripted series to its slate for debut in 2015, comedy Broke A$$ Game Show and docuseries Todrick starring YouTube star Todrick Hall. The cable network has ordered eight half-hour episodes of Broke A$$ Game Show, which follows hosts Derek Gaines and David Magidoff as they hit the streets of NYC luring unsuspecting contestants to push their personal limits for cash. Rhett Bachner and Brien Meagher are executive producing for B17 Entertainment, a division of Core Media Group.

"The cable net also has ordered eight half-hour episodes of docuseries Todrick. It follows YouTube star Hall as he invites viewers into his creative factory to watch his team collaborate on his weekly videos as they all pursue their dreams of performing and entertaining. Hall is exec producing with Scooter Braun and Danny Rose. Also executive producing are former MTV programming president Brian Graden, Danny Salles, Louis Curren and Gauray Misra for Brian Graden Media."

We've been on such a great run of unoriginal ideas of late, why not continue the trend??  Variety is reporting that "[d]oubling down on two TV trends — mining nostalgic movies for TV source materials and the new fall shows’ infatuation with romantic comedies — ABC has given a put pilot with a heavy penalty to a half-hour comedy anthology series based on the raunchy Tom Hanks comedy Bachelor Party.

"The project, which hails from Small Dog Picture Co. and the Walcott Company in association with 20th Century Fox Television, plans to examine relationships and the institution of marriage through the lens of three couples: one about to get married, another recently divorced and a third just falling in love. They will experience the trial-by-fire that is the modern day, co-ed bachelor/bachelorette extravaganza.

Bachelor Party is co-created by JJ Philbin and Josh Malmuth, with Philbin executive producing and Malmuth co-executive producing. Additional executive producers are Jason Winer, Max Winkler, Jake Johnson and Renate Radford, with Mary Lee serving as producer. Winer and Winkler will alternate directing duties in series. Schedule permitting, Winer will direct the pilot."

Vulture has a pretty entertaining article offering up ideas for Mad Men spinoffs.  Amongst the highlights:

"The Peggy story: Second Wave
Peggy's the most obvious character to spin off because she's had the most to do; plus, her character's development is a microcosm for the many aspects of the women's movement. The challenge would be giving Peggy a new world to exist in, otherwise it would just be Mad Men without Don — given what we know about her, she'd continue to work with Ken and maybe Pete, unless something major happened. Like, maybe … Don dies? It's not out of the question that that's how Mad Men could end, and one can imagine Peggy taking it pretty hard. Hard enough that she'd pick up and move to San Francisco, where she continues to bump into counterculture and has to decide where she wants to fit into a changing society. Time-jump to the Nixon resignation, and let things unravel for Peggy from there.

"The Roger prequel: USS Pensacola
Specifically, one about Roger's time in the Navy in World War II. We know Roger's upbringing was pretty fancy, and not that anyone is ever necessarily prepared for naval warfare, but maybe he was even less prepared than others. The show itself could contain flashbacks to Roger's childhood, where we know Bert Cooper's sister Alice was his occasional babysitter. Name the show after whatever vessel Roger was stationed on, flesh out the world with some buddies (some of whom will obviously be killed over the course of the show), and throw in some serious carousing when the guys are on leave.

"Pete's whole purpose is to be Not Don. Pete is perhaps the one character who cannot be spun off."

Per The Hollywood Reporter, "MIPCOM, the international market held each October in Cannes, is the birthplace of reality TV. It's where such shows as Sweden'sExpedition Robinson (remade as Survivor) and Dutch series Big Brother launched before going viral. But if this year's market was an indication, reality's heat finally is beginning to cool.

Broadcasters witnessed a parade of new shows, each appearing more desperate than the next. Talpa, the Dutch group that delivered the world's most recent big reality hit in The Voice (as well as Utopia, one of its recent U.S. flops), presented Beat It, wherein singing contestants perform simultaneously before celebrity judges who can push a button to catapult them into a water tank or douse them in goo. FremantleMedia's quiz showHeaven or Hell, a German format, punishes contestants with disgusting or humiliating challenges. Other offerings included the Dutch show Celebrity Pole Dancing, which is exactly as it sounds, and Endemol International's Keep Your Dog Alive, on which people compete to receive a newborn clone of their beloved aging pooch."  Maybe a remake of Bachelor Party isn't so bad after all. . . . 

I'll be off the rest of this week, meaning lots to catch up on come Monday.